Silentish Saturday!!

They were doing their long run on Friday so I decided to join them… Still not sure if that was a good idea ha.

Out of bread at home = make Kodiak Cakes the night before to take and eat in the parking lot before the run.

IMG 7833

Goosebumps for the first time in months.

IMG 7835

IMG 7838

2 mile w/u and then they did 6 x 1 mile with 1 mile recoveries.  I did 5 of them which was 4 more than I felt like doing;)

IMG 7840

I definitely stopped a few times and lost the group along the way but was happy with the overall pace (forgot to start watch for warm-up miles so 15 miles total).

IMG 7855


IMG 7851

She woke up at 10… Vacation Hangover.

IMG 7854

Beck joined me for errands while the other kids were playing at the neighbors’ house.

IMG 7863

He let me roam up and down every aisle.

IMG 7866

TJ’s meal—> pork carnitas, tortilla, pico, guac, beans, and frozen brown rice.

IMG 7872

And then we went over and hung out with my sister and her family!

IMG 7874


Tell me three things you have going on today!

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Ran and did strength. Now have a group meeting for school. And after that a cookout with friends! I made brownies and gooey oatmeal cookie bars, hope everyone likes them!


Way to go on the running and the strength! Have the best time at the cookout, I am positive they will LOVE the brownies and oatmeal cookie bars! I want to join you guys:). Happy weekend Mariah!


That sounds like a fun long run/workout…ha. At least you were running in a really pretty place!
I’m heading out for a run, then yoga, then a bunch of errands today.
Have a great weekend Janae ?


I kept reminding myself to focus on the views and not the pain. Have the best time on your run and doing yoga. So excited you will see your son this next week!


Hi Janae! I gotta do a mile time trial this weekend! A little nervous but I want to get used to racing the mile. Other than that just relaxing and a picnic with friends!




What a beautiful family photo at your sisters house! Can’t believe how grown up her kids are. I’ve been reading since you moved to California as Brooke was born so curly was a tiny girl! How is your nephew doing? Are you able to be in touch with him?


Thank you for being my friend over the years! That means a lot. They really have all grown up so so fast. He actually hasn’t left yet! They normally go to a missionary training center before for 6ish weeks before they go out to their assigned location but because of covid they do the training at home. So he is doing it at his house over zoom and I get to see him quite often! He leaves in a little less than two weeks so we are all trying to soak in a bit more time! I hope you are having a beautiful evening!


That’s quite a workout you did! Whew!

Your sisters couch-is that an IKEA leather couch? Currently shopping for one and I like hers!

Longish run to meet my mom and her BFF (from HS!) and new running shoe shopping. I would’ve grabbed a new pair mid run if the opportunity had arose, hehehe.

Enjoy your weekend!


Hey Kelly! Here is the couch, we have it too and love it so much!
Long run with your mom?!? That sounds like heaven! Enjoy those new shoes and thanks so much Kelly!


I did my first ultra today – Tahoe Rim Trail 55K. ???‍♀️I don’t plan on doing another ultra, but am really glad I did it


KAREN! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATS! Recover well and celebrate your big accomplishment. Thanks for sharing!

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