How Blogging Has Changed Over the Years… + Never Easy

(Tank, shorts, socks, bra, shoes)

This trail (Deer Creek) never feels easy.  It is one of the absolute prettiest runs out there because you run next to the reservoir the entire time and get the best views of the sunrise… but it is rough.

You feel like you are either going up or down the entire run.  My original plan was to do a tempo pace for the last few miles, but I didn’t because it turned into survival mode.  I was hurting at mile ten from all of the climbing, so I just focused on making it back to my car.  I did my best to distract myself with my friend’s conversation, counting steps, and making mini-goals along the way (JUST MAKE IT TO THE NEXT TREE).

The trails love to humble us (well, all of running humbles me often).

I went into this run thinking I would just frolic over the dirt while I smiled for 14 miles, but that was not the case!

The endorphins were at an all-time high once I finished because I was so proud of myself for not stopping.

IMG 0249

We had an awesome group!  The girl with the Wildcats top on was in the Olympic Trials FINAL for the steeplechase this summer… incredible.

IMG 0217

The views help to distract you from your legs feeling like death ha.

IMG 0219

I was very happy about the fact that I hit over 60 miles last week.

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This niece of mine has made a lot of running possible this year.  My kids love her so so much.

IMG 0238

Beck thinks he is a big deal these days, just getting into the toys all by himself.

IMG 0245

Andrew and Knox were gone the last few days!  Andrew’s grandpa took a lot of the boys in the family out to Wisconsin for a baseball/football trip.

IMG 0250

They were in HEAVEN.

IMG 0251


It’s almost been 11 years since I started blogging, and I thought it would be fun to sit down and write about a few of the different ways I have found that it has changed since the beginning!

*I used to write three posts a day… Twenty-one posts a WEEK.  I now do six (sometimes seven if I have a baby post or friend to friend post), and I have no idea how I used to post three times throughout the day!

*I don’t share Driver’s Ed stories anymore ha.  I made them drive me to McDonald’s for ice cream often.

I had way too many close calls with that job.  Before we know it, I’ll be talking about taking Brooke and Knox out to teach them how to drive.

Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 9 15 13 PM

*I used to talk more with other bloggers!  I used to send burned CDs of my favorite workout songs to different bloggers or email them obsessively or make them talk on the phone with me.  Everyone just got a lot busier, and we don’t talk as much as we did back then (and I don’t send weird packages… I’m surprised they gave me their addresses;)!  These days, I often text with Kim, Anne and I still get in some facetime chats now and then, and I get to catch up with Ali on podcast episodes or through texting.   I have loved every friendship I have made through blogging/comments much.  It’s one of my biggest blessings so thank you.

*EVERYONE IS GROWING UP.  I used to hang out with my sister’s kids all of the time, and now they are adults/almost adults.

Screen Shot 2021 07 23 at 8 25 16 AM

*AND MY BABIES ARE GROWING UP TOO… Brooke was so tiny!

DSC 1413 1

*I no longer work with Mediakix after 8ish years together…  They did all of the behind-the-scenes work to get the sponsored posts that I used to do on my blog.  I loved working with them and had a great experience because they knew exactly what companies I loved and who I wanted to work with.  They were then bought out, and things went sour fast…. If you saw the article on BuzzFeed, it’s so sad how things ended for many of us bloggers. As far as blogging goes now, I currently make income from Adthrive (I LOVE them… I work with them for the ads on my blog) and affiliate earnings.  I have been doing sponsored posts on Instagram with brands I love, and I am very happy with the balance now, and I hope you are too (and if you aren’t, then tell me because your opinion is beyond important to me).

Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 2 45 11 PM

*I don’t try to get artistic food pictures anymore ha;). Not sure why I found the need to take out my PB and banana to the leaves with my fancy camera to get a picture, but I did…  I feel like I don’t blog about food nearly as much as I used to either!

