Official training has started and turns out I’m not the only one…

(Tank, bra, shorts, shoes ((these shoes are my absolute favorites for workouts now)).

YESTERDAY’S RUN FELT SO GOOD…  Challenging but so good and just what I needed to get going with more structured training again.

I did 6 MTC (some flat, mostly down) miles which is the most I have done since having Beck —> 5:42, 5:47, 5:46, 5:47, 5:49 & 5:47.  My goal was to stay in the 5:4Xs so I was thrilled with my times.  I’ve done my workouts alone for the last few weeks and I can’t even explain how much more I enjoy them when I have people to chase.

There was a group of about eight people, and I could still see Emilee for almost half of the mile for one of the repeats which I’m calling a huge success;)

It’s an interesting workout because the recovery is uphill, which doesn’t feel like much of a recovery because of the climbing.  Usually, we spend a few minutes at the start of the interval talking with this workout, but yesterday they were all business, and we just kept things moving!

IMG 9841

One of the runners said they purposely left their stuff at the start of the rep each time to force themselves to have to go back to the start for another.

The things we do to convince ourselves to do more and more…

IMG 9839

It was the longest run I have done in a while!

IMG 9903

My plan of action for my half marathon on 10/2—> Keep chasing my friends as much as possible.  I was going back and forth between doing my own training plan since I am doing a different race (they are training for Boston), but I find so much joy in doing workouts with my team.  I’ll shorten the workouts that they are doing since I am training for 13.1 and keep loving the process:).  My goal is also to be on the trails at least one day a week too. PS workouts like yesterday tempt me to switch to the marathon for St. George, but I think the half will be my best bet this year!

Screen Shot 2021 08 17 at 9 11 20 AM

2nd workout of the day= getting Beck dressed.  It is near impossible these days with only one pair of hands.

IMG 9916

Skye had her first day of preschool!  She was a tiny bit nervous about going in, but she didn’t look back once she was with her teacher.

IMG 9920

And then the weirdest thing happened… Skye was at school, Beck took a nap, and Brooke and Knox went to the neighbor’s house.

The house was quiet.

I could have been productive but being unproductive on the couch was exactly what my brain needed because I knew it wasn’t going to last long.

IMG 9966

We picked Skye up and went to the park.  I have a feeling you will be seeing her Paw Patrol sweatshirt quite often;)

IMG 9961

Matching socks just doesn’t really happen around here;)

IMG 9953

For dinner I had been thinking about my mom’s enchiladas for a while so I made those and they were heavenly.

IMG 9973

Looks like I’m not the only one here that loves matching with the kids;)

IMG 9971 2

Once the kids were in bed I got to work on putting the race together.  I am having the smallest glimpse into what race directors do… I cannot imagine putting together a huge race with thousands of people.

IMG 9975

And some good motivation to get some sleep this week if you can:).  My best running in the past happened when I was putting sleep VERY high on my priority list.

This is from ‘Why We Sleep,’ such a good book!

IMG 9978


Who else is running St. George this year?!

Let’s say you have an hour of free time right this second to do whatever you want to do… WHAT IS IT?

Matching socks-> a must or not a big deal?

-For running these days they have been a must but for the rest of the day I don’t care.

Do you feel like you are able to prioritize sleep at this point in your life?

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An hour of free time right this second I’d probably finish the last episode of Dr Death. If you have Peacock it’s a must watch!! Actually I think you can get a version of Peacock for free but have to deal with ads. That’s what I have through my Xfinity account and highly recommend.

I try to prioritize sleep but sometimes I’m not tired so I end up in bed awake


I LISTENED TO THIS PODCAST… I had no idea that there was a show. Thank you, I’m going to watch it. I hope you get to finish the last episode soon. Hope you are having a great day, Maureen!


Oh man, a WHOLE HOUR?? I might do exactly what you did. Maybe watch a show on the couch even haha. Although in reality I would probably go get a coffee and go shopping and then end up more tired.
I definitely have not been getting enough sleep. It’s tough, by the time my kids go to bed I have so much left to do, especially now that my husband is gone. Plus I feel like I need a little down time too, so I kind of want to sit in my compression boots and watch a show or something. I’ve been crazy tired lately with the marathon mileage increase + workkidsdoghouselife + running in the heat, so I know I need to be better.
Those enchiladas look AMAZING. And there’s something about cucumbers in the summer that’s so refreshing.
Awesome job on your workout!!


