Taper Crazies + This is the Real Goal.

I met up with the group (about ten more people were there too) yesterday for their last big workout.  They are officially now in taper mode for their marathon and a few of them talked about the taper crazies… the taper is NUTS!  It all of a sudden makes me feel like my legs are cement, I swear I always get a cold, random pains pop up, and I get SO moody.   Just the craziest things we experience as runners.

I was feeling off again (I’m getting the bad runs out of the way before the race;) and I did my downhill repeats slower than I did them last week… BUT I did do one more than I did last week for a total of 5, so I’ll celebrate that.  As Ali says, “Positive splits for positive people!”  5:38, 5:39, 5:45, 5:49 & 5:51

I was pretty happy about my sunglasses (goodr) and shoes matching… It’s the little things.

IMG 4227

I shared about this amazing woman on IG but had to share about her here too.  She was training for the marathon next weekend in our area, and she was on fire with her workouts.  She recently got injured and hasn’t been able to run since.  Instead of staying home and being upset about her injury (I had my money on her taking the master’s record for the course because she is so fast), she came to the last big workout.  She had drinks for everyone and gummy bears.  She was at the end of each mile repeat cheering so loud for all of us with the biggest smile on her face.

Getting faster and stronger is cool and all, but being a fantastic human like Heidi, is the real goal.

IMG 4214

10.39 miles @ 7:36 average for the day and then back home.  Beck thinks Brooke is his second mom:)

IMG 4218

Smoothies occurred asap, and Brooke enjoyed hers in a fancy cup that her teacher gave to her.  I need one of these!

IMG 4220

This little dude is obsessed with playing with any jewelry that I have on.

IMG 4234

Or playing with Andrew’s watch; I remember Skye and Brooke loving to do the same thing with my Garmin.

IMG 4202

Skye hung out with my sister’s boys for a bit.  She was so excited to show off her socks that we forgot her shoes;)

IMG 4236

Cereal is a big part of my life lately, and Raisin Bran is my top choice.

IMG 4247

I took the girls to get their wiggles out, and everyone was sweating by the end (including me trying to keep up with them).

IMG 4251

And then this little mess-free coloring book kept Skye’s attention for a solid half-hour.

IMG 4255

Add this to another one of my favorite fast meals from Trader Joe’s.  I have a list of my favorite easy TJ’s meals HERE.

IMG 4258

PS Linda sent this picture to me.  I had no idea these existed.  It’s a win-win now for Andrew and me (he prefers peanut, and I like PB).

IMG 4205


Tapering… is it something you enjoy or not so much?  What are some of the side effects you have experienced from tapering?

Tell me something nice a runner has done for you or someone else that you’ve seen?

Have a favorite electrolyte drink and flavor?  Do tell!

Tell me what the last cereal was that you ate.

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I love Heidi’s response! So nice of her to still support her fellow runners and focus on the positive.

I like drinking Nuun- I usually keep multiple flavors so I can switch it up!

Last cereal I had was Honey Nut Cheerios- and this box has heart shaped Cheerios! I didn’t notice until I poured a bowl haha.


Right?! Such a good example to me. I really need to jump into Nuun… people LOVE it! Honey Nut Cheerios is just perfection and they were heart-shaped? Even better. Have a fabulous day Mariah.


I NEED to find those M&M’s! That sounds like the best combo! I’m glad you are also a raisin bran fan because that is my favorite cereal, and everyone makes fun of me for it. I used to LOVE mixing that with raisin bran crunch!

I really like the Nuun tablets for my water! Lemon lime is my favorite. And Emma Coburn uses them, so they must be good, right? :-)


Let me know when you find a bag of them and what you think! Haha I get made fun of too but I don’t care, it is so good. If Emma uses them, they have to be good:). Have a really wonderful day Kristin!


Cereal twinsies, I am on a Raisin Bran kick right now too. SO good!


Let’s eat a bowl together and Facetime:).


There’s a different mixed bag of M&M’s that I’ve gotten. There’s white, dark, and regular in it. It’s not as good and the peanut and the PB.
The taper makes me crazy because I have extra time on my hands and extra energy to burn. I have to force myself to take it easy because I’m supposed to be recharging for the race.
The last cereal I ate was Frosted Flakes. I can’t do raisin bran because I can’t eat raisins. The texture makes me vomit. My favorite is the Malt-o-meal s’mores (that comes in the big bag). That stuff is like crack. I can’t buy it because I have no self control when it’s in the house. Chocolate Lucky Charms are good, too. Sometimes, I throw hot chocolate mini-marshmallows for good measure.

have a great day!


Well, now I need to try that bag too! YESSSSS I totally agree about the extra energy. Our coach told us to just go garden or clean the house! I have never tried the s’mores, off to the store today! Okay, you are just giving me so many good ideas for cereal, thank you and I forgot about how good Frosted Flakes are too. Thanks Lee, you too!


What a fantastic human Heidi is. That certainly would have put a smile on my face too ?
A week or so ago, I was running on a trail, and came upon a coyote. I stopped (because it was just standing in the middle of the trail) to see what it was going to do. A woman came running up behind me, so I stopped her and showed her the coyote. We waited for a minute or so, it finally walked off the trail, and then she ran with me through that section, just to make sure the coyote was gone and/or not interested in us. I thought that was nice of her to run with me.
I’m not a huge electrolyte person, but I do like Nuun tablets. They have good flavor, but not over powering. I am not a fan of drinks that are sticky and sweet.
Hmmm… Cereal…. I have had any in a while, but most likely it was Frosted Mini Wheats ?
Ok, Beck’s facial expressions are so cute! I love the big wide open mouth baby smiles… The best!
Have a wonderful Thursday!


