Silentish Saturday!

My mom came over just as I got back from my run!

Run with my sis and Emilee and of course we stop to look at any houses that are up for sale because all three of us love doing that.  8 miles @ 8:46 average!

IMG 4346


IMG 4345

Beck loves this niece of mine.

IMG 4348

My favorite road trip treat lately.

IMG 4378

Made it to St. George to visit my brother!

IMG 4358

My favorite meal ever.

IMG 4361


IMG 4362

It was 93 degrees so Skye cooled off in the sprinklers with the bag.

IMG 4363

IMG 4372

Dog Gone Trouble on Netflix.

IMG 4381

And Beck’s reaction when I told him that I get to run in my favorite place today!

IMG 4375


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Making biscuit bread, going for a run, and a bonfire (high of only 60 today)! So glad you had a wonderful run; love that smile of Beck’s!


Biscuit bread?! I am going to need that recipe when you get a chance! Enjoy the bonfire! Thanks Tonya:)


Hi Janae! I’m off to do my long run with my running club! And then we are working on the backyard and just doing chores but I’m sure we will still have a good time.
Happy running!!


Hey Amy! I hope you had the best time with your running club today. Good luck with that backyard! Thanks Amy:)


Your run looked beautiful this morning! Love St. George.
I’ll be getting in some sort of run, then probably some house cleaning and yard work. We’re going to be having a house guest ( my husband’s cousin’s daughter) for the summer, so I have quite a bit to do to get ready for her. Oh, and we did end up buying a new hot tub yesterday, it’s in stock, so we’re hoping for it to be delivered!!
Have a really great weekend, and enjoy your time in St. George ?


Thank you so much Wendy! Oh that is exciting about your house guest, good luck with all of the preparation! YAY YAY YAY for that hot tub, the best. Thanks Wendy!


Y’all inspired me and I’m getting my hair done as I’m typing this!
Not sure my other weekend plans. Maybe out for a date night to show off the hair.


AHHH do you love it?! I hope you are having a blast on your date tonight:) Enjoy!


I met up with my knitting group for the first time in months. We’ve been meeting online every week since last March, and I’m so grateful for our chats through the year. It was so lovely to see them! I’ve also put some plants out in the garden now it’s finally warm enough here in London, and now I’m settling down to watch something on Netflix. It’s been a good day :)


Sarah, I love to knit! I am SO glad that you were able to meet with your group today! I love London so so much, I keep telling Andrew I have to go with him there soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with some great weather:)


Hope you had a great run. Is that Curly, she’s all grown up! I ran a leg in a virtual relay today. It was fun but sure will be better to run it in person and with people next year!


Hey Jennifer! CONGRATS on your leg in the virtual relay, you are amazing. Yep, that’s Curly! Time is going too fast. I hope you are having a beautiful weeeknd!

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