New Secret Speed Weapon + Weekend Recap

This.  This was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

Andrew and I decided that we needed to combine both of our favorite things into a date together.  Life has felt so crazy with everything going on so to have 99 minutes to just talk to each other (except for on the uphills when my lungs were exploding) without any distractions was the absolute best.

IMG 1962

I felt very spoiled to have someone carry my water and fruit snacks (my current goto running fuel)… I haven’t been able to convince my normal running partners to do the same yet.

IMG 1956

Turns out Andrew is my new secret speed weapon.  I’ve done this run/trail SO many times over the years and on Saturday I hit some new Strava segment PRs on hard portions because I was trying to keep up with Andrew.  Normally I average around 9:30 on this trail and my legs are fried but with Andrew I averaged 8:55 and I didn’t notice as much as I normally do that my legs were wanting to fall off from all of the hills—>  I think I was too busy trying to impress Andrew.

If I want to hit new PRs in the half and the marathon in the next few years, the trails are going to be one of my biggest tools.  Andrew told me he is ready to hit them once a week together and I’m excited.

IMG 1997

Our run happened at lunch time because the day started at the soccer field.  Brooke had a game and she was with her dad this last weekend so we met her there. Eightish years ago I would have LAUGHED at someone if they told me that it would be easy to all be around each other someday in the future but here we are…  It was as simple as could be and I know it meant the world to Brooke to look over and see us all happily chatting and cheering for her on the sidelines.   Have hope if you are where I was 8 years ago!

IMG 5248

Beck had a VERY exciting weekend.  He has started eating some rice cereal.  He is still a bit confused with how in the world he is supposed to eat it but with some practice he’ll be rocking it.

IMG 2004

It was Andrew’s mom’s bday on Saturday so we were able to have a pizza party at the park to celebrate her.  PS the pizza was from Papa John’s which is by far my favorite place to get delivery pizza.

IMG 2005 1

And then we picked up some cookies on the way home with his parents because when you are in the area, you must go to Twisted Sugar for cookies.  IMO this is the best cookie shop in Utah and we have a lot of them here!

IMG 2011

Sunday started out with the usual…

IMG 2020

Brookie was then home with us and that felt really good.  In the car on Saturday night Skye said to us, “I miss Brooke so much I’m going to cry.”  She was VERY happy to be with her again.

IMG 2048

My nephew turned five and he requested this gorgeous stir-fry over udon noodles.  This nephew of mine loves salads and pretty much every food that you wouldn’t think a five year old would love.

IMG 2056

And the present he was most excited for = a large jar of pickles.

IMG 2059

He then requested strawberry cake and my sister made all of his dreams come true:)

IMG 2062


Today’s random question of the day… Andrew always listens to his books/podcasts/classes sped up and it hurts my brain!  Do you listen to things at their normal speed or sped up?  Do you ever listen to audio books?

IMG 2032 1

Tell me what the highlight was of your weekend!  What was the best thing you ate over the weekend?

Tell me something (or somebody) that has been helping you now or in the past to get faster?

-Chasing after people ahead of me.

Picky eater… Have you ever been a picky eater?  Your kids or family members?

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Highlight of my weekend was TWO great runs . . . I had to take so much time off this past year that that was pretty great! Now my legs are tired, so I’ll let them rest for a couple days and enjoy that feeling!

I am a big reader, but not really an audiobook person–normally I just keep thinking about if I would read the book differently, in my head. :-) I have listened to audiobooks sped up if the narrator had a slow voice, but never podcasts!

That cake looks SO good! Good inspiration for Beck to get those solid foods! :-)


Hey Kristin! Two great runs–> this made me so happy to read! Keep enjoying that feeling. i love how much you read, I need you to share some recommendations for me. Hahah Beck was looking at the cake with some big eyes yesterday. Thanks Kristin, have a great day!


What a fun weekend! Okay that seems crazy hard to bike and run together… did Andrew go slow?! Did you yell back and forth to chat? I need details!! Lol
I used to be picky with sauces as a kid – like would eat plain pasta, sandwiches with no condiments, salad without dressing… I like sauces now like ketchup, ranch, bbq, salad dressing etc. but hate mayo and mustard and still prefer any cold cut sandwich plain with just bread and cheese.
I can listen to podcasts at 1.5 speed but that’s my max!!
Best thing i ate all weekend —> homemade peach crisp with vanilla ice cream!!


Hey YOU! So on the uphills I can usually go a bit faster but on the downhills there is no chance to keep up with him but for a big chunk of the time the trail was wide enough we could go side by side (and he slowed down:). I am very thankful you like sauces now! Sometimes I feel like I eat something just for the sauce I get to dip it into haha. Ummm I’m coming over for some of that homemade peach crisp, yum. Have a great Monday friend.


So happy for you finding normalcy with Brooke’s dad! You are so strong and have found so much happiness, despite the hard times. And I’m sure that means the world to Brooke!!

I listen at normal speed, some podcast people talk so fast, not sure if I could keep up if it was faster!

Agreed that running with people faster than me makes me faster. Even if I can’t keep up, I want to stay close!


