How do you make it work?

9 miles @ 8:27 average with Emilee and Jo!  Both of them have entered the taper for their marathon which they are thrilled about.  Their training cycle has been incredible to watch, I cannot wait to see so many new PRs from everyone on June 5th.

Random topic of the day but it is a question that I get a lot—> How do I make running work with littles?  I’m a few years away from Brooke being able to babysit (she is so eager to do this already… she asks me almost every day) while I run but until then this is what works for us.  Andrew works 3 days a week so that gives me the rest of the week to be able to run in the mornings without arranging anything!  On the days that Andrew is working I either go early before he leaves, I hire a babysitter or sometimes I go over to my mom’s house and run from there.  I have my nieces (they love to come over after school to babysit and yay for summer coming up so they are available more in the mornings) and a few different options very close to me which is so helpful.  I think paying for someone to watch my kids while I run is a fabulous investment into my mental health and Andrew fully agrees:)   My entire day goes better after being outside (no matter what the temperature) and I think it is so worth every dime.  I also always have the option of my treadmill if I need it to get in the miles.  The thing getting me up out of bed to run when I am up during the night with kids = the next 15 hours.  Getting up and moving for an hour will make the 15 hours after that so much better for everyone involved.  PS I’m sure I could get a double running stroller but I have no idea how in the world people are able to run while pushing MULTIPLE kids.  Pushing one at a time is hard enough for me so I’m not sure how I would do two!

I LOVE hearing how everyone makes running fit into their busy lives so share with me how you do it in the comments.

Summer break is almost here!  I’m excited for slower mornings together and all of the splash pads and pools.   Yep, shoes on the wrong feet again.

IMG 3783

It always feels weird when it is just the two of us!

IMG 3796

All of Andrew’s schooling is online currently which means on the days he is home from work and doing school, it is easy to leave Beck at home napping while I do things with the other kids.  It makes running errands 400 times easier.   Andrew and I are both really hoping that he can continue with the 3 x 12 (well, 13 hours in reality) shifts a week once he is a Nurse Practitioner.  It really offers a lot of flexibility for our family and Andrew loves getting a big chunk of the work week done all at once in one day.

IMG 3799

Skye changed into running clothes as soon as we got home.

IMG 3803

Andrew and I both hit a wall hard yesterday as you can tell.

IMG 3805

It was a Beehive Meals kind of a night… You just take one of their frozen meals and put it in the crockpot.  Meatloaf, rolls and broccoli.

IMG 3812

I spent some time last night attempting to help my legs with the soreness STILL there from Saturday’s trail run.  I have mile repeats to do today but I’ll play it by ear with how my body is feeling.  Seventeen days until race day and keeping healthy is the #1 goal and the speed can wait if it needs to!

IMG 3811

And a few more random things…

*Beck tested out the hot tub water for the first time (it’s just warm, not hot so the kids can get in) and he was a fan.

IMG 3766

*Porch chats with her… simplicity = my favorite.

IMG 3771

*This 10 minute video from the 2021 Barkley Marathon is AMAZING.


How do you fit running or exercise into your life? 

Working people or those with a spouse/partner working… Is your job flexible?  

Tell me about a crazy race you have either seen happen, heard about or done yourself!

Have a meal that a lot of people like that you don’t like at all?

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We don’t have kiddos but I tend to run early in the morning before J leaves for work or sometimes we make it a family affair..last night J on the bike ..doggy in trailer and me running .

My job is M-F but at the moment I work from home so there is some flexibility. He is self employed so depending on the job he accepts he has a bitmore flexibility can take a day off . Work is busy for both of us at the moment. It’s great that Andrew works 3 days a week!

I think the Barkley Marathons are crazy! trying to navigate while having to run 100 miles.

Have a great Wed Janae!


Hey you! A FAMILY AFFAIR… the best! I love that he biked and River came too:). Good luck with how busy work is for the both of you, cheering you guys on and happy there is a bit of flexibility. Seriously, I do not know how these athletes do it. You too, Kristine!


It is definitely hard to fit it in somedays. I’ve lost the option of early morning runs (not on the treadmill) and evening runs since my husband is now working nights (I don’t like how they keep changing his schedule, I like my routine haha). So it’s lunches still. I think I’m going to reluctantly start using the treadmill for some of my easy runs to stay out of the heat/sun. I still do my workouts in the heat because that’s what we race in, but it’s just exhausting every day being out there now that it’s so hot and I’m going through a whole bottle of sunscreen a week lol. Luckily I can sneak away at lunch time for an hour or so though, I don’t take that for granted! :)
We don’t have any family nearby so my babysitter options are limited to babysitters, which I just have the hardest time finding a reliable one. I’m hoping to change that before my husband leaves for 7 months. haha
I hope Andrew can keep that schedule!! That really does sound ideal. Amazing how he has just gone full force into this career. It’s really cool.


