Friday Favorites & Popsicle Toe Season

MORNING!  Beck has reached the point where he is extremely fascinated with his feet.

My sister said yesterday that Beck is the most chill baby she has ever been around in her entire life… He is just a go with the flow kind of human.

9.19 miles (which is totally okay to stop on in my brain because it isn’t very close to the next mile;) with Emilee in the heat!  I cannot tell you how happy it made me that Skye brought out popsicles when I finished (<— 100% her idea)!

IMG 3912

Popsicle toes season is our favorite season because it means that we are outside eating popsicles in sandals or barefoot and it’s hot enough that the popsicle drips on our toes and makes them sticky.  Throughout the winter my kids will say they can’t wait for popsicle toe season.

IMG 3915

We hit up an old favorite that I visited a few times a week when I was pregnant with Beck… Great Harvest!

IMG 3918

We had a lunch date with Skye and Beck!

IMG 3920

And then went on a walk.

IMG 3927

Followed up with a few hours outside!

IMG 3935


Let’s get chatting about some of my favorites from the week (affiliate links included)!

*Andrew and I found this candle at Target and it is both of our favorites now.  With 6 humans and a dog here, we need a candle burning most of the day.  This one smells so so good.

IMG 3907

*Shorts that are so light and free that it feels like you aren’t wearing any shorts… I have a list of my favorite summer running clothes HERE and I’m going to add these ones too.  If you live somewhere hot, these shorts will be awesome for your summer running, it feels like you aren’t even wearing any shorts and I love the waistband too.  The back also includes a zipper pocket that you can fit your phone in!

IMG 3900

*We had this play gym for Skye and now Beck and I recommend it to all of my friends having babies.   One thing I really love about it is that it includes a guide for me to know how to work with Beck at each month with where he is at with his development!  It also comes with accessories to switch in and out with his different stages.  It turns into a play fort as they get older too.  You can switch out that dog and mirror card with a bunch of other ones too!

IMG 3512

*The Bad Broadcast… If you like to hear C.R.A.Z.Y. stories, you have to listen to her in-law and roommates episodes where people send in their stories.  These episodes are insanely entertaining.

*They may not be the prettiest but the best thing I ate this last week were these scotcharoos!  Make them soon, they are so so good.

IMG 3664

*I’ve always loved jean jackets and what better place to get one than from Target for the price:). Distressed and oversized and it goes perfect with a t-shirt or dresses!  PS my nieces/sister are very grateful that I’m always on the hunt for new things to share with you guys because they get a lot of things from me the next year and then they don’t have to shop as much.  PPS I return the things I don’t love and I just don’t blog about them:). But this is a winner!

IMG 3941


Tell me the best thing that you have eaten this week!

Are you a candle fan?  What’s your favorite scent or place to grab them?

Tell me something you are looking forward to this weekend!

Out of every food establishment, what place have you eaten at more than any other place in your life?

-Probably Cafe Rio!

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Scotcharoos are SO good–I always remember my mom’s best friend making them, and I asked my mom why SHE never made them (my mom loves to cook and bake)–my mom said she could never stay out of them, so she couldn’t be the one making an entire pan. But maybe now I’ll have to make them!

I am also obsessed with Great Harvest and was just thinking it’s been too long since I’ve been there. Must return pronto.

I’m thinking about going to the pool this weekend! It’s been a while since I swam laps, and I think it might be time to add that back in!


Hey Kristin! Hahaha I pretty much ate our entire pan too. I bet your mom made so many amazing things! I think you need to go to Great Harvest this weekend after the pool. Enjoy those laps and happy weekend.


Beck is getting to one of my favorite stages. My boys loved playing with their toes, and sticking them in their mouths… Oh good memories ❤️
I would have to say that probably the place we’ve/I’ve eaten at the most, is our local burger chain Islands. Great burgers, salads, and always a great staff.
This weekend is definitely going to include a pool day! All week we have had our “June Gloom” where the coastal clouds don’t burn off until the afternoon, but starting today… Sunny and warm all weekend!
Have a great Friday!


Yes, it really is such a fun stage! I hope you guys have another Chicago trip on the horizon or is he coming home for the summer at all? A good burger sounds so good right now… it’s 7:34 am haha. YAY for the pool and for some sunshine after a lot of gloom. Thanks Wendy, you too!


So, no, Jake is not coming home this summer. He got a job on campus, which is perfect for him, so he’ll stay in the dorms, he gets to workout with the football team, which makes him so happy. So, we ‘re hoping to get out there for a good summer trip!
I’m heading down to the river trail for my long run, so I will be with you on a burger sounding really good a litter later this morning.. ha ha :)


Congrats to Jake on his summer job… seems like the perfect situation and I hope you get to go out this summer. I hope your long run was amazing and enjoy that burger!


The best thing I ate was strawberry-rhubarb crisp from my mom – so good!

I do like candles, but my husband is actually the obsessed one – so he buys them & I burn them. Do you put away your non-season-appropriate candles? Or do you use them up before that happens?

I am looking forward to my birthday weekend – I had a challenging(work) week and so have conveniently rescheduled my birthday to Saturday. My littles and I are going to make chocolate ice cream! Although now I want scotcharoos to go with them… we may also do some treats deliveries to share our goodies.

Beck is the cutest – love that little whale sleeper. And thanks for the reminder on your summer running gear post – I was just looking for some new shorts because the elastic is dying in a few of mine!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! I think you need some scotcharoos along with the chocolate ice cream. I am so sorry about your hard work week, you are so strong! I end up burning through an entire candle before I put them away but sometimes I find Andrew has put one away before it is done because he wants change ha. You’ll have to let me know what shorts you end up getting and your thoughts. Enjoy every second of this weekend Katie.


