Never in my life + ONE DONE!

Never in my life had I been more excited than yesterday to get back to my car for my water bottle that I knew was full of ice and glorious liquid.  I brought one tiny water bottle for the run, but it was nowhere near enough.  I felt like I had cottonmouth for 90% of my run so gulping this the second I got in my car felt so good.

I met up with my friend Amber to do a Wednesday Workout.  We did a 1.18 mile uphill climb at a hard effort where you gain 472 feet.  Seeing this stop sign is the best because it means you are done putting your body through pure misery ha.

IMG 6122

I was pretty excited because I improved my time for the segment from the last time I did it in March!  My goal is to break 10 minutes eventually, and I almost did in 2019!

IMG 6125

We then did a 1 mile downhill fast mile where you drop about 140 ft, and that I did in 5:44.  It is so hard to get your legs moving fast again after all of the uphill.  My friend Amber was lightyears ahead of me on both parts of the workout and I was thinking about how that kind of stuff used to bring me down.  Having people up ahead can defeat us and make us feel like we aren’t enough, OR we can let it PULL us and inspire us to try to keep them in our eyesight:).  It’s our choice and the second option will make us so much faster.

PS Amber’s sister (they are my coach’s daughters) was in the FINALS in the trials yesterday for the 3000m Steeplechase.  The entire family is amazing.

Screen Shot 2021 06 23 at 10 01 25 AM

Ten miles total for the day and I am finding that rolling out my back before I run helps to open up my chest for the run.

IMG 6121

Did anyone else have one of these Giga Pets?  Knox got one and it keeps reminding me of mine when I was a kid.

IMG 6013

Not sure how long this was here before I noticed…

IMG 6142

Andrew finished his first semester of his NP program.  He has until July 1st until the next semester starts so we are ready to enjoy the next few days together!

IMG 6149

We decided to go on a family trip and I’ll give you one guess where we drove to;)

IMG 6152

You guessed it, St. George so we can eat at Viva Chicken.

IMG 6145

Eventually Andrew and I may live here (when we are no longer sharing kiddos in tenish years:) so until then, we will just visit often!  We have a lot of family here so it’s kind of the best.

IMG 6154

Time to run around in the red rocks.

IMG 6158


Have any summer travel plans?

Are you where you want to live long term or do you have plans to move?

Who else is in school right now?  Anybody wanting to go back to school?

Tell me what your run is today!

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Speedwork is tough, but uphill speed is a whole new level of pain. Great job!!
Huge congrats to Andrew! I hope he enjoys a few days of well-deserved rest and relaxation. And stay safe in the heat!!
As of 5 PM tomorrow, I will be finished with my Ph.D. program!! I CAN’T WAIT ha


HEY CLARE! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so so thrilled for you, what a huge accomplishment. I hope you celebrate BIG TIME.
I agree, uphill speed is torture haha. Thank you CLare, crazy enough… where we live feels hotter than it does here haha. Have a beautiful rest of your day, I am so happy for you.


Bo Peep…..HAHAHAHAHAHA. I cannot even tell you the amount of times I’ve found toys attached to me (usually in pockets though lol) or stickers all over me that I’m unaware of until I’ve been in public.
That sounds like a TOUGH workout!! I miss hill running so so so much. It makes you so strong!
We’re supposed to go to Branson, MO this summer. I’ve never been and it seems incredibly random. It’s my husband’s side of the family and none of them live in MO. I really don’t know who came up with this lol. Maybe there will be some hills for me to run on. :)
Have a great day!


Mollie – you will definitely have hills in Branson! We live in Nebraska and drive down there often – it is so beautiful and so much to do!


Hey Mollie! I am so glad I am not alone with the random toys attatched to me thing haha. I am excited for you guys this summer, I bet it is gorgeous… I hope you have the best time with all of the hills. Thanks friend, you too.


Tons of hills and humidity in the Ozarks. You’ll enjoy Branson. I live in MO, it’s beautiful here.


We recently built a home in Washington City, where we plan to retire someday. In the meantime, it’s the perfect place for a quick get-away for ourselves, family, and friends. Such beautiful scenery and so many trails!


NO WAY! That makes me so so so happy! Keep enjoying Christie!


Oh I love hills (though in the middle of running them, I usually question my sanity). But I can usually get more pumped for a hill workout over speed intervals any day.

I want to move to Utah! (no joke) Although…the recent weather has given me a little pause. :)

I actually do not like to travel much during the summer because everything is so busy. My husband and I do not have kids, so we do have the flexibility the travel in the off seasons. But we did just plan an early September hiking trip to Colorado and anymore I consider early Sept part of summer.

Happy Thursday and enjoy the family getaway!


