Not sure what to call this post because it is all over the place.

It’s been a few months since my last time at the track and it felt good to be back.

I always love the little bounce that I feel at the track with each step and it makes me excited to switch things up with the scenery and surface.

I couldn’t make it to the group workout so I did it on my own.  They had a fartlek workout—> 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute.  I did a few miles for my warm-up and then started.  For the 5 minute fartlek, I decided to go for another minute to hit a mile so that one was 6 minutes:).

I like to switch directions throughout the workout when I am running on a track.  I’ve done too many workouts over the years where I run the same direction for the entire workout and then my calf or IT band is yelling at me afterward.

FullSizeRender 1

After the track, I decided to climb a big hill with tired legs (you can see the hill in the grey) and my legs felt very wobbly once I got to the top.

Ten miles total @ 7:57 average.

IMG 9099

I am hooked on Adriene these days.  This one is so good after a run and 7 minutes is something I can commit to!

Our latest post-run/yoga routine is searching for rollie pollies.  Skye asked if she could have one for a pet.

IMG 9067

Another slow summer morning.

IMG 9075

We went to the library and read there for a bit together.

IMG 9081 2

I wish I knew how many popsicles I have consumed this summer… it’s a lot.

IMG 9098

Still going with puzzles… it’s such a good way to unwind in the evening.

IMG 9108

I am SO ready to watch the women’s (Friday) and men’s (Saturday) marathon!  It will be strange to see them running on empty streets and I wonder if that will affect anyone mentally… who knows, maybe it will help them to focus more?  I sure love spectators so that would be tough for me to be racing on empty streets the entire way.

It’s crazy to me that women weren’t allowed to run the Olympic marathon until 1984.  I can’t wait to see what they all do in two days!

Screen Shot 2021 08 03 at 3 54 56 PM

Tangent that I was thinking about because we talked about how women weren’t allowed to run in the Olympics for 26.2 until 1984…

The first sports bra wasn’t sold until 1977!  I cannot imagine life without a good sports bra!

Screen Shot 2021 08 03 at 4 29 38 PM

Just in case you wanted a sports bra history lesson (I find this kind of stuff so interesting).

And last random thing of the day, I was going to race this weekend but decided to go out of town with Andrew and the kids instead… So now my next race is in October!  It’s been almost two years since I was on this course.

IMG 8441 jpegDSC01370


Do you prefer races with a lot of spectators?  Does it matter to you?

Random topic:  Do you ever fill out online surveys/reviews about products or services you’ve used?

Anything with running or training that really aggravates an area on your body?

Have a favorite sports bra or sports bra brand?  Do tell!

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I love Senita sports bras! They’re the first brand that actually fits me correctly. I’ve tried SO many (lulu, brooks, oiselle, nike) and these are the first I feel comfortable in. I also love the basic target spaghetti strap sportsbras, I swear I’ve been wearing those since high school haha. So comfortable! But I don’t need a ton of support, sadly. :)
I’m so excited to watch the marathon!!!!! I LOVE lots of spectators too. I need that boost!
Your morning at the library sounds so nice, I might copy you and do that this weekend with the kids.


Hey Mollie! I have actually always wondered about their sports bras, I will have to try them. I LOVE the basic straps too. I really think you guys need a library trip too, they are the best. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


Hey Janae~
Good for you for choosing to go away for the weekend. As we always say—running will always be there, and the weekend with family will be good for your soul, which has to be a good thing for our running, too!!!!

What aggravates my body with running—I’d have to say running around here with roads with “camber”—they slope down on the sides, which makes your body kind of uneven. I try to stick to back roads where I can either run in the middle of the road or way off to the side to stay flat.

I have a question for you about the new Ghosts! Do you think that the laces are at all shorter?? As I was putting on my (last model) Ghosts the other day, I was reminded just how LONG the laces are on that shoe. I tripped over the laces on a run last winter (double knotted!), so now I triple knot them. But, that is really my ONLY Ghost beef!

My fav sports bra is the Lululemon Energy bra. It’s cute with the straps in the back but also supportive. I’m anti utilitarian-looking sports bras. ha ha

I’m at school right now, just on my own time, to try to set up my room. Step one of the many steps in getting reacclimated. ha ha My first day with kids isn’t until the 24th though! I have to write some curriculum that I started back in June, and I”m sitting here trying to remember what I was writing/doing back then. ha ha Hopefully it will be like riding a bike!

