The One with the Rock at the Top

My day started yesterday on the trails with a friend, which is one of my favorite ways to start the day.  My friend Amber is so speedy and knows these trails so well, so part of my motivation to push myself on my run was to not get too far behind her so that I wouldn’t get lost ha.

We were talking about how we met our husbands and realized that we both had our second dates with our husbands on this exact trail!

IMG 5587

Flashback photo from me and Andrew’s second date.  Andrew told me once we were married that he was trying SO SO hard to act like he was not dying on the uphill and enjoying our second date, but he was actually really hurting!

IMG 6463

Back to the workout—>  I wore the Catamounts, and they are incredible.  So light, so fast, a good amount of cushioning and the rock plate kept me from feeling any rocks that I stepped on.

My elevation climb yesterday looked pretty similar to this detail on my trail shoes—> 1.39 miles with 469ft of climbing.

IMG 5578

The rock at the top of the climb is the perfect place to sit and attempt to breathe normally again.   The workout was short, but it is an effective one to try to climb up that 1.39 miles as fast as possible.  It was about 3 minutes slower than what I used to do it in, but that’s okay; each training cycle is a new chapter!  We recovered for about a mile, and then we also did a 3 minute, 2 minute, 1 minute (with equal recoveries) fartlek.  Running fast on trails is hard physically but also mentally because the entire time, I am trying to find a place to step that will not result in me landing on my face ha.

IMG 5581

I brought some water with me but quickly ran out of it so making it to this water fountain made me very happy.  12 miles total at an 8:42 average pace.

IMG 5607

By the end of the run I was so hot (Utah is experiencing a heat wave!) that I wanted to go sit in the river like I used to after long runs ha.

IMG 06171

The kids made forts, dressed up in costumes and made mystery drinks for each other.

IMG 5618

Everyone is happier now that Brooke and Knox are home all day.

IMG 5630

Andrew keeps on getting gift cards from work to Chipotle and it makes me so so happy!

IMG 5732

We then finished off with Knox’s baseball game and Beck was very serious about his spectating.

IMG 5735

Summer nights!

IMG 5738

Has anyone been following what happened with Shelby Houlihan?  I know very little about the situation and would love to hear thoughts on what happened to her and any great sources for more information about this!

Screen Shot 2021 06 16 at 8 38 23 PM


Have a favorite running hat or visor?  How often do you wear one on the run?

Favorite cold drink or treat… WE NEED IDEAS, it is so hot here right now?

Those currently in a relationship… where was your first and second date?

-First date at Outback and second date in the mountains with Jamba afterward.

What is motivating your running right now?

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I’m training for my second marathon and hoping for a major pr after blowing up in NY in 2018. Hoping to take over 45 minutes off my time – yikes! So that’s motivating my running right now. I got a Headsweats performance trucker hat and have been loving it for my runs when I need a hat – the ventilated trucker part really makes a difference!
Have a great day, Janae!


First date was at the beach. Second date was indoor rock climbing and then he took me on the back of his motorbike lol.

I love smoothies or lemonade when it’s hot. I am not sure about mystery drinks though lol! I love chocolate frozen hot chocolate. We can get the chillers at our local coffee shops.

Motivating me.. keeping up with my friends lol. But I do want to play long in the mountains later in the summer so that is a good motivator . And I am planning a fall marathon on the trails so that has meant I can’t skimp on long runs lol. But I am also having fun.. trying different routes and different fun workouts.

Enjoy the day and happy running!!


Hey Kristine! I didn’t know your first date was to the beach and your second date together sounds like it was a blast too. Haha yeah, I pass on their mystery drink creations too. That is a fabulous motivator and I am feeling that lately too. I am so excited about your fall marathon, keep me updated with it all. Thanks friend, you too!


Hey Jamie! I cannot wait to hear all about the huge pr that you get with this marathon you are training for! YOU CAN DO IT and I am cheering so loud for you. I’ve heard about those hats, I need to try them. Thanks friend, you too!


There’s a new Running Rogue podcast out where Chris McClung talks about Shelby. I haven’t listened to it yet (i will today) but he’s usually a trusted source of information.


Thanks for telling me about this episode! Listening now… so interesting already! Have a beautiful day!


Thanks for posting this…Listened to the podcast today. I think one of the most important take-a-aways was again the reminder that we need all the facts before making decisions and seeing so much “media” attention on social media isn’t the way to get your information. Find out all you can and then ask, is this reasonable.


I have so much variability in my times for various segments. Weather, wind, fatigue, etc – every day is different. No big deal. Not that I won’t ALSO preen about times I set PRs on segments haha.

I’ve read a lot about Shelby’s case and given that it already went through several reviews and appeals, it seems like the evidence is pointing to her explanation not holding up. Also thanks to reading about it, I have learned a whole lot more about pig castration than I ever wanted to know. OMG.


