Short and Sweet!

I’m guessing many people are still out and about celebrating today, so I’ll keep it short (in words, not pictures ha) and sweet!

Brooke joined me for a mile of my 8 miles @ 8:55 average pace.

My legs were so incredibly sore from Timp, but running helped them loosen up slightly, but they felt even more sore after ha.  PS my shirt says, ‘hahaha just kidding’ under the USA Track Team part.

She is always trying to jump to try to touch the trees or skipping or singing or just making the run a party.

IMG 6998

I have a feeling that seeing this shadow of us together while running is going to be happening more and more over the years.  Also, I feel like she will be taller than me at the rate she is growing!

IMG 6992

We went with my mom to lunch at Great Harvest.  Skye just ate the butter and left the bread behind.

IMG 7055

I had the most delicious panini ever.

IMG 7044

Beck is getting busier and busier.

IMG 7022


IMG 7047

So confused why were out at night and not in bed.

IMG 7061

Fireworks galore.

Screen Shot 2021 07 04 at 8 56 54 AM

I tried to include a lot of red, white and blue in the kid’s food for the weekend.

IMG 7085

Four kids at church by myself was quite the workout.

IMG 7087

Picnic with my family.

IMG 7093

Andrew sent this to me because he agrees;)

Screenshot 2021 07 04 at 5 24 43 PM


What was your weekend’s highlight?   Who else is still celebrating today?

If you did a race over the weekend, how did it go?

Tell me what your run is today?

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I can see a peak at your dress and it looks super cute. Do you have a link?


I think it’s from called to surf…called “Quinn spotted dress” she wore it last year and I bought it then :) she always has the best dresses


JILL! You are the nicest and you and I should wear it on the same day to match:). I hope you are having the best day!


HEY KATIE!!! Here is the link and I hope you are having the best Monday:


I went to a brewery with friends yesterday. We brought blankets, sat out in the grass for a few hours, let the kids run around, and got some really good food from their food trucks!

Today I am back to doing homework haha, but at least I have the day off of work!


Sounds like an AWESOME way to celebrate the 4th! I’m glad you have the day off from work and good luck on your homework!


We did the beach all morning then lunch at a BBQ place with my son’s friend, then all afternoon at my daughter’s friends pool and bbq. Yesterday was a rest day for me and I woke up this morning TIRED!!! Just from all the activities yesterday! Haha. I have a hill workout that I can’t do until about 7:30 tonight since my kids are off school today and my husband is working. It’s going to be a long day lol.
I was so bummed though, we had some small fireworks at our friends house but the real ones here didn’t go off until 9:30pm. Way too late for my kids! :(
I love all the red, white and blue! <3


Mollie, what a fun weekend but I hear ya, holidays are EXHAUSTING! Good luck tonight, I am cheering so loud for you. I wish I lived near you so I could watch your kids while you run. You are going to be so strong for Boston. BUMMER about the fireworks! Have a great rest of your day!


I had 4 days off as Canada Day was July 1st. No races but Friday we took the ferry ..a 20 minute ride over to Bowen island and spent the day. It was Rivers first ferry ride lol. Then yesterday we got up early so we could rent a canoe and spent the day at a lake about 45 minutes from us. It was glorious. And of course some running as well!

Happy 4th of July! Have a great long weekend celebrating Janae!


Four days off… I am so happy you had that and happy Canada Day on the first. The ferry and canoe day sounds like perfection. Thanks friend and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


My family was in town visiting so we did a bunch of exploring in downtown Raleigh (all of the museums are free so it was a great way to get out of the heat) and some of the parks around! It was lots of fun :) I love that USA Track Team shirt..hilarious !! :)


I had a few people run or walk past me and see the shirt and laugh:). I am SO happy that your family was in town and you got to show them around. I would love to visit Raleigh, I’ve heard so many amazing things and would love to visit the museums. Have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! I have the day off and I’m going to do some speed! Since I have more time I’m gonna go to the track.
Do you just run easy until your legs aren’t sore anymore? I know when you were marathon training you used to do back to back hard workouts.
Happy Monday!


Hey Amy! It totally depends on how sore they are ha… I decided last minute to run a race on them today and that hurt but I’m glad I did it. I need to build up to doing those back to back hard workouts again but that will be a while! Happy Monday to YOU and go rock that speed workout!


Looks like you had a super fun weekend! I love when the 4th happens over a weekend!
This week, half marathon training officially starts… Wahoo! I haven’t evenlooked at what I’m supposed to be doing today ( last night got late!). But that’s ok, week 1 shouldn’t be too tough ?
Highlight of the weekend… Being with family and a 4th of July celebration that felt like normal!!
Have a good Monday, and start to the new week.


HALF MARATHON TRAINING BEGINS–> I am so excited for you Wendy! I love this and I hope to hear all about it over the training block. I am so glad you got to have a normal weekend celebrating and happy Monday!


We’re definitely still celebrating today – Les is off work and he’ll be grilling steaks to go with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and Pineapple pie!

I had a fabulous run this morning! 6 miles in 59 degrees with a glorious marine layer. I stepped on a firecracker and it popped – that sent my heart rate up and added a chuckle. 90 minutes later I’m still enjoying my runner’s high ;)


I. NEED. THAT. PINEAPPLE. PIE. That looks so good. Great job on your run this morning and I hope that runner’s high lasts all day. Thanks Kathy!


Congrats on the race! I was curious if the posture wrap you were using has been helpful?? ( or is it too early to tell)

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