Thanks Mariah! Life sure has changed! Hahah I’m with you, some podcasts I feel like I need to slow down the speed. EXACTLY, even though the people are far ahead, I just want it be a little less far ahead! Hope you are feeling better today. Have a great one friend.


I passed a Praxis this weekend. My certification is K-6, but now I can teach Home Ec, too! I’ve never sped up podcasts, but I think it would hurt my brain also. I am a picky eater. My daughter has gotten so much better, but my son is the worst, and it’s completely my fault :o) I’m so glad you and Brooke’s dad can be civil with each other. My parents have been divorced for almost 30 years, and any time there’s a family get together, it’s almost like they gravitate toward each other. It’s kind of weird, but it’s nice they can put the past in the past and talk like normal adults.


CLAIRE! CONGRATS on passing the Praxis. So thrilled for you to be able to add in Home Ec now too. Good to know that sped up podcasts hurt others brains too. That is SO awesome about your parents, it makes the biggest difference in the kid’s lives. Have a beautiful day friend.


Ahhhhhh you look so strong running in that first pic! Looks like it could be an advertisement for an elite running camp, seriously.

OK I looked it up and later this week I will be in AZ very close to a Twisted Sugar and we will DEFINITELY be going.


I’m going to expect pictures and full reviews on your thoughts of Twisted Sugar… sure wish we were in AZ this week to meet you for cookies. Have a blast and dress for the 10000 degree weather haha. Thank you Victoria!


What a fun weekend! I love weekends like that, with lots of family and fun. And I too, am happy that you and Brooke’s dad get along. It really is good for everyone.
Highlight of my weekend was watching our older son’s football game (live stream). And it was another win for them. We’re actually flying out there next weekend to see him and the game in person! Wahoo!
I think running with a faster person definitely helped me reach some PR’s in the past. I really need to do that again.
Have a good Monday, and here’s to a great new week.


ANOTHER WIN! I am just so thrilled that he is able to play football again. And you get to be there next weekend to watch him play… okay, that just brought me the biggest smile. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Saturday I got up at 5 am to run and chase sunrise. Then we spent the rest of the day on a private dock and beautiful back yard because Jason was doing work on a client’s boat. We took River out on the paddle board too. Sunday we were gifted the use of a sea doo for the day so we took River on the water and drove it to the local market where we had delicious ice cream River was thrilled when I dropped my first one lol. We are all wind burned and wiped but soo happy.

Happy birthday to your nephew! I love how excited he was for pickles.

I am a reader ..good old fashioned books but will listen to podcasts.

Have a great day Janae!


SUNRISE RUNS are the best. Your Saturday and Sunday sounds like it was pure heaven. I am so happy for you guys! Thanks so much Kristine, you too!


Listening to audiobooks sped up is a total life hack, I love it!

Do you have a recipe for that stir fry? It looks amazing. I cook everything you share lol, we have the shrimp curry once a week!


Hey Pam! I have asked for her to put a recipe together for years so I could make it all of the time but she has never measured it and just does it by taste! I know the sauce includes soy sauce, ginger, fresh lime juice and garlic. The stir fry had chicken, celery, carrots, peppers and broccoli. I’m going to try to make it myself so I can get exact measurements because you guys NEED to have it in your life. And now you have me craving that shrimp curry, it is the best! Have the best day friend.


Audiobooks had been my salvation during my runs this past year, still love my kindle and paperbac books. Usually listen at a 1.25 speed. HOpe you have a great week. Your kids are too cute.


I am SO glad you have been able to have audiobooks during your runs this last year! That’s Andrew’s favorite speed too. Thank you, Elymar! Have the best day.


Can we have a link to what you are wearing in the church pic? Beautiful!


HEY! I got it from here last year but it is no longer there but this place has the best dresses:

The brand is Brass & Roe and if I find it anywhere I’ll let you know. Have the best day!


That cake!! I need the recipe please! I love podcasts but have to listen at normal speed. I absolutely love to read, usually have a few books going but I can’t seem to get into audiobooks. I thought it was just me, I’ve tried so many times, it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. Maybe I can officially give up :) Highlight of the weekend-there were a couple-had a great 17 miler with some HMP and GRP mixed in, my daughters soccer game and also watching her cheer at her school’s football game. It’s nice to have sports come back but at the same time I’ve loved all of the family time, definitely don’t want that to go away. Have a great day Janae!


I just sent her a text asking for the recipe! I know she used a white cake mix but then she made her own whipped cream and did something special to those strawberries. Hahah I’ll officially give up with you, I just love podcast listening but that’s it. WAY TO GO on that 17 miler with a workout thrown in, that is hardcore. Your daughter is quite busy and I am so glad that the games are happening. Thank you Renee, you too!


I love that you and your ex/your families are able to get along! It gives me hope…. My boyfriend just got divorced and has 3 kids, and things are NOT pleasant with the ex-wife. Looking forward to the day when we can all be respectful and kind to each other!


Thank you so much Emily! I am REALLY hoping that that day comes soon, it is so hard! PLEASE keep me updated!


