Friday Favorites!

(Shorts 4”, tank)

10.6 miles @ 8:11 average with Emilee a bit later on in the morning than usual.  We finished up and found Andrew with these two in the yard.

You know you slept well when you have sleep lines on your face!  He slept in big-time yesterday.

IMG 0468

Pretty sure we have read 101 Dalmatians at least 101 times.

IMG 0506

Had a blast with Knox over the last two days.

IMG 0558

We went over to our neighbor’s house to talk outside, and we ended up staying there for so long they just ordered pizza for us all!

IMG 0563

And I’ll end the day’s summary with a picture that Skye took because a lot of the day looked like this…

IMG 0532


Let’s chat about my favorite things this week!

*I’m just going to guess that the perfectly oversized sweatshirt will be part of my daily outfit this fall/winter (and yesterday too, even though it was 90 degrees outside.. it’s just too comfortable).

IMG 0559

*The Family Adventure Journal.  My sis-in-law shared this with me, and it is awesome.  If you are looking for ways to add fun and adventure to you and your family’s life, this will do that for you.  This would make a great gift too.

IMG 0499

There are activities like cloud spotting, scavenger hunts, building a rock sculpture, leaf tracing, nature bingo, and so much more!

IMG 0560

*When Skye was a baby, I paid for the Little Poppy bow subscription each month, and I loved it.  Once Skye stopped wearing the little headbands with bows on them, I quit my subscription because I didn’t realize they had so many options for hair accessories for older girls.  They reached out recently and sent me a box of things for the girls, and we are all obsessed.  Every day they are wearing something from Little Poppy now.

The code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL50 will get you 50% off your first month of bows (and you can cancel at any time!) HERE!

IMG 9813

*NEW FLAVOR ALERT.  This one is really good and so refreshing.  Yellow Cherry came into my life right when I needed it.  This is one thing I have every single day of my life.

Code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you 25% off and free shipping HERE.

IMG 0242

*I do my research when it comes to running socks.  Nothing is worse than running socks that get holes quickly ($$$) or ones that cause blisters/discomfort.  I have tried dozens of different types and brands of running socks that I don’t share because I did not like them, but I found a new pair I’m obsessed with.  I bought them in a few colors because they are just so great.  I love that they go up above the ankle (they have them below the ankle, too) because it makes it so that I never have any shoe rubbing against my skin.  They are so smooth, stretchy, seamless, and soft I don’t want to take them off.  Blisters are just not going to happen with these beauties.

IMG 0240

*Peach season is here.  As you remember from the past 11 peach seasons I have blogged about, these bring me so much joy.

Screen Shot 2021 08 26 at 5 06 59 PM


Have any favorite things this week?

Do you prefer running with people, or do you love solo runs more lately?

When it comes to running gear—> What are you the pickiest about?

-My sports bra

Do you journal?

-I used to journal daily before I started blogging!

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Janae…we have to disagree on yellow cherry being a good flavor. I’m sorry but girl no lol. Not sure if you’ve tried this one but strawberry has been my go to lately for Liquid IV.

I am with you on being pickiest about my sports bra! Don’t know how people can just wear whatever sports bra. There’s even some I use specifically for speed workouts and some for easy runs haha.


I love the strawberry!!! Seriously you don’t like the yellow cherry? It’s Andrew’s favorite too. I’ll allow us to disagree on this haha! PS have you tried pina colada?

I don’t understand that either… my whole day is ruined if a sports bra annoys me during a run;) I hope all of your runs up ahead include your fave sports bras. Have the best weekend, Maureen!


I’m not a cherry girl! We’ll still be friends. No but I need to now and will have to report back!


Hahah we better be friends forever! I hope you love it:).


Happy Friday!

Really liking Skye behind the camera. I’m wondering how hard you worked for your smile in the pic, ha!

Also wondering about the ingredients in Knox’s hair gel (not sure Andrew uses hair products, and good on him if so). So, is it possible to share what Knox used yesterday?


Hahah he uses got2b glued! I think Andrew uses the same stuff:). Have a fabulous weekend Lee!


I’m pickiest about my running shorts, they need to stay put while I run!

