Silentish Saturday!!

I got to run with MADDIE again!  She was cleared to start running again after having her baby and I am very grateful for this reunion.

9.42 miles @ 9:09 average with a gas station stop for more ice water because it was so hot and humid!

IMG 5776

I finished my run at the mall to meet up with my dad to walk together.  It was the absolute best.

IMG 5782

He drove me home in his Porsche and I love the legroom in his car.

IMG 5783

Pancakes when I got home.

IMG 5773

Hanging out in a parking lot and Brooke insisted on having Beck play with her.

IMG 5815

Friends invited us to the lake!

IMG 5821

IMG 5825

IMG 5846

IMG 5881

IMG 5896

IMG 5902

And then we finished off the night at a reception for a close friend.

IMG 5926 2

The pizza was so ridiculously good and so was the ice cream.

IMG 5924


Tell me 3 things you have going on today!

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Got a garmin and tried it out for a walk this morning! Can’t wait til I can start running again with it. Going to breakfast with a friend. And finishing a book for book club.


A new garmin= the best! I’m so excited for you! Enjoy breakfast and your book! I love weekends like that!


Going for run. Playing with River. Sleeping in!


Those three things sound so so perfect. Enjoy them all. Happy weekend, Kristine!


Lake days are the best! What did Beck think of the boat?
Quick run to start the day, then yoga, then a little shopping for Father’s day and June birthdays (we’re celebrating it all tomorrow).
Have a really great weekend!! ?


He was verrrrrry nervous about it but with time he started to enjoy it! Have the best time celebrating tomorrow! Thanks Wendy and I’m going to do yoga tonight!


Oh how fun on the boat! Do you know what that board is called? My FIL bought us a boat this summer and I want all the boat toys!

1. long run
2. finish packing for our vacation
3. church
4. nap because we need to get up at 1 a.m.

Have a fabulous Saturday!!!


Doing the Valkyrie Relay Race with friends in the Utah Valley area! Did the swim this morning – waiting to do the trail run part here in the heat of the day… ?


When I woke up my body somehow just felt…trashed (I had a long week). So I cancelled my spot in my yoga class this morning and took my body’s cue to just REST. And I slept until almost 9 AM. It was pretty glorious!

AND I went to lululemon. SOMEHOW, I won a local yoga teacher’s giveaway thru her instagram with one specific lulu store in town (she is one of the store’s ambassadors…), and since my birthday was last weekend I also treated myself to a couple special treats. That lead me to weave and bob around the city and treat myself to a few other goodies–another of my favorite sports bra from Athleta! A few cute new tops from Loft! Gorgeous silver earrings from Kendra Scott!!! It felt VERY indulgent (I have been treating myself all week…), but from time to time it’s really good to treat yourself. And since I am generally heading in the right direction with work (even with the learning curve that I have with my promotion…), and since I feel the pull to invest in taking care of myself again after a few VERY hard years of just hanging on the best I could, AND since it was just my birthday–I’m letting myself have ALL the good treats!

And now, I am going to re-learn some choreography for RPM to get ready for my class tomorrow and then curl up with a good book. THE MOST indulgent day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday I wrapped up my second week of training for Chicago Marathon with a super humid 10k run. Then had only enough time to shower and change for Toastmasters Youth Leadership function. Ended the day with some amazing keto brownies ?


Actually should have said I ended with a late lunch then brownies lol

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