Race Week + Tangents!

It’s race week!  I’ll do a small speed workout today to get the legs moving again and then take the next few days easy.  My 10k is on Saturday and I think I will take Friday completely off because my legs always feel so fresh after a rest day.   I’m starting to feel a bit of the pre-race jitters which feels brand new to me since it has been so long since my last race.  It’s been over 1.5 years since my last race which is the longest I’ve gone in between races since I started racing!

9 miles @ 8:07 average.  First half of the run uphill, second half of the run downhill… just the way I like it.

I listened to this episode from Rich Roll during my run.  IT WAS SO GOOD, listen if you get a chance.  Also, Rich Roll was in my area yesterday running with the Ironcowboy!  He completed #92 of the 100 consecutive Ironman distances he has set out to accomplish.

IMG 4637

Of course we picked up this below goodness for lunch—> An entire meal that makes us all feel good and feeds everyone (we always end up with some leftovers too) for $24.  We get the whole chicken, sweet potato fries, arroz chaufa and solterito.  If you ever visit St. George and skip going to Viva Chicken, I’ll be kind of upset with you (they have vegan options too)!

IMG 5618

Over the last few days Beck has become super wiggly and he is obsessed with the pool and splashing/kicking the entire time.

IMG 4600

I found Brooke’s dream candy.  Brooke and Knox LOVE banana flavored candy (which I can’t understand) and so this bag spoke to her soul.

IMG 4557

We ended our day by going to the St. George running store.  I love visiting different running stores when we are traveling.

IMG 4667

Remember the show, Supermarket Sweep?  I want to play that game in a running store.

IMG 4671

We somehow managed to exhaust the three year old that seems to have endless energy.

IMG 4655


Let’s chat about some tangents!

*A Snickers pancake is a wonderful idea and one that I will be creating at home now..  This was from Hash House a few days ago.

IMG 4550

*I am the most high-maintenance sleeper.  I forgot my sleeping mask and I CANNOT fall asleep without one on (I like the light pressure on my eyes ha) but luckily I remembered my running headband because that worked perfectly.

IMG 4384

*What the shoe situation looks like with 7 kids at my brother’s house:)

IMG 4466

*I love this summer bucket list from here!

IMG 4465

*I still cannot get over how much he loves the sand.  It was shocking to me to see him attempt to eat sand the entire time we were at the sand dunes.

IMG 4541


Who has a race this month?  Who has a birthday this month?

Taking any summer trips?  Where?

High maintenance sleeper or not so much?

Banana flavored candy.. yes or gross?  What candy do you find absolutely terrible?

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I bet you won’t be alone with the race jitters – while others may have raced more recently than 18 months, for most people it will be over a year and just the weirdness of an actual in person race will feel weird for everyone.

I am such a high maintenance sleeper and I hate it when I travel :( We’ve reached the stage in our family ( a 15 and 12 year old) that we are going to start getting 2 rooms, which sucks, because it is $$$ but then at least we each get our own bed! But I have such opposite sleeping habits of everyone – my husband deals with it, but with 2 rooms , since they may not be adjoining, we each need to sleep in one of the rooms. And I hate the pillows in hotels – they are too squishy :(

We are going to on a road trip this summer, so I will be able to have some of my comforts which will help. We are doing 2 weeks to the Great Lakes, which we’ve never seen except from the sky (except one, I went to school in Rochester NY). The teen is dreading all the time in the car with us, but I am excited to see parts of the country I’ve never seen before. We didn’t want to deal with the hassle of plane rides, not knowing what everything would look like. And Canada won’t open their border and we are limited to 2 weeks, so Great Lakes it is.


That is so so true, I bet everyone there will be experiencing those race jitters! I agree with you, the high-maintenance sleeping thing is annoying when traveling. I hope you guys have the best time visiting the Great Lakes! I hope your 15 year old ends up loving it too. You’ll have to tell me your favorite parts, we would love to visit the area! Have a beautiful day, Jessey!


We’re just doing day trips around Maine…trying different beaches and hikes. We may venture to Boston as well, but we’re waiting a couple of months!

I am a high maintenance sleeper…I need my pillow for my knees, my silk pillowcase, a sound machine, and a fan in the window if it’s warm. I drive my husband nuts lol

I think circus peanuts are the worst candy! It’s like a chalkboard on your teeth!

Hope you have a great day! I’m so excited to hear how your race goes!


Hey Meghan! Those day trips sound awesome! Good to know I’m not the only high maintenance sleeper… and now I need a silk pillowcase! Haha it drives Andrew nuts too… he can’t understand. Circus Peanuts are terrible, you are so right. Thank you friend and I hope your day is a great one!