Those cookies look amazing. And that blue cookie with mini cookies as ‘decoration’ on top of the icing? GENIUS. Seriously.

This comment more than anything else is to show #cookielove (that should be a viral hashtag imo) but also to say that on Saturday, I got to have lunch out with a friend. And I channeled my inner Janae–I got a salad with a side of french fries.

And you’re right–it’s the PERFECT combination. :)

Hope you all have a GREAT day out there!!!


Right?! They call it the cookie monster cookie haha. I fully support this new viral hashtag:) I am so happy you were able to go to lunch with your friend and that combo is just heaven. Thank you friend, you too!


Hi! What is that little chair Beck is sitting in? I have an 11yr old so I’m out of the loop on kid stuff but my niece is 5mths and insists on sitting upright. That might be great for her!


HEY!! Beck loves this little chair and it comes with a bunch of activity/toys on the tray for him to play with! Here is the link, have the best day!


Hi Janae! I had the best weekend ever! Eugene is gorgeous and there’s so much good running there. We ran, biked, and hiked and ate lots of great food. Now we are back to our regular scheduled programming but I feel so recharged.
Happy Monday!!


I’ve been waiting to hear about how your one month anniversary trip was… now I must go to Eugene! Sounds perfect and I’m so glad you guys had that time together. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great Monday too Amy!


That is so great!! You should get a picture of your comfortable chatting for posterity :)We have (at least) three divorced families on our son’s soccer team and one set looks like a group marriage, one set looks like best friends, and one set will not speak to each other or come within 20 feet of each other (at games or practice). So awkward.

Baxton got a hat trick in his first game (double header), and in his second game he scored two in the first half and in the second half didn’t score at all. Because he convinced the coach to put him in as goalie, and they won 2-0!

It helps me to get faster to listen to fast paced music.

I am a picky eater… unless it is leftovers and then I will eat almost nothing bc I hate wasting food.

Have a great week!


I need to do that! It really is so interesting to see how each different mixed/blended family handles it all and yeah, that definitely feels awkward! GO BAXTON GO! He is on fire!
Oh I agree, those faster songs help a ton and I also agree with not wasting food… it drives me nuts!
Thanks friend, you too!


I love your nephew’s pickle jar!! My 15 month old LOVES pickles and has 1 a day!!! Her gma got her pickles for Easter ha!
I am with you on the sped up podcasts hurting my brain, my SO listens at double speed and I just cannot process the conversation that fast!
I would love to hear about how you and Andrew plan child care to get your time together! Do you have a babysitter or rely on family? How much in advance do you plan your excursions? We are last minute people so I am struggling with how to coordinate extra help with my little one. Any thoughts to share?


Oh that makes me so happy that she loves pickles too, I’ll tell my sister. DOUBLE SPEED… I just can’t process things fast enough ha. That is a great question! So this was our first time leaving Beck with a sitter for a date (ahhhh!) but he was napping so I felt more comfortable about it. I am so lucky to have my nieces just .5 miles away and they love my kids so much and I pay them well so they are always eager to come over whenever we need. If they are at their dad’s house then I use girls that I know in my neighborhood through church. I usually plan about two days in advance for things like this! Every now and then I think… no, we shouldn’t get a sitter because we should save the $ or it takes too much planning BUT I’m realizing I need it for my sanity. It felt so good to just be the two of us and we came home both with so much more energy and patience for the craziness at home. It is SO worth it so consider it as important as planning for a job or a doctor’s appointment ha… make it important in your brain so that you can make it happen! You deserve some time away!


I listen to podcasts at regular speed, but any and all lectures/videos for school at 1.25x :) Ross listens to podcasts sped up and I thought he did it because then it felt like he was listening to me and that made him happy ;)


Bahahaha but for some reason your talking never hurts my head and you talk faster than Andrew’s books at 1.25x… it doesn’t make sense! But I do see why Ross does!


Thank you for sharing details here and there on the ups and downs of co-parenting and missing your kiddo when she’s with the other parent! I went through what sounds like a similar situation when my daughter was a baby, and it feels great to be on the other side of that and to have found a new version of happy. But gosh, it’s not always easy on the best of days, so thank you for acknowledging that and normalizing it. I always enjoy visiting your blog for a daily dose of running, food, positivity, and real life!


Thank you Shelley for sharing this with me. The ups and downs are soooo real and no matter how great we all get along now, it is still so hard when they are gone. Wish we could get together for lunch today to talk about it all and I am SO happy to hear that things are going so much better for you now. It sure made us both stronger, that’s for sure. Keep in touch friend!


Looks like a great weekend! I get my audiobooks through the library, so I usually listen at 1.25-1.50x speed. I did listen to a long one once and had to go to 2x speed to beat the due date. That did hurt my brain a bit! I can’t do 1x speed anymore though. It feels too slow now.


Thank you Amy! 2x the speed… you are on fire! Haha you definitely had some motivation to get through it. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Oh!! My husband listens to podcast on high speed, and it drives me nuts. I am a quick reader, but I cannot listen to things fast – so annoying! :)

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