When will I learn? + I’ll take the hint.

When will I learn?  I always go into the ‘speed changes’ workout thinking it isn’t going to be that hard, and then I do the workout, and I remember it is incredibly hard.  PS speed changes are when you run 100m FAST followed by 100m FLOAT (not a recovery but not all-out fast) for 3 miles.  I usually do this workout in a place where every 100m is marked with triangles, but because I did the workout in St. George, I just kept checking my watch and did .1 mile fast, .1 mile float instead.

The thing that is hard about this workout is the fact that you are constantly switching gears!  You slow down a bit to the float and before you know it, you are revving up to that uncomfortable speed again.  It would be easier for me to run the same splits for those 3 miles at a consistent speed than constantly changing but it is a workout that always makes me so much stronger, so I’m a believer in it.  Diving into those faster speeds makes it, so that race pace feels more comfortable.

I sat here on the trail for a few minutes when I finished to try and recover.  Also, I’m in for a rude awakening this summer… It was 66 degrees and I thought it was at least 100.

About a mile into the workout there was a break at a stoplight…  Andrew loves a good stoplight break but they drive me crazy because it’s already hard enough to get yourself to START the speed portion of a workout but to then have to convince yourself to start again, that takes too much mental strength.

IMG 4676

PS one negative thing (that is actually a positive thing) about wearing aftershokz now is that I can hear everything going on around me!  I kept hearing something in the bushes during my run and thought for sure they were rattlesnakes… luckily, the noises were from rabbits ha.

IMG 4697

We had a few more hours in St. George before we headed back home.  We time all travel according to Beck’s naps, and luckily he slept about 80% of the drive home.

IMG 4702

We made sure to get everyone’s energy out at the pool first!

IMG 4707

My mom gave Brooke a set of watercolor markers, and the girls are hooked on them.  I loved Brooke’s picture of St. George that she created on the drive.

IMG 4654

Oh and one last treat from St. George together at Nielsen’s.  I’ll be dreaming about this custard with brownie bites for a very long time.

IMG 4662

And just a few more random things…

What Beck does when I try singing to him while I am feeding him. I’ll take the hint.

IMG 4338

Brooke and Skye shared a bed while we were gone.  One night we went in, and Skye was jumping on the bed singing and Brooke was sleeping through it all!

IMG 4620

We have our family running photo now:). I added these to the top of my blog because the last pictures that I had up there were from 2014, I struggle at updating things


Now to get us all signed up for a family race…


Has anyone seen this yet on Disney+?  Is it worth the money to rent it?

IMG 4385



What is something that drove you crazy recently during a run!?

Deep sleeper or a light sleeper?

Last movie you watched and was it good?

Please tell me what your run is today or what your last workout was!

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Great job on your speed work!! We did 150m repeats yesterday at the track and I really like that distance for some strange reason ha!!!

I saw Cruella with a friend last weekend— I don’t know that it’s kid friendly, given the content and themes. It seemed more “adult” to me, and I honestly don’t know whether it would even interest kids. But keep in mind I’m not a mom so take my words with a huge grain of salt haha


150m repeats…. WAY TO GO! Teach me your ways to love that distance more;). Thank you for letting me know about Cruella! I’ll watch it with Andrew instead then:). Have a beautiful day, Clare!


Aftershokz are the BEST! Thank you Ali Feller!

I’m trying to become more at peace with things like stoplights on the run–I felt like I was expending too much energy getting frustrated! But I agree that when you’re doing an interval, they really mess you up!

I think I’m usually a . . . medium sleeper? I can’t sleep through ANYTHING, but I sleep pretty solidly. I could not sleep if someone was jumping on the bed. :-) Glad you had such a good trip, and LOVE the family photos! In a few years, you will need some with Beck running!


Seriously, we all owe Ali… they are the best. I’m going to channel you next time I feel frustrated about something like a stoplight while running. You are right, I don’t want to waste any energy on that and use that energy for good instead. Yes, we will have to get Beck running in the next set. Have a fabulous day, Kristin!


Gorgeous family photos!!!!

I am a deep sleeper in that city sounds don’t bother me (I live in Baltimore and hear cars or the train at night). But if I hear a sound in my apartment, I am UP immediately lol.


I think you have found the perfect combo for your sleeping! I am the same way, if I hear the tiniest sound in my house… I am up and fully awake in a second. Hope your day is a great one, Mariah! Thank you!


Today’ s run – 5 miles with 272′ elevation. Monday’s run – 6.2 miles with 561′ elevation – they don’t call it Maniac Hill for nothin!! Let’s just say today’s run was much faster! Happy Global Running Day :)


Ummmm Maniac Hill sounds SO hard. Way to go friend, my legs were tired just reading about Monday’s run ha. Happy Global Running Day to YOU! Thanks Dawnmarie.


Oh I love the family running pictures! ?
I don’t mind stoplights lately. But when I’m actually in training for a specific race, they can get annoying.
I did a first for me speed workout last week (thanks to Tina Muir). It was 5 x 1 minute… 1 minute hard/fast effort, then 1 minute recovery, etc. We did that in the middle of the run and then again at the end of the run. It was so fun! Plus, having her tell you when to start and stop made it so I didn’t have to even think about what I was doing.
I use to be a good sleeper, can’t sleep through everything, but slept well. The last couple of months, however, I wake up at the slightest noise, several times during the night. I’m trying to get a new pre-bed routine that works, so hopefully I’ll find something. Not getting good sleep is awful.
Great job on your speed work! Have a great day Janae ?


