(Tank, socks, shorts ((yes, I wear these multiple times a week bc I love them too much)), brashoes, glasses (mine are sold out but these are similar))

Sometimes all you need to start your week off right is time in the mountains.

Sometimes their easy trail pace is my tempo trail pace.  I was breathing so hard the entire 8.4 miles w/ 840 feet of climbing.

IMG 0300

Sometimes I’m jealous of my 9 year old’s outfits.

IMG 0306

Sometimes we strength train together in our garage which makes it feel fun instead of like a chore;)

IMG 0342

Sometimes we have the same look of determination on our faces when exercising.

IMG 0309

Sometimes I start dreading the winter ahead… my body and brain need to be outside.

IMG 0344 1

Sometimes my Strava map after a run looks like this ha… This is what happens when I don’t want to be too far from home because I know Beck is going to wake up hungry soon.

Screenshot 2021 08 21 at 12 21 55 PM

Sometimes I wonder if my girls could in fact survive PURELY off of Pretzel Bites.  If I tell them I will take them out for a treat they ask for me to take them here.

IMG 0254

Sometimes I make rules like ‘minimal toys in the living room’ and then I find myself moving every toy in the house into the area because I live for extremes;)

IMG 0212

Sometimes the most simple activities with kids are the best activities with kids.

IMG 0283

Sometimes he sits still but only if he has food in his hand.

IMG 0284

Sometimes my niece’s send me funny things… I like this attitude:

IMG 0285

Sometimes all you need is some chocolate cake at the kitchen table with your mom!

IMG 0263

Sometimes I wonder how in the world Andrew is handling everything on his plate right now with extra shifts at work, school, me (I’m needy ha) and the kids… He seriously does not sleep.

Screen Shot 2021 08 23 at 1 04 44 PM


Tell me what your run is today!

Fill in the blank:  Sometimes ____________________________.

One chore that you wish didn’t exist?

Favorite thing to do with your mom?

-Eat cake and talk.

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I ran 6.3 miles. We’re on vacation and I ran past a cow that was neck deep in a pond cooling off. I moo’d at it. It gave me a funny look.
I like to hear my mom tell stories from when we were kids. She remembers some funny things that us kids don’t or she’ll sing one of the many silly songs she made up about our cat Klyde.
I’m not looking forward to winter. I need to be outside and I hate snow.
Have a great Tuesday!


HEY LEE! I hope you are having the best vacation and I love that you moo’d at the cow on your run ha. I am going to have to copy you with this! I bet hearing those stories and songs is the absolute best. Let’s all move somewhere warm this winter. Thanks Lee, you too!


Andrew is a rockstar!
Sometimes I wake up hungry for bagels and decide to make my own (Emma Coburn’s recipe from Runner’s Kitchen!) and then I regret it because I’m hungry NOW and they take like two hours to make. :)
My run is an easy 8, which is feeling short! I had a 10 mile race over the weekend which I used as a workout. Don’t you love when you run a race at goal marathon pace and it feels way too hard. haha. Thank you humidity + heat.
Folding laundry. If I was rich I would have laundry service. And someone to come unload the dishwasher for me. haha. I can do the rest.
Have a great day!


HEY MOLLIE. Ummmm I need to try this bagel recipe. That sounds amazing… I’ve never tried any of Emma’s recipes. The waiting part is very rough though. WAY TO GO on your 10-mile race/workout. It’s nice to be able to do a workout in a race but you are right, that humidity and heat will suck it out of you. GMP will feel like heaven when the temps chill out. Oh laundry service, that does sound like a dream. Thanks Mollie, you too!


Your training seems to be going so well!

I ran 5k this morning which is my usual easy run. I got up early because the humidity is horrible right now (this is my least favourite weather). But a I know in a few short weeks it’s going to be cold and snowy.


Thanks so much, Chris! WAY TO GO on your 5k this morning and getting out the door early to do it… you are on fire. I hope that humidity chills out asap for you! Happy Tuesday friend.


I have 3.5 miles on the schedule today but was very tired after vacation and couldn’t get up this morning. So will try to run after work in the 90 degree heat ?

Skye looks so determined! Love it!


You are back from vacation. I am so happy that you were able to go! I hope your run after work feels like a million bucks (and that you don’t notice the heat haha). Thanks, friend!


