Tangents + I’m learning a foreign language…

My niece could babysit + Jo could run at the same time + the trails were calling our names + the air even felt brisk before the sun was out = a great morning.

Ten miles @ 9:22 average with about 1200 ft of climbing.  Every time I am on the trails I am reminded why I had a PR in every distance in 2019—> I was on the trails so so much that year and they make you strong.

IMG 6022

Look at me sticking to something other than running;).  I think this will be the time (all of you that have read for ten years are probably rolling your eyes, ha;) that I stick to strength training because it scared me not being able to use my arm and all of the pain it was causing.

The ski racks on my car did a great job securing my band.

IMG 6045 1

We were able to have one of my nieces over for the day, so I took them to Yogurtland for froyo (Knox went and had ice cream with a friend).

IMG 6063

It had been way too long since my last Yogurtland experience.

IMG 6067

A lot of time was spent on the front porch yesterday, and I kept good posture for a lot of the day.  It feels like I’m learning a foreign language with this change in posture, and my entire core is sore because of it!

IMG 6078


Let’s get going with some tangents!

Between the two of us, we have nine kids (well, technically my sister does have an adult child now) and we went to the grocery store just the two of us the other night.  It felt so weird, so fun and so efficient.

IMG 5962

*I saw these and I must know if anyone has tried them and what their opinion is of them.  Cinnamon Life is my absolute favorite cereal, so I’m guessing this is good too?!

IMG 5958

*My new work set up—> I raised my computer a bit so I’m looking straight ahead when I type rather than looking down at the screen.  I also now have a weight-lifting book staring at me so that I stick to strength training.

IMG 6042

*Running is hard.  It’s also really fun and rewarding and beyond worth all of the hard parts.

Sometimes it feels like it is just hard for me and nobody else so I just wanted to remind anyone out there feeling the same way that you aren’t alone.  There is growth in the hard things and that is why we keep doing it so keep on growing.

IMG 0610

*Summer is going well for these kids.

Screen Shot 2021 06 19 at 8 43 58 PM

*My niece dropped a knife on her foot and then had to have surgery.  She will be in a cast for a while now and her dad (my brother) decided he would bedazzle it.  He went to the fabric store to get materials and glued them on.  She loves it.

IMG 6018


Ever broken a bone?  Ever had to wear a cast?

-I broke my arm one time when I was racing my brother… he was in his car on the road and I was on rollerblades trying to take a shortcut through the grass.  I did not win.

Have you watched any of the Olympic Trials?  What Olympic event are you looking forward to watching the most?!

Has anybody gotten any awesome deals from PRIME DAY on Amazon?  Tell me so maybe I can copy you;) 

Could you give me a tangent or two or three?

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In 2011 my husband dropped a food processor blade on his food and severed the tendon in his big toe. When he went to the emergency room (which I made him drive himself – bad wife, but it was 10:00 at night and the kids (5 and 2 at the time) were finally asleep – we had just taken the front off my son’s crib and nights had been rough and I didn’t want to screw with that!) they weren’t sure how bad it was – they told him that if he couldn’t lift his toe in a few days to come back – so what did he do, 2 days later he went to a concert! And then 2 days later he couldn’t lift his toe and the next day he was in surgery. He was in a boot for the whole summer (not a walking boot, a “you can’t put any pressure on your foot” and he couldn’t drive. Plus his family has a history of blood clots so he had to give himself injections. It was such an awful summer. And the front of the crib? Yeah, my son didn’t settle down for weeks and in removing the front my husband had stripped all the screws so it wasn’t like we could put it back on.

But other than that, I never was in a cast. My daughter did break her arm skiing 5 years ago.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day and keep cool!


Jessey, oh my goodness that story about your husband… that sounds so painful! That must have been so scary! Thanks friend, I hope you guys do too!


I’ve broken a few bones in my life… 18 months I broke my arm “falling” off the couch (we joke my older brother pushed me and he’s 2 years older) then in 6th grade I broke my wrist when I fell outside and recently I got a stress fracture in my foot. Between that and other random injuries it’s almost like I should be in bubble wrap lol.

I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing to change your posture! It’s definitely something I want to work on so maybe in a few weeks you can do a follow up post with what you think has helped you.

Have a wonderful day!


Hahah I guess we will never know if your brother did it or not! Yes, I’ll write about it more in tomorrow’s post. Such a great idea, thanks. I hope your day is a great one too!


Can we all be accountability buddies so we get our strength in?! Are you following a plan? I need to be better about doing strength too- I used to be great when I went to workout classes, but I haven’t been to a gym since the pandemic started.

I love watching running and gymnastics at the Olympics. Very different sports haha, but as a runner, running is a must-watch. And the gymnasts always amaze me, they are so strong and talented and fearless!


