My Summer Running (shorts/tanks/sunglasses/socks/accessories) Recommendations + Road Tripping.

We have arrived at my favorite seasons of running clothes (it may have snowed in Utah yesterday but it is back to the 60s today ha)!  Shorts and tank tops… It makes the whole process so much easier to get ready for a run each day and it means I am not doing as much laundry;). I thought I would share my favorites with you and would love to hear your favorites too!

*The Chaser 5” Short (again, the 5” length is just my favorite).  I love the colors that you can get in these shorts and they are incredibly light.  Once again they offer plenty of pocket storage (and a place for you to tie your key into the short which is such a good idea) and the thick waistband doesn’t cut into your sides at all.  The brief liner stays put throughout the run (ever had a shorts liner that didn’t… that’s the worst ha) and I feel like the fit is very flattering.

IMG 9535

*Brooks has absolutely crushed it this season with their shorts.   I can officially rate the Method 5” Short Tight as my favorite running shorts EVER.  They do not move at all, the pockets are large and can fit so much in them, the material is so soft and made of high quality materials.  I love the thick waistband so much and I feel confident and fast in these.  They feel like they are painted on your body.  I feel like the 5” length is PERFECT and I love the fact that there is no chaffing when I wear these shorts (the tag on the back comes off very easily but if you keep that on it could rub you).

IMG 9581

*The Senita Rio come after the above shorts and I have run many races and workouts in them.  They don’t move, the pockets are great and they have SO many fun patterns.  I have the 3.75” ones but I know people love the longer ones too.

*These shorts from Amazon feel exactly like the Lululemon ones to me but they are much cheaper.  They come in a lot of great colors too!

*I’ve always been a fan of the Roga! I haven’t bought a new pair in years because they just seem to last forever!

*For Brooks tanks my top 2 favorites are the pick-up tank (on sale wahoo) and the Carbonite Tank is SO awesome for when you are running in the dark and in warm weather… we need to be SEEN!

*I have one tank from Athleta and I love it way too much, the material is amazing.  I’m surprised I haven’t shopped there more often because I love it so much.

*My goto Lulu tanks are the Swiftly here, the Racerback and the all-tied up tank.  I’ve had all three of these types of tanks for years and years and they still look new!

*Amazon tanks that I LOVE—> herehere and here.  Great prices, prime delivery, they are long enough and they have so many fun color options.  The fabrics make them feel like they should cost way more than they do.

*GOODR sunglasses for LIFE.  I love them so much and the huge selection of colors makes them so fun for so cheap.  They are comfortable and don’t move around at all during the run.

*These rubber bands!  I will use these for every run for the rest of my life:).  They keep my hair in place and don’t leave a crease afterwards.  I am obsessed with them.

*Koala Clip is a must for summer running!  It makes it so you forget that you even have your phone with you on the run and it keeps the sweat out.  It comes with me for every run.  You can use the code HRG10 to get 10% off!

IMG 9548

*My absolute favorite running socks ever (and believe me, I’ve done a lot of trial and error testing over the years of running) are these swiftwick.  THEY ARE THE BEST.

*Oh and don’t forget to stay hydrated on your runs this summer—> THIS is the handheld I take on many of my runs!


And a quick little chat about yesterday…

We woke up to SNOW.  Utah weather is so unpredictable.  One year when I did a marathon in June here (pre-blogging days) it was snowing at the starting line.  You just never know what you are going to get.  I’m really looking forward to running on the canal traiin Arizona and and sweating like crazy.

IMG 1397

10 chatty miles with Emilee!

IMG 1394

I got home and then went straight into getting ready to jump in the car!  This was the first round of sandwiches I made for the car ha.

IMG 1403

And Beck does best in the car when he is awake if I hold his hand so my arm still hurts from that;)

IMG 1404

We stopped in St. George to feed Beck, go on a walk and play at the  park.

IMG 1408

And it took quite the pep talk to get back in the car.

IMG 1407

When Andrew saw this car with their bikes he said it is his goal for our family to have a similar set-up someday ha.

IMG 1413

We made it to Las Vegas to stay with Andrew’s sister and we’ll keep going to Arizona today.

