How I do my hair (and what I use) + it’s been over 2 years since I’ve done that…

Just another run where all I could think about was finding a pool that I could jump in…

I started nice and early on Saturday but that sun came up fast and strong so I switched things up a bit from my normal routine.

IMG 7383

I did 8 of the miles outside and then did the speed portion on a treadmill.   It was already 90 degrees at this point outside and I just couldn’t talk myself into trying speed at that temperature.

It had been over two years since the last time I did speed on a treadmill!  I’ve done easy miles since then but it was fun to get it done at a gym… I even did some squats and lunges afterwards!

IMG 7389

My friends were doing a 3 mile tempo back at home so I did the same in St. George.  I tried to get in some hills outside during the first 8 miles and then the 3 miles @ 6:16 pace.  That pace was faster than what I did my 5k a few days before but it felt so much easier because I had a fan pointed on me while running in an air-conditioned gym.

I have a very good feeling about all of our fall races coming up… We are going to fly after running in the heat.

IMG 7384

When you don’t pack any gels and need some fuel… These are excellent.

IMG 7396

While I’m talking about food while traveling, I found these at Target and they are awesome.  I add two eggs to them and you just put them in the microwave and a minute later you have a tasty egg scramble.  At home I would much rather make my own but it is perfect for traveling or if you are in a hurry and it’s full of protein.

IMG 7397

Skye has been really into coloring lately.  I’m a little shocked over how good she is at staying in the lines.

IMG 7401

She has noticed that all of her teenager cousins wear socks with their sandals these days so she wants to do the same.

IMG 7403

We jumped in the car for another road trip…

IMG 7408

For these longer road trips I will sometimes just bring the pump and pump a bottle and give it to him while we are driving so that we don’t have to stop.  It has worked out nicely so far.

IMG 7412

Beck’s first time to California!

IMG 7422

Somehow the hotel life is going better than normal…

IMG 7417


I’ve had a few people ask me how I am doing my hair now so let’s talk about that.  I was really worried I would regret cutting my hair and that it would take a lot more time to do it but I feel like it takes half the time now!  It is plenty long enough for a ponytail still on the days I don’t have time to touch it and I am pretty positive I will keep it this length forever:)

Here is a video on how I am attempting to curl it… It’s a short video but it shows how my hairdresser taught me to curl it!

*I use the 1-1/4” curling iron HERE!

*I alternate between using THIS SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER and THIS SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER (I’ve heard the Costco brand is the same as this one and cheaper).

*THIS Olaplex is a must to beat frizz and to help my hair feel smooth and soft (I put it on when my hair is still wet).

*I use this serum to add some shine and fight damage from heat (I put it on when my hair is still wet and the bottle lasts forever).

*I wash my hair on average every four days.  I just blow dry out the sweat after a run and usually, the last day before I wash it I wear it in a ponytail.

*These are my favorite ponytail holders on the planet.  I will never stray from them because they don’t leave creases in my hair and they are so comfortable (it’s all my girls want to use now too).

*This is the hairspray I use and love!

While we are talking about hair, my hair is growing back after losing a few chunks of it after having Beck!

IMG 7492


Who lives in California?  What part?  Favorite parts of California?

Would love to hear how you do your hair!  Any favorite products?

Last fuel you used during a run?

Speed work on a treadmill vs speed work outside… What do you prefer!

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Do you use your pump in the car? What’s the brand you use?? Thank you!


Hey! Yes, I just pump the bottle in the car and then hand it back. My body is making the exact amount he needs lately so I can’t pump a bottle before we leave (since I feed him then) so I just have to do it in real time. Have a great day and here is the link:

It’s free through insurance. Have a great day!


Hi Janae! I love your running tank. Is it fairly long? Where did you get it? Thanks!


Thank you so much Lynn! It’s actually shorter than most of my tanks but I wear it with high waisted shorts and love it, I’ve still seen it in running stores but I’m not seeing it online. Here is one that I have that is super similar and I love it too. Have a great day!


I love that the teenagers are wearing socks with sandals. I did that in college and I’m glad to know I’m finally cool! :-)

I can’t wait to try the hair curling strategy . . . but maybe in the fall. It’s way too humid to style my hair right now! I just braid it most days in the summer.

I actually like doing speed on a treadmill–I’m not great at knowing what pace I’m running, so it forces me to lock into a pace instead of guessing. Normally I’d much rather be outside, but that’s when the treadmill is a really useful tool for me!


I’m so glad you shared that tutorial. I am soooo bad at doing my hair. It’s about the same length as yours now (I am going to grow it out this time I think lol….I always say that). I can never get the curls right so I just straighten it, but that is way cuter!
I have a treadmill speed workout planned for tomorrow! I don’t have much of a choice, husband on nights and then my daughter has a check up during my normal run time, then I have to finish work and get them to soccer practice. So early morning treadmill it is! It’s 5x a 4.5 min progression workout, I’m kind of excited to do it on the treadmill and use it to help teach myself how to actually progress instead of going out blazin fast. :) haha. I usually do my speed in the heat because that’s what we race in, but desperate times.
Enjoy California!!!!!!!