Hope you guys have a fantastic trip this weekend!!!!!


JEN! Ahhh how did summer go by so quickly, you are already back in the classroom. I hope you are able to get in some fun and curriculum writing before the kids are there in twenty days! I love the lulu energy bra so much too. AMEN to the roads with a slope… those kill my hips. I totally agree with you, running will always be there! I just couldn’t justify missing out ha. That is a great question, I had the previous ghost too and I never had that problem… I am SO sorry you tripped over them? So crazy. These ones have been perfect for me but now I will pay closer attention. Such a bummer. Thanks friend, I hope you are having a great day!


Every kids needs rollie pollies as pets! So cute.
I learned over the last year and a half, that too much running on the sidewalk makes my Achilles not happy! So I now am always on the street and trails. The treadmill is a good surface too.
Post run yoga (or pilates) is so, so good!
I’m heading to the track now ?. Feeling tires this morning, so we’ll see how it goes.
I completely forgot we have popsicles in the freezer! Definitely going to have one later.
Have a great day ?


Hahah well, we currently have eight of them right now. That is interesting about your achilles on the sidewalk. My body prefers running on the road/trails too. I hope you had the best track workout and celebrated after with a popsicle. Thanks friend, you too.


Where are you guys going this weekend!? Enjoy the time!!!


Thank you so much Hillary! We are going to St. George. My brother and Andrew are working on some things together:). I hope you are having a beautiful day so far.


I love how I’ve been seeing both Brook and Skye’s braids lately. Do you braid their hair yourself or have a friend or babysitter do them? Did you learn this from a tutorial on YouTube or do you just do it yourself? If you do, would you consider doing a video tutorial?


Hey Amy, thank you so much! The ones I have been doing are SO so simple so I will make a video asap. I hope your day is a great one!


I love all the spectators!! They encourage me so much during races.

I fill out reviews and surveys on products I really like, especially since reading reviews helps me decide what to buy.

Slow mornings at the library sound glorious!


I’m with ya, I need those spectators at least in a few points! I love reading product reviews too so it’s my goal to fill those out more often. Thanks friend, I hope your day is a great one!


Hey Janae, I’m super glad you asked about areas on our body that are aggravated by running. I’m currently trying to decide if this is a new problem I need to visit a PT about or, even a Doctor, or just ride it out. I’ve been getting groin pain at the start of my runs lately, last couple weeks. It’s like something is pulling me down. But it goes away after the first couple miles. I do have endometriosis, so I know it could be that. But, I’ve also noticed some hip pain after my run on the same side as the groin pain. Have you (or any other readers) experienced this? I’ve been running for years and never had this issue.


Hey Rachel! I am really sorry about this groin pain you are experiencing during the first few miles of your runs. I have not experienced this but if anyone reading could help out that would be awesome! I could also include your question in a post and see if anyone can help. If I were you I would probably go in and see someone! Getting it taken care of before it turns into a pain throughout your run and before/after will be so helpful. I am so sorry you have endometriosis and I wonder if it is tied?! Will you please keep me updated!


Being proactive is always the best decision – even when it’s easier to keep running and ignore it – you’re right! So, I decided to call to my gyno and set up an appt to rule out endometriosis first. If that’s not it, maybe she can give me some advice as to which direction to go next. I’ll definitely keep you posted! I hate that doing something so good for our body can cause problems! I just want to be healthy and run until I’m 110 years old lol.


Happy Wednesday! I have mixed feeling about spectators. I love the energy boost and distraction from discomfort they provide. However, if it’s a really scenic course, sometimes I like a quieter race where I can be distracted by the view.
I have a tough time with my right hip, and subsequently my lower back, when I run on roads with a lot of camber, so I try to avoid them. If I can’t, I would be curious how much distance I add to my runs going back and forth to find the flattest part to run on!
Admittedly, my running bras don’t have to work very hard, so I tend to go with the ones I can find that get the job done for the least amount of money. I used to have good luck with Target, but last time I was there, every single one was padded. Why?!?!
Enjoy your weekend away!!

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