IMG 1987

*I used to post playlists (for running or spin) at least once a week… Now I am usually running with people, and if I’m not, I am listening to podcasts.  If by chance, I am listening to music, it is a playlist from years ago.  I am SO behind on music these days, and my nieces make fun of me for it and they make playlists on my Spotify like this one…

*Blogging used to be so simple!  There weren’t all of these other social media channels to try to keep up with (I think Twitter had just started in the beginning) and grow your following with.  I gave up trying to keep up with everything and focus on blogging and IG and feel great about that.

*One thing I miss a lot is blogging trips!  Travel stopped for everyone during covid, but I sure missed going on trips with different bloggers.

IMG 8706

Those are some of the most significant changes I’ve noticed over the years, and I’d love to hear any that you have seen in the social media world too!


Tell me the ways that social media has changed in your life over the years?!  What do you enjoy about social media?

Do you stay up to date with music, or do you stick with your old favorites?

Any questions about blogging that youd want me to write a post about?

Favorite sports game to go to?!

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Yah for Knox and Andrew! I live in the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) area! Go Brewers and Packers! I hope they had a great trip!!!


Oh that is so awesome. They had the best time. They also went to a plane museum (I’ll ask which one when they wake up) and loved it! Have a beautiful day, Lynn.


I honestly hadn’t noticed you didn’t have any sponsored blog posts recently! Probably because when you did do them it didn’t feel forced and was natural since you were sharing brands that made sense. Like if you had shared a sponsored post about car tires that would be so weird but sharing an athletic wear company made sense. I love social media because I can see day to day things my friends are doing since I don’t live near my childhood friends and it’s the same for them!


Oh thank you, Maureen! That means a lot to me! It really is so nice to be able to keep up with everyone and I love that you are able to stay connected with your childhood friends. That is the best. Happy Monday!


I wish more people blogged about everyday stuff like you do! I really like that when you talk about your runs/ running you don’t sound like you’re bragging or know it all (though you’re super fast), and then you just go on to talk about your family and groceries and amazon finds – totally what our age group needs lolol. And also makes me have some hope that it is somewhat possible to get all the running i want to do in despite the 10001 things competing for my attention.
I also think its amazing that you can find it in you to just write about your life and be confident enough not to worry whether people might judge you and what you share . Or get into a frame of mind where you aren’t too bothered by that aspect (being judged). Perhaps that’s something you could share about?
Have a great day Janae. Im totally behind on music too haha.
I cut out Facebook and only use Instagram and a bit of Reddit now. Thinking of TikTok only coz Smitten Kitchen’s on there but nah. Don’t think it’d be healthy to have another rabbit hole to go down. hahahaha


Thank you so much Chloe! I miss a lot of the everyday blogging too… I was addicted to checking everyone’s daily journal:). I’ll probably never stop:) I love our age group haha. That would be a fabulous post to write about. It has definitely been a journey! That’s how I feel about TikTok, I don’t need anything else stealing time haha! Hope your Monday is a beautiful one.


I love reading your blog post!

And the boys trip sounds amazing!

With social media I do love how it has allowed me to connect with people I might never have otherwise met and to see photos of beautiful places lol. Social media has a much bigger presence than I would say even 5-10 years ago. I remember when FB first came out and I signed up for an account because my tech savvy sister told me about it. I had no idea what fb was! I do have to remind myself and my partner reminds me to put down the photo and live in the real world haha!

Happy Monday and hope your week goes well Janae!


Thanks Kristine, I have loved our friendship and following your adventures on IG! Oh you just brought back memories of signing up for Facebook too. It was all so confusing to me. That is so important–> we need to have a great balance between online and the real world. Thanks for sharing. I hope the same for you too!


Wowww that view during your run is incredible!! Such a beautiful picture and I would LOVE running there :)

Loved looking back at how blogging used to be- so fun to reminisce! I’ve been a reader of yours for YEARS now so it’s fun to see how tiny Brooke and your nieces and nephews were! Where did time go though, seriously?!

My absolute favorite sport to watch live is tennis (followed closely by baseball). My husband and I love to travel around and go to tournaments and games! Last year we had plans to go to France and Monaco for a big tournament and I can’t wait till we can actually take the trip. For now we’ll just go to the local tournament in North Carolina this week!