Mollie, I really hope that you are able to get some better sleep soon. When is your husband going to be back? You have so much going on, I seriously have no idea how you are juggling it all. Wish you lived close so I could come help. I hope you get that compression boots/show time soon along with cucumbers! Thank you, have a beautiful day and keep rocking that marathon training!


If I have an hour of free time, I would want to read a book or watch an episode of Chicago Med on Netflix haha.

I always wear matching socks, but I’ve been doing that since I was a kid! My parents would roll our matching socks together when doing laundry haha


I hope you get some reading time and Chicago Med show time soon (do you think Andrew and I would like that show?!). Your parents were dedicated… I need to start doing that. Enjoy your afternoon, Mariah!


I just started it! Seems like Grey’s Anatomy, but fewer crazy relationships and less drama so far. More medical focus. So I think you both might like it!


Right now, if I have any amount of free time, I’m reading. I’m in the middle of a great Stephen King book. I typically am not into his books, but this one is really good. It’s about time traveling back to stop the Kennedy assassination. I need to finish it by the end of the month, and it is a huge book.
Skye looks so happy for her 1st day ?. When do Brooke and Knox start back?
Oh my goodness… Yesterday I felt really good during my whole run! I love when that happens. It but me in the best mood, and I felt really good all day.
I usually only wear running socks, and they need to match, ha. The rest of the day I’m usually in flip flops.
I’ve got some 400 repeats on the schedule for today, but a crazy morning… I will probably end up doing the work out on the treadmill later this afternoon. But that’s ok. It’s really humid, so I am going to love having the AC and fans blowing on me.
Have a great day Janae ?


Wow, that book sounds awesome! I am so happy you found a book that you are loving. That is the best feeling… I need to get reading again! They started today, they were so so happy. I am so glad you had a great run Wendy, they just change our entire day for the better. I want to be in flip flops year round:). GO ROCK THOSE 400s on the treadmill this afternoon and you are making the best choice. Thanks friend, you too!


I love sleeping lol! I’m getting a whoop band today! It’s supposed to help prioritize sleep – it even has a sleep coach to tell you when you should go to bed based on your activity (strain) and recovery for the day. I’m looking forward to seeing what difference it makes!

Also, update on my groin pain when running. I went to my gyno and all is well downstairs. It could be endometriosis as I did have some adhesions she could see on ultrasound but nothing major or alarming to her. I’ve been looking at some race pictures from the 5k’s I’ve done this summer and I’m wondering if my pain is due to a hip drop when I run. My right hip is significantly lower in pictures. So I’m going to work on strengthening my hips/glutes and focus on keeping them aligned when running and see if that makes a difference! I need to be injury free because I have a half the week after yours, October 9th!


Rachel, you HAVE to let me know what you think about the whoop band. That sounds so so cool. Thank you for letting me know about how things are going and what could be causing the groin pain! I’m so glad that everything is looking good. I LOVE that plan of working on your hip drop and that definitely caused a lot of problems for me in the past too. You are rocking it and I can’t wait for your half in 7ish weeks! Have a beautiful day.


I’m running the mini marathon this year. I’m coming back slowly after taking time off for an injury, so my goal is just to not get lapped by the marathoners! I’m excited not to have to run up Veyo hill this year. Although I might drive up for pie afterwards! :)


I’LL SEE YOU THERE! And maybe I’ll join you for pie afterward too. I am so glad you are coming back after injury, you are amazing. Happy training!


Hi Janae! I’m pretty good at sleeping. I do sleep best though when I run in the mornings. If I run in the evening with a group then I get amped up and it’s a little harder to sleep.
If I had an hour of free time I’d go for a walk with a friend! That always makes me so happy.
Happy Wednesday!


I totally agree with you, working out at night makes it so much harder for me to get to sleep…. so do rest days ha! A morning run is just what I need. I hope you get to go on a walk with a friend soon. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Hi!! Where is Skye’s paw patrol sweatshirt from?? I have a niece who would loooove that!


Thank you so much!!


Free time-reading Malibu Rising!


Right now, an hour of free time = nap. I can usually prioritize sleep, but we got a new dog (a second greyhound) in June, and she gets crazy anxiety when I lay down to sleep and stress barks at me. I’m so sleep deprived! But we love her, and we’re working to figure out a solution, so she’s still worth it :-)

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