Friday Favorites!!

When you start your run at 5:19 am, this is the best picture you can get;).

7.11 miles @ 8:24 average!

The kids wanted to go for a bike ride, so we loaded up…

IMG 5750

And stopped for donuts along the way.  I’ve been on a maple bar streak every time we go out for donuts for a while now.

IMG 5752

The neighbors brought out their slip ’n slide for all of the kids to play on. This one is from Sam’s Club for $99 and it is awesome.

IMG 5754

In the afternoon, Skye decided that racerback tanks look much better worn like this…

IMG 5764

And my Thursday night—> sometimes you just cry a lot and put yourself to bed at the same time the 7-month-old goes to bed.

IMG 5767


This week’s favorites are pretty awesome…

*$13 summer dress! YES PLEASE.  I am wearing a medium! It is perfect for summer and comes in great colors.

Also, here are my BRAIDED SLIDES.  I wear them every single day.

IMG 5421 2

*I am actually kind of surprised over how awesome this snow cone machine is.  We bought this for the kids for Christmas and it is already a summer staple.  Whenever we go to get snow cones it ends up being $20 so I figured buying one would be worth it in the long run.  It is SO easy to use and clean and it makes awesome snow cones.

IMG 5565

*I’m no longer the snack packer;). I got the kids each a little bag for them to pack snacks if we are going to be gone for a while and have given them the responsibility. The snacks are at their eye level and they each have one of these awesome bags (I’m using one for my car essentials, pool essentials and makeup too)!  They are awesome and so cheap.

IMG 4245

*Jenny let me know about the Running Rogue podcast about the Shelby Houlihan situation and it was really good in case you are looking for more information.

*Samantha shared this awesome article with me about how to lace our running shoes, it is so helpful!

IMG 5753


Do you tie your shoes in any of the above ways?  Do you or have you ever had any feet problems?

Tell me something you are really looking forward to this weekend!

Any races this weekend?  Any long runs?

How often do you wear dresses?  Favorite place to get dresses?

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Haha, new way to wear a tank! The snack bags=genius! If only I could get my kids to remember to actually bring them AND their water bottle in the car;-)

I do the “heel slipping” shoe tie. I originally did it to help with my achilles. I have no idea if it helps or not, but for the past 8 years, I have stuck with it.

My daughter (11 year old) and I are going to Florida on Sunday. It is her first airplane ride–she is nervous and excited. My other 2 kids are going to Duluth to cheer on my sister for the 1/2 marathon (Grandma’s) on Saturday.

Have a fabulous Friday, Janae!


Haha she wants me to try to wear my tank this way today;). OH the water bottles in the car… I feel you on that! I do not love sharing a water bottle ha so I really need them to remember. HAVE THE ABSOLUTE BEST TIME with your daughter in Florida. Enjoy every second and I hope you have so many fun things planned. I’m cheering for your sister too, so happy Grandma’s is happening. Thanks Becky, you too!


I use to wear dresses all the time but with breastfeeding I find it cumbersome. I love the one in the post. Are you able to wear them while nursing?


Hey Megan! I am a huge fan of dresses too, especially in the summer! This one is not easy to breastfeed with though, I wear it on days I know I have a place I can feed beck where I can just lift the whole dress up ha. I just can’t pass up the $13 thing…
Have a great day!


Oh – I know that feeling of just crying and putting yourself to bed. Some days are just like that. Praying today is better for you!

Throwing myself out of my comfort zone this week in the quest to make friends (based on your earlier post on the subject). Went to a group run last night, going to another new group run tomorrow. There is a girl out there that wants an early morning running partner and I am going to find her! Then we’ve got some family birthday celebrations, a hike, and hopefully some beach time. Have a great weekend!!


Thank you Tracy! Already off to a good start:). I. AM. SO. HAPPY. that you went to the group run last night and that you have another group run tomorrow. I am so excited for you and wish I could come join too. Sounds like the best weekend, enjoy every second.


One small step in my quest to find my “Emilee!”


I’m a sucker for Old Navy summer dresses – great prices point for the sweaty summer months here in Colorado :) ps. Still loving your haircut so much! So flattering, Janae!!

Looking forward Fathers Day celebrating my husband and our Heavenly Father!! hopefully we can find a good splash pad to break this heat too ;) great idea on the snow cone machine.