HEY YOU! A coyote?!?! Oh that would have freaked me out. I am so glad that another woman showed up and that it ended up leaving. Frosted Mini Wheats are definitely a family favorite over here. Thank you friend and I hope your day is going great so far.


Hi Janae! Random question for you- what is your favorite all-around Brooks shoe, for those of us who just own one pair at a time? My husband runs on Ghosts but he recently developed metatarsalgia so he’s looking something new, potentially with less drop or more cushion. He’s read random shoe reviews and he read good things about Hyperion, which made me think of you :). Any advice?


I really love Brooks shoes but my podiatrists pushed the Hokas due to the extreme cushioning. The Brooks Glycerins are very cushioned but they were not right for my feet, I did my marathon in the Ghosts. But to run after my heel stress fracture, Hoka Cliftons and Bondis were the answer. My most recent Hoka is the Mach 4. I run with a variety of shoes which was also a podiatrist suggestion.


Hi Bailey.

I have an arthritic big toe that tends to throw my gait off kilter (since my foot does not want to roll over that toe). I used to run in Brooks Ghosts and Glycerin. However, like Carrie, my foot doctor recommended Hokas since they will help guide the foot at toe off with the rocker. I have run in Bondis, Cliftons and Gaviotas. The Gaviotas are by far my favorite, although they do feel a bit clunky compared to the Cliftons. The Gaviota is classified as as stability shoe where the Clifton and Bondi are neutral shoes. The Hokas have a 4-5mm drop compared to 12mm on the Ghosts.

To me, the Cliftons “feel” more like running in Brooks where the Bondi and Gaviota “feel” more like a heavier/ultra cushioned shoe (since they are, lol).

I suggest to try any of the Hokas to see if they help.


HEY BAILEY!! Looks like Carrie and John have some awesome advice. I personally wouldn’t go to the Hyperion (more for speed and not a lot of cushion or support) but would try the Glycerin for sure! Have a running store near you, he should go test out a bunch. Let me know what he ends up choosing and how it goes. I hope you are having a beautiful day!


My comment didn’t publish, so I’ll write another one :)I read this ” I’m getting the bad runs out of the way before the race;)” and took it to mean something way different as I struggle with… bowel issues… at times :) ha! Best to get ALL of that out of the way.
Your kids are just so darn beautiful.
Lately, my favorite cereal is HoneyComb. So good. I used to love Fruity Pebbles as a kid, but now they are a little too artificial tasting for me.
Speaking of taste, I like Heed for long runs because it’s so mild. I want to like Nuun so bad because they have such funky flavors, but I can’t get past that fizzy-ness. It makes me nauseas. I think it’s because my tongue thinks I’m drinking Alka-Seltzer, which I used to do as a kid when I had a tummy ache.
Have a great day, Janae and family! <3


HEY FRIEND! I am so bummed the first one didn’t publish, sorry about that. Hahaha luckily no bowel issues but as runners we all understand that too. I forgot all about honeycomb and that sounds so good right now! You’ll have to let me know sometimes what races you are thinking of and how life with two littles is going. Thanks Stacey, you too!


Ugh Heidi! Not running sucks. I’m currently injured and will not be running in the foreseeable future. I will be volunteering for my first time at a race this Saturday, and am actually looking forward to it! I’ll channel those Heidi vibes for SURE!


MOLLY NOOOOOOO! I am so so sorry! Please keep me updated on how you are doing and that is so awesome that you are volunteering on Saturday, you are amazing.


Happy Friday Eve! Wow – what an amazing human Heidi is. People like her restore my faith in humanity.
I’m not big on electrolyte drinks, but when I do, it’s good old fashioned Gatorade in lemon/lime, or the electrolytes that are in Emergen-C (only the citrus flavors).
Half marathon tapers o OK, but the last one I did for a marathon, I got really sick and was trying every homeopathic remedy, because I didn’t want to take traditional meds before the race.
I so appreciate other runners who volunteer on courses with water and encouragement :o)
Last cereal was Multi-grain Cheerios. Have an awesome day, Janae!!


Hey Janine! I agree, people like her make me feel so happy about our world. Seriously those volunteers on race day are just the best. I love those Cheerios, I hope you have more soon. Thank you, you too!


Hi Janae!
I’ll admit that I haven’t tapered for the last few half’s that I’ve done. I just do my normal runs and take the day off before the race. If I ever do a full again, I guess I will have to do another taper.
I always admire the people working the races. I don’t know that I would have the gumption to get up and go stand out there if I couldn’t run the race!
I use Nuun for longer-ish runs and UCAN for long runs. I like the cherry limeaid for those. However, I did just get some of the watermelon(I think it’s the Hydrate line?). And I do like it for after runs or just drinking during the day instead of plain water. My favorite is Skratch labs for hydration during the day/after runs.
The last cereal I ate was either peanut butter Chex or Honey Bunches of Oats. Summer is a a big cereal time for me!


Hey Jen! I totally agree with you. The people volunteering at races are just the best. I really need to try that cherry limeade, that sounds so so good right now. Happy summer cereal eating, it tastes better than ever right now. Have a beautiful day, friend!


Hi Janae! I agree the taper is hard. So much energy trapped in the body. Good luck with it and enjoy those m&Ms!


Sooooo much energy trapped in the body, that is so true! I hope you are having a great Thursday so far!


Hi Janae!
Question for you- do you wear inserts in your running shoes?
Thank you!!


Hey Abby! I do not! I can ask in one of my blog questions for recommendations from people if that would help you! Have a beautiful rest of your day:)


What is your smoothie recipe???? looks so YUM!


Not the last cereal I ate but Raisin Bran crunch + cinnamon roll frosted mini wheats are simply the best. Got me through the last few weeks of my pregnancy last fall. Currently obsessed with Cheerios oat clusters. Almond is the best, followed by honey, then cinnamon.

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