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I get very excited when my friends are doing a workout that is part on the trails and part on the roads.  The trails make us so strong and I love all of the muscles that are fired up and working when I run them (my post with reasons to run trails is HERE).  I also love doing a workout this way because then you get to divide the workout up mentally and focus on one part at a time.

We stopped and stood here to recover for a bit after finishing a push up three big hills.  After the trails, we got back on the roads and did 2 miles of one-minute fast and one minute easy.

Ten miles total with over 1k feet of climbing.

IMG 8481

This was the first time I saw something like this.  What a great idea!

IMG 8479

I also saw some free snacks out along the way too haha.

IMG 8477

Loving the Catamount a lot when it comes to trail workouts…Trail shoes that are light and fast! Picture taken after I already untied my shoes and was too lazy to tie them again.

IMG 8486

Another swim day.  I am really in love with indoor pools these days because it requires zero sunscreen.

IMG 8515

Not a lot else happened but it was a great summer day.

IMG 8561

And just a few random things before I let you go…

*I am very grateful for friends that are good at gardening.  I failed last year with my garden, so I will rely on everyone else with a garden this year to get my tomato fix.

IMG 8523

*Found a cereal I haven’t tried yet haha… not sure I will;)

IMG 8559

*I love hearing my kids say ‘pause’ to whoever they are playing with when they need to run to the restroom or to get a drink or something.

*When you are so tired you fall asleep mid-sentence with Beck’s toy on you…

IMG 8536

*On my way to meet my running friends, I listened to a radio show and they were talking about gift cards.  The second Andrew and I get a gift card we use it.  There have been times he calls me on the way home from work to tell me he got a Chipotle gift card that day and we go as soon as he gets home ha.  The show I was listening to said that on average people have $113 of gift cards just lying around?!  NOT US.

*And he is crawling!

IMG 8562

*Have a happy Wednesday.

IMG 8401


Gift cards—> Use them right away?  Forget about them?  Wait to use them?

Where is your favorite place to get a gift card from?

Do you garden?  What’s in your garden?  Favorite garden-fresh veggies?

Please tell me what your run or workout is today!  

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I’m bad about using gift cards :( I try to save them but not sure why. I should just use right when I get them! Except for Starbucks gift cards, I put those on my app and use them right away.

Today is cross training! Planning to ride the bike in the gym after work and do some arm strength.


I think the gift cards that let us put it on our apps makes it even easier to use them. Have a great ride and strength day!


As adults we don’t get gift cards anymore as we no longer exchange gifts with adults but when we did we’d use them fairly quickly. One of the reasons we no longer exchange with adults is because it ended up just being an exchange of gift cards.

Back in the day of paper gift cards my dad used to get me one to the Gap for Christmas and I’d want to spend it right away but the Gap always did navy and white in January which was so boring, so I’d have to wait.

My kids were getting gift cards for a while which they’d never use. Like they would get a $5 Build A Bear at their birthday party. What can you buy with that? Then my mom starting giving VISA gift cards but now that my soon-to-be 25 year old has a bank account she just wants a check. Boring, but easy and she’ll put it to good use (or not….expensive Dunkin drinks)


We sometimes forget about gift cards lol. We still have a restaurant gift card from Christmsas we need to use.

The weather has been hot lately so I got up at 5:30 am to go run 9 miles. 6 am start is cool by 7 am its warm lol.

We are headed on vacation starting this weekend so the living room is stacked with camping gear. Have a great day Janae!


Way to get in 9 miles nice and early! Nothing is as motivating to get up early as knowing it is only going to get hotter and hotter. HAVE THE BEST VACATION and I want to hear all about it!


I have definitely noticed that happen too when exchanging gifts at this age! Paper gift cards.. I forgot about those! Definitely worth the wait on that Gap one:) Hahah you really cannot buy much at build a bear for less than $30! My older nieces and nephews just want checks or cash too. I hope your day is a wonderful one, Jessey!