IMG 1415

My sis-in-law had the best meal ready for us to eat as soon as we arrived.

IMG 1416


Tell me some of your favorite spring/summer running clothes favorites?!

Ever been to Arizona?!  What did you do there?  Any recommendations for the Chandler area?

Do you ever bike?  Do you like biking?

What’s your favorite season for running?  What is summer running like in your area?

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Have you tried Senita’s Baseline shorts? They’re similar to the Rio, but since you like 5”, you would probably love them. Fun fact, I used to only run in pants because I couldn’t find shorts that didn’t creep up my legs and/or slide down the waist. Then you introduced me to Senita two years ago, and My drawers are overflowing with Senita. 7” Rio is my sweet spot.


Hey Janae! I think I would cry if I woke up to snow here in PA right now! lol We are finally hitting our stride with nicer weather—it’s been about 70 degrees in the afternoon, and I’ve been loving it!!!

Okay, favorites. They’re short, but I’m a hardcore lover of the Oiselle Mac Roga, and my fav bra is the Lulu Energy Bra. I got the cutest outfit from Oiselle this year though that I’ve been wearing on repeat: These shorts and this bra: (in the lemon print)

I have a green Oiselle Fly Out tank that I wear over top sometimes, too, that looks good with it, also!
Other favorite things……….I just started using Gimme hair ties thanks to the recommendation of a blogger on Insta, and I really really like them. They’re really good for longer hair to truly hold it back! I like some of the Senita compression shorts for lifting/strength days. You really can’t beat them for style/quality/price!

I love biking at the beach and in Key West. One of my very fav things to do in Key West is bike all over and take cool pictures of neat things that I see that I probably wouldn’t have seen or noticed had I just been walking. As far as hardcore “ON YOUR LEFT” biking, lol, I haven’t really gotten into that, but I know it would be awesome cross training for running and to help to stay injury free!

I hope you have a beautiful day and that the snow all melts soon!!! :)


Ah Janae send me that warm weather! We had show this week too.

I had to comment on you holding becks hand while driving because all three of my kids did that and half the time I felt like my shoulder was going to dislocate if we hit a bump while driving lol. It’s so cute though and you brought me back when you mentioned that :)!
Thanks for the clothing tips! I’ve been a Nike fan for running wear and I find their sport bras fit me the best.


I love the lululemon speed up shorts and the hotty hot shorts. I like the swiftly tank as well.

We have the beautiful seawall, bike paths and no shortage of mountains to bike and run. Summer means we get to access the back country lol.

My favourite running season is early on a summer morning and autumn because it is gorgeous here. Right now it could be shorts running weather.

Happy roadtripping and enjoy Arizona!


Hi, Janae! Thanks so much for posting about those Brooks Method shorts again! I remembered you mentioning them a little while ago and how you loved that they stayed in place, but when I came back to find a link to them it was like they disappeared completely. You saved my sanity with your post today! A quick question about them, though- do you think they’d work well for biking? I’ve got my actual bike shorts as a base layer, but I’ve been trying to find something to cover that layer that isn’t as billowy as my usual running shorts. Any thoughts?

Enjoy your time in Arizona! I’ve only been once, back in high school for a marching band competition. I ended up getting food poisoning the night before our competition and couldn’t compete or go to the Grand Canyon the day afterward. Thankfully my mom and sister were there, too, and we ended up going to see the gorgeous landscapes in Sedona instead. Could have been worse!


I love those Brooks method shorts. I bought the black ones when you posted about them last time because of the extra phone pocket…they’re AMAZING! I can carry four small waters, my phone and a gel!!! I look ridiculous. I want the pink ones too! haha.
Lulu has a pair of socks I’m obsessed with right now–I don’t know if they’re new or not but they are SO comfortable and light! I like that they have ankle length because I always get ankle blisters.