Hey Mariah! That is such a great idea, we will hold each other accountable. So far I am doing the absolute basics and doing small moves from my PT but he is going to continue to give me more and more. I’m with you, those are my two favorites. Have the best day!


Is this a runner thing? Those two are my favorite to watch as well. =) Maybe there’s a connection there – that we like to watch the speed of the runners and the strength of the gymnasts, and that will inspire us to keep strength training and running! Have a beautiful day!


Your summer sure looks FUN! Every time I bring my kids grocery shopping I think, “Why did I do this?!”

Are you following a plan for you strength training? I know you need to be careful of your neck. In January, I started to consistently strength train and while I don’t love it, I do find I am enjoying it–it helps that I binge a tv show while I lift;-) I plan it, just like a run. Whenever I try to do my own plan, I don’t stick to it. I paid for an on-line training plan (nothing too expensive) but it phases the workouts so there is progressive overload and best of all, I don’t have to think/plan! It is fun to see myself get stronger! Sorry for the long tangent, just something that I found worked for me to commit to strength training.

I have broken my foot and had to wear a boot. I also had a stress fracture in my hip and was on crutches.

Tangent: we are in FL and it is pool cabana day! Good thing I am a little acclimated to the heat/humidity from MN summer. However, it is much more enjoyable in FL with a pool and Gulf to swim in ;-)

Happy Tuesday, Janae!


HEY BECKY! So far I am just following what my PT wants me to do! It’s so so good to hear that you are enjoying it and what a great idea to what a show while you lift. Ummmm you are going to have to let me know what program you are using so I can try it once the PT gives me clearance to add more?! I hope you are having the absolute best time in Florida! Enjoy every second, especially the pool and gulf!


I’ve broken too many bones to count. My worst accidents were falling off the monkey bars when I was 4 and breaking my arm, and then breaking my leg (into NINE pieces!!!) skiing when I was 5…I was a dare devil child and it came back to bite me haha! Thankfully, I fully recovered from both incidents.

For Amazon deals, I bought AirPods Pro and a new iPhone case yesterday!! My AirPods have been broken for over a year and I’ve had the same phone case for 4 years, so I thought it was time to treat myself :) Also, the picture of your froyo has me craving that now. Have a great day, Janae!!


I think you need to get some froyo today! YAY for some awesome deals on your AirPods and an iPhone case! YOU BROKE YOUR LEG in nine pieces when skiing… OUCH! I’m so glad you are okay now and are you still a dare devil haha?! Have a wonderful day, Maria.


Isn’t it crazy?! Doctors said I would never walk without a limp again, so I’m very grateful to be able to run. I’m certainly not as much of a dare devil anymore, but I have my moments! :)


I am so sorry to hear about your niece’s foot. What an amazing dad she has!

YOU’VE GOT THIS!! I started strength training about two years ago and tried a couple of different classes before I found one that worked well for me and my body. So I guess the only advice I can give is to have patience along the journey and things will work out!


Thank you so much for cheering me on… I really appreciate it! You are my example. Have a great day!


I’ve never broken a bone, but Janae, I read something this morning that I had to share with you! It sounds JUST like your descriptions of Andrew and possibly your dad as well:
Basically – researchers have discovered an actual gene mutation that allows those individuals to only require 5hrs of sleep per night, while feeling completely rested and energized, and being very high achievers! This research is being done with families in Utah so it’s extra relevant :) Give it a read!


I loved that article so so much… it sounds just like Andrew, my dad and Knox! I just sent it in my group family thread so my whole family can read it, thank you for sharing with me Lily! I hope you have the best day!


Great article, thanks for sharing! I think I have that mutation too!


I would love to hear more about what you are doing for your posture! I know mine needs to improve, but I don’t know where to start.


I’ll write about it more in my post tomorrow if that works!! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER!


I kicked a root and broke my toe at about mile 10 of a trail half. I finished the race and actually won…haha. I didn’t realize it was broken at the time, but I was on a trail so you can’t exactly wait for the sag wagon. Pushed through the pain.

I schedule my strength training, Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. It’s on my schedule staring at me which motivates me to get it done. It’s important so stick with it…you can do it!

I love the Olympics, especially the running. My favorite is always watching the marathon. My family (non-runners) thinks it’s boring to watch people run for 2 – 2 1/2 hours. I mean, when you put it that way, it does sound boring. They just don’t get it.

Have a great day!


YOU WON a trail race with a mid-race broken toe accident?! Okay, you are ridiculously strong mentally and physically. I love that you do that, I’m getting really excited to finally stick to it and I think putting it in the schedule at the start of the week is the way to do it. I’m with you, the marathon is my favorite too. I wish we could all watch it together. Thanks Michele, you too.


I had to stop when I saw that box of Life, take a screenshot, and share it with a bunch of people. I need to find it!

