That hurt a little too bad… + Weekend Recap!

10k Time Trial… it really hurt.  There is just something so tricky about the 10k for me.  The pain from the fast pace usually sets in pretty quickly (ehhh about .5 miles in on Saturday) and you still have a long ways ahead of you to hold that pace.  It’s not like the marathon where you ease into the pain the further you go, the pace just kind of hurts from the beginning and you have to hold that for a while.

My team has a 10k course that they use for a time trial to help measure and see where we are currently at fitness-wise. The 10k starts at this bridge below and the first 3.5 miles are rough with uphill/flat but then you are rewarded with 2 miles of cruising fast downhill and then about .7 miles of flat.   I hadn’t done speed or trails in a while so my body/legs were feeling fresh and ready to do my best.   A girl in our group had a baby just a few months before I had Beck and it was so nice to work together with her for the time trial.  I held onto her for 4.2 miles but then fell back but having her for those first 4 miles made me run much faster than I would have done alone.

There is just something about having somebody next to you when you run because you know they are working crazy hard too and they aren’t quitting!

IMG 1316

We started with a 3 mile warm-up and then we stopped for a bit for people to use the bathroom and get drinks.  I totally meant to take off my long sleeve and tie it around my waist before the speed started but I completely forgot until mile 1 when I was burning up (I get hot so easy when I do speed)!  I wanted to stop so bad to take it off ha but just finished off the time trial with it on and took it off the second I finished.

I had my second fastest time (it was my second time doing it ha;).  It would be easy to be discouraged thinking it was almost three minutes slower than the last time I did it but that is a miserable way to live (comparing yourself to others or your previous self) so I’ll just use it as my goal to chase down and cheer myself on for it being my second fastest time;)

IMG 1321

Miles 12-14 felt like the final two miles of a marathon for me.   At one point in the cool-down I sent a text to Andrew to come pick me up but the above friend I paced with during the speed workout pepped me up to running to her car and then told me she would drive me home;)

The entire run was incredibly hard for me but I’m excited to have an idea now of where I am for when I race a 10k in June… I gave it my all yesterday so let’s see what 8-9 more weeks of training will do!

IMG 1320

We found a drinking fountain that was open on our run!  The only one of these that I have seen working over the last year is an outdoor one… it felt so weird to be able to use a drinking fountain indoors!

IMG 1319

It’s so fun for me to see and hear about how everyone fuels their runs.  There is always quite the assortment of fuel and I think the Swedish Fish definitely taste the best;)

IMG 1318

I got home and made the world’s largest Kodiak Cake with chocolate chips to eat.  I put Skye in the picture to give you an idea of how large it was ha.

IMG 5078

This guy is ready for his spring/summer wardrobe;)

IMG 1331

And we spent a good chunk of the day outside in the front yard eating Pirate’s Booty (this stuff is so addicting) with bare feet.

IMG 1340

I was MORE than ready for a rest day yesterday!  I was too tired to make my normal cinnamon roll recipe the night before Easter so I found a 1 hour recipe to make the morning of and they were AMAZING.  We will be making these again for sure.

IMG 1351

We did the normal Easter things:)

IMG 1350

We went up north to celebrate with Andrew’s family and it was so delicious… they always have the best fruit!

IMG 1358

We finished off the night with my family over at our house!

IMG 1361


What gel/fuel are you loving the most lately?  Are drinking fountains open in your area?  It’s our spring break… When is everybody else’s spring break? Which race distance is the hardest for you?

-The 5k (hence why I never do them;)… that pace just hurts so bad.  I like medium hard effort for a long time much more than hard hard effort for a short time.

I’d love to hear something that you are cheering for yourself about?  What’s something great you have accomplished recently (big or small)!!

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I LOVE a giant Kodiak pancake!!! The little stacks are pretty but give me one big giant cake!!! ;) Happy Easter!


I agree… a big old Kodiak pancake is heaven! I hope you get one soon! Thanks Andria, you too!


I recently switched from SIS gels to high 5, they are so much easier to consume especially during the long run when i just don’t feel like it haha.
5k is definitely the hardest distance to race for me. No time for error!
My biggest accomplishment recently has got to be the consistency in my training, it’s made a huge difference.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


I haven’t tried the high 5, I will totally have to! That is so true about the 5k having no time for error! Congrats on your consistency Sarah, that is HUGE for our training and it makes the biggest difference. Thanks Sarah, you too!


Something I’m proud of is going without headphones on my weekday morning runs. Now that it’s getting light out earlier, I’m excited to run outside before work instead of on the treadmill. But to stay safe in the city while it’s still dark and the sun is rising, I don’t wear headphones. Normally I run with friends or with headphones. But now I’m enjoying the birds chirping, sounds of cars driving by, my feet falling on the pavement. It’s been nice!


Mariah, that is awesome and such a good idea! It really is so nice to be able to hear everything going on around us during a run! So glad that we are getting more light in the mornings! Have a beautiful day friend! PS how was date #6!


