Something I do + Thursday things!

(Long-sleeve, shorts, shoes)

The cooler temps we are having right now are HEAVENLY!

Ten miles @ 7:29 average with the Runner’s Corner crew.

Their workout was 4 x 2 miles, and my goal was 3 x 2 miles, but I didn’t quite hit that goal…

.5 miles (6:10 pace)

2 miles (6:03 average)

2 miles (6:49 average)

1.5 miles (6:25 average)

My paces were all over the place, but the effort was the same.  The route we did included a lot of up and down, so the paces matched each interval’s course!  I did the workout a little different than 3 x 2 miles because I was late and caught them during the last half mile of their first interval, and I just needed to get back home as fast as possible.

Caffeine was needed before (and after ha) the workout.

IMG 0412

Skye insisted on putting her arm around Brooke for a pic.

IMG 0425

And then two neighbor boys came over to play for a bit.  It’s crazy to me, but Beck already follows them around wanting to play.  Skye then went to their house while Beck napped, so Skye got a full day of friends!

IMG 0430

I might be jumping on the soup train a little too early in the year, but one of Andrew’s favorite things ever is french onion soup, so I made that for him.  It was so good, but the kids were not interested in this!

IMG 0465


Let’s chat about a few random things:

*Andrew has started his Halloween celebrating.

IMG 0461

*Don’t be surprised if Skye FaceTimes you anytime soon.  She learned a new song at preschool, and she wants to sing it to every human she knows.

IMG 0427

*Beck is my only child that will eat sushi with me.

IMG 0441

*Our chickens are doing really well, and I will never get sick of seeing my kids collect eggs.

IMG 0434

*My brother with seven kids posted this on Facebook.  SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

IMG 0406

*Megan sent me this picture from a few years ago, and before I realized it was from 3 years ago, I thought, “Why is Beck wearing a girl’s shirt?”  They look so alike to me.

IMG 0409

*Speaking of old pictures, I saw this one of Brooke and Curly at my sister’s house, and it made me tear up.

IMG 0404

*Something I do before I go to bed at night now that mornings are busy—> I get everything prepped for breakfast so it can be made as quickly as possible.  I do things like getting out any pans/utensils I might need, putting pancake batter in the fridge, chop spinach up for the eggs (my kids will only eat it in small pieces ha), and it helps so much.  Everyone also has all of their clothes out and ready, and the kids eat school lunch (it’s free this year for everyone) which makes things easier.  The kids know if they want a home lunch, they need to make one that night before:).

I checked out of making lunches this year!

IMG 0408


Do you use caffeine before a workout?

-A small amount before a run is my favorite because if I have too much then my stomach hurts!

Any time-saver tips that you have for busy mornings (or busy any time of day)?

Would you eat sushi with me or no way?

Are you ready for soup season?

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Good morning Janae. To answer your questions: 1) I drink one cup of coffee before a morning run. 2) I do much the same as you to help with busy mornings…laying out clothes…preparing food in advance…3) Yes to sushi. 4) And yes to soup! Enjoy your day!


Christie!! Doing those things just makes the mornings go by so much smoother. Let’s meet up for some sushi (and soup;). Thank you friend, you too!


Could you do a post about how you guys care for your chickens? We are thinking about doing it, but every time I start reading up on them I get super intimidated!


ABSOLUTELY! Let’s be honest, Andrew and the kids do most of it (I go out for eggs:) so I’ll have him write it up. Expect it soon. I hope you are having a beautiful day and seriously, fresh eggs are the best!


