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Peer pressure (nobody was pressuring me but I wanted to do what they were doing!) is real when running with people.  I went into the workout thinking I would do 8-10 intervals but then I just kept wanting to do one more with my friends.  When I was doing my 16th (they did 20), my body told me enough is enough and that is where I stopped.  I’ll probably be sore for two weeks but it was worth it.

This workout feels a bit like a game because you split into two groups and while one group is out doing the interval (400m), the other group is resting and then starts as soon as the other group finishes.  You have to be ready to go as soon as they get close!

IMG 3402

My 400s were between 84-90 seconds which I was really thrilled about.  I used to average about 82 seconds on this workout when I would do 20 so I wasn’t too far away from my old times.

PS I’m sure if I would have done this workout alone I would have done it about 10 seconds slower for each one because there is a huge difference for me when I am working with other people vs when I’m alone.

9.5 miles total for the morning.

Cool-down on the grass!  It felt good to finish things in the glycerins and on the grass, so much cushioning/softness.

IMG 3409

THIS was brilliant and it helped so much.  Somebody brought a speaker and you could really hear the music well on the final stretch of each 400 and that was a great distraction!

Screen Shot 2021 05 12 at 6 39 22 PM

The views from this track also offer a great distraction too.

IMG 3401

A friend was wearing these gorgeous Brooks and I decided I now need them in my life.

IMG 3400

When I got home Brooke requested a smoothie for breakfast and it turns out she can read minds because that is exactly what I was wanting too.

We are in the current stage of changing earrings out two times a day;)

IMG 3418

Mollie reminded me last week about using these bottles (I got mine at my running store but these ones are super similar with great reviews)—> They fit perfectly into your shorts pockets! You don’t even feel them and you don’t have to carry them.  PS I have my current favorite shorts all in this post:)

IMG 3416

Once Brooke went to school, I was on the carpet with these two.  Every cell in my body was upset at me for above track workout so I attempted some stretching and we hung out here for a while.

IMG 3427

We had wraps (the ones I posted yesterday) for lunch and then when Beck went down for a nap (Andrew was home doing school), Skye and I went on a cookie date and ate them in the driveway together.   Our neighbor came out a few minutes later and invited Skye over and within 2 seconds she was gone and forgot about me;). Skye is SO social.

IMG 3450

We spend a lot of time in our front yard watching the kids riding bikes and scooters.

IMG 3454

A delicious dinner last night with a few more pieces of garlic bread.  The more olive oil and salt I put on veggies, the more likely my kids are to eat them.

IMG 3387


Frosting—> Could live without it or you need inches of it on a baked good?  (Or somewhere in between)

-My sis could live without it and I need a solid amount of it on my cakes/cookies/brownies:)

Do you find yourself able to run faster solo or with others?  Faster on the treadmill or outside?

What time was your alarm set for today? 

Music or no music when you run what are you preferring these days and has it changed over time?

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Alarm – 7:30! I’m lucky I’m working close to home this week so I don’t have to get up super early. I am so tired this pregnancy, need 9-10 hours a night!!
Icing – I like a moderate amount
I love podcasts during my walks, rarely music anymore

Have a lovely day!


I am so glad that you are able to work close from home this week. Pregnancy is the most tiring thing on the planet, those 9-10 hours are necessary. I’m with you on the podcasts… I choose those over music all of the time too! Thanks Andrea, you too.


I love frosting. Sometimes I only eat the frosting

Definitely faster outside and with people. Last night was gorgeous and I ran 9 miles while chasing my partner on a bike towing the puppy in a doggy trailer. It was my fastest run in months ha.

Sometimes I run with music but last night I didn’t. I lost one of my good earbuds so waiting to replace it.

No alarm today.

The views from your track are gorgeous. Hope you have a great day Janae!


Hey Kristine! I’m with you on sometimes only eating the frosting:) It’s the best part. Okay, your night last night sounds like it was perfect. I love that you all did that together and whenever I run chasing Andrew on his bike I run much faster too. I hate loosing an earbud booo. Thanks, you too.