Race week yay!

I love banana flavoured slurpees lol. Mixed with root beer they are my favorite combo :)
My kids love those banana marshmallow things you get at the dollar store.

Ack yes my kids always tried to eat the sand when they were little! They hated the grass though. It was hilarious I’d put them down on the grass and they would lift their feet and hands up and stare at me like what am I sitting on??!


Gillian! I must find a banana flavored slurpee for my kids and I’ll try it because you say it is good:) I will have to see what Beck thinks about the grass! Hahaha Brooke made that same face at me. Have the best day!


Banana candy is so nasty. i don’t understand how anyone likes it. My little sister will buy bins of only banana runts. Runts aren’t great to begin with but the banana…….YUCK!!! Did you know banana candy flavor is based on a banana that’s extinct? it was the type of banana that was eaten 100 years ago. I learned that from a guy I work with. He would be great at trivia.
We rented a house with a pool in Lurray, VA for a week for vacation this year. None of our kids really like to to anything that each other like to do. The only thing they can agree on is a pool. The caverns, Skyline drive, and the state park are in Lurray so we’ll have some day trips to do to mix in with the swimming. Maybe it will be relaxing. If nothing else, it’s a new place for me to run.
My son enjoyed eating sand.
Have a great week! I can’t wait to hear about the race. I’m very excited for you!


Your sis and my kids would get along so well, they love banana runts! That is so interesting, I just read what you said to Brooke! That is crazy! I am glad that your kids can agree on a pool… that’s how I feel about my kids sometimes! It’s the one place everyone is happy and wants to stay there all day! Enjoy those day trips this summer, seeing an area on the run is the best!
Thank you Lee, have a great day!


“I hope that’s not a bag of only banana laffy taffy.”
Reads: Brooke and Knox LOVE banana flavored candy

I guess it’s nice that they have something so uniquely in common! Ha


Hahaha yep, pure banana candy in that bag. I can’t wait to get a bag for Knox soon! Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start Molly!


Yes, I am doing a mud run this month with some friends!

Banana candy is a no. Also I know a lot of people disagree, but I don’t like candy with coconut either.


MUD RUN! Oh that will be so much fun! Coconut candy… now I need to go find some to see what my thoughts are:) Hope you are going to have a great morning!


Ooh, I love Rich Roll! I can’t wait to listen to that episode- it looks great.
We’re taking a trip to Texas this summer! My son will be a freshman at Baylor (in Waco) this fall and we wanted to go check out the area- because of Covid he hasn’t even visited the school yet. We’ll spend one day in Waco but then the rest of the time in Austin, which is a city I’ve always wanted to visit- I can’t wait!
My kids always ate sand too. By the way, have you ever tasted sand? It’s HORRIBLE! I can’t figure out why they want to put it in their mouths!!!


Let me know what you think of the episode! A freshman at Baylor… WOW! I have always wanted to see Austin too. You guys are going to have the best time! Are you ready for him to be in college? Hahah who knows what the appeal is for these kids to eat sand! Have a wonderful day, Jenny!


Yay for race week!! So excited for you, and I bet lots of other people are experiencing pre-race jitters. Honestly, how could you not?
Eeeewwwww…… Banana flavored candy is awful! But how sweet of you to get that bag for Brooke. Too bad Knox isn’t home to share it.
My birthday is this month. I haven’t really thought about it too much, but hopefully it will involve the beach.
Have a good speed workout!


Right?! It has been so long for everyone, you are so right… we will all be feeling it. I’ll definitely have to get a bag for Knox, he will be so excited. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I’ll eat a treat on your bday to celebrate and I really hope you get to go to the beach. Have a great day, Wendy!


Hi Janae! I am so excited for you to get back to racing! I’m not a high maintenance sleeper but I do need to be able to lay flat, so it’s hard for me to sleep in a car or airplane.
Happy Tuesday!


Thank you so much Amy! Yep.. a flat surface is a NEED! I hope you have a great Tuesday too!


Hey girl! Glad you had a great time this weekend and good luck at your race this week!! So excited for you – It’s been so long since races have been held so I hope you have a wonderful time!! I am toying with the idea of a fall half but haven’t committed to anything yet :)

I used to be a high maintenance sleeper – eye mask, low temp, fan running, can’t sleep past 7am…but with our now two month old (ahh!) I can sleep anytime! (Except I’m like you and definitely need the eye mask!)

We don’t have any trips planned at this point – but would love to go somewhere at the end of the summer when Ellie is around six months – would love your travel tips if you have any!

Ps – love your diagonal striped tank!! Where is it from?


