Friday Favorites!

It’s race day tomorrow <— It feels like it has been a decade since I was last able to say that!  8 miles @ 8:52 average for my Thursday morning, and I’ll take today off.

Some stretching happened too!

IMG 4796

Beretta was not happy about the idea of stopping our walk for a picture, and Skye insisted on wearing thermals even though it was over 80 degrees.

IMG 4814

Going for a popsicle streak this summer.

IMG 4830

Beck experienced his first day at the splash pad.

IMG 4844

I am still in the sweet spot where all of the kids enjoy a lot of the same activities.  I’m guessing this will be the last year that Brooke and Knox will still love the splash pad, so we will soak this up.

IMG 4841

Dinner was one of my absolute favorites.  Easy coconut shrimp curry (added broccoli and potatoes to the recipe too:).

IMG 4856

And if you need  rice in 90 seconds… these packs from Costco are amazing.  They come in handy when you realize you forgot to start the rice cooker and everyone is starving once the above curry is done being made.

IMG 4857

Time to go pick up my race bib wahoooo!  Picture from the last time I had a bib to pickup:

IMG 2099


Let’s chat about my favorites this week!

*I love a fanny pack.  I bought this one a few years ago and still use it all of the time.  I can fit my phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss, and snacks all in the pouch, making it easy to grab what I need and then have two free hands for kids.

Also, going along with the fanny pack, my go-to outfit these days are the oversized t-shirts ($15!) that I linked to last week and the Align Super High Rise Shorts <— nothing is softer and more comfortable.  I have the 10” ones!

IMG 4674

*A few of you told me to try freezing my PB M&Ms, and I’m very thankful for this information.  They are amazing frozen, and they only come second to Andes Mints frozen.

IMG 4486

*$13 for a layered choker necklace that I’ve worn every day for a few weeks now… yes, please.  Sometimes I wear one, and sometimes I wear both.

IMG 4833

*We have a drawer in the kitchen for the kid’s hair stuff because I usually do their hair while they are eating.  The drawer has been a disaster with those little rubber bands everywhere, and so I got this organization case to store it all, and I feel so much better.  I always wonder why I don’t organize an area sooner than I do because it drives me nuts until I finally do it.

IMG 4714


Tell me something exciting about your upcoming weekend!

What is your favorite frozen treat?  Tell me a candy that you love frozen!

Tell me a way that you are organized in your life and a way that you are disorganized!

Are you a purse person?  Fanny pack?  Big bag?  

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This weekend I’m going for my first run postpartum! I’m going to start with just a quarter to half mile, but I’m really excited!

I love red grapes and peanut butter cups frozen. My mom taught me that when grapes are starting to get a little old and wrinkled, pop them in the freezer and they are so tasty!

Can’t wait to hear how your race goes, best of luck to you!


MEGHAN! I am so so so excited for you. Please let me know how it goes afterward. Cheering for you and enjoy every step (and then the post-run baby snuggles:). Your mom is so smart… and frozen grapes are the best. Thanks friend, have a great day and I hope you are getting some sleep:)


Good luck at your race!! You are going to do great!

I’m normally very organized, but not with mail, I just have a bin I keep it all in. I’ll go through it, but don’t quite have a filing process for the things I need to keep! Need to figure that out.

Going to have to try peanut butter m&ms in the freezer! Reese’s are also really good cold.


Hey Mariah! Thank you, I am very excited! Hahaha I’m going to have Andrew read your comment because my mail organization is terrible! Let me know what you think of the pb m&ms. Happy weekend friend!


So excited for your race tomorrow! You are going to ROCK it!

I am officially on summer vacation starting today so every day is going to be like a weekend!!!!

I was joking with my mom that the only way I was organized this past school year was washing my kids masks and making sure they had a clean on each day, haha. But overall, I am organized in getting laundry done, my running/workout schedule and making sure the kids all have a ride to school/someone to watch them;-) My husband just started swing shifts. He doesn’t remember anything me or the kids have going on so everything must be covered! Most other areas, I am pretty lax–something I am working on because our house can get over run with toys.

Oh my word, I just jumped on the fanny pack bandwagon the past month and I love it! I no longer need a diaper bag or big purse, but I love having my hands free so it’s a win-win!

