Friday Favorites + Poor Beck.

8 miles @ 8:31 pace with Emilee yesterday and shooting for some speed today.  LOVE this new Run Happy shirt that Brooks sent me!

I got home from my run and when Beck woke up he was acting so off and screaming nonstop so I took him to the doctor.  He had an ear infection and luckily the doctor was able to get him some medicine asap.

IMG 3111

And the only other things I accomplished besides holding him all day (and a shower at 10 pm)…

IMG 3119 1

A walk with my sister because being outside always helps him out (and puts him to sleep) and…

IMG 3114

A drive-thru cookie run.  If you live by a Sodalicious, try their new Crumb Cake cookie asap.

IMG 3112

WHAT?!  The runner’s high is real… it doesn’t happen every run but it definitely happens for me!

IMG 3120


Let’s chat about some of my favorite things!

*Aftershokz.  So, how did I live without these for so long?  I am 100% sold on them.  The sound is amazing on these and I am in love with the fact that I can hear everything else going on around me when I am using them because nothing is actually going into your ear (the sound is conducted through your cheekbone).  They are so easy to use and charge and beyond comfortable.  It’s one of those things I wish I would have jumped on board with years ago.  If I ever do race with music again in the future though, I will probably stick to AirPods just because they are easier to throw in your pocket to store until you need music but for every other run (or podcast I listen to while doing laundry ha), Aftershokz is my #1 now.

PS I am very happy to report that you can still wear sunglasses with these on!

IMG 3080

*I have a new summer water bottle that I’ll be using daily.  I wanted one a bit bigger so I went with this one from Nathan!  The pouch is big enough for your phone too.  It doesn’t leak, it’s easy to hold, it’s double-wall insulated and carries 18 oz of liquid.

IMG 2659

*Added a new flavor to my LIQUID I.V. daily obsession.   The tangerine Hydration Multiplier (one glass = drinking 3 water bottles) + Immune Support.  It tastes amazing and it’s full of goodness to strengthen the immune system.  My day would feel very weird if I didn’t start it with one of these.  Super random tangent but I saw that the BYU cross country coach put together a piñata for the team and she included LIQUID IV, B12 & Run Gum inside of it:)

Code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you 25% off your purchase and free shipping here!

IMG 2641

*Target is just crushing it with their tees and tanks this summer.  I ordered another one of the boxy tee’s because I love it so much ($8!) and this tank was awesome for hiking around in St. George.

IMG 2905

*I am kind of embarrassed I went this long without it in my life but I remembered my FAVORITE nut butter on the planet and bought more.  This almond butter is the best of the best and I could put it on anything and eat it.

IMG 3121

*Last week’s Friday Favorites are here in case you are looking for more!  A few of you have told me that you ordered the Eye Massager and that you are obsessed with it now too!


How do you carry water while you run?  Or do you hide it somewhere or plan your runs around drinking fountains?

What % of the time do you experience a runner’s high?

Almond butter vs peanut butter (or other nut butter)!?  What’s your favorite?

Last cookie you had… rate it from 1-10!

*The above cake crumble one and it was a 10.

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I have 2 of those Nathan water bottles in that size, and 2 smaller. I love them! I can put my keys, chapstick, card, whatever in there and don’t have anything extra to hold. Although you don’t really “hold” them, it is so nice!

Peanut butter all the way. I haven’t found other nut butters I like, guess I just prefer peanut butter. My favorite is peter pan honey roasted creamy. Put that on some bread with strawberry jam……..heaven. Ha!

I get a runner’s high at LEAST once a week. It’s the best!

ps, I was thinking I was going to be so slow at the run last night, and true most of them finished before me, but I was only 1 minute off my race time from 2019 (the last time it happened)! I am now even more pumped for Memorial Day’s race! 500 feet of gain in the first 2.5 miles, then 500 feet drop in the last 2.5. Surprisingly my legs are not trashed today, ha!


Hey Loribeth! They really are the best water bottles to take out on the run! Glad you love the smaller ones too. Nothing is better than a simple pb and j sandwich! Keep enjoying those runner’s highs and WAY TO GO LAST NIGHT! You are absolutely amazing, that is so much climbing in just the first 2.5… incredible!


Aftershokz are the BEST! (Thanks Ali on the Run for the rec . . .) I feel so safe when I use them, and they’re also great for phone calls! I use mine all the time.

I’ve never even heard of a crumb cake cookie, but now I feel like that’s what’s missing from my life. I need to find a recipe!!!

Peanut butter is definitely the best. But let’s be honest, I’ll do either because they are both delicious.


I totally agree with you, I feel so much more safe using these. I’ll have to try mine for phone calls, awesome. I should fedex you one of these cookies… they are the best! Happy weekend Kristin!


