Exactly what I needed to get to where I wanted to go.

A new Strava PR!  Emilee and I set out for a run and we were not expecting to PR on the segment we were doing because it was so hot and humid but somehow we did it.

I used music for the hill push to help me get in the zone!

10.37 miles total with this hill in the middle.  After not feeling great while running for almost two weeks, I needed this little boost and to see an improvement!

It’s always funny to me when something feels like it lasted 25 minutes but then you look back on it and it was only 5 minutes haha.

IMG 8069

A friend of ours saw us as we were going up and I guess we looked pretty miserable and like we needed a ride…

IMG 8089

I’m pretty sure I stood like this for 5 minutes once I got to the top of the hill (old picture)!

IMG 8139

PS which way do you recover?

Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 2 54 47 PM

Straight to tennis spectating after my run.

IMG 8079

And then swim lessons with some playing in the pool afterward.

IMG 8086

After the pool I had the kids play in the play place for a few minutes and I had a flashback while we were there.  We were at the same play place that I used to take Brooke to right after my divorce.  I spent a lot of hours there watching Brooke crawl/run around while I tried to figure out how in the world I was ever going to heal and feel good again.  I cried many tears sitting there back then (I would wear a hat and sunglasses a lot because I knew I would eventually be crying).  It felt really good to be sitting there again eightish years later and to look back and see that it was all exactly what I needed to go through to get to where I wanted to go.   Without the pain, we would never know the joy.

PS Beck has ZERO interest in cuddling these days.  He is pushing himself away from me so that he can scoot around on the ground.

IMG 8090 4

Great Harvest just felt like it was the right thing to do next followed by breakfast burritos at home.

Skye’s current favorite food is butter.

IMG 8093

One of our absolute favorite people came over—> the person that takes care of the spiders and yellow jackets.  He said he found more in our backyard than he has seen in one area EVER… so we will not be playing back there for a while.

IMG 8104

Knox had a birthday party to attend and we were all kind of jealous of his birthday cake eating so we went to Yogurtland:)

IMG 8113

Brotherly love.

IMG 8062

Hello from Andrew!!  Excited for a date tonight!

IMG 8101


Who uses Strava?  Who uses a different app to keep track of their running?

Do you use music for speed?  If yes, what headphones do you use the most?

Are you a butter lover or not so much?

Tell me something you are looking forward to TODAY!

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Yes, I love music for speed! It motivates me. I use Jaybird wireless headphones and I love them.

Butter makes everything better, Skye understands haha!


I love Jaybird too! Hahah she really does… she wants it on every item she eats! I hope your day is a great one, Mariah!


I’m very hungry reading this so that pic of you in your running tank, the running tank looks like sprinkles on ice cream and now I want ice cream before 9 am.

I use strava but also use TrainingPeaks to keep track of my training plan and progress with my coach. My favorite thing about strava is using flybys to find people after races (creepy, maybe, but I have legit made friends that way haha)


Hahaha my tank reminds me of sprinkles too… and there is nothing wrong with ice cream for breakfast. I might need a better understanding of what flybys are on Strava, finding new running friends is the best! I miss TrainingPeaks! I loved using that with my previous coach!


Hi Janae! I love using music to make me faster! And that’s terrifying about the yellow jackets.. glad you got that taken care of!
I’m off to do some speed now! 800m repeats I haven’t done these for a while!
Happy hump day!


CHEERING YOU ON FOR THOSE 800s… you’ve got this Amy! I hope you have a great playlist for the workout.


Hi Janae! I am so sorry to hear of all the pain you went through in the midst of your divorce. Thank you so much for sharing that with others so we can all help each other grow. I had PLENTY of moments after my first relationship ended that were filled with tears and I had no idea how I was ever going to put myself back together. It required a lot of patience and prayer. I don’t know that I would appreciate Jim and his wonderful self so much had I not gone through that experience with my first boyfriend (by the way, we were a terrible match for each other… why does it sometimes take us so long to see that ha??). It all makes sense with a little time. <3


Clare! Thank you but as you know, those painful experiences bring the greatest things. I am SO happy that you have Jim and I totally relate with you on it taking time to see things like that! It really does all make sense now. I hope you are having a beautiful morning and tell Jim hello from us:).


The way Beck is looking at Skye at the pool ?…. Like, what are you doing???
I LOVE music for speed. Sia is my current favorite for speed too. I have After Shox and love them. I actually need to get out and get going on 6 x 400’s before a very busy day.
I am a butter fan for sure. Probably ate it like Skye when I was younger… Ha ha
I have never tried Strava, but I know a bunch of people who do. I just use my Garmin to keep track of runs. Not very exciting I know. What do you like about Strava?
Have a great Wednesday!