I LOVE that cast, and what an amazing dad to do that! I also had a cast for a while once—mine was pink and purple but sadly not bedazzled. :-) I also dropped a knife on my foot once, but I was SO lucky—the end of handle landed on my foot, not the blade. That was at least 15 years ago and I still think about it!

Excited for the steeplechase! Emma Coburn is incredible!


Let me know when you find it and what you think about it! I am SO glad that it was the handle that hit your foot and not your knife… SO scary! I agree! Fun fact, my coach’s daughter was in a heat with her and said it was just the coolest thing ever. I hope your day is a great one, Kristin.


I work as a pediatric ER nurse and one of my very first patients was a kid who sliced his hand open while cutting an avocado for his mothers birthday breakfast. Poor kiddo! So many kids have similar injuries so your niece is in good company. The bedazzled cast is too cute, though!!


OUCH!!!! I just read your comment to my niece (she slept over) and she said she is glad it was her foot and not her hand. Thanks Erin, have a great day and your job sounds intense!


Your brother is seriously an awesome dad! How sweet he bedazzled his daughter’s cast ?
I’ve broken a toe, which you can’t really do anything for, other than walk carefully… Ha. I also broke my pinkie pretty bad on a mother’s day several years ago…. I flipped over the handle bars of my bike while on a family bike ride. The boys and my husband said it was the funniest thing to watch, because it looked like it was happening in slow motion (it felt that way too). I had a couple different casts for that, so I made sure I got fun colors.
Honestly, it’s nice to hear you say that running is hard for you too. I often feel like I’m the only one that feels that way. I know that’s not true, but sometimes it sure feels like it. Thank you ?
Good job on making strength training a priority! We can all cheer each other on!
Happy Tuesday!


My husband has never liked running so I thought I would try his favorite, mountain biking. Well, we were all excited and ready to go for our first trip together and instead of changing gears I hit the front break and down I went and broke my elbow and wrist. Oh yeah….we hadn’t even made it out of the parking lot.


I broke my pinky finger in 5th grade, but that’s the only broken bone. Though I have been in plenty of casts/boots because of Achilles issues (thank goodness those are over, knock on wood), and then having a tendon fixed in my right wrist. That one had me in a soft cast for a month, then a hard cast for a month, then a brace for forever. I had to teach my husband how to do a ponytail in my hair during that time, and he never became very good at it, hahah!

Watched some trials yesterday, and I’m loving seeing all the athletes from Utah doing well! The steeplechase was fun!

Also, I got my first pair of real trail running shoes last night and I am stoked to try them out.


My tangent is that it’s my mom’s birthday! She’s 82
I won’t get to see her until winter, she went back up north for the summer. But I may have sent a surprise to be delivered today ❤️


Hi Janae! I’ve been watching the trials.. I can’t believe they are running so fast in the heat! I love watching the strategies and can’t wait to cheer for team USA at the games.
Happy Tuesday!!


I broke my wrist on Father’s Day in the first pitch of the game, sliding head first into 2nd base. I bought the Eufy Robovac! Praise hands for same-day delivery. Ran it for the first time this morning and i just loved following it around while it did all the work!


Hi Janae! Your poor niece – stinks being in a cast during the summer. How do I know this? I broke my ankle playing softball one July. Despite my vehement objections, the doctor put me in a pink cast (he thought “girls” should be in pink casts – I was in my 20s and despised pink!). I had just started a new job the week before, so because a lot of people either hadn’t met me or didn’t know me very well, I became “you know, that girl in the pink cast” for the entire summer.
I love the trials almost as much as the Olympics and am all about the running events and gymnastics!! During the winter, it’s all the ski events and skating. We don’t get network television, so hoping we can stream a bunch of it.
Tangent – apparently Mother Nature has it out for my golf league. It rains every single week we have to play the back 9 (most challenging side at this particular course). This week is no exception – yesterday was sunny and in the low 90s; today is 61 and raining. Crazy!


Please tell me you’ll mix a PB type cereal with the chocolate Life, or at least add a yummy granola with it (I’m a cereal mixer).

My tangent-it’s far easier to distract a dog getting shots than a child.

Olympic trials tangent since I’ve been watching Track and Field……the women’s NB kit is so pretty! At first I didn’t like the bottoms because the white stripe at the top looked like a belt, but now I like it a lot more. Totally random, I know. But seriously, it’s fun to see all the different uniforms and styles from each T&F discipline! And Val Allman was previously a dancer so watching her throw that discus is amazing and graceful!


Hi Janae! Do you mind sharing how you do your hair? I recently cut mine to a similar length and can’t figure out a good way to curl it!


Yay for a hair cut, doesn’t it feel so so good! I’ll make a movie when I get home and post it next week if that works! Have the best night!

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