Silentish Saturday!!!

A rubber band war in the driveway after my run with Emilee of 8 miles @ 8:30 pace.

Rewind to the morning usual where I stand in front of my shoes and think about how my body is feeling before I choose which shoes to wear.

IMG 2257


IMG 2258

My sister then called and asked for 2 miles of running together.  She is getting back into running again.  We then hung out at her house for a bit (Beck was in PJs until 1 pm yesterday oops).

IMG 2264

Brooke came home and we were off…

She was very thrilled that two of her cousins that are her age were able to drive with us.

2.75 hours later and we made it.

To Vernal!

My brother ordered pizza for everyone.

We played some.

These two snuggled.

We are here to celebrate my nephew… he has a special day today so everyone flew/drove in for him.

Wish us luck, Skye in a hotel is always a guessing game.

Tell me 3 things that you have going on today!

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Good luck with the hotel – hope you guys get some sleep! Adventures to get together with family are always so much fun.
It’s currently rainy and cold here, so I am thinking it looks like a good clean-the-house sort of day. Later, my husband and I are going on an adventure to IKEA to checkout some artwork for our completely bare walls. We need tons of luck for that too – we tend to have opposite taste in artwork… I am so happy it is the weekend!!!


Thank you so much Katie! I fully support that along with some relaxation and hot chocolate:) I kind of love rainy days! Sending all of the luck for your IKEA shopping… that is so hard to agree on things! Have a beautiful day!


I can’t wait to hear all about your nephew’s celebration and all the family fun you’re going to have ?
Kids and hotels… Let the fun begin! I bet everyone will do just fine.
Yesterday, as we were driving to the airport, I realized I forgot my coat…. Um, ooops! Luckily Chicago is being kind and it’s not too cold. I figured I could make a Target or Kohl’s run for something if it does rain like the forecast says.
Today is our son’s football game, and we are so excited. Can’t wait to get to campus for all the pre-game traditions. The team does what they call “The Forester Walk”… They walk through campus to the football stadium, with a traditional bagpipe player (kilt and all), it’s very cool and always gives me chills. In non Covid times, after the game the parents have a big tailgate in the parking lot and feed the team, so that will be missed today. But, we can take our son out to one of our favorite local spots for dinner.
Have a wonderful weekend with your family Janae ?


HEY WENDY! I am just so thrilled for you guys and that you are there and going to actually be able to go to your son’s football game! The Forester Walk sounds so incredible and I hope someday the tailgate can happen again. Thank you friend, enjoy every second and have a great meal tonight!


Have a fun and safe trip!! Good luck with Skye!

I went for a run with a friend this morning, doing a virtual paint night with school friends this afternoon, and then dinner with my guy tonight! Also went to TJs this morning and got the burrito you recommended! Bought a few new things to try and I am very excited!


Mariah! I am so glad you got to run with a friend today! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the burrito. Have a blast at virtual paint night (I WANT TO DO THIS) and dinner tonight.


Hi Janae! Today is my friends wedding! She is getting married in India and streaming it so we can watch here! We are super excited for her.
Other than that, not much going on. I did some strength workout yesterday and every muscle is sore so I’m going back to lay in bed.
Happy weekend with your family!!!


Amy! That is so great that you are going to be able to watch your friend’s wedding… and India, so so cool. Way to go on the strength workout, you are amazing. Thank you Amy!


Yayyyy so fun!! Best wishes to your sweet nephew. What are you celebrating ??
I’m so jealous of your adventures. Our covid situation in Ontario is so terrible right now. Our ICUs are overflowing and we are all on stay at home orders with schools closed. Those vaccines can’t come fast enough!!!
Today – groceries, hanging out with my sis, nephews and mom, and playing outside!! It’s 17 degrees C here which is a beautiful warm spring day to us.


Andrea, that is so so hard. I wish that you were able to get the vaccines faster there, it has made the biggest difference here (our ICU is empty now). PLEASE keep me updated with how things are going in Ontario, I am sending prayers.
Enjoy the spring weather (SO thankful you are having good weather during this stay at home order)! Oh and my nephew is going to one of our temples for his first time, he is so excited. Have a beautiful weekend!


3 things: marathon, marathon, marathon!

It did not go as planned. I don’t know what I did wrong but at mile 12 I felt shaky and so off. I felt worse at that point then mile 20 miler. What stunk was that my pace was spot on and I felt like it was an easiest pace. Then I just didn’t feel well. But I finished! I knew if I kept running that I would not finish so I switched between running and walking and honestly my paces were off but not horrible. My time includes having to wait to cross intersections and some stops. I am proud and hopefully there would be a next time! I did set a half marathon PR and a marathon PR because this is the first one I ran ( rest I racewalked many years ago)..
my feet are a mess, I thought I had that figured out but then again I think a lot of people get blisters at marathons.


CARRIE! I am so so sorry that today did not go as planned… HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU FINISH another 14 miles after you started feeling shaky and off. You are so incredibly strong. Huge congrats on both PRs and I hope you are able to recover well and next time that you don’t feel so terrible and your feet do better. You are just amazing! Thank you for letting me know, I have been wondering. Get some good rest tonight friend!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the hotel stay is smooth!

It’s a long weekend here in Australia and my husband has flown from Brisbane to Perth (the other side of the country) with SES (State Emergency Service) to help a couple of communities clean up after a big cyclone came through and caused a lot of damage. So it’s just me and my 4 year old for about 5 days. That means no outside runs for me, but I do have a treadmill and indoor cycle so when Tom has his iPad time I will jump on to get my workouts done.

I’ve been going through my wardrobe (which is currently a floordrobe) to donate a bunch of old clothes I no longer wear, so hoping to finish that today as well!

Safe travels Janae.


Jodi, I am so incredibly sorry about what is going on in Australia. That is so heartbreaking that those communities are going through all of this, that is so great that your husband is going to help. Way to go still getting in those runs when he is gone (and I’m so happy you have the treadmill and indoor cycle)! Good luck with finishing going through your wardrobe!
Thanks Jodi and I hope the next 5 days go great with Tom!


I’m getting into home projects late in the lockdown game. Getting the garage more together with shelves and hangers – shopping is done, time to get it all set up. Getting the bike hung, too!

When I saw the pic of your shoes, I didn’t care how your body felt, I needed to get some shelves for those shoes!! Oy to the vey.

Knox is looking SO BIG, esp with the mullet haircut. Skye’s arms in the park – is she running? Gives me a little chuckle today.


YAY for home projects, those feel so good to check off! Hahah I sure do need to get some shelves for all of my shoes! Haha she is running, she was having the time of his life and I agree, Knox is looking so old these days! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Lee.

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