Silentish Saturday!!!

(Tank ((in different colors)), bra, shorts, shoes)

9 miles with Emilee @ 8:33 pace.

There is just something so beautiful about a brand new pair of shoes and hopefully, I can keep them this clean for at least a week.

IMG 0181

We were able to have my nephew with us yesterday.

IMG 0184

We took treats to Brooke’s school for her birthday!

IMG 0194

Not sure how she felt about the birthday hat;)

IMG 0199

After school chats.

IMG 0207

Decided it was a good day to go see Paw Patrol.

IMG 0204

I don’t think Skye blinked the entire movie.

IMG 0205

Always showing off his planks…

IMG 0211

Off to go break 60 miles for the week… haven’t done that in 1.5 years!

IMG 0216


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Getting ready to run 14…my longest run ever. I’m nervous, but excited to get it done. Then the rest of the day will be spent resting from my first week back teaching. Have a great weekend!


FOURTEEN MILES! AHHH GO KRISTIN! I am so so excited for you. Please let me know how it goes whenever you get a chance and rest up. I hope your first week back to teaching was a great one!


You are so sweet. I got it done! I definitely need to work on going out slower, but overall I was very happy with how it went. Now my goal is less than 100 steps for the rest of the weekend. :)

Thanks for all you write to inspire: I often think of you on my runs!


GO KRISTIN GO! You are amazing and I am so happy for you. I love the 100 steps plan and don’t forget allllllll of the refueling. Thank you friend, that means so so much to me. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


Test run in my new orthotics, farmers market, and packing for vacation.
My sin used to love Paw Patrol. Rubble was his favorite. I miss him that small. I hope Skye enjoyed the movie. Let me guess…..her favorite is Skye???
Have a great weekend!


I hope your orthotics felt great! Rubble is the best:) YES, Skye was her favorite along with a new character, Liberty. Thanks Lee and I hope you have the best vacation!


This morning I ran 15 miles on the road. Been awhile since I have had a road run that long lol. My body is now achy haha..I feel like a trail run makes my joints ache less.

Might take a second nap. And then eat more.

Happy Saturday Janae!


6 miles this morning! I’m traveling with family and got to run in a new to me place, which was fun. Ran around a lake in Michigan.

Then visiting family today and very excited to use the hotel hot tub tonight to rest my legs!


Running in a new to you place is the best. I bet that run was gorgeous! Oh… the hot tub just feels amazing on our runner’s legs. Have a fabulous time!


Hi Janae! I’m off to do my long run with my club.. hoping the PT is working and I don’t feel the tendonitis in my knee. Congrats on breaking 60 miles!!


I really hope your knee felt amazing on your long run with your club. Thanks friend, happy weekend!


I know I say this a lot, but Skye has the best facial expressions ?
Looks like Brooke has celebrated her birthday well this year! But ya, I don’t know about that birthday hat either…ha.
Oh my goodness… Breaking 60 miles! That’s awesome! I have a quick little 3-4 miles this morning, then yoga. After that, just a nice quiet day, maybe getting some things done around the house. Tomorrow is my long run, then we’re going to a football game! 1st NFL game in 2years!! It’s pre-season, but we are so excited. I don’t even care which team wins (it’s not our favorite team so whatever), just going to really enjoy being there!!
Have a great long run today and a restful Sunday ?


I totally agree with you, she really does have the best facial expressions! Haha I just can’t stop celebrating it, we even still have her friend bday party;). Way to get in a run and yoga today. FIRST NFL GAME in so long… enjoy every second! I’ve only been to one NFL game and it was so fun. Go rock that long run tomorrow. Thanks Wendy!


OMGee to the Gee, do you know about @thefoodbabe aka Vani Hari??? I hope I’m ahead of the curve in finding her, but I’ll accept it if this is not the case. I can’t pick one favorite posts, there are so many really good ones. Valuable information, easy to read -> Yes to the Yes! Ok, so this is one thing for this weekend.


I don’t follow her! I will have to check her out. Have a fabulous weekend, Lee!


OMG…the plank photo~ I am off to practice my planks?


Hahaha right? He is my inspiration!


I did 11 hardcore trail miles, tripped on a rock and went down. My right hand took the brunt but it’s expected with trails, just a lot of scratches!! I was with 2 friends but was ahead so luckily they didn’t see it happen, just found me sitting down ?. So now along with a lovely jelly fish sting rash on both legs I have some scratches. It isn’t pretty. So now, relaxing with my oldest and then going to glance at my caseload. I start back to teaching after our 2 week break ( early intervention so we are year round)


CARRIE! I am so so sorry about your fall! Please recover well this weekend and good luck getting back to teaching after your break. I heard ice cream and chocolate heals these types of wounds faster than anything else.


Beck, please teach me your plank tips! What a little rock star! Weekend plans are cancelled as there is a fire burning in our direction. It’s still multiple ridges away, but winds are supposed to pick up so we’re packed and ready to leave and monitoring the warnings. It’s a bit nerve wracking, but also a good chance to inventory all our stuff and decide what’s important (about 20%) and what isn’t (80%). I’ve been making a big donation pile as we go through things, so knock on wood we’ll be able to drop off a big load of stuff next week. Also, I will be very impressed if you can keep those gorgeous shoes clean for a whole week. I feel like I’d be proud with 5 minutes, basically once I step outside it’s all over.


I went for a run
I went and got new running shoes (Ghosts – I haven’t run in these before, but Pureflows seem to be phasing out ?).
Relax and maybe read this evening

I can’t believe how big your girls are getting. Brooke sure is your mini-me.

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