Silentish Saturday!

Beck was very interested in his zipper.  9.38 miles @ 8:40 pace and then I’ll hit the trails today.

I got to run with my sis and Emilee… such a blast.

IMG 2704

Random trip to St. George… the kid’s have gotten really good at the 3 hour 15 minute drive and we didn’t have to stop once.

IMG 5359

Went swimming!

IMG 2716

Pool snacks.

IMG 2719

My favorite restaurant in the world—> Viva Chicken.

IMG 2722

Beck wanted the sweet potato fries so bad.

IMG 2720

93 degrees at 8 pm.

IMG 2727

Hanging at my brother’s house (and luckily not a hotel ha).

IMG 2726

So involved in the conversation.

IMG 2724

Charleston Chews fans—> You must try these.

IMG 2729

Excited to try these out (I finally listened to everyone telling me to) out on the red dirt.

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Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Hi Janae! Today I’m doing a run where I start by myself and then meet up with friends to finish! It’ll make my long run more fun. Then I’ll make my mother’s day card. It’s also both my parents birthdays coming up soon.
Happy weekend!


HEY AMY! I love runs like that… it breaks it up so perfectly to have people to meet along the way. That is so cool you make your mom’s mother’s day card… I love that! Thank you friend, you too!


Yay for Aftershox!! I love mine.
How fun for a trip down to St. George. I hope you all have the best weekend!
I was listening to the new Suite Run podcast yesterday, and the guest was a pediatrician here in Newport, but she said her favorite race was the St. George marathon! I immediately thought of you ?. I need to do that race one day.
A pretty low key weekend for us, but that is ok with me. I’m going to clean the patio, patio furniture and get it all ready to spend lots of time outside. Maybe do some more planting too.
Happy Saturday!


Hey Wendy! Seriously, after my run today with them I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long… best headphones. Oh I cannot wait to listen to that episode, it really is the best marathon ever. I’ll meet you there one year:) Enjoy that low-key weekend after a busy weekend last weekend. Thank you!


93 degrees???? I’m so jealous! It was so windy here yesterday…40 -60 mph. My legs are trashed from running against it this morning.
3 things: long run and weights, birthday shopping for my dog, and gardening.
I will be on the lookout for the Charleston chews. I love them!
Have a great weekend!


40-60 mph WIND… that is intense and I am so impressed you ran in that! Remember that run during your next race when you need to remind yourself how tough you are. If you don’t find the chews I’ll send them to you! Thanks Lee, you too!


I love my Aftershokz so much too! Have fun in St. George!


I used them this morning and holy cow, they are AMAZING. Thanks friend, I hope your weekend is a great one!


6.5 miles this morning (2 alone and 4.5 with a friend), then we got breakfast! Doing some homework. Then seeing my guy! Happy Saturday!!


NOTHING is better than going out for breakfast (especially after a run with a friend)! Have the best time with your guy. Thanks Mariah!


YAY for the aftershockz!!! I got a pair last weekend (the openmove ones–slightly less expensive) to try out for my strength workouts, because I CAN NOT get through a workout without music. Well, I kind of can, but I think I work harder and do better with music. But I can not wear ear buds that go inside my ears (super sensitive ears over here, and they can get inflamed v easily). I’m surprised at just how much I love my pair!

YAY for a brief impromptu trip. I know how much you love St. George. Enjoy!

Will Beck share some of those sweet potato fries with me? I’ll share some of the blueberry pie I just got with him! ;)

As for my day–I subbed an 8:15 AM RPM class, then I high-tailed it to my area of town for a 10 AM yoga class, and then I ran some errands and am now sitting in pajamas on the sofa. Dried sweat, though–I guess I should shower at some point today! :D


HEY STEPHANIE! You had a busy morning with classes! The pjs and sofa sounds perfect:) Can I have some of that blueberry pie? I’m so happy that you are loving the openmove! There is no way that I could do a workout with music either! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Love my bone conducting head phones! I can hear what is going on around me while also listening to podcasts or music.


Seriously, it was SO nice to hear everything going on around me while still having amazing sound from the headphones. I am completely hooked now. Thanks so much Laura!


Beck looks SOO much like your sister’s two youngest in the above photo! Have a beautiful day!

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