Silentish Saturday!

(tank, shorts, shoes)


Still searching for rolly pollies every day.

Miles with Emilee!

IMG 9598

IMG 9605

Got to catch up with Ali on an episode for her patreons!

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Porch sitting.

IMG 9628

Went to the mall to get her favorite food…

IMG 9634

They ran around for a bit.

IMG 9642

So incredibly proud of himself.

IMG 9644

Made matching bracelets.

IMG 9648

The dudes (we see Knox Monday)!

IMG 9626

Outdoor movie night with friends.

IMG 9654

A really great way to end Friday night.  I can’t get enough of this stuff.

IMG 9650


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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The air quality was horrible yesterday from wildfire smoke but if it improves a run! And maybe a swim and ice cream. Happy Saturday Janae!


Kristine, I am so so sorry about the air quality where you are at! I hope that it clears up soon and hopefully some rain soon can help. ENJOY THAT ICE CREAM! Thanks friend, you too!


Finished a strong 12 miles and now recovering the rest of the day!


WAY TO GO! You are amazing!


5 miles with a friend this morning. My garmin said I only needed 23 hours of recovery time, so looks like the slow but steady getting in shape is working!

Then we got breakfast- fun fact, I love that you can buy a couple munchkins at Dunkin Donuts, instead of a full box.

Homework and errands, then game night tonight! Have a good weekend!


You are doing amazing Mariah! WAY TO GO! We need a Dunkin here because those munchkins sound amazing. Good luck on the homework and have a blast at game night. Thank you friend!


Long hot run, farmers market, and driving to PA to buy a leaf vac. I forgot to grab a banana before going to the farmers market and ended up with 2 loaves of sourdough bread, a cinnamon roll, an apple dumpling, and a blueberry muffin.
Enjoy your weekend!
P.S. I can’t believe Beck is so big already!


Lee, way to go on that long run in the HEAT. You deserve double the training points for that haha. Ummm your farmers market load sounds perfect to me:). Thank you friend, you too and I agree… he is growing way too fast!


I’ve never tried that flavor of Ben & Jerry’s so I might have to grab it when my current ice cream is done.

3 things for today: currently having a smoothie before I take my dog to this “dog park”. Technically it’s a church but there’s a pretty big grassy area and the groundskeepers don’t care if you let your dog run around off leash since there’s not a dog park close by so I love it there and them for being so cool! Then it’s date night tonight with the guy I told you about. We’re going to a restaurant called Burrata in Philly and I can’t wait!

Have a great Saturday Janae!


Maureen. You must get this one asap! That is so great that you can take your pup to that grassy area and that it is so close! I bet they have dogs too… they understand how important. that is. AHHHHH DATE NIGHT! Have the absolute best time, Maureen!


Skye has the best facial expressions!!
And yay you get to see Knox on Monday! It seems like it’s been forever.
3 things for today… Yoga, shopping for school stuff, cleaning house and watching pre-season football on TV. I really do want to start with my weekly meal planning/shopping/prepping again. I had gotten out of doing that this summer, but with school starting again, and everyone’s schedules busy, it definitely helps! I’ll probably do that tomorrow while recovering from my long run ?
Have a wonderful weekend Janae!


It really has been! And we will be able to be with him for a full week which will be so great! Oh my goodness, thank you for inspiring me with doing weekly meal planning on the weekends! I have really gotten out of habit with summer too. Rock your long run tomorrow and I hope you get to go on your favorite trail with some cooler temps!


The fact that Skye still wears her shoes on the wrong feet just makes my day LOL


HAHAHA I was thinking yesterday how long she will continue to insist doing this! Have the best day, Emily!


Phish Food is my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor of all time!


Isn’t it pure heaven?! I hope you get some soon. Have a great weekend, Laura!


I’m hooked on Giffords brand Campfire S’mores ice cream, not sure if they have that brand everywhere… we are in upstate NY. It is graham cracker flavored ice cream with marshmallow swirl and dark chocolate pieces. Yum!


I loved your Patreon episode on Ali on the Run. It’s a great treat for us who follow you both.


Thank you so much Joan, that sure means a lot. I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!


Those bugs freak me right out! I didn’t know they were called rollie pollies, I call them sewer bugs. I can handle most any bug crawling on me but those. YUCK!


Beck is looking so much like your little nephews :)

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