Run-On Sentence Per Picture!

My friend told me before we started our speed workout, “Sometimes the best way to get rid of soreness is to do the same thing that caused the soreness” and that was true for me yesterday…  With each mile repeat my legs felt less sore (but more tired)!

I drove over to meet my teammates where we do our downhill mile repeats and my splits were 5:44, 5:38, 5:41 & 5:44…  During that last one I had the song, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ pop into my head which was random because I haven’t heard that song in a decade ha.

IMG 3819

We had a great view of the peak that Andrew and I ran up to on Saturday…

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After I took Brooke to school, Skye joined me for .13 miles because my watch was at 8.87 and I couldn’t push save until it was at 9;)

IMG 3836

Crossing all of my fingers and toes that they’ll want to run together our entire lives.

IMG 3843

Some days I try to keep up with the messes and some days I just let them all build up and wait until the end of the day to deal with them.

IMG 3858

I wonder what Beck was trying to express to me with his facial expression.

IMG 3883

My sister and I are alike in a lot of ways but not in what time we eat dinner… She usually eats a few hours after I do.

IMG 3887

Laughing until it hurts.

IMG 3888

Ice cream sundaes on the front porch.

IMG 3895

He wanted to join them so bad.

IMG 3897


IMG 3891

Counting down the days until this…


Do you always end on the mile or half mile or are you fine ending it at any point within the mile?

-Sometimes I don’t care and sometimes I’m just too close to not finish off the mile.

Tell me a song that motivates you on the run or is your running theme song?!

Will you be watching the Friends Reunion?  What’s a show you could watch over and over again?

Give me your sentence of the day!

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Oh my gosh I couldn’t even make it through the Friends trailer without all of the tears! I don’t know how i’m going to make it through that haha. I still remember watching the finale with a friend in HS!
Amazing mile repeats! My motivational songs are No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande and Try Everything by Shakira. haha. IDK why those two songs put me in the mood to run fast!
Can’t wait to see your new hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your comment makes me feel really good because I was experiencing goosebumps during the trailer… I’m not the only one feeling emotional after this. I’m going to put BOTH of those songs on my playlist, thank you friend. Hope your Thursday is a great one!


Sentence of the day: my body is an instrument, not an ornament!

Lately I’ve been stopping my run whenever… I read somewhere that our bodies don’t know the exact mileage so why the heck should it matter on the watch?!


I love that sentence!! ?


AMEN to your sentence. The best! That is really cool, if you find where you read it again you have to send it to me! I want to read more about that. Have a fabulous day Charlotte.


I don’t have a GPS watch, so I never know exactly what mileage I’m stopping at. But planning to get a Garmin soon and I think I’ll definitely need to stop on the half mile or mile haha.

Can’t wait to see your haircut! Makes me want to cut my hair!

Numb/Encore by Jay-Z and Linkin Park, High Hopes by Panic at the Disco, and Power by Little Mix always motivate me while running.


Hey Mariah! You’ll have to let me know what Garmin you end up deciding on, that’s exciting. Okay, I LOVE all of those songs so much too, they are the best for running. Thank you, I am so so excited. Have the best day!


You are sooooo speedy! You are going to rock your race!


Thank you so much Clare! I cannot wait. Have the best day!


I’m of the same opinion as you on stopping my watch at the mile or 1/2. If I’m close enough, I always finish it up.
I wouldn’t say it’s my running theme song, but I’ve always liked when Madonna’s “Vogue” hits during my run – I always do a fist pump at the line “get up on the dance floor” lol.
I’m sure this will be a hugely unpopular opinion with almost everyone reading comments, but I have never liked the show Friends. I’m happy they are doing the reunion though because I know how much that show means to a lot of people.


Hey Amanda! Gotta just finish it up! Adding ‘Vogue’ to my playlist! Andrew totally agrees with you, he never understands why so many people love it so much. I hope your day has been great so far!


Show I have watched over again: first 3 seasons of the Mindy project. If you haven’t seen it you should watch it!

I’m getting my hair cut Saturday and it hasn’t been cut or colored since August! I haven’t done my nails since then either. Excited to go maskless and look nicer this summer ?


Thank you so much for reminding me of that show… I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I have to rewatch it. Yay for a maskless summer and new hair:). Enjoy, it’s going to feel so good.


I have been waiting so long for this reunion! Be still my heart…


I wish we could all watch together. Please let me know what you think of it after you watch. Have a great day Rebekah!


Eeeeee! I’m excited to see your hair! I have a hair appt on Saturday and haven’t gotten it trimmed in nearly 2 years. Can’t decide if I want to chop it all or keep the length. Excited for you!


Katie, you have to let me know if you chop it or trim it too! Thank you, have a beautiful day!


For me it depends on when I end. If I’m doing an easy run then I have to end at the mile mark but if it’s a workout, the second the cooldown is over I stop the watch and don’t care if it’s not at an exact mile mark. I just want to be done haha.