Hey Janelle! Hearing that you want to move to Utah makes me so so happy. Yes, we definitely experience all four seasons (aggressively sometimes haha) but I love that about Utah. A hiking trip in Colorado sounds amazing. I am so happy for you guys. Thanks Janelle, have a great day!


So I live in Charlotte, NC and we have Viva Chicken about 10 mins from our house so I understand your love for it!! My husband and I have talked once our kids are out of school we will move to the mountains of North Carolina-it is so pretty there.
My run today was OrangeTheory class, I like the variety it offers some days.
Enjoy your summer, we have a beach trip planned to Kiawah Island South Carolina but not until August.


TEN MINUTES FROM YOUR HOUSE… I feel like I would be there every day. The mountains of North Carolina, that sounds incredible. I bet you guys will love it there. OrangeTheory… someday I will get to one of those classes, people love it! Thank you and your beach trip sounds awesome in August. Thanks Stacy.


That question of where I want to live long-term has been on my heart for a VERY long time now. I’m stuck in my thoughts and indecision about it, too–if it were entirely up to me and I were a one-woman show, I would live in Louisville or Kansas City in a heartbeat. They might not sound like the most exciting or glamorous places, but they’re the kind of smaller cities that just speak to my heart in a big way–big focus on neighborhoods with their own identity and culture, kind of a grassroots/upstart mentality amongst the younger and more vibrant people who live there, many opportunities to involve myself in literary communities and STILL have lots of outlets for the part of me that loves yoga/gym/fitness(/running when I feel strong enough and stable enough in my joints to get back to it). (NOTE: Louisville, however, doesn’t really have any gyms where I can teach my Les Mills classes…which is the ONLY notch against living there for me…)

BUT, life isn’t just me and it isn’t just a one-woman show. I have Tom, and my vision has shifted to places where our life can be possible and where we can keep on building our world and feel safe, comfortable, and easy in the bubble we build. Atlanta is totally fine–there’s a LOT I have come to love in the almost-five years we have lived here, and I have made some casual friends along the way. But in these five years, it hasn’t really come to feel like home to me. And over the last couple of years as I have started to educate myself on how to navigate a city that has a big problem with human trafficking/sex trafficking/and so much more, a strange hyper-focus on personal safety has started to overwhelm me. And a bit of doubt has crept up in my thoughts whenever I want to go places alone. For me, this is *incredibly* disempowering and makes me question how I am honoring the independent spirit that is very deeply rooted in my identity.

PLUS, I have something that is admittedly a bit bratty, but that I won’t deny or hide: when I was younger, I never wanted to follow what feels like a cliche–be the woman who moves for the guy. As I pursued my academic life, I always worried that a guy would likely not want to follow me wherever I happened to get a job. When Tom and I moved here, it was with the understanding that if/when I got a tenure-track job offer to teach English at a university that was the right fit, he would move with me–but for now, since Atlanta is a city with MANY opportunities in his professional field (and he has significant student loan debt still to pay down) AND it’s a city with many universities, it made sense for us to move here.

And we have been here. And part of me constantly wonders if this is it–if we should commit to being here and, in a year or so when we are more ready to save for a down payment on a home of our own and take on a mortgage, figure out what it would take to dig our roots into this city. The rest of me wonders where I want to live and what would make me happy…but that would also make my sweet amazing husband happy.

For a long time, these thoughts were in the very back of my mind–figuring out the job stuff came first and taking care of some of the deeper identity issues that, for me, run in tandem with questions of my vocation & occupation. I’ve been in a good place not so much because I finally have a good job, but more because my sense of self confidence has started to return after too many years of being–well, nowhere near me. I’m starting to feel that sense of “no matter what, I will be OK” and the most true parts of my identity–sharing love, serving the people around me, and connecting the present moment to what’s possible–feel more firmly grounded than ever.

And it’s time to really grapple with the BIG questions of where my heart will feel most at home (beyond tethered to Tom’s heart).

Woah–I just got deep. And wordy. Sorry about that! The funny thing is that without running through all of the inner dialogue, all of this, especially the part of me returning back to myself, was very present throughout my yoga class this morning. My mantra was, with each inhale, I am ok…and with each exhale, My heart is grounded. Funny how that works sometimes, right?

Want to hear something silly? For years now, whenever I peep in and comment after really having something to say from your blog posts (beyond my constant desire to send you a virtual high-five), part of me feels almost like we’re out for a cup of coffee (or, well, a milkshake…because YUM…), just meeting up at the local coffee shop…

(Again: silly, but honest…)

Hope your day in St. George is AMAZING!


