Friday Favorites!

I haven’t done this in a while!  The treadmill gave me the chance to run yesterday, and I was very thankful for it.  I went over to my sister’s gym to use the treadmill so Skye could play with her cousins and Beck could hang out on the ground next to me.   I also got to talk to my sister for most of the run, which made the time go by way faster.

Baby toes.

IMG 4300 2

Beck just hung out rolling and chatting, and it reminded me so much…

IMG 4293

Of when I lived in California and had my treadmill on the deck.  Brooke would hang out next to me in her car seat and I would chat to her and pass her new toys throughout the run.  I look back on that time, and while there were a lot of tough times, there are also a lot of very sweet memories with Brooke like the miles that looked like this:

IMG 7807

I got home, and Beck went down for a nap, and while Skye was scootering, I got out the ab roller.  My sister swears by this thing.  She uses it every day, which has helped with her back pain because it strengthens her core.  I can only roll it a few inches right now, but you have to start somewhere!

IMG 4306

It makes Brooke so happy when he does this.

IMG 4269

The girls decided that they wanted to get their hair cut too and Skye was so excited.  She was trying so hard not to smile over how happy she was ha.

IMG 4326

Between the three of us, we must have chopped off about two feet of hair!

IMG 4331


Let’s chat about some of my favorite things this week!

*Andrew and I had the chance to work together with lululemon on my Instagram!  Father’s Day is coming up if you are looking for some things for a man in your life too!  All of the things we are wearing are all in one place HERE!


These pictures are making me want to hit the trails up right this second… THESE shorts are amazing.


*The increase in mileage makes my feet need a lot of extra TLC, especially my plantar.  I’ve had this little ball for years now and bring it out to roll my feet out whenever I’m at the computer.  Making sure to include all of the simple things into my training makes the biggest difference in the long run.

IMG 4079

*Goodr has a new style that I’m loving.   I wear sunglasses before the sun even comes up on my runs ha… I need them and these don’t bounce or fog.

IMG 4173

*I know I have talked a lot about the world’s best t-shirts in the past, but I can officially say I now have my absolute favorite t-shirt ever.  They are $15, they offer 15 colors and they are oversized and so comfortable.  I bought four colors and I’ll just rotate through these all summer with a pair of black biker shorts.

IMG 4322

*I recently started following thebiamovement.  She provides a holistic approach to self-defense and she includes so many important resources.  She teaches women to keep fighting (she and her sister were attacked and now her mission is to help women know what to do if they are attacked).  As runners we are out alone often, it is so important we educate ourselves on these topics and do whatever we can to be prepared.  I am buying one of her keychain alarms and the Bia guarded ring (made for runners… she is also a runner).

IMG 4086


PS My favorite Liquid IV is 30% off along with free shipping site-wide today until the 31st!   I cannot live without this stuff… it is so good and helps me stay hydrated when training a lot and busy!  Use code HUNGRYRUNNER GIRL or THIS LINK that auto-applies the code at checkout!


Have any fun weekend plans?!

Sunglasses when you run… yes or no?  Sunglasses the rest of the day… yes or no?

What have you been doing for your core strength?

When was the last time you were on the treadmill and how did you entertain yourself?

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Brooke and Skye’s hair cuts look so cute!

Goodr sunglasses are the best for running! My problem is I forget to bring them on runs a lot haha. Need to find a way to remember to bring them.


Thank you! We are twinners now:). I’m glad you love Goodr too! YES, I need to set a reminder sometimes haha. Have a beautiful weekend, Mariah!


I, like your sister, love the ab roller. I do a lot of abs and it’s the only thing that can give me sore abs…so I know it’s working. I can roll all the way out, so I’m working on rolling out from a standing position…so hard! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Corry, I am so glad to hear that you love the ab roller too… I woke up with VERY sore abs this morning. And you are GOALS, I’m excited to get there. Thank you, friend, you too!


Happy Friday, and happy holiday weekend, Janae!!!

My school gym has one of those ab roller things, and so far I have avoided it. ha ha I do core pretty often, but that thing is hard. But, maybe that means I need it. ;) I really think being back to yoga class has helped my core, and I do pilates stuff, and the 10 minute Ab Ripper X video that I found on YouTube.

So, half of my family is headed to Pittsburgh for a volleyball tournament this weekend. I’ll miss them and debated going along, but ultimately I decided I just need a chill long weekend at home at the end of the school year. That means, also, that my youngest daughter (who is a big homebody) doesn’t have to make the 4 hour trek either, so I guess it’s win-win. I’ll miss my husband and oldest daughter though!

Sunglasses on a run?! DEFINITE yes. I feel weird and “naked” without them. Even if it’s cloudy, they’re at least on top of my head JUST IN CASE the sun comes out. lol It’s most likely going to be raining after school when I run today, but I’m expecting it and just kind of ready for a slow, super easy rainy run to end the week. Key word will be MELLOW :)

Hope you guys have an awesome holiday weekend with lots of yummy food, including watermelon and popsicles!!!, in there!!!!