Hey Mollie! I wish you were able to do those early mornings again but you are seriously rocking those lunch runs… so impressive to me. I think that is a great idea to start using the treadmill a few times a week for easy runs to avoid the heat and then doing your workouts IN the heat is making you so strong. SEVEN MONTHS. That is so long Mollie. When does he leave? So many big changes. Thank you friend, I’m sure amazed by him and what he has done over the last few years! Have a beautiful day.


I’m squeezing it in on the treadmill during nap time. Even though I miss the days of an early morning run before the day starts, I’m in the season of life where any time is better than no time :) heck, I ran at 4pm yesterday… yuck! Haha

A 13-month-old keeps it in perspective! Have a great day, Janae!! Thanks for sharing, especially as life speeds up again.


Hey Allison! WAY TO GO. ‘Any time is better than no time.” Absolutely. Keep me updated on how it is all going for you guys, I’m cheering for you and good luck chasing that 13 month old around today. Such a BUSY stage.


I started running later in my life, so my boys were in school. My routine back then, was drop them off at school (we live just a few blocks from the elementary school), then head out for my run. It really was a good schedule. Then on weekends or when they didn’t have school, I would either run early, or they would hop on their bikes or scooters and join me. I have some great memories from those days ☺️
Oh Skye with your shoes on the wrong feet… She cracks me up!
It will be fun to see how well Emilee does (since you run with her often and talk about her) in her marathon! Which one are they running? Oh, and which race are you doing next month? It will be fun to see how you do too!
Off for an early run and busy day! This week is nuts!
Have a great day ☺️


Hey you! Those sound like the best memories, I love it when Brooke joins me. Yes, it really will be! It’s the Utah Valley Marathon so it’s on the same day that I’m doing my 10k (all the same race)! Thank you so much and I hope you have the best day and good luck with all of the craziness, you’ve got this and thanks Wendy!


Hi Janae! I used to have a longer commute but I’ve talent bat time for running now that we work from home and I wish I could do that forever. My friend just did a race where she had to run and bike and paddle and rappel with a bike and orient themselves and her team podiumed! She’s a crazy athlete.
Happy hump day!


HEY YOU! I am just so happy that you haven’t had to commute for so long… do you have any idea how much longer you will be able to do that? Ummm your friend’s race sounds crazy to me, tell her way to go for me… she is amazing! Have the best day, Amy.


Right now I am only running 1-3 days a week. When we don’t have early Saturday morning soccer games, I run first thing on Saturday mornings. Sometimes I get a run in before church on Sunday morning and I run on Monday mornings because I am off work on Mondays. I get up at 4:30 am to get ready for work and am not a good late night runner. I want to run every single day. Ha This phase in our lives, I am ok with 1-3 days a week. At least I am not getting injured from too many miles. Ha
I am working on transitioning to working at home part time or full time and that would give me more time to workout.


Hey Ashley! Thanks for sharing and you are so inspiring… 4:30! You are so right, it’s a season of life and no injuries wahoo! Please keep me updated on how the work transition goes and when it all happens, that is really exciting. I bet you sure look forward to the weekends! Have a beautiful day friend.


Hey Girl! Loved this post – especially as a new mom I’m definitely interested in how others fit it all in!

Right now my husband works from home and me on maternity leave until July. I will usually nurse our little one in the morning, run for about an hour, shower, and be ready to take over once he has to start working. It’s definitely some major motivation to get out the door knowing that is my time each day, and I know I’m a better mommy because of it :) Then my husband will usually get his run/workout in during the afternoon – he’s very much like Andrew and an work out at any time of day!

I’m very interested in how we’ll adjust once I am back to work and our girl is in full time daycare. – My assumption is I’ll feed or pump before running and Dad will handle daycare drop-off – but we’ll see! if there is one thing I’ve learned in motherhood it is flexibility!

Would love to know more about how Beck and Skye are doing with sleeping! Right now I’m usually for one night feeding (she’s almost 8 weeks).

And super random but lots of people love pepperoni pizza…I just don’t care for it :) Give me plain cheese, veggie, or even ‘salad’ pizza any day! :)

have a wonderful Tuesday Janae!