Yes way sushi!
And YES to starting the Halloween celebrating!
They are doing the free lunches here too. I usually packed my daughter a school lunch last year because that’s what she wanted and every day they would send a bagged lunch home with her haha. I love that they’re doing that for the kids though, I know so many people were struggling last year.
My time saver tips are the same as yours, I get everything ready the night before. Sometimes I don’t want to, but I always thank myself in the morning!
Definitely ready for soup season! And chili sounds really good…maybe I’ll make that this weekend. Fall is my favoriteeeeeeeee! Too bad it’s still 100 degrees here haha. :)


I hope you guys start celebrating Halloween soon too:). Oh I am so glad your daughter loves the school lunch, it really is so great that they have been able to do this for everyone. I hope it continues to help everyone struggling. ‘I always thank myself in the morning’… I swear we have the same brains. Off to get a chili recipe, that sounds so good right now. I hope you guys finally get some relief with your temperatures soon! Thanks Mollie!


Awesome job on your run!! And I am jealous of your cooler temps.
If I have an early and busy morning/day, I absolutely set everything out the night before. Otherwise I would totally feel rushed, and would probably forget something… Ha.
I make a cup of coffee every morning, drink maybe a third of it before my run, then finish it while stretching after. But I have never tried the caffeine infused sports beans or gels or anything like that.
I love sushi, so I would absolutely eat sushi with you. My youngest ate a lot of sushi with me one summer, years ago, and now says he does not like it at all. I probably overdid it with him.
Off for my early run with friends! Yippee!
Have a great day Janae ?


Hey Wendy! That nightly prep work sure makes the morning easier and helps us to forget less. That sounds like the perfect caffeine routine! COME EAT SUSHI with me! I know you guys went for sushi on your anniversary! How did he lose his love for it?! I hope your run with friends was perfect. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Hey Janae!
I used to chew some Run Gum before I did speed workouts for some caffeine—I always thought it helped, but I kind of wondered if maybe it was just in my head sometimes, too!? lol

I am the queen of getting things ready the night before! I always put out my clothes/shoes/jewelry, and I get my breakfast bowl out to heat up my breakfast sandwich/put out my vitamins. This week I have been writing myself a note NOT TO FORGET MY LUNCH, too, until I’m in the habit again. :)

I didn’t really ever eat sushi as a kid or even as an adult until about 3-4 years ago. My oldest daughter started eating it, and, what do you know, I like it, too! I don’t go crazy on the raw fish or anything, but I do like sushi now!!!

This is my 3rd day of school! So far, so good, other than getting used to that 5:30 am alarm clock again. MAN is that HARD for me!!!!!! My students seem awesome and cool though :) Hopefully it will be a great semester/year!!!!!


JEN! I really need to try some of that Run Gum! I know a lot of people love it. I LOVE hearing what you do to prep for the day ahead of you. The vitamins idea–> I am going to copy you. So glad you love sushi now! I am so glad that school is going well for you and I bet your students love you. I am hoping that 5:30 alarm gets easier by the day?! I hope your girls are doing well with their school year! Thanks Jen!


I don’t use caffeine before I run, but I drink it after as part of my normal morning routine. Maybe I should switch that up for longer runs!

I do not eat sushi, but am totally ready for soup!


That would be an interesting experiment to see how you feel with a little caffeine during a long run. You’ll have to let me know if you try it. Come over for soup soon… it’s just the best! Happy Thursday, Mariah!


$17k in diapers and wipes?! WOW that’s insane. I kind of love how they calculated it though haha.

If my clothes aren’t in my bathroom the night before the chance of me going back to bed when my alarm goes off is significantly higher. Morning me is lazy ha.

Janae I have it planned out for Philly. We’ll get sushi for lunch and then go to that Italian place for dinner I told you about for dinner. So we’ll be stuck together all day ;)

YES! Can’t wait for soup season since I get so many meals out of it haha. Makes my life easier that week. But there’s so much time until soup season considering it’s going to be 92 here today so I will just have to wait a bit.


Hahah I don’t think I could have gotten myself up to calculating the number because I would be too afraid to see it;) I am right there with you, my clothes have to be out or else I’m not running! BOOKING MY TICKETS FOR PHILLY… that sounds like heaven. I was just telling Andrew that Fall/Winter cooking is so much easier for me because I just put everything in the crockpot ha. Happy Thursday and you better have some ice cream today. Thanks Maureen!


i highly approve of Andrew starting the Halloween festivities! I say, start early so you can enjoy it as long as possible. My fall decorations will be coming out on September 1st!