Yay, you found your bottles! haha. Seriously, those things are lifesavers now that it’s hot!
I don’t set an alarm unless it’s for a race or a flight. I wake up at like 5:50-55 every morning. It’s ridiculous.
I run way faster with others and definitely outside. The treadmill FEELS so much harder to me for some reason.

Also, I just got that pink Brooks top from my running store!!! I saw it hanging up and had to have it!!!! I was going to wear it for my half but it was super windy so I wore something tighter. Maybe my upcoming 10k! I love the stripes and that it’s not too short.


Well, technically Andrew found them haha… thank you for reminding me about them. They are the best! I love that your body just naturally wakes up then, the body is smart ha. I feel like I can’t even run a mile on the treadmill anymore. Oh that makes me so happy about the pink top, we will have to both wear it when we someday get to run together:). YES, wear it for the 10k, it is so fun. It definitely is getting me out of my comfort zone because I normally wear really long tops but I am loving it and want more! Have a beautiful day Mollie.


Love your running tank! Where’s it from? Looks speedy!


Thank you!! Here is the link, it’s the best:
Have a wonderful day, Jane!


I run way faster with others than by myself! And faster outside than on the treadmill.

I like music or podcasts when running alone, and nothing when I’m running with other people. We just talk!

Alarm lately has been 6 am. I can wake up at 6 and workout before working from home! But once we go back into the office, I’ll have to go back to waking up at 4:30 or 5 to get in a workout.


That will be a big change to go back! I am glad you have had this time to get a bit more sleep as you are working from home:) Seriously, the conversations that happen during a run are simply the best. Have a great one, Mariah!


Awesome job on the speed work! Every time you post pictures from that track, I think how beautiful it is there. That is a nice distraction.
I love running with friends! I’m the “fast” one in the group, and they always thank me for getting them to go fast… Now I need to find a fast group that I can chase. I can run fast on my own, but probably quit sooner than if I was with a group. I actually have been struggling with running my easy runs easy. Pacing is hard for me.
I’m not a huge frosting/icing fan. Just a little is good for me. It makes baked goods too sweet… I know, weird!
I typically don’t need an alarm, unless I’m getting up really early for something specific. This morning it was set for 5:10am, but I decided sleep for me right now, is much more important than a short run before a busy day. I’ve had a couple a really busy, and physically exhausting, weeks!
Hopefully you’re not too sore today! Have a good one!


Thank you so much Wendy! That is so awesome that you have been able to help your friends get faster! Pacing is so tricky but it seems to all be working for you so you must be doing it right! I am really glad that you chose sleep today, we have to take care of ourselves especially when you have so much going on. Thank you friend, you too!


I need frosting. But there is a fine line between the perfect amount and toooooo much.

I prefer solo runs, but I do feel the “pressure” to keep up with groups, so I think that helps with speed and with race preparation!

I am not a morning person, my husband woke me up before he left for work today, but it takes a good 10 min to actually get up and moving.

music 100000% ! I love music and it really helps to either motivate me thru a run, or I get so absorbed in the song that I forget I am running and the miles fly by. It’s sounds stupid, but sometimes I will be running by the Tennessee River and a song will come on (like “Tennessee River” by my fav band, Alabama) and I just get so into in I might cry. The run is perfect, the scenery beautiful, and the song matches it. It’s one of those perfect moments :)


Hey Loribeth! I agree… that fine line is very real when it comes to frosting (but my line is probably a bit off because I want a lot in the first place ha). That doesn’t sound stupid at all, I can totally relate. I loved reading about your experience running along the Tennessee River, wish I could join you!


Hi Janae! My alarm is set for 7 and then I read you blog to help me wake up and feel excited for my run (it is 7:08 here now). I’m so much faster outside than on the treadmill but I do want to start getting used to it because I want to have kids in the next few years and the treadmill will make running easier then. Congrats on that amazing speed workout and I’m off to do some too!


5:45 today.
Icing on cake and sugar cookies but not brownies.


I hope you get a delicious piece of cake with icing on it today! Have a beautiful rest of your day, Mary!


Hey Amy! I LOVE that I get to be a part of your morning routine! It makes me so happy that I can help you get excited to run! Treadmills are so so helpful with kids. I hope your speed workout today went amazing! Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.


That cookie makes me smile – it looks perfect to me.