Have a fabulous Friday Janae!


Becky Becky Becky Becky! It’s so good to hear from you and hallelujah, it’s your summer vacation! I am so happy for you! You sound extremely organized to me with the most important things! And that is exactly how my house is feeling right now. Right?! Seriously the fanny pack just makes life so easy. Thank you friend, you too.


GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! You’re going to do so amazing!! We’re all rooting for you!!


Thank you Clare! I am so excited. Have a wonderful one!


Happy Friday, Janae, and I hope you have the MOST FUN even during the tough times of your race tomorrow—-just remember that gratitude for being out there when the going might get tough. Have a great time being back in the race environment!!!!

And, lol, we have a hairbrush drawer in our kitchen, too!!!!! I’ve wondered if that is gross, so I’m glad to hear that you do as well!!! I agree—we just mostly do ponytails at breakfast or on the way out the door!!!!!

Okay. I’m gonna do an opposite here. I actually like Reese’s PB cups better NOT frozen. I need to try those PB M&Ms frozen though!!!! I like gummy bears when they’re on ice cream and get all hard. I know that’s an acquired taste. ha ha

CANNOT wait to see pics/hear how tomorrow goes for you!!!!!!!! Tear it up!!!!!


JEN! Thank you thank you thank you. Gratitude is everything! The hairbrush drawer in the kitchen is a must… mornings are just too crazy! Maybe just try a few of the pb m&ms in the freezer just in case you don’t like them! Oh and frozen gummy bears are the best. Thank you friends and happy 3 half days left of school wahoo!


I’m running the Utah valley marathon tomorrow!!! I’m excited to celebrate the months of work but nervous about how hot it’s been the last few days! Have a wonderful time in the 10k! So nice to get to do in person races again! :)


Laura! I am SO so so excited for you. I have to see you there! You are going to do amazing. One wonderful thing about this area is that it is cool in the mornings and especially in the canyon. You might feel some heat in the last few miles but take advantage of the water showers they have on the course that you can run through. Don’t let the temps scare you… the morning is going to be amazing! YOU’VE GOT THIS!


Thank you Janae!! That was so good to hear – I remember the misters from the times I’ve done the half. Definitely going to run through those! And I will definitely say hi if I see you! We got to meet a few years ago at the half – I think when you were newly pregnant with Skye :)


Happy RACE DAY Eve, Janae!!! You will have an awesome time being back out there on a race course – enjoy it!!
Seeing some friends this weekend and getting ready for my sister’s visit (from AZ) next week – can’t wait to see her again!!!
My favorite frozen treat is Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies :o) I really can’t have PB M&Ms in the house, because I will just bury my head in the bag until they are gone, but I really want to try them frozen now :o)
Paper is my nemesis when it comes to organization – ALL. THE. PAPER. I laugh that they used to say computers would make us a paperless society…HA!!
I used to have a little “pocket” that stuck to the back of my phone and was my absolute favorite for carrying my ID, credit card, etc. Sadly, it tore (they’re just rubber) and I haven’t replaced it. So, I tend to resort to stashing my wallet in the car and putting just what I need in a pocket of whatever I’m wearing. Time to replace the “phone pocket”!! Have an awesome time at your race and looking forward to hearing all about it!


Yippee for race day! I am so excited for you! Enjoy everything about the race, from start to finish. Oooo… And enjoy cheering your friends on with the half and full marathon! I’m excited to see how Emilee does too!
I forgot about freezing Andes mints. I need to that! So, so good. I love frozen grapes too, but haven’t tried too many candies frozen. I definitely will now.
This weekend will be filled with lots of po time, yay! And, my husband has started work on our backyard (redoing everything), so I will jump in and help with that too.
Have a good rest day today. Sending you all the good vibes for tomorrow morning! ?


Have a great race tomorrow! Those pb m&ms will make you speedy.


Hi Janae! I think running at the same time every day and following a plan is the only place I’m organized in my life ;)
Good luck with the race tomorrow!! Do you prep the same way for a 10k as you do the marathon (same pre race meal)?
Happy Friday!


Our sod is going in this weekend!!! We have planted about 50 plants/tress in the past 9 days, this also included weed barrier and decorative stones. I don’t need a gym, my arms are more toned than they’ve ever been!