Come meet me for a run there. You would love it so much! Gretchen, I hope you are able to take that trip soon. Sounds amazing! Have the best time at the tournament this week, I love love love watching tennis too. Thanks Gretchen!


I used to read all the healthy living blogs back in the day and guess what you are the only blog I read anymore for about four years now! Maybe because I am a runner and basically don’t do much other exercises or “healthy living” things lol. The other blogs I look at now are solely for recipes not content.


Sara, thank you SO much for still reading. That means a lot to me. There used to be so many healthy living blogs, where did they all go!? I hope you are having a fantastic day and keep in touch!


I am from Milwaukee, so how cool to see the boys trip to Wisconsin! I hope they had a fantastic time! : )

And to answer your question, I love the connection social media provides – but I also love disconnecting from it too!


They really did have the best time. Andrew wants to take me back! He said that everyone there was the absolute friendliest. I’m with you… a healthy dose of both is needed for me to love social media. I hope your day is a great one!


I so miss those blogging trips!! My blog took me to so many cool places over the years – Jerusalem, LA, Nevis/St. Kitts, Vegas (where I met YOU in person and I think you were brand newly pregnant with Brooke then). So crazy. I’m glad you’ve kept up with your blog!


BETH! I am so grateful for the chance that I had to meet YOU. I’ve loved following the places you have gone… blogging has brought us the coolest things. Now let’s talk about chocolate milk bringing us back together for another Vegas trip! You in??


I’m from Wisconsin – I have a work sponsored Brewer game and the end of September – Go Brew Crew!


That is so so awesome! Andrew loved it there and said that everyone he met was so incredibly friendly. He wants to take me back. Enjoy the game, your work sounds awesome!


As a reader, I’m thrilled with the demise of Mediakix. It was incredibly annoying when all of the Mediakix bloggers would do the exact same sponsored post in the same week! How many times do we need to read about Blue Apron? :) I like this balance much better. Besides, there aren’t that many bloggers these days as things have shifted to Instagram. Good job for hanging in there!


I bet that was super annoying as a reader! I never even thought about it from the reader’s point of view until today when we would all post about the same product. I am so glad that the balance feels a lot better, I feel a lot less stressed with this balance too. Thank you Jenn, I hope your Monday has been a great one so far.


I have followed you since you met Andrew and I love reading your posts. I know so many bloggers aren’t blogging anymore and I miss them. I almost feel like everything is video with Instagram Reels and Stories that I can’t keep up with. I will say COVID and working from home had me on Youtube more and I follow a few more people on there, but I miss the old days of reading blog posts. I love your posts so I hope you never stop. Even my own blog I stopped posting to for a while with being so busy and stressed with school and life things. I do hope to bring my blog back to life though. I still love it, just have to get back into the habit of writing.
Also I was never up to date with music, I just turn on the radio in the car lol. I always get excited when an old BackStreet Boys song plays on the radio and have to sit in the car for the whole song even if I’m already in my driveway.


Alicia, we’ve been friends now for over five years. Thank you for reading! I really miss the number of blogs there used to be with everyday content too! Let me know when you are back to blogging and I hope the stress levels have dropped a bit. Hahah Backstreet boys for life:). I hope your day is a great one.


Did Andrew and Knox go to the Packer’s preseason game? I served my mission in Milwaukee and Green Bay, and doing the Lambeau Field tour is seriously the best thing to do there – I hope they were able to go!! We did the tour and a game in one weekend, and I have to say that the tour was hands down more fun than the game (maybe that’s because I’d rather watch a game sitting on my couch though). I took my husband a couple of years ago and he was in heaven. He ate so many brats and fried cheese curds, hahah. WI people are the nicest, too.

Also, I love that you still focus on your blog a lot. I feel like a lot of people have switched over to having most of their content on IG, and I can’t stand it! I’m not an IG person at all – I keep trying to get back on but it feels so transactional to me now that it drives me nuts. I love the blog format and I hope you keep going with it because you bring some much needed happiness/content to the internet. So, thank you!

I’ve been wanting to do the Deer Creek trail for a while now and was planning to go soon, but I think I may hold off for a while now that I know it’s so rough! Haha. So pretty though!