Alarm – 6am. Husbands alarm – 445am.

I love running with others! The more the merrier. Between the pack mentality, the conversation, and all of the distractions, running in a group is truly the best. Enjoy your day!


I hope you get a sugar cookie asap! Does your husband’s alarm wake you up? AMEN to what you said about running with others, it just takes us to the next level. Thank you Charlotte, you too.


No frosting for me. I never have cared for it. My kids will eat it by the spoonful.

Alarm was set for 4:30 – if I want to get a workout in I need to get up early enough to fit that in before having to get kids up, ready and dropped off for me to be to work at 7:00.

I almost always run with someone so I don’t need music. When doing a race though and I hear the spectators playing music it’s always fun and gives a little pick-me-up.

Brooke looks like Skye in that picture with the smoothies. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a smoothie so I need to change that!


Erika! Send me your frosting:) FOUR THIRTY… you are incredible! It’s so worth it to get in that workout before the rest of the day starts. I love when that happens during a race too. Okay, now that you say that I looked back and I totally agree. I love it. I hope your Thursday is a great one.


I just bought that tank online because of you!!! If I really thought about all of the purchases I have made over the last decade, you should be credited with a huge portion of them. I love the brooks shorts that you mention in this post, I have the aftershokz, and many other items. One day we will pass each other on the street and be in the same running outfit.


Hahaha sometimes when I am shopping for things and Andrew is on his computer next to me I tell him I am working… gotta find things to share with you guys:). I can’t tell you how happy that would make me if we did come across each other on a run! I hope you are having a great day, Megan!


Happy Friday Eve! You live in such a beautiful area, Janae – I would love to see those mountains all the time :o)
With a few exceptions, I I am generally not a frosting fan and often have a pile of it on the edge of my plate that I have meticulously scraped off of cake LOL.
I always run faster with others and am usually faster outside than on the treadmill. This was week 2 of running group ad we did strides after our run – I hadn’t done them before, but it felt good to run fast :o)
Today was a 6:00am wake up call – getting up is just never an easy thing for me – once I am up, no problem, but the specific act of crawling out of my comfortable bed is an entirely different story!
I have never run with music, but I love when there is music on the race course! I have done a few half marathons, a full and a full relay that all had bands and other music at various points – it was great!
Hope you are having an awesome day today!


How do you make your smoothies?I have never come up with a recipe my kids enjoy. Thank you!


I set my alarm for 4:40am or before EVERY day … but I am fortunate in that I can take a quick cat nap in the early afternoon before late afternoon/evening work calls. I support business lines in Europe AND the West Coast, so its not easy. I also HAVE to get my workout in before the day starts to I have to get my workout started at 5am to be done in time for first calls. Thankfully my body wakes me up at 4:15 ish everyday anyways! lol!


I love frosting! The thicker it is, the better. My family makes fun of me because I don’t like cake so I just eat the frosting off. ?
My alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. I wish it was to run instead of to get ready for work!


Give me all the icing!! We just got a crumbl that opened 1.5 miles from my house and their cookies are delicious with lots of frosting! I’m also one of those people that will eat all the left over icing from a sheet cake. I don’t know why people leave off the extra ribbon of icing on the bottom!
I’m currently 37 weeks and while I was hoping to keep running I stopped at 29 weeks. Now I just do lots of walks, spin and do a lot of strength workouts that focus on the pelvic floor. I usually run with my husband and I’m faster than him. It’s been a while since I’ve ran with people faster than me! I’m usually better at doing speed workouts on the treadmill mostly bc I get so bored. I used to always listen to music but now I’ve been doing a lot of audiobooks and podcasts.
My alarm goes off at 5:45 but I don’t get out of bed til my last alarm at 6:05. On the weekends I’ll wake up at 6:30-7 though. My nearly 3 yr old always wakes up between 6 -6:30… I’m so jealous of people who’s kids sleep in past 7. Luckily she just hangs out in her crib singing by herself so on weekends we don’t get her til at least 7.


Hi Janae!
What shoes did you wear for the 400 repeats? Thanks!


Hey Ashley! I wore the old Brooks Hyperion! There are still a few sizes left. Have a beautiful day!


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