Hey Geri! Congrats on your new little one. I love how you guys are making it work… it sure does make us efficient with our running ha. How do our husbands do it? It’s so much harder. You’ll have to keep me updated with what you figure out in a few months with the changes. FLEXIBILITY–> AMEN! Your little one is doing awesome with one night feeding! You are both doing an amazing job. Right now it is just a guessing game each night for us! Beck and Skye slept through the night last night but the night before that I think I was woken up 5 times… I just never know what I’m going to get. I kind of don’t know what to do ha… SOS! But I sure feel amazing after last night’s sleep. I am with you on the pizza, I just want CHEESE! I do not like pepperoni in the slightest anymore. Thank you friend, you too!


My job is somewhat flexible, I am like Andrew and prefer to get all the work done in big chunks. Instead of 12 hour shifts we work in one or two week chunks, usually Monday to Sunday 8-5 pm roughly. So Since my work week is 60-70 hours, I usually “only” work 2 weeks a month (plus weekend)! And the other 2 are completely off to get life and family stuff done. I personally love it and could not imagine working a Monday to Friday every week of the year, I would get so bored. sacrificing some weekends is worth it for me!!

I haven’t been working out for the last few months BUT when I did, it was when Allie was at school or early before work while She is still asleep. I have had crushing fatigue this pregnancy, plus schools being closed so having way less time to myself on my weeks off, some back pain… all I wanna do is lay around!!


Hey Andrea! Those 2 60-70 hours a week sound SO busy and I’m sure thinking about the other two weeks are what gets you through them. It sounds like an awesome set-up for you guys! What will your maternity leave be like? I seriously don’t know how you are juggling it all right now, I wish that you didn’t have so much fatigue. There is nothing like that… Beck and Skye waking up a million times a night right now is nothing compared to pregnancy fatigue and I was sleeping 9 hours a night uninterrupted! You are amazing and I really hope that back pain disappears soon! Thinking about you friend.


My job is flexible but once the pandemic started, we pulled our kids out of daycare and for the first 6 months I worked full time while also being a stay at home mom full time to two little kids. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done but I started stroller running (I have a Bob Dualie) and that made me SO strong. I finally got a nanny part time but I use most of the nanny time to get my work done. So most of my runs are still with the double stroller. It is really hard and even over a year later I still don’t feel like it’s gotten any easier but I keep showing up :-) And when I am able to get out for solo runs, I feel like I’m flying weightless and I’ve gotten way faster!

All running moms are awesome for making it work and staying dedicated! It’s such a great example to our kids!


Running with a younger child has never fit into my life as easy as it does with my husband working from home due to Covid. I cannot express the extreme difference (probably more mentally than anything) in running out the door without waiting on a sitter, or driving to my mom’s etc. While all of those things are worth it, the ease of saying “peace out” going for a run is unparalleled. I will miss it terribly.


Both my husband and I work Monday thru Friday and haven’t worked at home during covid. My way of fitting running in during the week I’m actually embarrassed about and hate my husband telling people about it, but I wake up at 3:30 am and run on my treadmill. I also do long runs super early on the weekends too just to get it over with before kids activities. Occasionally I’m super tired and sleep in til 6 am on weekends ?


Hi janae! Right now I love my schedule of 3 x 12hr shifts (I’m a nurse too). When I worked in the hospital, the staff NP hospitalists worked 12hr shifts, 7 days on, 7 off. I think it depends if he wants to go acute care NP or family practice which might have more of a M-F schedule. Definitely good to talk with other np’s in your area though to see what’s standard.

Love reading your blog and how you handle the balance. It’s never easy!


Oh man. I have not figured this out at all. I have one kid, my 18-month-old daughter. I work as a night shift nurse (3 shifts one week, 2 shifts the next, then back to 3 shifts). I would like to get up early on the days I don’t work to fit a run into the morning, but it’s been really hard to try and do that–I’m just so dang tired on my off days! Anyway. It’s encouraging to hear that other people have found a way to make it work. I’ll get there someday :)


I teach at night it’s not flexible as the class time is set and my husband works a traditional daytime 9-5 so morning are my one guaranteed time, I am often getting up at 4 am to fit it in. I used to love to send the kiddos to kid care at the gym on days where I didn’t get to be early enough to run in the morning but Covid stopped that. We have a treadmill that I have sometimes used while my youngest is napping and my oldest watches a show but naps are starting to go away (yikes).

I too am SO EXCITED it’s almost summer, I love that my son loves school and that he is learning but I love having him with me, and the slow mornings are the best.

PJs until 9m -> park until 11 am -> lunch on the back deck = the best kid of days.


I’m catching up on blog posts from when we had our last baby but I def squeeze in my workouts during lunch at work. It’s really the only time I have now since I’m pumping before work/during the day. The evening is just too tight on time and I def cannot run at 9 PM. But this is just a season and I’m aiming to workout 2-3x a week along with our daily family walks. Soon this baby will be bigger and I can move my workouts to the early AM. Thanks for sharing what works for you!

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