Thanks for sharing how to do your hair! I’ll try curling like that. I’ve been using my straightener for looser curls/waves.

I also use this texturized spray that smells amazing and makes the waves piece-y, which I like.


Looks like an amazing road trip! I have been braiding my hair a lot lately but really I need a hair cut lol!

Last fuel I used during a run – I actually like love child baby food – I used it on our trail run yesterday. We biked 14km to the trail head and and then the climbs started – so more of a hike than run lol – I think there was 3500 feet of climbing in about 5 miles. There was snow at the top of the peak – the views were out of this world – And then we had to descend lol – and bike back to the car. But it was such an adventure. Definitely some parts where we were – is this the right route. My whole body aches now but my heart is so full. And a lake swim too!

Happy road tripping – looks like a great summer! Have a wonderful day Janae.


I was in California once when I was 19, it was amazing, I’d love to go back. I’m hoping once covid is completely clear we can take my daughter to Disney. I’ll be messaging you for all the good food places:)
I have been loving your hair shorter and wanted to cut mine, thanks for sharing how you do it! I have the olaplex smoother after your recommendation, I got it for my mom too and she also loves it. I just got the hair mask (no 3) and i really like it, it makes my hair feel so soft and healthy


I love the hair tutorial! My hair has gotten so long thanks to the pandemic and I need to actually start doing it. Goals for when kids go back to school are to actually get dressed in something other than my running gear, do my hair and put some make-up on my face. #biggoals Really need to tame down the frizz….it’s always foggy here in summer so my hair poofs out the second I walk out the door or open a window.

I haven’t done speed on a treadmill but also hate doing anything other than normal runs. Definitely going to try to incorporate some speed drills into my runs with Millie (my treadmill) this week.

I’m in Cali! I live in Pacific Grove (near Monterey). Tons to do on the Monterey Peninsula, especially with kids! And the running trails and beach views are amazing. (And I took your advice and went to two running groups so that I could make a running friend…working on that still! But did 5 miles on Saturday with one group in Monterey and it pushed me to go slightly faster than I would have.)


Hi Janae! My parents live in California! Everytime I see a palm tree I think of home.
Happy Monday! I’m off to run some intervals in my neighborhood!


Thank you for sharing the hair video ?. I just had a good clean-up cut last week, so I will give it a try.
Where in California are you? I live in Fullerton, fairly close to Disneyland. You picked a good time to come too! It’s humid in the mornings, but at least it’s staying in the low to mid 80’s.
I did my speed work on the treadmill last week too. It was fun! And so helpful to have AC and a fan! I would prefer to do speed outside (on the track for 400 repeats), but the gym works nicely.
Have a wonderful time in California!


I really like the tone of the highlights in your hair – does your stylist determine the best shades for you or is that something you have figured out over time?
Great workout!


Happy Monday and enjoy your time in California! Thanks for the hair tutorial. I seem to be stuck in the ponytail everyday rut now – just waiting on a fresh cut on Wednesday.

I have used the Kirkland Brand shampoo and Conditioner which is supposed to be the same as Purology (it smells the same, is the same consistency, etc) and have been very happy with it. I also do an apple cider vinegar rinse once a week as a clarifying step to remove any buid up.

Enjoy your trip!


California native! I was born and grew up in Fresno (central valley) then moved to Simi Valley (So Cal) when Les and I got married. It’s a beautiful state, with some nuts thrown in ;) I love Yosemite, San Diego, the Central Coast, Mammoth, Santa Barbara… okay, I just love the whole place! There is so much to see and do, plus the wonderful produce stands with fruit that was picked that day. I love that we can live an active, outdoor life year round. We haven’t done it, but I know people who have snow skied and gone to the beach on the same day!

I haven’t done a run long enough to need fuel in a while, but my favorite is Hammer Perpetuem solids ( It never gives me stomach issues.

I’ve only done speed work outside.


I just took my daughter for a weeklong trip to San Diego and it was the best! Have fun!

I have been using MONAT for almost 3 years and my hair is healthier and stronger than ever. Love it!

I am SO bad about fueling during my runs (in other words, I don’t)! But, this is definitely something I want to work on! So, any tips you have to ease into that without it upsetting my stomach would be great.

Speedwork outside…give me all the fresh air and vitamin D!


I have never thought about blow drying the sweat. Thanks for the tidbit! I always end up washing my hair all the time and have zero desire to style it so much. I have an appointment coming up and now I have to decide between keeping it long or cutting it. Decisions are hard. Lol
I use Chi silk infusion. It smells AMAZING and makes my hair feel so smooth. I think I have had one bottle for many years. Definitely recommend.


I live in Central Cal and I’m a huge fan of the central and south coast!

I think washing my hair every 4-6 days is a big part of keeping it healthier.

I have stomach issues, especially while running, and Maurtens seems to work well for me.

I absolutely love running speed outside with friends, but if I’m by myself the treadmill is my next choice. It’s so easy because I don’t have to think about it!


Bless you for sharing how you curl your hair and the products you use!! I have been thinking for so long how cute your hair is ALL.THE.TIME. haha and have been curious to know your method. Thank you thank you!!


Running gives you happiness

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