I LOVE Old Navy dresses, I totally agree with you they are the best. Thank you Allison, I’m loving it too. It’s going to be a great weekend! Enjoy!!


I have a race this weekend – an actual real with-other-people trail race. I say race, but I don’t really have a time in mind – it’s 30ish miles so just hoping to enjoy it. Speaking of packing snacks…

Have a great weekend!


HELEN HELEN HELEN! I am cheering so loud for you! 30ish miles wahoo, please let me know how it goes! You are amazing.


I’ve bought my last 2 dresses from Called to Surf – thank you for recommending them to your readers – I would never even know they existed if it wasn’t for your blog!
My church hosts vacation bible school next week, so I’m looking forward to finishing up the million things I need to do to get ready this weekend. I’m leading music this year, which I’ve never done before, and after listening to the songs nonstop for the past month I’m ready to get the kids singing them.


Skye… Ha ha ha. Maybe I should try wearing my tank like that too?!
I love that lacing guide! I always just leave me shoes laced the way they come, bit I think I need to try a few of those.
I love wearing dresses! We have a cute little shop here in our downtown area that has super cute dresses. They’re not always the cheapest, but I love supporting the store. Target sometimes has cute ones, Nordstrom Rack, the one you’re wearing is really cute!
I’m bummed my husband is out of town this weekend, but we’re still getting together with family at his sister’s house for Father’s day for a BBQ and swimming. I’m really looking forward to that.
I’m sorry your night ended rough, hoping today is better! Have a great day Janae ?


I had no idea there were so many ways to lace a running shoe. I lace my running shoes incredibly loosely, but that’s as weird as I get. I will check out that dress you shared – now that I am well beyond breastfeeding and we are back to attending church in-person, I need some new dresses!
This weekend we will be visiting my mother-in-law who just got transitioned to hospice care – so not super “fun”, but it is going to be a very unique experience being able to slowly say goodbye (she’s had cancer for a while). Most of my experience has been with loved ones suddenly passing, so there is a small benefit to an otherwise incredibly sad situation.
Sorry to hear you had a rough night. Hope you both got some good sleep to wake up for a fresh new day!


I just got a garmin, so excited to figure out how to use this weekend!!

I wear dresses a lot, Amazon, Target and Old Navy normally have great options and prices!

Have a great weekend!


Yes to a race this weekend! My local Fleet Feet is hosting a free Juneteenth 5k/10k :)

I love dresses in the summer. I don’t like feeling fabric constricting me when its 95+ degrees out!! I’m obsessed with dresses like this one: anything with adjustable tie straps is a winner to me. Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!! My goodness, work has been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to keep up with or comment on your posts :o( I will say that between the snow cone machine and your neighbor’s slip & slide, I want to schedule a summer vacation at your house – LOL!
I have used the heel slipping tie in the past, but I started using different shoes and just tie they regularly now.
Hopefully, at least a short run this weekend. There will be lots of driving to visit family for Father’s Day Weekend. I hope Andrew has a lovely one and that you get to visit with your dad :o) I wish lovely days and good visits even if you choose not to recognize/celebrate Father’s Day :o)
I love dresses in the summer – so easy! Mine typically come from discount stores like Walmart and Marshall’s. You always have cute and comfy looking ones.
You were so supportive here when I mentioned that I had joined a 6 week running program for some motivation and accountability. Last week was the final one and we had to do a repeat times mile, so just wanted to share that my time improved by 1 minute and 10 seconds, so I was quite happy with that. Thanks for your positive support! Have a wonderful weekend, Janae!!


I need that dress! So cute. Many of my favorite dresses come from REI, because they have nifty built-ins like zipper pockets and shelf bras (which you can make more modest by adding disposable nursing pads FYI! I kept some for three summers after my daughter stopped nursing).

My weekend started today with a virtual 10k. I ran it in 45:32, which is a HUGE (like, 2 minute) PR for me! I’ve been dealing with back issues for much of the spring, PT, strength training, etc. This lets me know I’m finally back on track and that I might be able to snag that BQ in October. Woohoo!

I usually double tie AND tuck the laces, because I am paranoid about my laces coming untied. Other than that, no special lacing here.

Have a good weekend!


Skye has a unique sense of fashion :)
Janae please give us (if you want) some snack ideas for the kids. Sometimes I cant think of anything!

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