Have you ever tried NutZo? It’s a nut butter with a bunch of different things in it like hazelnuts, chia seeds etc. I used to see this lady giving samples of her new crazy nut butter at a Sprouts near my house in San Diego all the time ten or so years ago, and now they sell it everywhere. It’s so good! I love the chocolate one. I just snack on it by the spoonful.
When you recommended those tiny hammer bottles that fit in your pockets a few years ago I jumped on board with those. I just stick a couple in my pockets and go haha. I have a ton of them. :) I have a hard time carrying a bottle, it throws me off for some reason.
That cookie looks so good!
I hope Beck feels better!


Hey Mollie! I cannot even remember if I have or not but I need to grab some at Sprouts asap… and a chocolate one?! I definitely need that. Haha I feel so silly but I totally forgot about those hammer bottles. I wish I would have remembered those for my run this morning, I was so thirsty but didn’t want to carry anything for speed! I’m glad you love them and off to find mine! Thanks Mollie, have the best day!


I always feel better after running! A full on runners high is probably 25% of the time, where I feel like I’m on top of the world and could run forever. But even if I don’t hit that, I still feel way better after running than I did before!

Last cookie I had was from a bakery near me called Corner Pantry and it was a 9. Amazing, but not the best cookie I’ve ever had (Levains).


Hey Mariah! That 25% of the time thing definitely makes it all worth it and you are so right… I always feel better afterwards too! I need a Levains cookie in my life but your bakery sounds pretty amazing too! Have the best day:)


Happy Weekend!! Hope Beck is feeling better soon – poor little dude :o(
I am generally a hider of water bottles, because I don’t like to carry anything when I run. I might try one of these (maybe the smaller version another commenter mentioned) for when I run in unfamiliar places and don’t know the good hiding spots.
I have felt pretty darn good after some runs, but only a few times I would call an actual runner’s high. I had what I’ll call a mini runner’s high the other night though – still just getting back into regular running and joined a 6 week group running program through a local running store for a little extra motivation and accountability. Had no idea what I was walking into (the signup was pretty spontaneous!) and we ended up having to do a timed mile. What the what?!? I was pretty happy about it and even had a big grin for a few minutes after :o) Calling it a win!
My go to is Teddy’s super chunky peanut butter. For a little treat though, I LOVE 88 Acres sunflower butter in Spiced Vanilla – nothing like it on a toasted english muffin!! I just but the individual serving packets when I can find them – my head would be fully inside a jar of it if I had one in the house!!
Last cookie was a little meh – plant based, lemon cookie. Your crumb cake cookie looks amazing!!! Have an awesome weekend!


JANINE! Thank you so much and luckily he is already doing so much better. YES, I love the smaller version too… I thought it would be annoying to carry but I don’t even notice. YAY for that runner’s high this last week:) SO happy you are doing the group running program through your local running store, that is awesome. Running with people is the best motivation! WAY to go on the timed mile! That sunflower butter sounds amazing. I think you need a crumb cake cookie in your life asap. Thanks Janine, you too!


I agree with you that the Trader Joes salted almond butter is delicious, but I would vote for crunchy. Their crunchy salted peanut butter is also my favorite.
I normally hate carrying water while I run so in the past have either hidden bottles or used water fountains, but lately have tried a hydration vest- I’m loving it! I feel like I have so much more freedom with my long runs.
Have a great day Janae!


HEY JENNY! I picked up their crunchy salted pb too but next time I’ll grab the crunchy salted ab… thanks for sharing! Hydration vests are the BEST! That makes me so happy to hear that you love yours. I need to get some of them for my kids too! Thanks friend, you too!


Poor Beck! Hopefully he’ll be feeling back to normal today. Ear infections in babies are the worst.
Yes Aftershox!! The are awesome. And, I can wear a hat (or visor) and sunglasses with them. I’ve had mine for a year, and won’t go back to in the ear earbuds again.
Oh the runner’s high…. I maybe feel that once a week, and it really is wonderful. It happens to me when I least expect it too, which is a nice bonus.
I haven’t had a cookie in such a long time. We do have a new Crumble that opened up next door to Target, so maybe I’ll swing by after checking out the tanks at Target later today (thank you for that).
Off to run my favorite lake trail ?
Have a great Friday!


Wendy! Thank you so much and he really is already doing so much better today. I haven’t tried a hat or visor yet with them, that is so good to hear! GO TO CRUMBL and please let me know what you think! Enjoy that lake trail, it sounds gorgeous.


Hi Janae! Runner’s high is real! More often is that feeling I get sometimes around 4ish miles where I feel really good and like my legs are just moving by themselves with no effort (almost like I’m riding a bike) and I’m in the flow.
I’ve tried many nut butters and my favorite is just creamy Jif or Skippy.
Happy Friday!! I’m off for some speed too!