Sentence of the day: My cousin is visiting so I can’t wait until noon when I get to log off work and go explore with her!


MAUREEN! The way you work your watch/mileage sounds perfect to me… those workouts are ROUGH and when we are done, we are done:). Have the BEST TIME with your cousin. You’ll have to let me know what you take her to do!


If the plan was for a specific mileage then I have to hit it. If the plan was time, then I do not care.
Sentence for the day: I cannot wait to see your hair.


That is so true… when the plan says a number, we run the number! Thanks Erica, I can’t wait. Hope your day is a great one!


Beck’s face ?. And Skye hugging/squeezing his little arm… Just the sweetest!
Sia!!! Her songs are powerful to me. I think I have 4 of them on my running play list.
Awesome job on the speed work! As someone else said, you are going to rock your race!
I am so excited for the Friends reunion. That is always a show I can watch over and over again.
Have a good day, and hope your legs aren’t too tired and sore today.


Thank you Wendy and I am also a HUGE fan of Sia! Thank you for reminding me of her. Thank you, I seriously cannot wait to race again. And I wish we could all watch the reunion together. Have a beautiful day!


It really depends on how close I am to the mile mark. For the most part I don’t care, if I’m home, I’m done. Les’ cycling friends on Strava have “the rule of 90.” If you ride over 90 miles, you must ride 100. When Les and his brother rode their bikes across the country he made it a game to see how many times he could finish with 99 miles when they pulled into the hotel parking lot.

“Long Distance Runner” by Christian band DeGarmo & Key is my absolute favorite! It came out the year I graduated from high school, 1982, so you’ll have to go back a bit ;) The bass line is one of the best. It’s a guarantee that I’m going to pick up the pace during this song.

Sentence of the day = time for a rest day.


Hey Kathy! The rule of 90… that is pretty hardcore ha! Hahaha I bet that 99 miles thing drove their Strava friends crazy! I cannot wait to check out that song, the title is perfect for us all. ENJOY that rest day! Have a beautiful day Kathy!


Hi Janae! I got to end my workouts at or a little over the number, so 8.9 is not ok but 9.1 is. Similarly 6.4 is less preferable to 6.6.
Good luck with the haircut can’t wait to see it!!!


AMY! Okay, you explained it perfectly and today I finished with 9.19 and that was totally okay with me! Thanks friend, have a beautiful day!


oooh curious to see your new hair! Will you cut it shorter or not??????


YES… I’m going to go to just long enough to have a ponytail:). I’m excited. Have a beautiful day Nina!


Hey Janae~
First of all, Beck’s eyes remind me so much of your sister’s kids. I’m not sure if it’s one in particular or all of them!!!

And, the tank top you have on in that run picture reminds me of sprinkles/jimmies, and that makes me love it!!!

I used to always end on an exact mile, but as time has gone by, some days it just is what it is :)

I’ve been running on the soft trail a lot this spring due to some weird knee wonkiness, and what has energized me during runs has been running into friends on the trail, esp ones that I haven’t seen for a while! That always seems to put a spring in my step!

My running sentence today because I can’t run until 3:30 after school, and it’s going to be a hot one, “I’m lucky to be able to do this” (even if it is stinking hot out!) ha ha That reminds me to keep drinking more water all day long beforehand, too!!!!! :)


JEN! I totally agree with you, I see a lot of similarities between Beck and my sister’s boys! That is what Brooke said when I got home from my run too:). Haha yep, today it is just what it is too:). I bet that has just felt like heaven to run into your friends on that trail.. I want to meet you there too! Love your sentence so so much! Have a great run after your school day today (and yay it’s almost summer break)!


It depends on the run for me, if I feel good, I’ll round out the miles. During tax season, most of my runs are from my office, and there’s a hill at the very end that I’ll push myself to run up until I hit an even quarter mile. But if it was a hard run, I’m done the second I get back to my car, door, etc. Not dramatic at all.

Wow, that picture gives great perspective of how big that climb is that you and Andrew did! It’s great that Skye is interested in doing runs with you now, a great way to get out some of her energy ;)

And sentence for the day: I went to an in person yoga class for the first time in 15 months today!


That is a very good point Michelle, I’m the same way! If I feel good then I’ll finish the mile! Hahaha you are not alone with the dramatic finishes like that… I find myself laying on the ground at the end of the hard runs!
I am SO thrilled that you were able to go to an in person yoga class, I bet that felt so so good!


I love the song High and Low by Empire Sun. I listen on every single run and it never gets old!


Adding it to my playlist, THANK YOU JEN! Have a great one!


Definitely rounding it up! This morning I ran a few km before meeting a gf for a run and by the time we were done I had over 10 miles. But I had to make sure it was over 10 lol.

I like Taylor Swift and Bon Ivers Exile. For some reason I love listening to it on a run.

You are so speedy! Have a great day Janae


Janae your hair will look AMAZING!!! You will love the look and lightness of it!!! Can’t wait to see it. Have a great night!

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