He is going to love your comment! He is planning on putting them up on September 1st too ha. Have a fabulous day, Jenny!


I have been CRAVING sushi like crazy lately so let’s go!! Sounds very delicious. I’m also jealous of your cooler temperatures – yesterday for run club it rained right before we started so the temperature dropped to 80 but it was over 90% humidity. Can’t wait until we start getting some fall temps :)


Meet me tonight?! It really is so good. Seriously you guys deserve some fall temps soon… you have had a crazy summer! Does 90% humidity feel like you are actually swimming instead of running?!


I usually get in caffeine aka coffee on long run days. I definitely notice a difference!
And if our humidity can get below 90% then I will think about making soup!


THIS is the best onion soup!

It’s super creamy, which is a little weird for an onion soup, but so good!


Love the long sleeve. What size did you go with?
Time saver: backpacks are parked ready to grab. Searching for stuff in the morning is a straight path to grumpy.


Good morning, Janae! Like some others, I too am jealous of your cooler temps. We are having a bit of a heat wave so temps in the mid 9os with humidity levels in the mid to upper 80s. That makes for lots of heat advisories and makes outdoor activities feel like you’re doing them in a hot swamp!
I like a little caffeine before a run, but too much can create some GI distress – nobody needs that!!
I try to plan the night before for the next day. If I don’t because I’m feeling too tired or lazy, I ALWAYS regret it the next morning. You’d think I would learn by now – LOL.
I would absolutely eat sushi with you, but only the veg kind now since switching to vegan to combat some health challenges. So, not sushi in the true sense I guess, but in spirit for sure!
I love, love, love the cooler temps of fall and can’t wait for soup season :o) Your french onion looked lovely :o)
Have a wonderful day, Janae.


AHHHHH SOUP SEASON!!! On my way home from the gym, I had to stop at the store to get a couple of slices of bacon and a package of sliced cheddar for egg sandwiches (Tom is working from home today, and we had a couple of brioche buns leftover from burger night last weekend–that means EGG SANDWICHES are a must…), and I got a whole package of bacon with that exact thought: I can use a couple slices now and make our first pot of (beanless) chili this weekend. When I told Tom that I am making us chili on Sunday he said a very passionate and enthusiastic “yes please.” And somehow, last night, I had soup season on my mind because I went on pinterest to find a bunch of soup recipes. I decided that will be my cooking focus this year: try at least 2 new soup recipes each month. I might need to try your french onion soup recipe, but I don’t know if I should make the whole recipe or just half since I only cook for me and Tom.

I will have sushi with you any day!!!

Cooler temperatures–please package some of that up and send it to me in Atlanta. I don’t think we are anywhere near that yet. :(

ALSO–can someone package up an end to my job hunt and send that my way? MOST days I plug along and just focus on the work–job applications, networking, etc.–but some days, the emotion of having to search for a job after being in a job with so much potential for *only* 5 months (after a 21 month job hunt) overwhelms me. Today is one of those days. I cried the whole time I was walking on the treadmill and doing my abs workout. I know–and have known–that some days will just be hard, and I need to live through those days and keep on moving forward, but the days that are still hard are just that. Hard. And today is one of those days.

If I were in Utah, I would teach Skye the art of just wrapping her arm around her sister’s waist when she wants to be arm-in-arm with Brooke. :) And tell her she can facetime me any day and sing me all the new songs!!!

Hope your day is a really good one!!