I’m looking forward to my Saturday and Sunday morning outside runs. The weather is supposed to be nice. It may be the last weekend before the cicada infestation. I’m starting to get scared. I elected to not sign up for the first in person race in my area because they might be really bad. I bought mosquito netting to cover my hair and face but I’m starting to think I need full body armor.
Shorts with a pocket are quite a find. I found a ten dollar bill on my run last Sunday. I picked it up but had no pockets to put it in. I had to put it in my phone case.
Have a great weekend!


Happy Friday!
Oh boy. The best thing I ate this week?! If I go sweet, a red velvet cupcake, savory might be the egg/cheese on a bagel sandwich I made last night OR maybe the strawberries that are getting closer to local strawberries—more RED inside than WHITE—at the farmer’s market. I love food. It’s tough to decide :) And, I always lament to you how I WISH we had a Cafe Rio!!!

I like candles, but I have such a paranoia about forgetting to blow them out that I rarely burn them!!!!

Tomorrow we’re going to Longwood Gardens—a huge outdoor/indoor garden! We’re also eating at a restaurant that Andrew Wyeth, a pretty famous local painter, used to love when he was alive (that sounds weird, but it should be neat), and I’ll actually get to go to Trader Joe’s, so I need to go back and look at those meal ideas that you posted the other week!!!! :)

I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend and keep enjoying those popsicle toes :)


I love Target clothes!

Favorite candles come from Target or Bath & Body Works. So good!

This weekend is the half iron man in Chattanooga…..the switch off area for all events is right outside the aquarium i work at, so I plan to catch as much of it as I can. I know one person doing the running portion as part of a relay team so I hope I can see her and ring a cowbell. The expo is opening in a few hours, so after my lunch run today I am gonna go grab some freebies, ha!

***Also, we will hit 91 on Sunday and it will be in the 90’s all week, so “Welcome to the South, you Iron Man folks!”


Oh my the 80’s are SO back! The music and the clothes are back and I have mixed emotions, lol (I was a teen in the 80’s so ALOT of good and bad memories of teenage drama)
I love that you call it popsicle toe season, so cute!
I love candles but they are not great for you, so I have gotten into essential oils (we do still burn candles). The Yankee Candle owners son opened his own Candle shop with cleaner burner candles -Kringle Candle CO. and has a lot of the same scents just different names!
Kayaking in the lake in NH this weekend, BRING ON SUMMER!


Happy Friday Janae! I literally find something new I want to buy every time I read your Friday posts…it’s a problem…but a fun problem! We are moving into a new house next week so a whole lot of packing is on the agenda. And probably ice cream and popsicles, with a high of 88 tomorrow in Minneapolis! Yikes!


Hi Janae! When I was in college the chipotle off campus used to take our meal points.. super smart business move from them. So that’s probably where I’ve eaten most.
So I just got some blood work done at the doctor and it turns out I’m borderline anemic. I know runners need a lot more iron than regular people and I’m planning to ramp up training. My doc just recommended I up the supplements in already taking. Do you have any experience with this?
Happy Friday!


Scotcharoos are so good. We make them with Special K cereal and will make them into drop cookies – super good out of the freezer too :)

I’ve gone away from candles and use wax warmers now. My current favorite sent is Amazon Rain (Scentsy brand). Maybe it was in my head but I felt like candles were leaving a soot on things??

We are celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday tomorrow with 6 of her friends – yikes! Hopefully the weather will stay nice and they can all play outside. I’ll be attempting to make her mermaid cake tonight.

I love it when my sister cleans out her closet and I get all the things!


Scotcharoos are a family favorite! My oldest brother use to request those instead of cake for his birthday. Tip for next time, line your pan with foil (let it overlap the edges) then you can pull the whole thing out to cut it. SO much easier!

We went out to Big Bear Diner this morning and everything was the best thing I’ve eaten this week! We split the Southern Scramble with hash browns and a bear claw. Their coffee was very good, too.

I love candles. I switch them out depending on the season (pumpkin/cinnamon types for Fall/Winter, anything tropical or flowery for Spring/Summer.) Bath & Body Works are my favorites.


How cute that Skye brought you a popsicle !

I love lime popsicles in the summer, that’s probably the best thing I have eaten this week.

I LOVE the Lavender Lemonade Candle from Target.
Have a wonderful Weekend!


I used to be a candle person before kids. But once our oldest started pulling up on furniture, my husband, who is very cautious and safety minded, didn’t think we should have them up on dressers and counters that our son could reach or have fall down. So I got rid of them all and haven’t gotten back into it even though he’s 8 and I could!


Popsicles sound so good right now! I always forget they exist as I’m more of an ice cream person. Thanks for the reminder to put some in my shopping cart next time!
Speaking of ice cream, we went to a local ice cream shop this week, and I ordered the cookie dough (my favorite). It was all I could do not to cry when they handed me cookies’n’cream instead! I’m exaggerating, of course, but I was pretty sad. I hate wasting food and certainly didn’t want two cones, so I ate it. It was tasty, but not as tasty as cookie dough.
It has been hot here lately (80s… hot for me!) and that has been sapping my energy. I went for a lunch break run yesterday and had to walk the last half mile. It felt defeating, but it happens.
Have a great weekend, Janae and family!


Best thing I ate this week was a grilled chicken wrap from our favorite take out place. It just hit the spot! My husband likes candles, but they make me a bit nervous haha. Have a great weekend!

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