Sentence Per Picture!

Beck loves playing with my watch after a run and Skye and Brooke loved to do the same thing when they were babies too… It must be in their DNA.

Part of my run on my own, most of my run with Emilee with a stop at our favorite drinking fountain.

IMG 9116

The worst—> When a bug zooms into the area between your eyeball and your sunglasses while you are running and then zooms around in there until you can finally get it out.

IMG 9118

Ten miles has been my goto this week.

IMG 9120

The rollies even come on walks with us.

IMG 9135

Not the best idea to wear hoops… Beck almost ripped my ear when I was feeding him!

IMG 9110

Tried to get out their wiggles before we left.

IMG 9142

Skye took her pets over to the neighbors for them to babysit while we are gone.

IMG 9146

Needed this in the first 4 minutes of our road trip.

IMG 9147

We made it to St. George to spend some time with family and alllllll of the cousins.

IMG 9148 2

The treadmill might be a part of my life at some point over the next few days.

IMG 9150

Just in case you need a good cry….


Give me your sentence of the day!

Whats the high in your area today?

-It will be up to 109° today!

Do you wear earrings often?  Where do you get your earrings?

-I’m looking to switch things up and would love to hear about some new places.

What watch do you currently run with?  Would you recommend it?


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I ALWAYS wear earrings, not to bed but during the day. I feel naked without them. Lately I have been wearing clay earrings that someone local made, but love to hear your recommendations.
It’s raining all day here today (which I don’t mind, then I don’t feel guilty about spending the day inside cleaning:) it’s suppose to be really hot here tomorrow, we are having my daughters bday party (camping theme) so I’m glad we’ll have nice weather for it

Woah, that’s hot! Stay cool and hope you have a wonderful vacation !!


I want some clay earrings! We are heading to a locally made jewelry store today so I am excited. Good luck with all of the cleaning and I am so happy that the weather will be great for your daughter’s party. What a fun theme. Thank you Ashlea!


I love that Skye took the rollies to a neighbor’s… So sweet.
It’s supposed to be in 90’s again here, but then cool down to 82 for a few days. Yay!
I have a Garmin, like yours, and love it. Although, when it tells me I’m “unproductive” it makes me a little mad… Ha ha.
I have found some super cute earrings at Cost Plus World Market. And they’re priced well too. Otherwise I stick to Target or Kohl’s.
Off for an early run with friends ?
Enjoy the 1st day in St. George!


Hahah my neighbors were so sweet to take them in;) 82 sounds like perfect! Oh the unproductive status is just cruel… or when they tell e I’ve had a restful day haha. Target really does have some awesome earrings. I hope your run with your crew was a great one! Thanks Wendy!


Did a speed workout this morning- I was not feeling motivated or like getting out of bed, but I did it!

I run with a garmin forerunner 645. Got it a month or so ago and loving it!


MARIAH… you earned bonus points for today! You got out there when you wanted to stay in bed. Great job! SO happy you are loving the 645, I love the look of that one! Hope your day is a great one:)


Try Etsy for earrings! I have bought most of mine from there.


GREAT IDEA! I have some jewelry from Etsy but I don’t have any earrings. Thanks Allison and I hope your day is off to a great start!


2 of my favorite places to pick up earrings:
– Buckle
– Francesca’s

Looking @ a high of 83 here in Ohio today.


We have a Buckle, I will look there. Thanks so much Amanda. I hope your day is a great one!


Regarding the earrings – Oh my goodness! So my cousin when she was a baby actually DID rip out my mom’s earrings…in both ears! So after that I am extra cautious about not wearing dangling earrings ever with my 4 month old. Definitely be careful! I just stick to the same plain pearl or silver studs because they match everything.

Stay cool in the heat! I’ve been on the treadmill a bunch lately due to running so early in the morning. Have you checked out the Peloton app? I love doing their runs! It’s a great way to stay entertained. Or there’s always Netflix, or the olympics!

Have a great day Janae!


Your cousin ripped out your mom’s earrings… oh my goodness that sounds so painful. Back to studs for me when I get back! I have really been wanting to try out one of the Peloton treadmill runs! Seriously, Netflix and Olympics = the perfect way to be entertained on the treadmill. Thank you so much Geri, I hope you and your four month old do too!


WOW that is so hot!! We’re having a nice little “cold front” in North Carolina this week and the high today is only 84. It feels amazing out so I’m working from my balcony on my new egg chair!!

I stopped wearing earrings because they always give me headaches for some reason (no matter what kind I wear!) but I think Etsy has the most beautiful jewelry for a reasonable price, plus you’re supporting small businesses which I love!


Enjoy that cold front! Working from your balcony in your new chair sounds like so peaceful (I hope you have some good snacks and drinks out there with you too). That is so interesting about the earrings and your headaches. I am so sorry about that. GREAT call on Etsy! Thanks Gretchen and happy Thursday!


Hi Janae! Have an awesome road trip!! St George views are amazing but I agree over 90 degrees I’d probably hit the treadmill too.
I have a Garmin forerunner 935 and I love it.


Good morning!! That video crushed me and certainly gave some perspective to anything I have been whining about lately.
We are having perfect temps in the low 70s right now, but nearly always the threat of rain. I am so done with the rain, but hoping it bodes well for good amounts of snow for ski season :o)
I wear earrings all the time (except when sleeping)! I might be un-showered and in sweaty running clothes or dirty gardening clothes, but there will be earrings ha ha! I prefer anything handmade and also like Silver Forest earrings that are made in Vermont.
Have a fabulous time in St. George, even with the heat!!


Hi! Wow..that’s going to be hot! I stick with my Peloton app and treadmill when it’s that hot. I actually enjoy running on treadmill now (didn’t think I’d ever say that)!
Random question…I think you have shared before, but I can’t find the post. What do you use for headphones for running? I use airpods but I’m getting so frustrated with them because they sometimes don’t fully charge, which leads to one being dead for my run….even if I charge them all night.
Enjoy your time in St. George and stay cool!


Hey Cindy! I’m with you, the treadmill can be awesome and I need to try a Peloton run! I use these now and I will never go back… I cannot believe how amazing they are and the charge lasts forever!!! I love I can still hear things around me, the sound is great and they never get lost! Thanks friend and have a great night!


When I lived in Miami – I was scared someone would try to steal my earrings or other jewelry, so I started wearing clip on earrings. That might be a safer option while Beck is a baby.


I love my Made By Mary earrings. I have small hoops that the baby isn’t able to rip out. I have super sensitive ears and am able to wear them 24/7! They also have cute studs!


Here are some thoughts I find interesting, if I say so myself! For my earrings, I decided they are part of a larger discussion -> my style. So, they’re personal to every person (whether or not they’re conscious of this, or not). To answer this personal question, I didn’t purchase any earrings since becoming conscious of this. I always had work jewelry and personal jewelry. Work items are conservative, not necessarily items I LOVE. They were chosen to convey a style pleasing to others and ease getting along + I liked them. Personal/ non-work items are more fun and swingy and I LOVE THEM!

We all dress to impress at some point in time. Your hoops certainly impressed baby Beck!


You should check out Hey June for earrings!! The jewelry is absolutely gorgeous, plus the woman who started the business lives in Utah and is a former teacher and blogger. She’s great!


THANK YOU PHOEBE! I totally will!!!

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