It totally depends on the gift card. If it’s a favorite restaurant, we use it as soon as possible. If it’s Amazon, my husband uses it right away, I may take a while. But gift cards don’t sit for long here!
I have a little countertop garden, and my tomatoes and strawberries did ok, but something kept eating all of my herbs… Annoying. My backdoor neighbor and my neighbor across the street have amazing gardens! I love when I come home and there’s random veggies laying on the front porch!
Today is a 45 minute tempo run for me, solo. So I’m up early to get it done before the heat and a busy day. I’m planning on listening to Tina Muir’s Together Run #15… These really are so much fun. And it feels like you aren’t running alone ?
Go Beck go!!! I figured he would be crawling any day now! Good thing you have extra eyes to help keep track of him. I’m thinking he’s going to be pretty fast…ha ha
Have a great Wednesday ☺️


A countertop garden sounds perfect for me (I’ll try that next year) but that is so annoying that something is getting to your herbs. So nice of those neighbors to bring over veggies. I hope your tempo went amazing (I’m sure it did) and I need to try her together run! Thank you and I am worried he will be getting way too fast to ha. Thanks Wendy!


Good morning Janae! I can’t believe Beck is crawling already! He’s growing so fast! We love gift cards, but we tend to hold on to them for a bit or use part of it and forget about it. Like right now we have a grocery store gift card and a nail salon gift card (both from Christmas) with balances on them. And my husband recently got a cash card as a work bonus. We’re planning on using it at our favorite seafood restaurant. Yes to all veggies! Our garden didn’t do well last year either. It was a new plot for me, but it seems the soil had been overworked for many years prior and then there was a groundhog… I’ve got a speed workout on the calendar today. It should be fun. Psst..wishful thinking for Thursday? It’s only Wednesday ;o)


I hope you guys have the absolute best time at that seafood restaurant… Best way to spend that cash card IMO! Oh groundhogs… Andrew used to have a bunch of those in his yard! I hope you had an amazing speed workout. I saw your comment early this morning (THANKFULLY) haha… you saved me from forgetting a few things today! Hope your Wednesday is a great one;)


Hey Girl!

Hope you are doing well! Great job on that hill workout – I was supposed to do 7×3 min uphill at 3K-5K effort today, but I’m coming down with a cold from Ellie’s daycare! Going to push that workout until she’s feeling better and just get some easy miles in today (likely 10!).

My garden is seriously lacking this year – I blame having a newborn (how is she 4 months already!). I love seeing Beck crawling! IT’s hard to imagine Ellie getting to this stage but I know it will be soon :)

Have a great day Janae!


Hey Geri! I hope you are feeling 100% asap! You are going to rock that workout when you are able to do it! FOUR MONTHS… it is flying by! Before we know it Ellie will be crawling too. Thanks friend, you too!


Hey Janae!
YAY for Beck crawling!!!!! Break out the baby gates! lol It’s funny because, with a 15 and a 12 year old, I’ve found that every age sure has its “dangers” though. For my 12 year old right now, I would say it’s more emotional—-friendships can be tough at that age!!! For my 15 year old it’s the thought of her driving next year! A baby gate won’t help that. lol I just always continually hope/think about how we’ve tried to instill good values/decision making in our kids all along and hope that those traits will shine though as they go through either tough times or times of new discovery (the independence of driving!).

It’s too funny that you like the pool because it doesn’t require sunscreen. We had a conversation in Key West about how putting sunscreen on my girls at the beach was one of my least favorite parts of being a parent!!! ha ha And, you know when they’re younger it’s that white sticky sunscreen that seems to stay on your hands FOREVER even if you wash them! My girls are pretty good now, but I still help with their faces and backs :)

Gifts and gift cards–I use them!!!! It’s funny bc my husband and his family are NOT like that. They take pride in “aging” their new things and gift cards, but not me! Life is for living–bring it on! ha ha I can always go for a good Sephora gift card!!!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!!!!


Jen, I am really loving the baby gate stage… I am not sure how I will handle the friends and driving dangers stage. You are amazing and your girls are so lucky to have you! I’m with you on that being one of your least favorite parts… it drives me crazy and takes so long ha. Life is for living–> that is how I feel lately! Thanks friend, you too!


He’s CRAWLING!!! Game changer :D
I’m guilty of saving gift cards. I feel like I should buy something worthwhile or special, and I have a hard time with the decision, LOL.
Black thumb over here! I love the idea of gardening and cannot make it happen.
Today’s workout is intervals of 800m runs and situps (supposed to also have rope climbs or pullups, but my elbow needs some rest).