JEN JEN JEN! Happy holiday weekend to you too! Yoga and pilates are incredible for core work and off to find that ab ripper youtube video! I am so glad you and your youngest daughter will be able to stay home and relax. Enjoy and I hope your oldest daughter has an awesome tournament! NAKED WITHOUT THEM.. yep! I relate so much to you. Enjoy splashing through the puddles! Thank you, we sure will!


I just got those Goodr’s about a month or so ago! I saw them at the running store and had to have them. They are soooo light! Mine are just black though. :) I’m always in sunglasses. I alternate between my Goodrs and Ray Bans! The wayfarer’s are my all time favorite.
I have a 10k tomorrow! It will be about 80 and a million percent humidity, but I’m actually EXCITED to go. I’m usually nervous, but, probably because of the weather, I’m just excited to see some friends and have fun. Then it will be a low key weekend of beach, probably a friend’s pool and getting ready for my first work trip in a year and a half on Tuesday. Crazy! I’m actually a little bummed because next week my coach has me not running at all to get in a rest week before Boston training starts and I love to run when I’m out of town. I guess more time to sleep in. :)
I entertain myself on the treadmill by doing rolling hills. It’s still so boring though haha.
Have a great weekend!!


Hey Mollie! Ohhhhhh now I want the black ones. You are so right, they are so light! CHEERING so so loud for you tomorrow and PLEASE let me know how it goes! You are going to have a blast. Good luck on your work trip and yay for sleeping in (go on some awesome walks)! Excited for your Boston training! Thank you, you too!


I want to be a sunglasses runner because I, like you, in my real life probably have sunglasses on before needed, but I spend so much time adjusting them I gave up. Maybe I should check these out.

Last treadmill time was yesterday. I rotate between a good show, the tunes, and a podcast.


Check out the Goodr, I feel like I never have to adjust them! And for the price… they are awesome! If you don’t love yours then I’ll buy them from you:). Love that treadmill rotation. Have a beautiful day!


No big weekend plans; the weather is supposed to be cool and rainy in MD. We’re going to put the pool up and have it filled and then wait for warmer weather.
I entertain myself on the treadmill by watching TV. I’m currently watching White Collar. Matt Bomer is pretty hot so it’s nice scenery.
M6 about workout is a hodgepodge of things I’ve picked up over the years. Maybe I should check out the ab roller. Looks like it might be fun.
Have a great weekend! I hope you have better weather than us!


That is so awesome that you guys have a pool! Can we come over?! WHITE COLLAR IS SO SO GOOD! Let me know if you try the ab roller, I am so sore today. Thank you Lee, have a wonderful weekend!


Hi Janae! We took the day off from work and are going hiking! Happy Friday!!


That makes me so happy! Have the best time with your husband hiking.


Skye trying not to smile… Ha ha, adorable, and of course her shoes are on the wrong feet. Love it!
The girls look so pretty! Just like their mom ?
Ok, I seriously need to get some Goodr’s! I wear sunglasses all the time, and I’m down to one cheap pair that fog up all the time.
I ran on my favorite treadmill last Saturday (my gym is open again, yay) and it felt so good! I only did a short run, but listened to part of a great podcast to keep me entertained. I have to admit though, it was tough wearing a mask while running! I can honestly say that I am going to be so happy when that is no longer required.
Plans this weekend…. Outside anything, pool time, and shopping for a new hot tub. We’ve had a hot tub for years, but is hasn’t been working for quite a while. We debated whether or not not just be done with it or get a new one…. New one it is ?. Oh, and I have to figure out what critter is eating all of my herbs and lettuce! Every morning when I go check on the garden, all of my cilantro and basil has been eaten. Grrrrr…..
Anyway, have a really great Friday! And yay, school is out!


Thank you so much, Wendy! Let me know what you think of the Goodr sunglasses, I have a feeling you will love them. YOUR GYM IS OPEN… it has been so so long. I bet that felt so good to be back and I hope you won’t have to wear a mask on the treadmill for long! I’m so excited you are going to get a new hot tub, that is really exciting! That critter needs to leave you guys alone, boo. Happy Friday!


I don’t see the Pina colada on the liquid IV website…can you share where it is located? I would love to try it!


Oh no! It is out of stock! I LOVE the strawberry flavor too…

Sorry about that! Have the best weekend, Becky!


Your girls wanting to cut their hair reminded me of a video I saw posted on Reddit a while ago.
Insight from the incredible Mr. Rogers:

“Mister Rogers did a half hour special where he talks to parents about discipline. In this moment a woman has spoken on one of her most frustrating moments as a parent.
Her young, long haired daughter cut her hair to different lengths one night and it caused the mother distress and she admits to being very angry at the child and strongly chastising her.”

full length with sound


Brooke and Skye’s hair looks AMAZING!!! You will all love the lightness and shorter for summer! Hope you have a great weekend Janae!


My eyes water constantly while running if I don’t wear sunglasses. I even wear them when it’s cloudy or before the sun is up! I love my Goodr sunglasses and want a pair of the new versions.
I bought the Bia guarded ring last fall and wear it on my solo runs. I liked it so much that I bought my running pals one for Christmas. I recommend one for all runners!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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