Go Wendy GO! Those one minute intervals are hard… I love that you are doing it with Tina:). Let me know if you find a great pre-bed routine that helps. I am really sorry you aren’t sleeping well, it really affects us SO much. Thank you Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! Where did you get Beck’s shark onesie? I just had a little boy about a week ago (he came 1 month early-we are not prepared!) and he would look so cute in that outfit :)


Congratulations!! I am so so happy for you and what a surprise that he came so early! Please keep me updated with how you are all doing and here is the link:



I absolutely love the family running picture- best photo ever.
My “run” today was a 45 minute pool run (arg.). I know you’ve done some of those – I’ll bet you miss it (ha ha.)


Pool running… way to go Jenny! Pool running is so hard and so good for us, I don’t quite miss it because it is so hard though ha. I’m so impressed by you! Keep me updated with how you are doing friend and thank you so much!


Hi Janae! I got a speed workout today! Yesterday I ran with my running club and it was 93F when we started! I usually run in the mornings when it’s in the 40s or 50s so that was really something. But I kept telling myself it’s good to get a range of experiences in.
Happy global running day! Is this the last speed workout before your race?


I love hearing that you are able to go running with your running group! Way to go on your speed today! Yes, that is the last speed before the race. I might do a few strides tomorrow at the end of my run but that’s it wahoo. I hope you are having a really great Wednesday!


Good morning! The new family photos at the top of your blog are fantastic (I intended to mention that yesterday, but forgot – doh)! Good for you getting that speed work in!! I really don’t know if I could pull that off on my own – I need the power of others.
The thing that has been driving me crazy lately with running is the crazy weather. Last week, it was nearly 90 for running group on Wednesday and down to 45 on Friday. This week is the opposite – we are recovering from the cold weather, but by tomorrow we are back to 90 again. It would be so nice to put the running tights and long sleeves away for a while!
I used to sleep like Brooke, but I have become a much lighter sleeper. Would love to be like Brooke again :o)
Last movie I watched was a classic 80s movie – “Working Girl”. It’s an all time favorite and it’s never a bad thing to have a little screen time with a young Harrison Ford.
Yesterday was yoga day and today is running group, so I won’t know what’s in store until I get there.
Welcome home and have an awesome day!!


Janine! Thank you so much:). I’m with you… the power of others during a speed workout makes the biggest difference. Oh wow, your weather is all over the place. I hope you get some consistency from here on out. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep like Brooke again?! I will have to watch that! I hope you have a great run with your running group! Thank friend.


Stoplights make me crazy .and people who hold hands across a running path.. if they block the whole path lol..like 3 in a row haha.

It’s super warm and gorgeous here so I got up at 5:30 to run 9 miles. Best part of my day!

I can sleep anytime anywhere lol.

Have a great day Janae!


Oh blocking the path… that one really gets me too! Way to get out there early for 9 miles and I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day, Kristine!


We have a Neilsen’s in South Jordan, so come on up here! Beautiful photos! And I just saw Quiet Place 2. Tell Andrew it was epic and he has to watch it (because I know you won’t, haha!).


I didn’t know that! I need to come up and grab some… meet me there. Oh Andrew will be so happy to hear that! Hopefully, he can talk my nephew into going with him ha, you are so right about me not going. Have a great day!


I love the new photos!! I saw Cruella in the MOVIE THEATER on Saturday!! Our movie theaters in NY state just opened on May 17th after being closed since the start of the pandemic last March. Cruella was so good! Would definitely recommend it. Even my husband enjoyed it. Since we don’t have kids, I don’t find the premiere prices worth it on Disney +. I think we spent less going to the theater for 2 people, but for a family, I would definitely get it on Disney + to watch.


Alicia, I am SO so happy you were able to go to the theater. I bet that felt so so good to be there. So good to hear, I am excited to watch it! I’m sure if your husband liked it then Andrew will too. Have a beautiful day.


I just had a baby 10 days ago, so no running for me. I’m usually a deep sleeper in that I’ve slept through parties, my husbands loud snoring and I used to sleep through alarms all the time. But I’ve always been able to wake up to my dog staring at me bc she needs to go outside or when my toddler or newborn make the slightest noise that they are awake. Which speaking of… my newly 3 yr old has started to wake up both in the middle of the night and at 5am…. she usually wakes up at 6-6:30 but she’ll entertain herself until we get her. But now she cries out for mama… it’s been a rough week sleep wise!


Happy global running day! I did strength today but need to get out the door to do a few miles to celebrate :) My run yesterday was a pre-sunrise 7 miler on the beach – it was beautiful.

Happy Wednesday :)


Did a fun 10 mile run for Global Running Day yesterday and tbd what my workout will be today! Either a run or a swim + a yoga class … Maybe a short hike with my dog too :)

Question – Can you (or have you done) a review on the AfterShokz? I’m in the market for new headphones (my AirPods die so fast and I’m getting back into marathon training and need something that lasts longer and stays in place). Would love your thoughts!!

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