Italian gelato is my favorite frozen treat, but since I’m not in Italy, I’ll settle for ice cream.

I’m a purse person. I prefer a small cross body bad for traveling or shopping, but I have a giant bag that I take to church!

Have a great race tomorrow!


Yes to Andes being frozen and I like just a plain Hershey bar in the freezer! Good luck tomorrow, it has been 1 1/2 years since I ran a race and I didn’t have a baby but very happy races are coming back! I like to organize drawers, closets and feel so accomplished but they never stay that way :)

Have a great weekend!


Happy Friday and good luck tomorrow!!
I like frozen grapes and frozen chocolate.
We might go away this weekend for a camping trip so that would be fun.

A purse over fanny pack but usually neither. I am organized in my work but our kitchen drawers are messy gulp. My partner put his foot down and we at least have drawers by categories lol


Best use for a fanny pack: mini diaper bag. Eons ago, when I was training for my first marathon, I bought a fanny pack that had 2 bottle holders. A few years later, it was the easiest thing to stuff with 2 diapers, a pack of wipes, and sippy cups/snack cups.
Have a fabulous race tomorrow!!! I have a feeling you’re going to surprise yourself. And hoping to read about big PRs for Emilee and other friends running the full/half. Good luck, all!


I AM SO EXCITED for your 10K tomorrow and then your half-marathon in St. George towards the end of summer. I love seeing you back with your team and hitting your training really well (and, a tangent: I love that your team has SEnita hoodies. I am SUPER obsessed with that brand these days!!!)!!!!

You asked about fanny packs: I bought one about a month or so ago. I remember making fun of people wearing fanny packs and the latest fashion trends, but when Tom and I started hitting the trails around us after work on some afternoons, and then there were days when I would go alone, it began to feel like a big safety thing to be able to have ID and my driver’s license and even my car keys (jabbing someone in the side with a car key can be a safety measure in a pinch…). So I used my fit pro discount at lululemon and bought a fanny pack when I realized that it was a few bucks less than even the plain black fanny packs I saw and liked on Amazon.

OTHERWISE, I am a purse person. And I have all varieties! For every day running errands, and for when Tom and I go out on date nights, and especially for to and from the gym, a small cross-body bag does the trick. It holds just what I need (plus a chapstick and a lip gloss). For everything else I have one guiding question: CAN THIS FIT A BOOK? Because when it’s time to take myself out on a lunch date, I want to be able to bring the best kind of friend–a really good book–with me and enjoy my afternoon out!!!

I really am excited for you run tomorrow. Everything about it–getting back to races after Beck, and after pandemic shut-downs, and with your team–is amazing!!! I can’t wait to see your flat-lay for your outfit!!!


I have a race this weekend too! It’s my first race since the month before I found out I was pregnant with my two year old (high risk pregnancy that required absolution no exercise, followed by post-partum, followed by covid…). It’s actually a relay that I’ll be running with my brother and sister-in-law and my husband. And it’s my husband’s first race ever!


Have such a great race tomorrow! Will be sending you lots and lots of good vibes!


I’m running my 9th marathon this weekend and nervously hoping for a PR! I’m looking forward to hearing about your race! Good luck!


Ahhhhhh good luck to you!!!! Please let me know how it goes!


Hey Janae, been a while since I commented but I’ve definitely been reading your updates. Not sure whether you’ll see this before your race but all the best!!! So happy you get to race again :)
Singapore’s been in a kinda half-assed sort of lockdown state for the past couple weeks (no other words for it lololol but it’s better than a full lockdown, and it’s been working, so not knocking on it) and we’re not sure when it’ll end, but the mood here’s been kinda low as a result. However we are allowed to meet up to 2 unique people a day so next Saturday a friend is pacing me for a half to close off my current training cycle, and then hopefully vaccinations would have opened up for my age group the following week.
Weather’s been kinda awful though so i have no idea what to expect on “race day” but I’m just gonna go for it (for those who measure in farenheit, it’s like perpetually in the high 90s even at night lol and the humidity has been off the charts which hasn’t helped).
As you always say, have a great day and keep us updated on your race results (of course you will!) ;)

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