It was so good!!! We went to melting pot (which I had not been to since I was a kid, I think). I really like him, he says he really likes me ?


Yayayayayayayay! This just makes me too happy!!!! And melting pot is so yummy. Thanks for telling me!


Awesome job on that time trial! I would have to agree that the 5K is the hardest, although it is over the quickest… Ha.
I have really been having a hard time keeping my easy runs easy lately. So, each time I do, I celebrate that little victory. I know how important easy runs are in keeping ourselves injury free, and actually helps us get faster, so I’ll keep working on it.
Looks like your weekend and Easter were great! Here’s to a good Monday and spring break. Our spring break was 2 weeks ago.
Enjoy ?


That is a really great victory Wendy! It is so important that we do it but I agree, it’s so hard to do sometimes. Thank you Wendy and I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Congrats on your time trial! I find 5km hardest to race because they hurt lol. Haven’t done one in years hee

We are enjoying 4 days was really nice to get in muliple runs! A girlfriend talked me into a second longish run so yesterday am we headed out for 9 + miles. I have had a hard time motivating myself to race virtually this year so I have tried making running fun again and remembering why I love it and this weekend I managed to put in 40km over a couple days which I have not done in a long while. Also..spring cleaning which I hate lol but so needed ( ie.. donating/chucking out stuff from my closet lol. ).

Your Easter supper looks delicious! Have a great spring break with the kiddos Janae!


HEY KRISTINE! I am so happy you have four days off and that you are having so many great runs! You are rocking it. I totally agree, it’s so much harder to feel motivated for virtual races! And that reminds me… I really need to do spring cleaning too! Thanks friend, I hope your week is off to a great start already!


Congrats on your time trial! That is awesome! I like any fuel that is tangy or sour. I am not into the chocolate or caramel type fuel gels. I especially love the lemonade flavors. Our spring break is week of 19th! I actually like it because when kids go back it seems like we are so much closer to summer! Have a great day!


I totally agree… the lemonade/citrus type gel flavors are my favorite! I can’t do the chocolate either:). That is so true, once they are back in they only have like a month until summer. So great! I hope you guys have a great time. Thanks Crissy!


Hi Janae! Awesome job on that 10k time trial! Really excited for you in June now! I love GU too but I got some huma gels (I think you recommended them a while ago for sensitive stomachs) and they just taste so good. I had the mango one on my long run last weekend and it was fantastic. Temps are warming up here and I got to start adjusting for my runs! Happy Monday!


HEY YOU! Thank you so much Amy, I can’t wait. Ahhhh yes, the huma gels are INCREDIBLE. Yep, love that mango one too. Enjoy the warmer weather, it feels so good! Thanks friend, you too!


Sharing an idea for your kiddos next year. My parents always hid our Easter baskets somewhere random in the house.. a closet underneath a blanket or on top of something high or in the dryer! They also did in Easter egg hunt in our house. We’re talking eggs in bookshelves, in the silverware drawer, in the couch, and in all the little nooks. It was sooooo much fun!


Okay, your parents sound awesome!!! I love those ideas and will be doing them next year, thank you for sharing Amanda! I hope you are having a great day!


Hi janae!

I’ll take a sub 40 10K any day, nice job!

5K’s definitely hurt but it’s still a good hurt just to be out there!

I was able to run a 5K a few Saturdays ago wearing my brace. I even managed to run a 8:18 last mile with this contraption on so i was pretty happy:

And then I did my longest bike ride last Saturday, 40 miles. My wife started calling me at the end of my ride wondering where in the world I was. I haven’t gone more than 20 miles since I did a 30 mile ride last September, lol.


HEY JOHN! So good to hear from you! I am so so happy that you were able to run a 5k and you rocked it… 8:18 boom! So glad that contraption helped you! You have had the best attitude about this all! FORTY MILES?! You are incredible… I’m cheering so loud for you John!


Great job on your 10k, remember that it hasn’t been that long since you had a baby, you are rocking it mama!

Your weekend looked amazing =)

We had our spring break a couple weeks ago but I wish that it was this week again, we had so much fun! I hope you enjoy your break!!!


Oh my gosh, your cool down was so long after that time trial! Goodness gracious!!!

I agree on the 5k. However, when doing a 10km I always think a 5k sounds good, and when doing a half marathon, a 10k sounds good, and during a marathon a half sounds so civilized! I’m a long distance person but ideally, my favorite distance is 18miles. Don’t ask my why, it just is. I guess I have fond memories of that as a training run. I also like the 15km for no particular reason.

Skratch chews are a favorite of mine. Today I ate a tootsie roll right before my run knowing it wasn’t the best idea, but it ended up not being so bad! Perhaps I’ll give it more trials. haha.

Our Spring Break just ended-today back at school/work was rough to the zillionth degree. We had nice weather last week and today had high winds and snow.


Great time – I would take that pace.


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