Hey Geri!! Here is the tank, you will love it! https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/womens-further-workout-tank/221476.html
You’ll have to keep me updated on what your plans are this fall with your racing!
Ellie is two months old! I am so happy for you guys and I hope you start getting more and more sleep. I’ll write a blog post about my travel tips! Keep me updated with how Ellie is doing:)
Have a beautiful day!


Please share where you got the white with pink stripes tank top in your first picture! I love it!


HEY ALI! Isn’t it cute?! Here is the link and I hope you have the best day!



This Sunday it is my birthday: 41 (!) years old. Mentally, I am stuck in my late twenties though :)

No races in the near future. The first one is in October which was supposed to happen last year in April. I’m equally excited and anxious about it. Nowhere near in race shape but still plenty of training time ahead.

No summer plans. In Europe (Belgium) travel plans are still challenging because each country has its own quarantine and COVID-19 measures in place and I’m not vaccinated yet. One day !

Wishing you al the best already for your 10K race. I’m sure you are going to nail it!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY TINEKE! I hope you are able to celebrate with all of your favorite things! I feel like I am still in my 20s too, I think I’ll always feel that way ha. October wahoo, that is exciting. You will have to keep me updated with your training! I hope that things are able to open up soon… let me know how things are going! Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day.


Beck is so big already!
Over het in The Netherlands, we don’t have any races yet because of Covid, but I did register for a 24 k trail in November. I hope the situation will be better by then. I do need lots of training though, but life is quite hectic and I wish I slept a bit more. Oh well, hopefully I can seriously start training this summer.
And your brother is a genius with how he organizes all the shoes!

Have a great day!


SANNE! 24k trail race… can I come do that with you?! That sounds amazing. I am so sorry that things are so crazy for you guys right now and I am really hoping you get more sleep soon! Keep me updated with how you are all doing (when life slows down!) and how things are in The Netherlands!


I am running the Utah Valley Half on Saturday. Races are filling up this year!!

I love banana laffy taffy, it is the only banana candy I like though. I agree that circus peanuts are gross and I don’t like peeps, I like marshmallows but not peeps. I love tootsie rolls, sour patch kids, juji fruits and about anything chocolate!!

We are going to Texas at the end of the month to visit my oldest son’s family. He has 6 kids, their youngest is just a week younger than Beck, she is a girl named Darla.

I am somewhat of a high maintenance sleeper. I like it to be pitch dark and quiet. I am going to have to try the sleeping mask. I had a friend that would use a sleeping mask and ear plugs although I though I think sleeping with ear plugs is a bad idea because if there was an emergency you might not even be aware of it.


GOOD LUCK SHIRLEY!! I hope to see you at the finish line! Cheering so loud for you:) We have very similar taste in candy:) I hope you celebrate your race on Saturday with them all! I hope you have a great time visiting your son… I bet you are so excited to see those six grandkids:) I love the name Darla! Sleeping with ear plugs would scare me too! I hope your day is off to a great start:)


Where is Brookes cute two piece swimsuit from? My girls are dying for a two piece – but I’d like to keep them in something that’s not too grown up!

I used to love those banana candies- Runts (?) . I can’t imagine eating them now!


That’s exactly how I feel! I bought all of our swimmers from here:


They are the best!!!! I also know her in real life and she is amazing and I love supporting her!


Janae!! It’s been a while since I’ve had time to catch up with your posts and comment. Life is a bit crazy right now.
YAY for race week – so exciting!! I don’t have races anytime soon, but am hoping for some to start popping up around here later in the summer. I did register for a half in October – YIKES!!
Likely just some road trip long weekends this summer. It’s been a loooong time since we have been able to visit some elderly family members in Florida, but that trip still seems a bit too iffy to make (plus I really dislike the humidity of Florida in the summer).
I am becoming a high maintenance sleeper with age :o| Lately, I have needed Headspace sleep music to get to sleep and have resorted to an eye mask more than once. Getting to sleep is one thing; staying that way is entirely another.
Banana candy = NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Likewise, circus peanuts are the absolute worst (no offense intended to those that enjoy them), and I intensely dislike anything gummy. I suck the outside off the sour patch kids though LOL!!
Have an awesome Tuesday!!


Good luck on your race this weekend!!

I have a 1/2 planned for August and one in October. So far, they are looking like they’ll actually happen!

I am going to Costa Rica for a week in June and I could not be more excited! Then, 4 days after I get back I am flying to Montana to visit my nephews.

Banana and grape are definitely my least favorite candy flavor.


Ha, you reminded me of an oldie but a goodie. Banana Fudge Bomb Pops! I don’t think I’ve had one for over 30+ years. Are they still in grocery stores?

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