They sure did and they had a blast! That is so awesome that you served your mission there. Andrew came home and said the same thing, everyone there is so so nice. I love that you were able to take your husband back! I absolutely agree with you on IG, I miss the more simple days on there too. It does feel super transactional! Thank you for what you said, I’ll probably be blogging for the rest of my life:). YOU HAVE TO DO DEER CREEK! You will love it, it is stunning and super runnable… just don’t go into it cocky like me thinking I am just going to float the whole way hah. Enjoy the rest of your day, Tess.


I don’t know how you used to write 21 posts a week! But I remember it and they were never repetitive ? it’s crazy how fast kids grow! It feels like just yesterday your nieces and nephews were babies and now they’re fully grown!!! Love you, love your blog xx


I don’t either haha… I had way too much to say every day;). Thank you friend! I am so grateful for your friendship:)


Seriously, THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO BLOG. Most blogs I used to read now do podcast, and I just can take all the talking. I really tried, I did…but I just can’t. I think it’s because I grew up the youngest in a house where everyone had so much to say. I read your blog just about everyday. It’s light, we get to watch your kids grow, you share food pics (my favorite) and it helps this introvert connect with the rest of the world without much effort. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading!


Stephanie, that means a whole lot to me. Thank you for taking the time to tell me this. PLEASE keep in touch with me and connecting, it’s my favorite part of my job. Have a great rest of your day!


Hi! I was just thinking about this–the fact that I rarely run with music anymore. I was training for 1/2 marathon in 2019 and I started listening to audiobooks during my long runs. Once I started doing that plus started listening to more podcasts at the beginning of the pandemic (due to gym being closed) because I was exercising more outdoors…I haven’t listened to music since. I miss it but not terribly…I do find that with audiobooks and podcasts, I’m learning so much more. For example, Nine Perfect Strangers is one of my first audiobooks I read in 2019–and Hulu premiered it this week–excellent book and loving the start of the series!


HOW did you know that I really needed a good book to read?! I read your comment and then bought Nine Perfect Strangers to read:). Thank you for sharing. I need to listen to audiobooks during runs too! I really love feeling like I am learning something during a run too. Can’t wait to watch it after I read it. Have a great day, Damarys.


I know I’m in the minority but I don’t ‘do’ social media. I read some blogs online but I don’t use facebook (personally – I have an account only to connect with my kids’ school), twitter, tiktok, instagram or any other social media platform. Quite a few bloggers that I use to read have stopped and became too much of a ‘brand’ and I quit following them. I know people grow and change but I appreciate that you are still here!

It would be super annoying as a reader when 5 or so bloggers would all post the same sponsored post within days of each other – not sure if that was through who you use to use or not. I understand doing sponsored posts and the affiliate links and I feel like you have a good balance and nothing ever feels forced.

I am so out of date with music and most often listen to the same music I did in high school :) I suppose that’s like when my mom would listen to ‘oldies’.


Hey Erika! You sound a lot like my sister, she really enjoys not being on social media! Yes, I am pretty sure we were all with Mediakix too and you are right, that must have been super annoying when EVERYONE is posting the same thing. I don’t miss the stress from a lot of those posts to be honest ha. I’m with you, the music in those high school years will always be the best (no matter what age you are:). Have a great rest of your day!


I used to read your & other blogs about 10 years ago in my early/mid 20s and it was one of my favorite pastimes! It was so fun figuring out my own food and exercise routines as someone new to the workforce and somewhat new to living on my own. And the blog trips! I remember loving reading multiple posts about the same trip from multiple bloggers. I would also constantly check each of your “blog rolls” to find new women to follow!
Thanks for this trip down memory lane :) the Instagrammers of today definitely missed out on the OG HLB content!


So cool to hear how much blogging has changed! I’ve been reading your blog every morning since early 2011, usually as I’m eating my breakfast. :) That’s over 10 years at this point! I’m sure you get this a lot, but I feel like I really know you! Your dedication to running each day, your authenticity, and your positivity are what keep me coming back!


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