I sure wish we could meet for a milkshake haha and talk about all of the things. I LOVE hearing from you. Oh Louisville is so so great, I hope you get to move there someday and that they build the perfect gym for you to teach at:) I think you and Tom are doing an amazing job figuring this out! So many different ways things can go, I can’t wait to see and hear what you guys decide. “No matter what, I will be OK” AMEN, I love that so much and connecting to where we are at now is so important. One day we better be able to meet up for a milkshake! Have a beautiful day, Stephanie.


The toy hanging on your necklace… Ha ha ha. Amazing.
I love (hate) hills! I know running hills makes us so strong, and we have plenty here in our neighborhood, so I feel like I run them all the time. And yes, the stop sign feeling! That “thank God I made it” feeling is the best! I really should do some hill repeats again. Haven’t done those in quite a while. Like you always say…. Hill running is speed work in disguise!
Congrats to Andrew! One semester done ?. Enjoy having everyone home / around for a good week! And enjoy St. George!!


Hey Wendy! Thank goodness for those stop signs;) Thank you so much! I hope you are having a great day!


Hi Janae! What a cool workout! I totally get what you mean about chasing a faster friend.. speaking of rabbits my running club friend found a baby rabbit before our last run! It was so hot out and the poor thing was lost so she took it home and is caring for it.
Have a wonderful time in St. George!!!!


Thanks Amy! That is so so sweet of your running club friend, wow. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


How fun that Andrew is on break, you guys really are amazing with all you juggle!

Have a wonderful time in St. George, we are planning some trips this summer and a Disney trip ASAP. My big goal is to figure out how to get these kids out to see the ocean, we haven’t been to the coast since 2018.


Thanks Beth, I don’t know how he is doing it all! This break is so needed. We want to go to Disney so bad too, meet us there?! You’ll have to let me know when you make it out to the ocean, that will feel so good for you all!


Janae! You are so fast and so strong! Even so, you give this slow old lady courage to stick with running. My only dang goal at this point is to run a 30 minute 5k before I die or something. I never quit trying even when I have to take big breaks for injuries or ice and cold or heat and humidity. I am kinda hoping I’m on my way to it this time with week 5 of 9 being done now.

We are exactly at the point you dream about with St George. Our choice is Tampa Bay. This year we will begin to celebrate both of our birthdays there and a few more trips there too. We have to stay up north until retirement but our goal just now is to spend all of our vacation time there as we transition.

Thanks for your steadfast encouragement every day! It really really translates nicely for all runners even at the back of the pack.

Enjoy your day!


HEY BELLE! I am cheering so loud for you and I cannot wait to hear about your 30 minute 5k. You’ve got this and I love that you don’t quit and it will all pay off in 4 more weeks. You have to let me know how it goes. Tampa Bay, that sounds dreamy! Enjoy your trips down there this year together. PLEASE keep me updated with how you are doing and your race. You can and you will get your goal!


That park looks amazing! Where is it in St. George?


Hey Kristin! It was so fun and surrounded in huge trees for the perfect shade. It was at the Washington Museum… across from the Washington Post Office. Let me know if you go! Have a great day:)


I ran 9 miles at 5:30 am because we are supposed to get a heat 35 degrees Celsius so definitely over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Our weekend is supposed to be crazy hot so much be trading miles for pool or ocean time lol!

Hope you have a great day Janae!


I love school! I’m a lawyer but I am working on my MBA right now – graduating this December! But my husband fears I’ll just keep going to school because I love it so much, so we made a deal – no more school in exchange for getting a puppy when I graduate!

Raced a “Pop up 5k” yesterday and took 2nd place overall female – so today is just some yoga and stretching I think!


RACHEL! WOW! You are absolutely amazing. That is what my brother just finished (he is a lawyer too) and I saw how crazy busy he was, how do you do it?! Hahah I love that exchange, you win:) I have a good friend that says she just wants to be a professional student and never stop. HUGE congrats on your race yesterday and 2nd place female, you are on fire. Have a great day.


A local gal, Mel Lawrence, is running in the finals tonight in the 3000m steeplechase too! Good luck to both girls!


That is so so awesome!!!


I’m in school! Getting my MBA at night, working during the day. You got this Andrew!!

No run today, but went into the office for the first time in forever and was on my feet all day, very different than working from home. I had fun seeing people! And there were food trucks on site, so we had lunch together.


I’m currently job searching after finishing my MBA and wanting to move into data analytics. I’ve been doing accounting related jobs for the last 8 years. I hope to move this year. I’m pretty open to moving to multiple larger cities, maybe in the Carolinas, Texas or even back to the Chicago area where I grew up.

On another note, Giga pets brings back memories. I would sneak mine to school and secretly feed it at lunch time in my locker, trying to not let the teachers notice. Good times lol.

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