Friday Favorites!!

We all slept in BIG TIME Thursday morning.  I have a feeling that we are going to be recovering from Disney for a long time.

I put my running clothes on to go out the door and my body and brain said no so I happily got out my yoga mat instead.

30 minutes for runners!  It includes some awesome stretches that we need.

Beck was showing off his upward-facing dog pose for you guys.

IMG 7800

One last pool morning!  I love it when pools have shade in different spots of the pool.

IMG 7811

And then we packed up the car and drove home.

IMG 7815

Beretta was so happy to see us again!  My niece took care of her while we were gone:).

IMG 7831

Fresh apricots from the neighbors… so good.

IMG 7829


Let’s chat about some favorite things!

*The movie Fatherhood on Netflix.  I cried four times throughout the movie and loved the ending.  If you need a movie where you feel every emotion possible, this is the movie for you.  I will probably watch it again this weekend too.

*The Alexi Pappas episode on Armchair Expert.  It is a powerful episode!

*Cleaning my house before I go out of town.  Nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty house AND loads of laundry.  It makes coming home a bit easier:)

*Still using the waffle iron to cook eggs.  My kids love it when I cook them in there and it makes it so I have one less pan to clean.

IMG 7813

*This one is from my dad and so I thought I would share it here for anyone that would benefit from it too—> THIS MATTRESS COOLER!  If my dad wakes up hot he cannot fall back asleep and he has had serious insomnia issues for decades.  Ever since he got this mattress cooler he has been sleeping so so well and much more comfortably!

*Aerie has quickly become my favorite clothing store.  I tried out their longer biker shorts and they are so soft and come in so many awesome colors.  I can pair them with one of their oversized $15 t-shirts and I’m in comfort heaven.

IMG 7825

*And one more Aerie outfit that is super light and comfortable—> TOP and PANTS!

IMG 7819


Random q of the day—> My calves are unbelievably sore after doing speed on the treadmill the other day!  Is there anything for you that gets more sore than usual when running on the treadmill?

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

How often do you eat eggs?  How do you cook them?

Tell me the perfect temperature for your sleeping?  Do you sleep hot or cold?

-I want my room chilly so that it feels like I’m sleeping outside and then I want five heavy blankets on my body:)

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Fatherhood was such a good movie!! I watched it the weekend it came out and I’ve been recommending to people.

This weekend I’m looking forward to being home in Philly. I’ve been visiting family in Chicago since the 5th and I miss my bed ha. Love the fam and all but nothing beats your own bed! Have a great Friday!


Seriously, so so good! Enjoy your weekend at home! I know exactly what you mean. It felt so good to be in my own bed last night. Enjoy and I am so glad you were able to visit family!


My hips!!! My hips get sooo sore running on the treadmill.
I’m the same, I want the house cold and 200 blankets. My husband and I got into an argument the other night because I was complaining about how our air conditioner turns off in the middle of the night and he’s like, just use a sheet, you have like three blankets on you. WHAT?? He is totally insane right? How can you sleep with just a sheet???
LOVE those pants!!! Our vacation is the week after next and I’ve been looking for some cozy vacation clothes…I’m totally getting those! PS–we added a day at Disney World to our vacation! It’s “on the way back” from Missouri flying. I’m so excited!
Have a great weekend!


That is so interesting that your hips get more sore! We must run a lot different on the treadmill! A SHEET?!? I could never sleep that way either! Let me know what you think of the pants and have the best trip… can we meet you at Disney World?!


I am looking forward to a picnic on Saturday with some friends from school! But have a lot of school work before and after that haha. All about balance.

I like the room to be cold and have blankets too! There’s so much research saying colder temps while sleeping is better for you!


I hope you have the best time at your picnic, sounds like a blast. Good luck getting in all of the school work! I need to read about the reasons why it is better for us because it sure feels good!


5ks make my calves so sore (one time they bruised…from racing 5k…) any longer distance race it’s my hamstrings that get sore!
Cleaning the home before vacation… THIS! I will procrastinate cleaning the kitchen/straightening the bedrooms/etc but that last hour before heading out the door for a long weekend or vacation, you’d think I was a professional cleaning service. Same as you, I cannot stand the thought of coming home exhausted to a messy house.
PS I went to a KNEADERS for the first time ever! We live in FL, and were visiting his family in Vegas, and it’s the first place they took us to for lunch. LOVED it, and even brought back a loaf of bread. I get it now.