Hey Corey! I’ll help you spend those gift cards real fast;). I love the idea of gardening too, someday! WAY TO GO on that workout today, that sounds hard. I hope your day is a great one.


At our house we just sold we had the most amazing garden- tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, kale, beans, peas, radish, beets and more!! One of the reasons I was so sad to leave, but on our apartment balcony I have some herbs, peppers and zucchini going. Next year I’ll do tomatoes too since they’re my favorite!

Today is run club and I’m running with a few new friends! Last week’s club was so much fun and I’m so happy to be making friends in my new city :) Thank goodness for running!!


Hey Gretchen! I am so happy that you are able to have some yummy things growing on your apartment balcony too. Have the best time at run club! Seriously, running is the best way to meet new friends. Enjoy exploring your new city!


Save gift cards!

I did a few potted plant pants this year to try out gardening. The cherry tomatoes and green peppers worked out. The cucumbers not as much. But my kids and I had the best time looking for new growth each day. Something satisfying about seeing a bloom turn into something


That is awesome that you guys did that together. You are a really great mom, Mary! Happy Wednesday!


My favorite place to get a gift card from is… weirdly… Barnes and Noble. If I get a Starbucks, Amazon, or Starbucks gift card I’ll just use them for things I would get anyway. But Barnes and Noble means I get to go and wander through the store for a couple hours, looking at books. It is a RARE TREAT!!!


And now I am craving a Barnes and Noble trip! I hope you get one soon:).


Casual gift cards get used right away (Starbucks, chipotle, etc) ,but fancy dinner, spa I tend to wait on and then sometimes it ends up being months before I make the reservation.

Workout today, leg day. A former student did a 6week strength plan for me.


An indoor pool sounds so nice!
Getting things from other people’s garden is the way to go;-) I don’t garden, but my husband does. I love having fresh produce, but it’s a lot of work/time and money! (for him, not me;-)). He has asparagus, peas, beans, corn, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, squash, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers, tomatoes and pumpkins…I am probably forgetting something.

We have so many gift cards for out to eat! My husband used to work for Sysco so his customers would give him gift cards from their place of business, but we never go out to eat. We have some from at least 5 years ago. However, if I have a gift certificate for a clothing store, I use it right away! I love gift cards to Athleta or Starbucks–if I get one for Target, I always end up spending it on something like toilet paper or cleaning supplies–not the most fun purchase;-).

I ran 10 miles in a torrential downpour starting at mile 1 through 4 with a few claps of thunder. It was hot, sticky and muggy by the end.

Happy Wednesday Janae!


I have a gift card to a restaurant that is nowhere near us – I think I’ve had it for 2 or 3 years… maybe longer! I also have a couple Starbucks cards floating around the house – not a fan of Starbucks so I should re-gift them!

Now that our landscaping project is done, I kinda wish I had included a little garden area.

8 mile trail run today and I felt great! Over 900′ elevation gain in the first 4 miles, 200′ in the final 1/4 of a mile that hits an 18% grade. Hurts so good!


Hi Janae! Go, Beck, go!! I love gift cards, but am guilty of hoarding them. It’s not intentional, but I do tend to forget I have them. I pretty much love them from anywhere and think it’s weird that there are people who don’t like them or think they are inappropriate for gift giving. I will happily take any they don’t want :o)
We don’t get great sun at our house for a vegetable garden, but I think next year, we are going to try some containers and see how they do. We may end up spending all day moving them around to chase the sun – lol!
Today was a hilly 3.5 miler followed by the 18 minute cool down for runners on Yoga with Adriene – just love her channel <3
Have an awesome Wednesday and Happy Hump Day!


Gift cards are definitely used right away in my house. Especially to restaurants (cafe rio is number 1 lol) and Amazon! And I wish I could garden but I have a black thumb lol. My mom loves to garden and always shares!


Hi Janae! My knee kept being wonky so I swam today! First time since the pandemic. It was pretty fun and a good workout, though counting laps is hard after a while. I think I’ll do this regularly now.
Happy hump day!


Beck is crawling ?! How is that possible? My littlest one is walking all over the place now — time, slow down!
My run today was a hilly four miles today on my lunch break.
I have a stack of gift cards, but they will 100% all get used before expiration. My favorites are from Target and Amazon – those don’t last long in this house!
Have a wonderful day, Janae and family <3

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