Friday Favorites!!

What I did the second I finished the workout portion of my run… it was a HOT one.

I went out later for my run than planned because Skye asked to cuddle as I was leaving and I couldn’t say no.

IMG 5268

SO in love with the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, I have no idea how these shoes are so incredibly light.

IMG 5271

When I don’t have my group to do speed with I just look back at what I did in 2019 and this was the workout (below) that I did the week after my 10k so I decided to do it this week too.  It’s a short workout but it’s crazy hard.  Yesterday I did the 1.25 miles @ 5:58 for the first mile and then a 6:06 pace for the last .25 miles.  I did it on a flat road but the last portion was uphill so I was happy about that pace!

Constantly switching gears for this type of workout is rough for me but it keeps my brain busy which makes it go by really fast.   I’m a big believer that doing short intervals of those really fast speeds can really help our marathon times.  PS I just kept guessing when it was about 50m since I wasn’t on a track…

IMG 5270

I cannot thank you guys enough for all of the help yesterday.  I went to get a brace first thing and helped ease some of the pain.  I’ll see someone when I get back if it doesn’t get better for a cortisone shot.  Like always, what would I do without you guys?

PS you know you are obsessed with running when you are just glad it doesn’t stop you from running;)

IMG 5293

I would definitely choose Viva Chicken for my last meal (along with a brownie sundae and my mom’s lasagna).

IMG 5294

I think it is Beck’s favorite meal too.

IMG 5297

And the other highlight of the day was swimming, of course.

IMG 5312


Time for a few of my favorite things!

*TINKERTOYS!  If I can find a toy that Brooke, Knox and Skye all love that requires them to use their imaginations… I am so happy.  My neighbor had these at her house and my kids were over there playing with them for so long so I got some for our house and they are awesome.  It is a 200 piece set!

IMG 5210

*I know it is hot outside but I thought I would share my favorite joggers again for people like me that blast the AC all summer in their house so they still need something comfortable like these.  $15! They come in a ton of different colors and they are so so soft.  I love wearing them with either the Target Boxy T-Shirt or the Aerie Distressed T-Shirt.


*The best popsicles in the history of the world.  They are definitely a summer favorite for me!

IMG 5066

*This is just one of those very simple joy finds for me:)   It’s a little sink squeegee that sits on the edge of my sink.  We have approximately 34 spills a day on my counters and I just grab this and squeegee/sweep it all into the sink.  It also makes it easy to squeegee whatever is in the sink into the drain too.  You can throw it in the dishwasher too and I just love a cheap little tool like this that makes life easier.

IMG 5075

*This tank.  Light with all of the ventilation happening.  It sits a bit shorter and I wear high waisted shorts with it.  I want it in every color on the planet.

IMG 5124


What are your weekend plans?  Looking forward to anything?

What was the last speed workout that you did?!  

Do you remember any of your favorite toys from when you were a kid?

What would you choose for your last meal?!

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I didn’t even know sink squeegees existed, and now I NEED one. Envious of your speed work; I am still taking a running break and really focused on PT and strength!

I LOVED playmobile as a kid. I was never as into tinkertoys, but my playmobile characters had very complex lives and adventures!


You absolutely need it! You are going to love it. I really really hope you are back running ASAP. You are being so smart focusing on pt and strength! Playmobile = the best. Have a great weekend, Kristin!


This is so random, but I think I found a trick for adjusting to the summer heat/humidity (the higher on average humidity in Austin has made running this week so hard!!)–
Run a couple miles outdoors and then jump on the treadmill to finish up. I’m planning to gradually acclimate to the heat/humidity this way, instead of trying to complete my entire run outdoors (and getting frustrated with myself when I have trouble finishing my run or running as fast). I may also stick to doing speedwork indoors the whole summer.

I hope your family is having a great little getaway!! I want to visit Utah so badly… you guys have SUCH a beautiful state!!


Clare! That is such a good idea! I love it and I’m going to have to share it❤️ The treadmill is such an incredible tool, it does so much for us! When you get frustrated with yourself just remind yourself that I would probably be passed out on the side of the road running in the conditions that you do. I’m amazed by you! Thank you!


You passed me on your run yesterday. You looked so strong – especially given the heat. It was very motivating to see someone powering through!


Wait what???? Email me… any chance you want to run today? Thank you! It was so so hot!


Sorry, just saw this. You’re sweet, but your running is WAY out of my league. I couldn’t run your speed if I was being chased by zombies! ?


We were a Lincoln log house!! So nostalgic.


Ahhhh yes! My grandma has them at her house and they always make me so happy! Have a great weekend, Molly!


Ok, need to get one of those sink squeegees! It’s one of those tools that makes you think, how in the world have I lived without this? Ha ha
I did a speed workout a couple of weeks ago that I loved: minute repeats. Warm up, one minute fast/hard, one minute recovery jog, etc… I loved the push for a minute. I think I did a total of 8 maybe? It was awesome. Maybe I’ll do that today.
My boys loved LEGO’s when they were younger. They would play with them together for hours! Every so often even now (ages 20 and 17) they’ll pull out a Lego set and build… So sweet.
Have a great Friday!


You are seriously going to love it so much, let me know what you think! Those minute repeats are awesome and I hope you got in some of them today too! Legos really are the best, my kids can’t get enough of them either. Have a beautiful day, friend!


Weekend plans- I really want to see In The Heights, so thinking about going to the movies for the first time since the pandemic!

My siblings and I loved legos as kids, we would spend hours building.

My last meal would definitely need to be tacos or enchiladas and chips with guacamole, queso and salsa. Can never get enough Mexican food!


Please let me know what you think of that movie! Have the best time, it will feel so nice to be back! It really isn’t possible to have too much Mexican food. Happy weekend Mariah!


I just started marathon training for my second marathon and this week I had hill sprints.
I’m hoping for a major PR though, so I’ll keep doing them!
Have a great weekend!


Jamie! I am so thrilled for you! Which marathon? Those hill sprints are so effective! Have a beautiful day and keep me updated with your training?


Hi Janae! Love the sink squeegee, that is so smart. My last speed workout was 200m repeats! I do then at the park over a slight downhill and I think it really helps build speed. Obviously they’d be even faster on the track but the park is easier to get to on weekdays.
Happy Friday! I have the day off and going to go to an urban dirt trail!


I think the slight downhill is awesome for those 200m repeats because they train your body to have a faster leg turnover! Great job and enjoy your day off. Thanks Amy!


re: your last meal. I made your mom’s lasagna for the first time this week. We are quite the lasagna aficionados in our house, and both my kids AND my husband declared it their favorite lasagna ever (they liked it better even than my mom’s!) Please thank your mom for the delicious recipe!


This makes me so so so happy! I’m so glad everyone loved it! I will tell her❤️ Have the best weekend, Amanda!


Where do you find those popsicles at?!


Hey! Costco usually has them or we have a store called Harmon’s that has them!


It’s so great if I can go swimming with my family now. But I have no time.

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