I prefer running with people, but due to schedules most of my runs lately have been solo. Although last weekend my dad did the last 1.5 miles of my long run with me!

Favorite thing this week is an idea someone shared with me for book club- doing a book swap with friends! I’m suggesting to my book club group for our next meeting.


Good running shorts are a NEED, not a want… I totally agree! They must stay put, I don’t want to adjust them once:). I am high maintenance. I absolutely loved reading that your dad did the last 1.5 miles of your long run. That is really special! I hope you are able to visit them again soon. BOOK SWAP= brilliant. I want to join in too! Have the best weekend, Mariah!


I just discovered those socks too and had to order another pair. I usually run solo because schedules are just crazy with small kids. But I am running my first race in almost 2 years tomorrow with my neighbor. Its gonna be hot but I am excited to be part of a race again. When it comes to running gear I am super picky about my bottoms. I don’t want to have to hike them up mid run and definitely don’t want any thigh chaffing. I used to always run in capris but I recently discovered Senita Athletics shorts and I love them! They stay in place and are super reasonable.


Corrinne, I love that you are loving them too! They feel so so good. It just made me so so happy to read that you are running your first race in almost two years tomorrow… good luck! I am so thrilled for you and I would love to hear how it goes.
Thigh chaffing is the worst and Senita is so awesome! I hope your day is a great one and have a blast tomorrow!


Oh… I have been meaning to tell you that I did end up sending a box of Liquid IV to our son, and he loves it! He said the hydration saved his life (ha ha) during football camp. The box had a variety of flavors and types ( hydrate, recovery, and I can’t remember the 3rd one) and he likes them all. Thank you!!
I think it’s so great that you have a group of people to run with. That is so helpful for hard workouts and long runs. I mostly run by myself, but my runs on Thursday with my friend is the best! It’s perfect for both of us…. It’s my easy run(recovery after Wednesday speed work) and her faster run ( I do let her set the pace, but we’re always a minute faster per mile than when she runs on her own), and we talk the entire time! She’s been dealing with some not so fun family issues, so I know she needs to talk it out. And then the miles fly by!
I think I said this a while back, but I’m feeling like I need a whole closet full of new clothes, so thank you for sharing what you’re loving! That sweatshirt looks cute and so comfy!
Today is a rest day for me, and I have absolutely nothing on my calendar, so I am going to happily clean my house while everyone is gone ?
Have a great Friday Janae!


Wendy, that makes me so so happy. I am so glad that he loved them! Just so awesome that he is playing football at the college level, you are both amazing athletes! I am SO happy you get that Thursday run with your friend and you are helping her run faster while helping her through emotional problems. You are the best! Hahah I am a bad influence these days…
Enjoy the cleaning, I just finished so I am feeling on top of things (for once haha)!


Happy Friday, Janae!!! My students are writing, so I have the chance to write here, too! :)

Favorite things——I’ve been loving these little bags of dried strawberries that I’ve been buying at Wal-Mart. They’re not freeze-dried, so they’re still soft and chewy. I got this new hair product—-Eufora Pure Polish—it helps with fly-aways/smoothing, and it legit smells like Skittles. It’s amazing. And, one last thing–I got one of these True and Co. bralettes during the Nordstrom anniversary sale to wear under racerback tanks/tank tops. I used to use wear a racerback sports bra–this is a little nicer : ) And, Target sells a less $$ version that is made by the same company!

I love my solo runs so so much, but I honestly do wish I had a running buddy to run with 1-2 x a week :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!!! I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow morning!!!!! ha ha


JEN! I loved getting to see a picture of your classroom and you looked gorgeous! Dried strawberries… I will be getting those and that polish, I absolutely need it! Just followed that link for the bralette… adding it to cart. Wish we could get in runs together. You deserve sleeping in big time tomorrow, the first few weeks back are no joke. Happy Friday.


I bought peaches on Monday and they started going bad by Tuesday. So I made peach cobbler and we weren’t mad about that. ( I used Stevia instead of sugar and it tasted wonderful with about 1000 fewer calories ;)

I’ve always been a solo runner and I really enjoy that time to myself.