It’s in the 70s now here and it feels HOT. Which will feel cold in a couple of months haha. It’s HOT HOT HOT and humid here and, while I definitely like the heat > cold, I’m already dreading those 100 degree summer workouts. ;)


Good morning! Glad your trip is going well so far! I have been to AZ many times, though not to Chandler. I have heard that the Science Center is good and that Tumbleweed Park is great for kids :o)
Most of my favorite summer running clothes are from Title 9. I have some shorts that will devastate me when they finally wear out! They fit well, are so comfortable, and sadly not available any longer.
Not much of a biker. I always say I would consider it if they mount a recliner on a bike frame. Not a recumbent bike, but an actual recliner on a bike frame – LOL!
I love, love, love running in the fall! Summers here are pretty good except for the few weeks of wicked humidity we usually get. Then it helps to get out early in the morning. Have an awesome visit in AZ!!


I also love Senita Baseline, like Amy mentioned above! Just got a pair of tie dye ones, so excited to wear them! Other favorite summer clothes are hats, I have one from Under Armor that I’ve had for years, even throw in the wash and it’s still like new.

I’m from Arizona but Tucson area! Hiking in Arizona is amazing, highly recommend getting in a hike or two. Not far from Chandler is Tempe and the Tempe Marketplace has some good shops, restaurants and play areas for kids. Have a fun and safe trip!


I’m in Tucson, as well. Hello neighbor!


My family vacations in San Tan Valley, which is pretty close to Chandler. Some places we’ve loved are:

Sabino Canyon (probably 1:45 drive, may want to buy tickets for the tram in advance) we walked the mountain path and it was amazing, but took about three hours. Otherwise taking the tram up the mountain and walking the road down is also nice, and a lot easier, and there are some places where the kids can play in the water.

Wildlife World Zoo (1 hr drive, we used a groupon) the sea lion show was great and there are so many animals we couldn’t see them all. You can feed the giraffes and the goats and there is a bird feeding event.

Odysea Aquarium (30 min drive) tons of fish and a cool shark ride/show. There are many different activities here like a butterfly exhibit and dinosaur exhibit, but each has a separate entrance fee.

Lost Dutchman state park and Goldfield ghost town mine (45 min drive) hiking and scenic driving at the state park, the ghost town is free to enter and has a train ride (which costs money) around the town that tells you about Arizona and the Lost Dutchman mine.

Hope your family has a ton of fun!


I live in Arizona! Are you here for a race? I will totally come cheer you on. I’m in Tucson, but there is LegoLand and an Aquarium in Tempe. There is also Medieval Times in Scottsdale I think Knox and Brooke would love! You need to try in Gilbert.
I agree with Andrew. Cane’s has been my favorite food find since moving to AZ.
Oh! And hike the Superstitious Mtns to the petroglyphs!
Enjoy Arizona. I love it here!!


Looks like a fun trip! Running here in Colorado is about the same as Utah, we go from cold dead of winter to hot sweaty summer in two weeks. The shorts and nicer weather are giving me life and hope right now!

I used to be really into road biking, even did a few Ironmans but I can’t get myself motivated to get back out on the roads. Now I want to try out some mountain biking but only on some very tame trails (because I am scaredy cat).

Love all your recommendations for clothes, I will have to grab some for this summer.

I hope todays trip goes smoothly and beck just sleeps the entire way!


I love the Oiselle Flyte tanks, the material is amazing, colors are fun and the little birds just make me happy. Summer running is my FAVORITE where I live. Once the snow melts the mountain trails are so beautiful, it’s like running in a playland. And I love both road cycling and mountain biking, great cross training, and any day I can ride to work is a good day! Shredly is a woman owned MTB clothing company and has some really fun bike shorts.

Have fun in AZ!!


It’s been a while since I’ve tried Brooks running shorts but you’re selling me on them. I’m in the market and usually buy Lululemon but I’m going to try these next!

I have gotten really into biking in the past 5 years after growing up never biking! We’re actually planning on moving in June to a more bike-friendly area and I can’t WAIT to start biking everywhere :)

Enjoy Arizona! I went in 2019 to the Grand Canyon over Christmas and it was SO magical. Have a blast!