BRUISED CALVES from racing! WOW! Maybe that is my problem… and I’m with you on racing longer distances, it is always my hamstrings. Hahaha ‘you’d think I was a professional cleaning service.’ That made me smile! You have the best motivation for that quick clean. YAY for Kneaders! I am SO happy you loved it. Now come eat it with me in Utah please!


I love your Friday finds!! I love Aerie too. It use to always be more of a “teen” store but it’s now it’s now one of my favourite places to shop. I like how a lot of their hoodies and tees are longer so they look nice with leggings or biker shorts. The striped shirt you wore to Disney is that Lulu?
I need it cool when I sleep. We have an air conditioner but I also like a soft blanket over me like you hah. Today we are going to do some hiking and find some waterfalls:) hope you can get some rest from your awesome vacation!


I love chilly nights where I can cuddle under my down comforter and also love being able to turn on our fireplace. Fall is my favorite season.

Ok I haven’t even thought of aerie in years but you have me browsing their website. They have a cute suit only $20 for the top and bottom do you have any of their suits?


Isn’t that just the best feeling to sleep like that?! I’m excited to use our fireplace again too! I have had one of their one-pieces in the past and I LOVE IT! I will definitely buy more suits from them over the years too. It isn’t going to last quite as long as more expensive suits but worth it! Have a great weekend:)


I read Alexi Pappa’s book about a month ago. Its really good. Some of her stories were just crazy! I am also a big fan of the Arm Chair Expert podcast, I always listen to an episode on my runs. We have been getting a lot of rain lately but this weekend looks dry so I am hoping for some much needed pool time!


I need to read her book! Thanks for letting me know it is really good. Isn’t that podcast just the best?! Enjoy the pool this weekend! Happy Friday, Corrinne!


Good idea to sleep in! I need to remember to do yoga more–I love that video!

My neck gets sore when I run on the treadmill because I have my iPad too low for watching my shows;-).

We are headed to the cabin this weekend. It is so hot and humid here so it will be nice to be on the lake!

I need it cold for sleeping! My husband insists on fleece sheets year round so he will put “regular” sheets on my side during the summer. Otherwise I get way too hot! I also need a fan and at least 2 blankets.

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


That is so interesting about your neck but it makes sense! You are going to have a blast at the lake, enjoy! A fan is a must for us too! Thanks Becky, you too!


So glad you made it home safely! It’s always so good to be back in your own bed. Even if the hotel/guest bed is super comfy, it’s always the best to be back home.
I’m the same way about cleaning the house before going away. I love coming home to a clean house, and it really does make unpacking and laundry much better.
I agree with Mollie… My hips are always more sore after running on the treadmill. I wonder why? And at times, my calves too. We really do must run differently on the treadmill.
This weekend will be pretty nice and quiet. The backyard is done (need to post some pics), so spending lots of time there, pool time, and shopping with my niece on Sunday. Our oldest son and his girlfriend are coming home next week for a few days, so I’ll be getting things ready them. We haven’t seen him since April, so I’m super excited!!
Have a great Friday Janae ?


I totally agree, home feels the best after a trip! We really must run so differently on the treadmill! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE BACKYARD PICTURES! Have a blast with your son and his girlfriend next week… it’s going to feel so nice. Thanks Wendy, you too!


My calves always get sore on the treadmill! I also find that I must tense up more, because sometimes my upper back gets knots in it after a lot of treadmill runs. Very odd!
My fiancé and I are going to Chicago this weekend, but he’s heading off to do some fun things with some guy friends (sort of a mini-bachelor party) and I am staying with a friend of mine and spending the weekend with her and her beautiful, sweet, adorable baby! Since her baby was born during COVID, I haven’t spent a ton of time with her, so I’m really excited to do that this weekend!
For sleeping, I want the room cold, but I want the option of multiple blankets to stay warm. Also an excuse for me to give in to my blanket-buying addiction!


Rhiannon! Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone with the calves on the treadmill thing. It is so weird! You are going to have the best weekend! I’m so happy for you and enjoy those baby snuggles. Have the best time and I’ll join your addiction club for blankets:)


Sounds like your Disney trip was a blast! Can you post a link to Beck’s shark outfit? I love it!


Hi Janae! I’m the same way about sleeping, I like heavy blankets. The mattress cooler seems like such a cool idea I’ll check it out.
Happy Friday!!


Thanks so much Amy, I hope your Friday is a great one too and that you get some cool nights for sleeping!


I’m sorry but you could be twins with “Yoga with Adriene” before your haircut!


I love yoga by Adriene! For your calves on the treadmill, make sure you always run at 1-1.5% incline and that should really help :)


Thank you thank you for telling me this! I’d love to know why! I was using a 0% incline so you are right!

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