I’ve been meaning to text you and ask you your thoughts about it all! Hahah pig castration was probably not something you thought you would be studying up on this year. You are seriously so right about the differences that occur between segments… it happens to all of us! Hope you are having a great morning!


I hadn’t heard about Shelby Houlihan, but just looked her up and found a few news articles and a video from Shalane Flanagan. So sad. Four years seems like a lot, especially missing the Olympics for a potential false positive. And the tests showed the substance wasn’t built up in her system!


It really is such a hard situation! I hope your day is a beautiful one, Mariah!


My favorite hat is the high ponytail hat from VIMHUE on Etsy…I love that I can wear my hair in a high pony AND wear a hat…I usually have to pick one!

My first date with my husband was at Starbucks and then we went to a movie…I cried at the movie and it was so embarrassing! haha second date was bowling!

Is there a way to read through your blog from the beginning in order? I was trying to find an archive page but I couldn’t find it!

Hope you have a great Thursday!


Hey Meghan! I just searched for those on Etsy, I had never seen them before and they are awesome! I love that you cried during the movie on your first date, I’m sure I would have cried too! I need to find a way to make that easier but here is a link to my first post and then you can keep clicking on next article at the end of each post! I am going to have to apologize in advance for those first posts haha.

Thanks, you too!


I have been eyeing a Brooks running hat that has lots of holes in the top, because visors always seem to slip off my head. I’m wondering if anyone else uses one that they’d recommend?

First date: local Tex-Mex restaurant called The Porch. Second date: my now-husband invited me to his home where he prepped make your own pizza ingredients.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


Hey Charlotte! I have loved the Brooks hats I have had in the past but I don’t have any of the new ones they have. Tex-Mex for a first date is always a good idea and I love that he made you pizza for your second date. I love it. Thanks friend, you too!


Favorite hat is just whatever old Indians hat I’m using at the time. I get very sweaty, so all that cotton soaks it up real nice lol.
I’ve heard frozen grapes are amazing when it’s hot out – never tried it personally though.
First “date” with my husband was grabbing Chinese food at our local place after school one day – to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. Don’t remember the 2nd ha. 19 years married this year!
What’s motivating my running now is the fact that I’m only running about 2-3 days per week right now. Been loving my new rowing machine during the week!


Hey Amanda! Frozen grapes are the best, I really need you to try those this summer! Your first date together sounds like it was perfect and 19 years… congrats to you too! Rowing is so hard and so so good! Thanks Amanda, I hope you have a great day!


I bought a lululemon hat a couple months ago that is my new obsession- I wear it for both everyday things and for exercising. The ponytail loop is extra large, so I don’t wear a ponytail holder (just throw it through the loop) and it somehow makes my hair look way thicker than it is ! get it.

the first day I met my husband- at a race!- I’m counting as our first date because we clicked almost immediately partying afterwards. Second date was pretty much the same thing!


OH I have loved my lululemon hats too, they are so cute! I didn’t know you two met at a race (that definitely counts as your first date:), that is so great and I just love that you hit it off right in the beginning. Have the best day, Molly.


I read a few IG posts about Shelby and if it’s the truth I feel awful. But the skeptic in me is waiting to hear more because unfortunately for her she is signed through Nike and we know Nike has a past with doping. In addition, Lance Armstrong routinely said he wasn’t doping and yet he was. If you’re in the Ali on the Run Show Best Running Friends Facebook group, there’s a post and some posted multiple articles about this related to the science behind this drug and everything. I haven’t had the chance to read it but they are reliable sources!

Also I would be Andrew on that date lol.

This is not at all related to your post today haha. But I know Brooke likes to bake and I made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night. SO GOOD! The recipe was easy to make too. I had some of the dough (quality control ;), two last night and then one this morning while I cooked my breakfast burrito.


THE PICTURES OF THOSE COOKIES made me drool… we have to make these together, thank you so much for sharing. And quality control is necessary! Off to go check out the Facebook group, I want to read everything I can about this. Thank you Maureen, I hope your Thursday is a beautiful one!


I was so shocked about Shelby. She was a lock for either the 1500 or 5000 team. However after watching the 30 for 30 about lance Armstrong my eyes were opened about doping in sports. It’s insane and in cycling basically everyone was doing it, not just lance.

Also in this situation unfortunately lying is your best bet for you and for Your team and for Nike. I would he so happy if she turned out innocent and could compete but it seems unlikely


I know… I watched that 30 for 30 and it definitely made me think a bit differently. It will be so interesting to see what happens! Have a beautiful day Sara, thanks for sharing.


I haven’t read a ton yet about Shelby, but the whole thing makes me sad. Of it is proven she is innocent, I feel people will still judge her. I’m definitely going to listen to the Running Rogue podcast.
I have a couple of hats I love to run in. Lightweight fabric so your head can breath… One is from Brooks and says “Run Happy” the other 2 are Nike. I’ve had them all for a while.
First date for us was dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, then a Cirque did Soleil show. I think our 2nd date was bike riding ?. We’ll be celebrating our 27th anniversary in August!.
My husband is flying to Salt Lake later today, so he has been paying attention to the heat wave there… It’s so hot!
I need to find some motivation again… This last week I have felt very unmotivated. Maybe because it’s been hot here too, but I just feel off. I have a half marathon in September, so I’m hoping the motivation returns soon.
Hope you guys stay cool!!