Easy 6 miles in aerobic heart rate zone for me. Got them done just after sunrise :) Your mountain view looked insane! I was following along with the Leadville 100 this weekend and wish I live around some mountains.
Favorite thing to do with my mom: go on a walk with iced coffees on the beach and talk.


Go Charlotte go! I need you to come join me for a run in Utah. I loved following Leadville 100 too… pretty sure that race would kill me. I hope you get a walk with your mom and some iced coffees soon at the beach. That sounds wonderful. Have a great day!


Janae, you have the most beautiful family. This post just made me HAPPY today. As it has for years and years and years. Having cake with your Mom was just so beautiful to me. Me and my husband lost our Moms at a young age and I just love the relationship you have with your parents. SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep eating that cake and enjoying your Mama.

Have a great week!


Hey Donna! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I am so so sorry that you lost your mom when you were young. That breaks my heart. Thank you for being such a great example to me of being so happy for someone else when you have been through so much. You are amazing. Thanks friend, you too!


Hi Janae!! Today was a strength day and no run. I return to my office full time tomorrow, so I am working out my schedule going forward for workouts. It’s going to get interesting…
Sometimes I CRAVE vegetables! Especially after a period of time with a lot of special events that have treats and maybe not the healthiest food options. I have been known to eat salad or sauteed greens for breakfast :o)
I wish the non-stop house cleaning didn’t exist! We have cars that drive themselves, so houses that clean themselves must be next!
My mom passed away almost two ago. We were both avid readers, so talking about and sharing books was a good thing. We enjoyed playing games and having tea together too :0). It’s great that you have such a close bond with your mom – enjoy it to the fullest! Have a great Tuesday :o)


Way to go getting in your strength today! Back to the office full-time tomorrow. You’ll have to let me know what you figure out to work the best. I totally agree with you about craving veggies after not having them for a bit… that happens to me too. Tesla needs to work on the self-cleaning house next.
Janine, I am so sorry that you lost your mom and reading about those memories you have with her gave me goosebumps. I am so sorry, I bet you miss her a lot.
Sending love to you!


Hi Janae! When I was younger I used to love going shopping with my mom. We could walk and talk forever. Now we don’t live close so we just talk on the phone instead (I think she paces while talking to me so she’s still walking). I’m going home to visit my parents later in the year!
Happy Tuesday! Hope you get more good weather and good trails!


I am so grateful you are able to talk to your mom on the phone these days and I am SO happy you get to visit them later this year. I hope you can go shopping with her:). Thanks Amy, I hope you and your husband are doing so well!


I’m always jealous of my daughter’s outfits! Lol
And I love Sky’s tongue out as she’s doing the rowing machine there!


Love this post. I am definitely jealous of 9 year old clothes. I am not a fan of the crop top style currently. Also t-shirt and jeans or shorts for life, unfortunately not acceptable work attire. Work from home was nice while it lasted lol. Hope you are having a great day.


Sometimes I go out for a bike ride to explore a new path, and there are guys up ahead using a chainsaw so you turn right around and get OUT OF THERE!! lol. I don’t always listen to my gut but this time I definitely did!

I like going to wineries with my mom! Always a great place to sit and chat and they’re usually in beautiful places too. Plus we both love wine!


Dusting. My mom had to do it when she was younger so she made me do it and now I don’t like to do it so I make my son :)

I love my Saturday morning walks with my mom and if we have time we stop at the coffee shop. Best way to start the weekend.


Ran 6 today in your beautiful state of Utah. Heading back to humidity now. My family loved it here and we will be back. My husband and I ran 40 miles (mostly on trails) while we were here. We thought we loved Colorado but we may love Utah more.


AHHHH I am so so happy you loved it here. Let me know next time you are here and I want to meet you up for a trail run. So glad you loved it. Safe travels!


I love the picture of you and your mom, and of course eating chocolate cake together. Mother/daughter goals right there!
Great job, Andrew…..you are killing it!
Sometimes I drink a diet soda soon after finishing a long run. It should be water, it should be water, but……the fountain version, with ice……come on.


As a Green Bay native, I love seeing that Andrew and Knox went to a Packers game. Hope they had a great time!

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