Tuesday Tangents!

Nine miles @ 8:29 pace to start my week! I saw the boys and girls high school cross country teams out running along with so many other runners out too.  It’s always a good day when you see more runners than cars out in the morning.

Why not just keep your helmet on inside because you know you will be outside again to ride your scooter asap…

IMG 5508

Just a typical summer day at our house.

FullSizeRender 3

I was able to get in to see a doctor for my hand/wrist pain that I’ve been experiencing… he gave me a little brace for my fingers because he thinks it is a ligament problem, and if that doesn’t help, then I will go back in in a few weeks.

FullSizeRender 2

My mom brought over extra veggies from my nephew’s party on Sunday, so we decided a stir-fry for dinner was a must.  We all love Udon noodles, so this was a winning recipe.


A hello from Baretta!

FullSizeRender 1


Let’s chat about some tangents.

*Beck has said, “Ma ma ma ma ma” a few times now, and so I am definitely counting it as his first words.

IMG 5090 2

*I am in no way missing winter running where I have to sit by the fire the second I get home and then getting my long sleeve shirt stuck on my watch every single time without fail as I try to get in the shower.

IMG 7637 2

*Road trips kind of feel like a date for us.  We get a few hours to talk and hang out (while passing snacks back the whole time, but still, it feels like a date;).

IMG 5441

*My mom’s funeral potatoes.  Just trust me on these, they are amazing, and we ate a lot of them on Sunday.

IMG 5461

*Anna Camp’s final kick in the 1500m NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship was INCREDIBLE.  I see her running often, so it feels like we are friends (we aren’t)… I loved watching her win.

*Knox asked me if I am a professional shoe collector.  Yes, yes, I am.

IMG 5484

*In case you need a fun page for kids to fill out for Father’s Day… I’m using THIS ONE:)

*Andrew has never loved me more than he did the other day when In-N-Out was my idea.  I have a theory that In-N-Out is only good if you eat it within seconds of them handing it to you (if you wait to eat it until you get home, it is not good IMO) and just to keep low expectations for their fries ha.  But the burgers and shakes are really growing on me.

IMG 5435

*People in Utah County, there is a free 5k on July 24th!  I’ve done it before, and it is a blast!


Tell me a tangent or two or three, please!

Anyone doing a race on the 4th of July this year?  Will they be happening in your area?

If you had to collect just one thing, what would it be?

-Running shoes.

Those with a significant other currently is there a food you love, and they do not love or vice versa?!

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Wow I love those shoes, how pretty!! Yes I think I’m becoming a shoe collector too ? And I’m totally using that sheet for Father’s Day what a great idea instead of just telling them to go and “make a card” My tangent-I’m running Grandma’s this Saturday and came down with a terrible head cold on Sunday. Ugh! It has gone through my whole family and of course mom is last to get it ? But I’m trying to stay positive and hoping I’ll feel better by then-resting as much as I can and drinking tons of water and hot tea. If you have any advice I’m all ears!! I so want to enjoy this race experience!


Hey Renee! Shoe collecting is the best hobby;). Renee, I am SO incredibly sorry that you are sick right now. The week of my ultra I had a terrible head cold and was on the couch for days but I really think it was a huge blessing in disguise! It forced me to rest up more for my race and then I had an incredible race. You have time to get better and it sounds like you are taking care of yourself. Get some extra rest, think positive (smile every time you think about Grandma’s!!) and trust your training. Your body will fight this off and Saturday will be an incredible day. I would love to hear all about it afterward, please! You’ve got this!


We call those funeral potatoes “hashbrown casserole” and I agree it is sooo good!! Now I want some for supper tonight haha. I love the colour of those Brooks. Which ones do you use for races? Or do you switch them up? I have a run in September (my first 10k, I’ve only done 5 so far).
Do you have a link for the dress or shirt you have on? I was eyeing it in yesterday’s post :)
Have a nice day!


Andrew’s family calls it that too and they use the shredded hashbrowns, so good. Aren’t they beautiful?! So I’ve used the hyperions for years now as my racing shoes but I am going to start using the hyperion elite now! I’ve done workouts in them and they are amazing! I am so thrilled to hear about your first 10k coming up, please keep me updated with your training. I’m cheering for you! YES, it is only $13 and so amazing:


Have a wonderful day!


I would collect fabric! (I try to buy only what I can sew up in a couple of months so I don’t get bored with what I have). My husband hates beetroots, so I don’t eat them either. When my mother babysat our children I would eat there and then she would make them for me (in a salad with iceberg lettuce). I think I haven’t had them in 15 years or so. My children won’t eat them either. He loves herring and I don’t. When I had my first child he was on my left arm the whole time , so I suffered from wrist pain too. Physical therapy helped me, and a brace. It turned out I slept with my wrist bent. It helped me a lot to lay my hands in line with my arm. I hope the brace helps you too. Now I’m going to do some sewing!
Have a great day Janae!


