Friday Favorites!

(socks, shoes, shorts, tank)

The time I woke up at the EXACT minute that my friends got to my house for a run…

We slept through our alarms big time but somehow I was able to be out the door and running with my crew only 6 minutes late.  PS I did walk out the front door with my shorts and socks on inside out but quickly realized and ran back inside to fix that problem.  Didn’t have this problem happen again ha.

I’m hoping that we will all still be able to run together a lot once the school year starts and schedules change because I NEED THESE CONVERSATIONS that we have together on the run.

10 miles @ 8:13 average.

IMG 9558

And I am really going to miss just hanging out on the grass after the run with the kids.

IMG 9561


IMG 9568

We decided that we should ride scooters/walk to the bakery for donuts.

IMG 9580

It was a great decision.  PS I change into my non-running shoes right after a run when I can because I want to save my running shoes for running!

IMG 9584

Friends invited us over to swim and the pool had a view of the entire valley!

IMG 9585

Somehow Beck managed to be in pajamas the entire day and I am inspired to do the same on my next rest day.

Screen Shot 2021 08 12 at 3 33 01 PM


I have a few favorites to share today!

*Jenn shared this gem with me the other day!  It is a gel-like top coat that is amazing.  It makes normal nail polish look like they are gel nails.  It also dries ridiculously fast which is necessary for me because I have zero patience with things like this and it lasts so so long too.  I miss going to the salon to get my nails done but this combo is the best (and I’ve tried a lot) I have found to do at home and so much cheaper.  Essie polish is my #1 favorite for the base!

IMG 9532

*I found these adorable yoga mats on Amazon for the girls.  I have tried for years to really love yoga and it has finally stuck and I’m so happy the girls are loving to do it with me.  I’ve been doing it a few times a week at home and my body is thankful I’m actually sticking to it.

IMG 9542

*I loved Kate Kennedy’s deep dive on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen… for some reason I just need to know all of the facts about them (it’s probably because I felt like I grew up with them when I was a kid ha).

*Brooke, Knox and Skye:

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*Well, I guess if it is going to get colder then I am going to just have to live in all of the oversized comfy sweatshirts (on sale:) every day of the fall:)

IMG 9591

*It’s Brooke’s birthday weekend!  She is pretty excited because she will get half of the day with us and half of the day with her dad… I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be in her shoes with this all (missing people is the worst) but I think this setup will make it a very perfect day for her.

NewImage 5


Do you ever sleep through your alarm?  

-I couldn’t believe that my alarm had been going off for 30 minutes before I finally woke up!

Blended families… how do you do birthdays?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Who has been reading since Brooke was born?!

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My church is having a big celebration on Sunday since school is starting and our pastor is back from his sabbatical woo! I hope you guys have a great time celebrating Brooke’s birthday. I’m sure it means a lot to her that you all are making the day so special for her… it can’t be easy, but you are a BIG person for handling it all the way you are.


Clare! I hope you have the best time at your church celebration! That sounds amazing. Thank you! Can’t wait to celebrate her big time❤️ Have the best weekend!


I’ve been reading since before Brooke was born! She has grown up so much! Happy Birthday Brooke!!

Looking forward to a game night with friends and finishing up my last project for the class that I’m in right now. Almost done with summer classes!


Mariah, we have been friends for so so long! Congrats on almost finishing night classes, you are amazing. Have a blast at game night.


I never sleep through my alarm now, but one night years ago I woke up and realized I’d snoozed for almost three hours straight. (I had a puppy and had set the alarm to take her out in the middle of the night). So I hit the snooze button every nine minutes, so basically 20 times. What?!

My ex and I have joint custody of our son who’s now 15, we’ve always just had two of everything. Whoever “has” him on his actual birthday gets that day, the other after! It’s never been a problem :).

Been reading since before Brooke was born! No lie, in my morning internet routine you are the first page I check! Happy birthday Brooke!


Snoozed for three hours straight… YOU WERE TIRED! Hahah thanks for sharing that with me:). You guys are doing an amazing job! Your son is so lucky to have you both work so well together. Jocelyn, that means a lot to me. I feel very lucky to be part of your morning routine and to be the first you check online. Thanks friend, keep in touch!


I never sleep through my alarm – I’m too light a sleeper. This weekend I am looking forward to seeing my daughter (who is a freshman) march in marching band for our county fair parade – it’s a big parade and always a good time. Then, there is a 5K at her school that evening that she & my husband are running in. I’m sitting it out b/c the registration fee was $25 and I am getting cheaper about 5Ks the older I get. So I’m spectating this one! I’ve been reading since Brooke was a baby, but not before she was born. I have, however, gone back and read your old posts about her being born. Can’t believe how fast time goes! Happy Birthday, Brooke! :D


HEY AMANDA! That is so so exciting for your daughter! Enjoy every second:) Haha I find myself getting more cheap with 5ks these days too but spectating will be a blast. Thank you so much for being my friend over the years. It means a lot to me. Have the most beautiful day!