Listen to the episode, I just finished… it was really interesting. I love that he offers hope in the episode too so we don’t just all feel like everyone is cheating. I LOVE that Run Happy hat! Your first and second dates sound perfect. I hope your husband has a great time here and next time you need to come. The heat really takes my motivation out so once those cooler temps come back again we will be running so fast after all of the hard work we put in now. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I was wondering if Shelby is on birth control – I found this article from the BBC about some BC’s containing nandrolone.

Also, I just got a Melin hat and I love it! I have done every run in it since I got it like a month ago.


Oh wow! That is very interesting! Thanks for sending, I can’t wait to read it.
Just googled Melin hats and they are SO cute, I need one for me now. Hope your day is a beautiful one, thanks Rachel.


Hi Janae! I’ve been making the smoothies in the run fast eat slow books! I had the best one yesterday before my speed workout cuz shalane says that’s the one she has before speed. I don’t think it made a difference but it was a fun thing to do.
Happy Thursday!


I LOVE that smoothie so much. I am sure it is making a difference, you are rocking those speed days. Thanks Amy, you too!


Saw this and thought it might be of interest to you and the other readers:


Thank you thank you Samantha for sharing this with me! This is so interesting, I’m putting on my blog tomorrow. Have a beautiful day.


I just read something on Shelby yesterday but I can’t remember where so I’m not sure how reliable it is but it said that it could have been from some type of pork sandwich she ate.

I’ve never worn a hat or visor while running. I feel like a hat would make my head hot but I’m probably wrong :)

I love plain sparkling water. If I want something with a little more flavor I like to mix pineapple juice and 7up.

Our first date was to some restaurant that isn’t even there anymore and then we drove another 40 minutes to some truck stop for dessert. I don’t think we’d do that now. I don’t remember our second date!

My motivation to run is to be able to keep up with my 9 year old when we do the Firecracker 5k in a couple weeks!


Semi-frozen cherries in this house. Got them at Costco. Nutrish, delish, satiating and cooling!!

Shelby has a lot of people stepping up for her. Not sure Lance and his team had the same support. Keeping an eye on this one.


Right now I’m all about huge bowls of watermelons with Tajin. Ice cream is always good too!

Our first date was a long walk on the Riverwalk and lunch. Our second date was takeout pizza and watching Die Hard. I think our third date was having cocoa and walking around to see Christmas lights. It was a very “hallmark movie” beginning!


Any cap is fine with me, but I wear them less in the summer because it makes my head too hot with the humidity!

My husband and I had our first date at panera, and our second was a picnic at the park where we talked for hours and got so sunburned! We laid around on the couch inside the next day bc our sunburn was ridiculous, ha!


I haven’t gotten my hands on one of these yet but these are locally made. A hybrid trucker visor-hat that let’s you wear a ponytail. The are so cute.


1st date art auction, 2nd date (the next day!) was a bike ride-he said he was super impressed I got my MTB in the car AND brought a floor pump. Little did he know that I am terrible at pumping up tires and was secretly hoping he’d do the honor. We stopped for lunch and he indicated we’d go back and I inquired about the next village over, then realized we were getting fairly close to the big city and I’d wanted to ride there for YEARS so we did! AND rode back. So he started the day thinking we were going for a 30km ride and ended up going about 80km. It was so fun and he dubbed me Kilometer Kelly.

I love my Oiselle visor and Headsweat Visor. and Thoni Mara (their stuff is SO SOFT!)

That picture of Beck at the soccer game is so cute! His side profile is just as sweet as his little face!

We like to freeze Capri Sonne. Also, frozen apple juice is refreshing. But now that it’s hot, we will make the Tailwind Recovery as frozen pops.

Nothing is motivation running right now other than I love running, but summer isn’t “my season” due to heat and blaring sun. I usually do more cycling and swimming in the summer because that’s more bearable in the high temps.

I commend you for the indoor blankie forts. I loved doing that as a kiddo but as a parent, they sorta drive me nuts. However, it is so cute.

here’s a good link to the current situation with Houlihan.


Our first and second date are reversed from yours. The first was a run together and the second was a date for dinner at Chophouse. I didn’t know the run together was a date until he called and said he wanted to take me out again!


Have you been following Allie Ostrander? With all of your recent posts about eating nutritious foods and making sure that you’re fueling your body correctly in order to be able to run, I thought about you when I saw the article.

And my first date with my husband was at a popular Thai restaurant where we happened to run into at least 8 people that we knew, including my mom’s boss… Second was after a church function. I went over to his house and we watched a movie after he put his daughter to bed.

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