Hey Amy! Oh I loved your explanation about what happens at mile 4! You simply can’t go wrong with jif or skippy. I hope your speed workout was awesome and happy Friday to you too!


I LOVE TJS almond butter – especially salted! If a nut butter isn’t salted, then it just doesn’t taste quite right. I’m so happy you took Beck to the pediatrician and they were able to spot his ear infection early!
I carry a Nathan water bottle, but am debating getting a hydration pack (eyeing one from Salomon) because it seems easier than having a bottle strapped to my hand. I’ve also shot myself accidentally with water/Nuun directly into my eye 0.1 miles into my run and it burns! If anyone has any recs for hydration packs, I’d love to hear them! Happy Friday!


I once bought non salted almond butter on accident and it was the worst! Thank you so much Charlotte. I LOVE my hydration pack from Salomon too… this is the one I have and love so much. I used it for my ultra training! Have the best weekend friend!


I have been using an REI water pack for a few months and I really like it. The longest I’ve gone is 15 miles with it and there was no chafing and it holds soo much water. It comes in an XS and holds 5 liters!

I love any kind of nut butter :)

I made Disney’s Jack Jack cookies and they are sooo good. The key is browning the butter and using almond extract. Yumm!!


Poor Beck. It’s so hard when babies are sick because they can’t tell you what hurts. Glad you were able to get him to the doctor and on his way to a speedy recovery.

Glad you’re loving the Aftershokz. I’ve had mine for years and wear them all the time.

I prefer wearing a fuel belt vs. handheld. I’m such a klutz, I can’t risk having one hand tied up!

I’m not sure if it’s a runner’s high, or just the love of outdoors, but any day I can get my heart rate up and breathe fresh air for a while is a good one.

Creamy peanut butter is my favorite, unless we are counting Nutella ;) Which I only like melted on waffles or English muffins.

I don’t remember the last cookie I had. Last week in South Carolina we had ice cream twice, beignets, Butterfinger crunch cake, and banana pudding that were all 10s!


I hope Beck is feeling better soon! It’s never fun when they get sick.

The TJ’s nut butter is amazing BUT have you ever tried American Dream Nut Butters?! Oh my lanta I have no found a flavor I don’t like yet! I promise they wont disappoint!

Have a great weekend


I’m late to the game here, but happy Friday! I hope that Beck is feeling better soon!!!

I carry water when it’s around 70 degrees or higher. I have a Nathan hand-held like yours, but mine is a bit smaller! On long runs though, I pre-plan my route and plant water bottles along the way. It’s funny bc several of my spots are at churches. No one at a church would take or taint my water, right?! :)

I think I almost always get some sort of runners’ high!!! That is why NO other sports/activities feel quite the same as running. I’m not doing any speedwork right now, but there is no high like the high of a successful speed sesh!!!

Okay, last cookie I had is a loaded question. I went to Philly yesterday and had the best day, and I bought one of my favorite sweets at my fav bakery there. It’s called a Jawn, and it’s layers of birthday cake flavored shortbread/cake/cookie dough/buttercream frosting with sprinkles. Oh man is it good, good, good. I have to split it with my husband though bc it is THAT sweet. I’ll eat some and then sit in a sugar coma! lol

Happy Weekend!!!!!!


I cannot handle holding a water bottle of any sort on a run. It drives me crazy and I compare it to a constant itch lol. My brain is so aware that I’m holding it so I do a camelbak for long runs (over an hour) and leave a big water bottle in my car or at the end of my driveway for short ones.

Oh the ear infections in kids are the worst! It’s so painful and it’s so hard to tell what’s going on because there are no visible signs (besides the screaming)! My daughter would get really bad ones when she was little!

Last cookie I ate was a homemade chocolate chip. I’m actually not a big fan of them (I’m like your sister and prefer one chip per cookie lol!) but they were just sitting there so I figured why not ha! Your cookie pic looks amazing though. Yum!


If I’m on a long run I prefer to carry with a waist belt of mini water bottles. I don’t like holding the water bottle in my hand. It feels heavy. Do you switch hands?
Also I want to know how that liquid iv works. How does one of them equal 3 water bottles?


Poor Beck! I hope he feels better!

I can’t remember my last cookie (probably Panera earlier this week!) but I just finished a chocolate Long John and I would rate it a 10!

I usually carry a water belt or vest on my long runs but I can’t stand to run fast wearing them. Do you use your handheld for speed workouts or does it bother you to run fast with it?

Have a great weekend! :)


OMG, I asked my husband if we could try the eye massage that you posted and he got it for us! IT.IS.AMAZING! love to use to right after I am at my desk all day staring at my computer screens. And right before bed! My husband was just about asleep from 6mins of the massage! Thank you for always sharing the best finds! oxoxo

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