We just got back from spring break in Scottsdale and it was so amazing and so warm- like summer! I couldn’t get over how cool the saguaro cacti are and couldn’t stop taking pictures of them! We went to a fun place to hike and wade in the river called Phon D. Sutton Recreation Area next to the Salt River and it was also SO cool- i’m not sure how far that is from where you’re staying? We also road tripped from Colorado and stopped at the Grand Canyon which was amazing. I am a mountain biker so of course my bike came along and got plenty of rides- it’s the best way to explore the trails for me since i’m a slooow runner. Have so much fun in Arizona!


Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for all these recs for shorts…and ponytail holders! :) I love the brooks shorts, but am excited to try the bike short ones. Some friends just got them and love them as well. Also, who knew I needed to invest in better ponytail holders? I just cut my hair so I need good ones to keep it all locked in while running.
You’re the best. Y’all enjoy your vacay!


Yay!!! Thank you so much Avery! Let me know what you think of the ponytail holders, I hope you love them too! Have a great rest of your day?


Hey Janae! Arizona is SO fun! I surprised my husband with a long weekend trip to Phoenix last month. We are from the midwest and he had never been to the dessert so it was so fun to watch his reaction to how different everything is there! We did a lot of hiking and I highly recommend downloading the All Trails app, if you haven’t done so already. It was super useful! Hope you have a great time!


What an awesome surprise! So glad you guys did that and yessssss to the hiking, I can’t wait! Have a beautiful rest of your day Kristen!


Hi Janae,

Thank you for these reviews – I am finally going to try both of these Brooks shorts!

I moved to Arizona from Chicago about 2 years ago and it is a runner’s dream here (except for June – September ?). Papago Park is a fabulous area for running, hiking, biking, picnic-ing and it’s about 20-30min drive from Chandler. My husband and I run there all the time! It’s also in the same area as the Phoenix Zoo and Botanical Garden. It would be a great day trip for the whole family – a workout and sightseeing combo :)

Safe travels for the rest of your road trip! And welcome to AZ!


Hey Holly! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the shorts! Wow, that is a big move and you are so right about it being a runner’s dream! Thank you so much and that park sounds perfect!!! Have a beautiful rest of your day!


I have a question about the Koala clip. It hooks to the back of your sports bra, right? How do you get it clipped in by yourself? I feel like my shoulders are pretty flexible, but I just can’t figure out how to hook something to the back of my sports bra while I’m wearing it. And can you easily grab your phone when you need to change up what you’re listening to?

I’ve looked into them, but I haven’t bought one yet because I’m very confused about those things…


Hey Amy! Great question! I am able to easily clip it on and take it off by myself… I can even do it as I’m running to get my phone out for pics! Everyone I know that uses it doesn’t have a problem getting it on and off. Let me know if you do get it and what you think! Have a beautiful day!


Hey Janae! Road trip sounds fun! One of our favorite kid friendly places in chandler is Truland Burger and Greens. Enjoy AZ!


Hey Janae! Road trip sounds fun! One of our favorite kid friendly places in chandler is Truland Burger and Greens. Enjoy AZ!?


Do you have a favorite sports bra for breastfeeding? I feel like I need ALL the support these days.


I love everything senita, goodr, and swiftwick! I also love chicknlegs and boa usa, but you have to like short shorts for those to work, ha!

I prefer fall running, but here in the South, fall is the shortest season. We basically go from 90 degrees (sometimes it is still that at Halloween) to 50s. I think summer is my next favorite, because I would rather be sweaty and salty and looking like a tough girl in the humidity than having to run in the dark with cold fingers and freezing snot. Sorry, tmi?! I love the runner tan lines, too, like the sports bra tan and watch tan! Spring right now is rough bc I love the weather, but the river floods out the path a lot, and the pollen has coated everything yellow. ugh!


You guys should check out my husband’s YouTube channel!
His channel is listed under his name, Clint Gibbs.
He reviewed that rack your husband saw on the road!
It’s all things cycling! He loves cycling and I love running but occasionally I’ll also mountain bike with him ;-).


I traveled around Ireland by car. It was very cool, and if you want to feel the real atmosphere of the country, I advise you to go on a road trip. I rented a car for the trip on at the Dublin airport. It was one of the best trips of my life

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