I love that you would collect fabric! That is so awesome that you are so good at sewing, I love to sew too! Andrew loves beetroot too and I’m with your husband on that one. I have physical therapy on Thursday, I’m really hoping it helps. Thank you so much for sharing and now I need to pay attention to how I sleep with my wrist! Enjoy your sewing today and thanks so much, Eva.


I love poke bowls with an undying, fiery passion and my husband won’t eat them. So sad.

We made funeral potatoes Memorial Day weekend and everyone was RAVING about them. The best. And now I’m hungry.


Hey Jamie! You have now inspired me to try a poke bowl for the first time. Seriously, funeral potatoes is a crowd pleaser! I hope your day is a great one, thanks Jamie!


I love tofu and basically all the unusual foods at t and t grocery store like squid. He is like nope.

Running shoes lol. I just got a new pair of new blance shoes. I love the new shoe smell . And more broadly running gear haha.

I am not sure we will have in person Canada race because there is a 50 person outdoor gathering limits.

Random tangent..we bought a buddy rider which is basically a booster seat that goes on the front of the bike for dogs. River loves it.

Have a great day Janae!


Hey Kristine, I love tofu too… especially fried! Running shoes are the best things to collect… and I love that smell too! Okay, I bet River on your bike is the cutest thing ever. Thanks so much Kristine, I hope your day is a great one too!


Funeral potatoes are sooooo good. A friend of ours used to make them all the time, but called them championship potatoes. He passed away a few years ago, so we haven’t had them in a long time.
I would definitely collect shoes! And seashells. I do have a ton of shells, but I always love finding more.
I love typical relaxed summer days too. I’ve already read 2 books this summer. I’ve been coming home from my run, do a little reading while stretching and eating breakfast, then out to work on the yard ( we’re almost ready for new grass!!), then a little more reading before dinner.
My husband and I like a lot of the same foods. Like one reader said, she loves poke bowls and her husband doesn’t… Same! I LOVE poke bowls and he thinks they’re just ok. Weird… Ha
We’re having a few days of super hot weather, so I better get out for my run! Have a great day Janae ?


Championship potatoes… I love that name. I am so sorry that you lost your dear friend.
You are rocking it with your reading this summer! Collecting seashells is so fun. I really need a poke bowl in my life. Good luck with the hot weather… thanks Wendy, you too!


Hi Janae! Saturday night I started having really bad tooth pain and then I couldn’t sleep well or eat normally until yesterday when I had to see two different dentists and then get a root canal. So that was fun but at least it’s all fixed now! It was basically magic I was even able to do my speed workout after the root canal without pain. So that’s my tangent for today.
Happy tuesday!


Hey Amy! TOOTH PAIN IS THE WORST. I am so so sorry, root canal oh no! What a relief that it is fixed now though and way to go on your speed, you are amazing. Happy Tuesday to you too!


Hi Janae! I am sending healing vibes to your wrist! Keep us posted!
Tangent: I have been trying to convince my family to get a pickleball set but they don’t seem convinced. However, we play croquet (I actually typed crochet and had to correct it! Ha!) in our yard and it is addicting! We love it! I am thinking about getting one of those mini golf sets you can set up in your yard.

Most races here are virtual but I have my eye on some fall ones that will be in person. I love fall races!

My husband doesn’t like stir fry and it drives me crazy!!!! We don’t live in an area with In-N-Out but when we took a vacation to San Diego one year I think it was the first place we ate! He loves burgers!!!
Have a great day, Janae!


I totally will, thank you Crissy! Have they tried pickleball yet? Get them hooked on it and then they will haha. I need to get a crochet (HA… I did too) set for our yard too, what a great idea! But stir fry is just sooooo good. Thanks Crissy, you too!


My son (9), mom (65), and I (41) are running the Firecracker 5k on July 3rd. We have ran it together for at least the last 20 years (wow – I didn’t realize that until I thought about it!).

Since you mentioned Baretta… what do you do about dog hair in the house? We have a yellow lab in the house and are getting another one in 8 weeks. The dog hair on the couch and carpet drive me crazy.


Hey Erika! I LOVE that the three of you are running that 5k together and I really love that you have done it the last 20 years, WAHOO! Yay for getting another dog, that is so exciting. Baretta just stays in the main area of our house (which is where we all are all of the time anyways) so she is only on the wood floors and rugs so I either sweep every day or use our robot vacuum every day in that area. That way it feels like her hair is contained in one space ha but she is still with us all day too! I bet your lab is going to love having a buddy! You’ll have to send me a picture!


Those are such pretty shoes! They look fast, too!!!

The BYU women are ON FIRE!!! goodness!!!!

Hope your hand heals up quickly!


Thanks Kelly, you are the best! I hope your day is a great one!


Dang it about your wrist. Also, did you decide to get a simple wedding band? I noticed that you haven’t been wearing your engagement ring anymore? Was the stone getting in the way with your little one?

I am a collector of gnomes, blankets, and pillows. My mom says I have too many and I feel like you can never have enough of any of them! <3

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