I am most picky about my running shoes. With a size 5 foot, getting the right pair is a challenge. Once I find them, I’ll keep buying the same ones until they decide to change them in a weird way or discontinue.


Les’ question, “Why didn’t you make it sooner?” hahaha Andrew will say the same after I make it for us. It looks amazing! Oh I bet that is tricky finding the right pair for you. I hope the ones you are loving right now never ever change. Happy weekend Kathy!


That Family Adventure Journal just might have to be what I get my friends who have 3 littles as their holiday gift this year. I think they’d love it so much!

You JUST MIGHT have me sold on that big oversized sweatshirt. I have a few promising job interviews next week, and if something happens soon I might have to treat myself to a little lulu…and NOT from the sale section! I not-so-secretly want everything from lulu in their grey & black camo.

I’m with Beck–big sleep and sheet lines. Sleep has been tough for me lately, but I have noticed that even though I’m not sleeping through the night and am lucky if I get 6 uninterrupted hours, when I take melatonin before going to bed I do much better than if I don’t. And even after that 6-ish hours, I feel refreshed ENOUGH to get my workout in.

Tom and I have lately become obsessed with the SNAPP’D snacks from CHeez-Its. They’re like normal cheez-its, but with more flavor, and somehow–lighter? Crispier? I think we might be on the path to having a problem with them. This week Tom did me a favor by running to the store to get the groceries and came home with 2 bags of them (we ran out of our stash a couple of weeks ago and I thought we were safe for a while, but…apparently not…). However: they’re yummy. I highly recommend them.

I ALSO highly recommend my favorite new obsession (other than cheez-its snapp’d snacks): OATMILK ICE CREAM. Oatly’s vanilla, and the salted caramel, are amazing, and So Delicious has an oatmeal cookie and a s’mores oatmilk ice cream that are awesome. Try them! I think you’ll love them!!!

Hope you all have a good day out there! :)


I hope that your friends love the journal! PLEASE let me know how the interviews go… you’ve got this Stephanie! I think you definitely need to treat yourself! I am really hoping that your sleep gets better soon. That must be really hard. Sleep affects my entire day. Now I must go try the SNAPP’D version, I am sure my entire family will love them. Way to go Tom! I might just need that ice cream today too. Reading that description made me drool a little. Thanks for the help. I hope you do too!


Ok, this might sound weird but I want Little Poppy bow subscription for myself. Do they make them for adults? Haha…not kidding. Also I tried the strawberry version of liquid IV and I have to say I am not a fan. I wanted to like it soooo bad. I want to try a new flavor without having to buy the entire pack though. (I just read that you like the strawberry flavor, if you want the rest of mine I will literally drop it off to you – I only used one packet!)

And I am so picky about my running socks too – I am definitely going to try the ones you suggested right NOW! I’m also super picky about my ears being covered. Like, if it’s below 55 degrees I have to have them covered. The rest of my body doesn’t super matter, but if my ears are uncomfortable, I’ll go straight inside (which happened to me last week, I was running when one of those rando rain storms happened. Usually I’d love running in the rain but my ears weren’t covered so I went straight inside and finished on the treadmill! Ha!)

That journal is cute – I journal nearly every single day because it acts as a part of therapy for me. I wonder if anyone will read it one day and think I’m completely psycho, but I feel like that’s what journals are for – just getting everything out of your brain and trying to make sense of it all.
Have a great weekend, Janae!


Hahah I mean, I am going to be using some of their clips so join me:). Are you close? I have a pina colada and a cherry that I could give you to try too! That way you don’t have to buy the entire pack. The lemon-lime is so good too. AMEN about the ears being comfortable… I forgot about that because it has been so long since I’ve needed one. You made the right call to go inside! Hahaha I wonder that same thing about you guys reading my blog every day;). Journaling really is such a great tool for therapy and figuring things out. Thanks Tess, you too!


That would be awesome! I’m in Utah county too!


Pickiest item to run in: shorts! They have to fit just right on your hips and not cause any chafing. Pockets are a plus, too!


AMEN!! Shorts that are riding up and causing chafing = the absolute worst! I hope your day is a great one, friend:)


Ugh — I’m bummed I missed out on the limited edition yellow cherry!

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