Silentish Saturday!!

9 miles @ 8:28 average and then I got home and Brooke wanted to go out for another mile.

GOODR glasses look good on her.

I was very happy to run through sprinklers.

IMG 7289

And to stop at stoplights because I needed some breaks in the heat.

IMG 7288

Hit up the pool.

IMG 7335 2

IMG 7343

Sitting up like a champ.

IMG 7352

I’ve been going through a bunch of these each day while we are here (113 degrees yesterday)!

IMG 7366

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard is a must when in St. George.

IMG 7367

Dessert first.

IMG 7370

Dinner second.

IMG 7377

Starting Beck early on learning all of the biking things.

IMG 7374

Very grateful my brother and his family don’t live in Kentucky anymore so that we get to see them every month.

IMG 7224


Tell me three things you are doing today!

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Working all day today…relaxing tonight. If my daughter lets me, I might be lucky enough to take a little nap when I get home ;) so glad your brother is closer to you!! My family is only 4 hrs away but with covid I haven’t been able to see them in a year…we can finally travel now!
What size curling iron do you use? I love the soft beachy waves! The more I see your hair I want to chop mine! Also, do you have a link to the striped shirt above?
Have a great weekend with your family!


ASHLEY! I am really hoping that you are able to get a little nap in today. Thrilled that you can travel now and see everyone. Thank you so much and I actually have a little post on Monday about how I do my hair! Here is the link, I do the 1.25 one and it is awesome:

And the shirt is from Lates by Kates! It is actually a pj set:) I love it so much. Happy weekend!


Awesome, thanks! I look forward to Monday’s post:) and I bet the pj top is so comfy!!


My Saturday: 1) solo run outside (the rain finally let up in Boston and it is fun to not be on the treadmill)! 2) farmer’s market 3) going to the mall with the family to get Leila some new sneakers- I feel like her 7yo feet are growing so fast! I don’t know how you keep up with 4 kiddos and their shoes in your home:)


I am SO happy you are able to get outside for a ran today. The farmers market and the mall sound like a blast too. I don’t keep up with their feet at all haha, I just buy their shoes too big and that gives me some time;) Have a beautiful day, Nadya and tell Leila hello from all of us!


Ran, did arm strength and stretched/foam rolled this morning!! (Feeling very proud I did all 3 hahaha).

Doing some homework.

Then meeting a few friends from out of town for the afternoon! Excited to see them!


YOU DID ALL THREE–> BOOM! Way to go Mariah and you just inspired me to jump on the foam roller after this:) Good luck with the homework and have a blast with your friends!


Hi Janae! Today I’m doing a long run, seeing my godson, and then date night! When’s your 100m race?


I totally forgot about that haha… I will have to schedule that for this fall when it isn’t 200 degrees out here. Time to get to work on training for that. Have the best time on your date with your husband and seeing your godson! I hope your long run is a great one!


113 is so hot!!
I’m about to go out for a run, then get ready for our great-niece’s 1st birthday party ?. Then finally have a quiet evening. I feel like we’ve been on the move every day all week!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family!


ENJOY THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (it’s so great these things are happening again) and a quiet evening sounds perfect! Thank you friend, you too!


Hi, KY/ UT brother, Dave! I see the extroverts are together.

1. Envisioning my new normal with clarity, while moving forward at the same time.

2. Determining what I need to bring in my new normal with the least disruption and maximum power (give me clarity). I’m praying for guidance. This makes me wonder how many parents are expecting impact from potential national CRT in schools!??? The new normal is in so many places. It is changing so much about adulting in the USA.

3. Sipping on my muddled cherry drink with fizzy water, and some ice.


Haha we are definitely the extroverts! That drink of yours sounds amazing and I’m sending you good luck as you figure out this new normal!


What is the Costco brand of shampoo that is similar to the shampoo you use? I’m dying to know!


Will you share details of your swimsuit? The color is so pretty!


Hey friend! It is from Kortni Jeane! I’m not seeing the same one anymore (she does collections one at a time) but all of her tops are SO cute! Have a great day!


It’s amazing to know different things about running and walking from this platform.

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