Hahaha he gives her that look many times each day. I LOVE Sia, thanks for reminding me! I hope your 400s went awesome, you are so so strong. I like Strava because it is a fun way for me to find new trails to do (copying my friends) and keeping progress of different segments. So for the hill I did yesterday I was able to look back at what my times were for that exact hill in the past. It’s a great motivator for me! I think you would love it! Thanks friend, you too and good luck with the busy day!


I use Strava and Garmin! I tried to stay away from Strava as long as possible (bc who needs another social to scroll through but also who doesn’t) so when I finally caved, I understood. I love being able to add photos and LOVE segments. Nothing like beating your own time or stealing a local legend from someone you know ha!

Please, all the butter.

I’m looking forward to packing for a long weekend trip ahead. I’m one of those weirdos who enjoys packing (can’t say the same about unpacking). Laying everything out, having a contest to see which outfit will make it to the luggage, creating a packing LIST. what’s not to love?


That is exactly what happened to ME! Seriously those segments are addicting! I still have yet to become a local legend, teach me your ways! Also teach me to love packing! Have the best time on your trip and let me know how it goes!


Congrats on your Strava PR!! That’s always so exciting, particularly when you weren’t even trying or expecting it!

My excitement for the day is running with a new friend! This is my first run with someone since moving to Raleigh…I met someone at a running club and we’re planning on doing our run together today and I’m so excited :) Now just need to remember to hydrate all day since it’ll be 90 by the time we go out..eek!


THANKS Gretchen! I am THRILLED that you went running with a new friend! I hope it was a blast and that you have another run planned together. Good call on all of the hydration! Enjoy your evening.


I’ve been using Strava since 2012. I got curious and found that Les joined in 2008 )before Strava’s official release date!) and has over 75,000 miles of cycling recorded. I recently received a 2 month free subscription to premium, not sure if I’ll renew when I need to pay, but I’m enjoying the extra stats for now.

I use music all the time – love wearing my AfterShokz!

I’m looking forward to a Target run! Which reminds me, have you ever seen Husbands of Target? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7xPrf9f7mg


I love husbands of target so much! Andrew relates haha. I hope your target run was a great one! You and Les have been using Strava for so long, that is awesome and over 75,000 miles of cycling?! That is incredible! I’ve been wondering if I should go for the extra stats…
Hope you are having a great evening!


Where I live (Savannah) we have a lot of wasps and spiders too (probably different ones, but still…); I romanticize living somewhere where I won’t have to worry about anything trying to attack my kids. Now I know that even in beautiful Utah these things are just a fact of life. Tell Brooke my little guys and I said we hope she gets totally better soon!


Wouldn’t it just be lovely to never have to worry about any of those little things around our kids. Thank you Betsy, you are the best. I hope you all are having a great night! PS when is your due date?!


To: Hungry-Runner-Girl-Travel-Agent-Extraordinaire
From: Grateful Reader
Thanks so much for your dessert recommendation for Provo! I was pumped to go to The Chocolate, but then bummed when they were randomly closed the day of our visit due to some staff training. Boo! But we enjoyed some cookies from Crumbl (I think you have mentioned them) instead. :) And….ummm…those breadsticks from The Pizza Factory were INSANE. Dipping them in alfredo also took them to the next level!!

I then searched, “St. George” (our stop the following day) on your blog and read about Bear Claw Cafe. My kids loved the waffles! My husband was a tad skeptical that we were going to all these places based on a recommendation from someone I don’t technically “know”, but he agreed they were all great choices! Thanks!!


OH MY GOODNESS!! This comment made my DAY! I am so so happy! And now I need to stop at Pizza Factory to get the breadsticks and alfredo! Where are you guys now? Oh and I am so happy you had Crumbl, the best!


Butter for sure! When we go out of town for trips I pack butter!

Trust me, you’ll need butter at some point on a trip ( maybe not pack it for a hot weather trip though)


I am always so amazed at how many places you go with 4 kids in one outing! I seriously cannot handle taking my 2 in and out of car seats more than once or twice so I never make multiple stops. You are a champ.


I’m on Strava mainly to see what my friends and family are doing but I use Garmin to really look at all of my stats. One of my cousins is just insane so it’s fun seeing his 20 mile runs at crazy paces!

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