Ok, I need that gel-like top coat!
The video of the kids at bedtime… Ha ha
I give all the blended families out there huge props for making birthdays and holidays work! I can’t imagine how tough it can be.
Since school starts again on Monday, this weekend will be filled with shopping and making sure everyone has what they need. But I do love the excitement and anticipation of the new school year. Even still with the boys 20 and 17. Our oldest is in the middle of football camp at his college, so I am excited to get a quick phone chat with him to see how everything is going ?
Yes yoga!! It really has helped me in many ways, especially in helping to avoid injury.
Have a wonderful Friday ?


I am seriously shocked over how great this top coat is! Thanks Wendy, it sure is interesting trying to make it all work out for everyone involved. Good luck with preparing everything for school to start. ENJOY the phone call! Thanks Wendy, you too. I love chatting with you!


Happy Birthday Brooke!!!! I hope she has a GREAT day! I was not a reader when she was born, but I’ve been reading now for like…6 years. Crazy! Your blog just makes me happy and makes me spend all my money on clothes. haha.
I don’t even set an alarm, it is SO rare that I sleep in late. I think when that happens you just really, really need it. Your body chose not to hear that alarm and get a little extra sleep!
I’m listening to the MK & Ashley episode now…It Takes Two is probably my favorite of all time but now I want to watch some this weekend with my daughter. haha. Ah, I miss the 90s!!! :)


SIX YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP! That makes me so so happy and I am sorry that I make you buy too many clothes haha but they are just so much fun. Oh my goodness, It Takes Two is the absolute best… have a blast watching it together. And let me know what you think of the episode. Have a beautiful day!


Janae – do you follow the Holderness family on YouTube?

I thought of you when I saw this, lol. …

This one is funnier though…

Their channel: check out the trip packing ones!

Have a great weekend!



2nd Target video should be this link:


Well, now you have me hooked on the Holderness Family. THEY ARE HILARIOUS! Thank you John and now I need to go to Target;)


Yes, they are hilarious.

Have Andrew watch my favorite “That Guy With the Tesla”

They also have a Podcast.



This is so random but I always notice details and wonder if you got a new wedding ring?? I love my diamond rings but sometimes struggle with whether I should wear them all the time because I am so active and outdoors a lot!


HEY TESSA!! I stopped wearing my diamond a bit ago because it kept scratching kids or getting caught on things etc! Now I just wear whatever random rings I find and love. This one is from a store in St. George that I loved (and it was like $14 wahoo). Let me know what you end up doing. Have a great active weekend outdoors:).


Happy Birthday Brooke! *I’ve been reading since before little spikey was born :)


SPIKEY!! Oh such a great memory, thanks for sharing that Tracy. I hope your day is a beautiful one.


I don’t sleep through my alarm because I rarely use one. I’m usually awake on my own between 5 and 5:30.

We have friends coming to town this weekend that we haven’t seen since their baby was born in May.

I think I started reading your blog about 2 months before Brooke was born! Happy birthday weekend to your sweet girl!


I need to teach my body to wake up on it’s own at that time, that is awesome! Have the absolute best time with your friends this weekend, it will be so fun to see their baby. Thank you Kathy for being my friend over the years. It means the world to me!


The first post of yours I ever read was about Brooke’s birth! Have been reading ever since, but not daily anymore. (3 kiddos in 3 years doesn’t leave me a ton of time ?.) Happy Birthday Brooke!

My kids are my alarm, so no, I don’t sleep through that noise haha.


AHHH no way:) We have been friends forever. And 3 kids in 3 years… HOW?! You are incredible mama and kids are a great alarm clock and very reliable haha. Have a beautiful day!


My son is turning 10 on Monday so this weekend we are celebrating too! We are taking him and 4 friends camping.

I have like 15 alarms set because I’m so bad about sleeping through them!

I’ve been a reader since Brooke was a baby and it’s been so fun to watch your family grow.


Best mom award–> taking your son and four friends camping! Have the best time. I think I need to start setting 15 alarms. Thanks for being my friend over the years. Have a beautiful day, Erika!


My divorce is still new-ish (two years this coming November). For my youngest daughter’s birthday last November, right before everything was finalized we did the half day thing because it happened to be my night. So he had her during the day and I picked her up early around lunch time and we spent the afternoon together and in the evening my family came over to celebrate. This year, my oldest turned 9 on the 17th and I’m currently deployed for her birthday :-( but I had a blast celebrating her multiple times before I left and my family (my parents and sister) are stepping in on my weekends and celebrating her this weekend too! I’d like to think things are still somewhat civilized that we could come together and spend the day combined. But that comes and goes. haha!


I started reading your blog back in like 2009 or something when you weren’t pregnant yet. I took a little time away and then discovered you had a toddler! I’ve been following ever since.

Love that you’re a fellow Beth. <3

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