Hey, hey, Janae! I had to post because I need to make that soup! I am the only one that likes French Onion soup in my house, and I don’t care. I will make it anyway. Thanks for the recipe.
I do have a small amount of caffeine before a run/workout. Gets me going!
I believe you have nailed all the time saving tips! Nice work! I like the idea of having all the pans and utensils out. I remember my mom used to have the table set the night before for breakfast. My sister and I almost always had cereal and fruit so the bowls/spoons/cereal container/cup or glass were on the table when we woke up. We just had to get the milk!
I would totally eat sushi with you!
Oh and I am jealous of the cooler temps there today. We are at 90 today in NJ! Have an awesome day!
****Oh, and I made those slow cooker french dip sandwiches the other day. Winner! So if you noticed in your analytics someone searching “french dip” on your website about 85 times (ok, maybe like 10)….it was me. I really should write things down…Ha!


Hi Janae! I would absolutely eat sushi with you. What’s your favorite roll?


Playboy is my absolute favorite. Let’s meet up for some sushi please:)


Hi Janae, would you be able to share the ages of your brother and his wife and the seven kids?
I’m really curious about larger families?


HEY VICKI!! Great question…. they are 18, 16, 14, 12, 8 (almost 9), 6 & 3. It is a constant party at their house! Have a great day:).


I’ve been wanting to make chili and cheesy potato soup but our temps are in the 90s this week and it’s super humid so it’s not really soup weather. I’ll try to hold out at least until September.

Getting all the things ready the night before is a huge help come morning time. I get my breakfast as ready as possible and make my lunch. Kids backpacks are checked to make sure they have everything and they get their clothes out. My son is in 4th grade this year and I told him the same thing – if he wants a lunch he’ll have to pack it! Also, if I have any errands to run like dropping books off at the library or mailing bills I will put them in my car the night before so I don’t forget them in the morning.

I’m not opposed to trying sushi but I’ve never had it and we don’t have anywhere close by that makes/serves it.


Time saving tips for when we are busy…. I like busy times when we get a lot done. So, there are two kinds of busy: the kind you can organize and plan, and the kind you just have to move forward one step at a time. Hopefully, most are the plannable kind. Staying on mission is crucial for both kinds. This can change the game:

. For the move forward one step at a time kind, I eliminate/ minimize anything not directly tied to the mission during the busy period –> know the mission, keep the mission clear, and communicate with others early and often so everyone is moving through. Communication is usually fluid.

. For the kind you can organize and plan, do so. I mean REALLY do it and communicate it. Communication is usually less for this kind than the other kind with planned check-ins, and you might feel like you’re communicating a lot but they don’t. Also, others may have great ideas of how to streamline, accomplish and move through. Be open to their ideas. Ask for their ideas. Information is power, power is good when we’re busy. Calm is good when we’re busy – focused calm energy. Plans and proactive communication –> calm. Allow for flexibility, and always know what you’re on, what done looks like and what’s next – everyone involved should know what they’re on, what done looks like and what’s next. Like the other kind, stay mission focused. Anything not mission focused can wait till later, REALLY! We have voicemail, email and other tools. Always plan a communication at the outset (the outset could be the day before). As I’m planning I visualize how much information the others will be ready and able to take in and realize the same person can have different bandwidths at different points, either anticipate them or just remember this. For example, if one person jumps in after spending time with friends they could be hyped and still transitioning to the new dynamic in their day = limited bandwidth for communication, plan for a transition to the new thing. I could keep typing, but this is intuitive and common sense, and we learn from every busy period how to do it better next time.


Absolutely, though sometimes I drink some ice water, take a caffeine chocolate and use my hot cup of jo for the end of my exercise.

We set timers for EVERYTHING (timer for being dressed, eating, walking to the bus) it helps motivate the kids so much. We also prepare prepare prepare. Sundays we make all the pancakes and freeze in single size servings, cut the fruit, set out all weeks clothes, pack the book bags and check the emails to make sure nothing else is necessary.

A favorite in this house, 3 of my 4 eat it and my husband finally does as well too.

yes, I love soup. Vegetarian French Onion is my favorite as well, as is Roasted Red pepper and smoked gouda!

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