My FAVORITE Friday Favorite…

Maybe this is why I have not done anything other than running (ie pullups/lifting/planks) for a minute… I walk in from the run (or they see me from the window and come out) and it is go time.

8 miles @ 8:47 average with Emilee.  My legs need some serious recovery before I try to run fast again.

Not sure how we are at the point where they are both sitting at the counter together like this but here we are.

We all went through a few outfit changes throughout the day.

IMG 2244

And a highlight was definitely Brooke’s soccer game…

IMG 2249

IMG 2252

Another big highlight was brinner.  I am never sick of brinner.

IMG 2254


Time for my favorite things this week!

*I don’t even have words to express how much I love this one.  I’ve used Thread Wallets for 7ish years now and will never stop using them.  They are the best, they hold my credit cards/license in there perfectly and I love having them connected to my key because there are so many times that I don’t have a purse with me.  Now they offer these amazing lip balm holders to connect to your keys too.  I now have everything I need when I am rushing out the door.  When Andrew saw it he said that they must have been reading my mind.

IMG 2196

*We bought an air fryer and we are so happy we did.  It just takes everything to the next level… So far my favorite is cooking sweet potato fries (so so crispy) in this but I’m also amazed at how much better it makes leftovers taste vs heating them up in the microwave.   My sis-in-law made us a bunch of things with hers when we were in Arizona and that is what sold us on finally buying one.  We went with THIS ONE because it was the one at Costco and we trust them on what products they bring into their store because they are always the best.  The 6 quart has plenty of room for feeding our family too and it is so easy to use and clean.

IMG 2214

*This swing is a huge favorite for our kids and any kids that ever come to our house.  If we are home and the temperatures are warm, there is pretty much a guarantee that somebody is on it.

*I loved this post from Naz Elite.  I remember before a marathon a few years ago a reader told me to leave it ALL out there on the course.  I thought about that during the final miles and it really helped me finally accomplish my biggest running dream because I wasn’t holding myself back thinking I needed to save something.  I think it is so important to not race our workouts and to leave some in the tank for those but then for those races, we can’t be afraid to leave it all out there.

IMG 2025

*I usually buy the blueberry version of these but my in-laws had the pomegranate ones and I could not get over how good they tasted.  They are such a good treat!

IMG 2009

*I just picked up this goodness and the scent is amazing (it makes me want to eat it ha) and it makes my skin feel so smooth.  Grab it if you are at TJ’s.


Have any favorite things from this week?  Favorite chocolatey item?  

Who has an air fryer and what is the yummiest thing to make in it?

Favorite type of lotion or moisturizer?  

Tell me one thing you are looking forward to this weekend!

-All of my siblings (there are five of us) will be together this weekend!

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Favorite thing: You have to try Tru Fru if you have not already. They are frozen chocolate covered raspberries and blueberries. I think they have strawberry too but I’ve never been able to find them. I get them at Target. They are next level delish!
Have a nice weekend!


Melissa, you are the best. I’ve tried and loved the raspberries but now I MUST find the blueberries and strawberry (I didn’t know they had other ones)! Thank you thank you thank you and I hope you have a great weekend too!


I have an air fryer and love it for fries or leftovers. It’s also really good for fish, I’ve done salmon and cod in there.

Favorite thing this week is the family mix on Spotify. My family has the most random mixes, but I like hearing what they listen to mixed in with my favorites.

Have fun with your siblings!! I am looking forward to a long run with friends and a virtual paint night with some friends from school! Plus date night with my guy ?


Mariah!! Thank you for the update yesterday, so glad to hear things are going well! I must try my air fryer for salmon.. that sounds so good. What a fun thing to do with your family.. I love that idea and I have to copy! And your weekend sounds perfect and I agree, not keeping track of what # of date it is means things are serious. ENJOY!


Right now I am craving oreos lol.

Looking forward to sleep running and celebrating Rivers birthday. I managed a sunrise run 2x this week and it has to be some kind of record lol.

I like human kind and aveeno body lotion. And also my sis in law bought me laneige lip gloss from sephora which is the best.

That swing looks so cool and it is awesome that you and your siblings will all be together this weekend !! Have a great day Janae!

P.S I only recall one race where i
I left it all out there ad I shocked myself with what I could do. I should try it more often lol !


I hope you get some delicious oreos asap! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to River. 2 sunrise runs = perfection. I must try that lip gloss! YES YES YES to leaving it out there more often! Have a beautiful day friend!


How fun that you are going to be with all your siblings this weekend! Sounds perfect.
Skye’s face at the soccer game…. Fierce concentration! And Beck sitting at the counter looks just like Andrew and makes him look like a 2 year old.
I currently have the blueberry Brookside chocolates sitting on the counter right now… So, so good! I forgot about the pomegranate ones.
We are flying to Chicago today to see our oldest!! We are so excited. It will be the 1st time I’ve been on a plane since February 2020! And we get to watch him play in person. It’s supposed to rain during the game, but who cares, we’ll be there ?
Have a great Friday Janae!


Thank you Wendy! I am so excited! Right!? The counter has aged him! Have the best time with your son, I bet you are so so ready for this day! Thanks Wendy, I want to hear all about how it goes with your son!


Happy Friday, everyone!! Janae, you’re so incredible for your commitment to running and being an awesome mama. Fav lotion: Nivea skin firming – I don’t think it firms anything, but it smells like a spa.

I’m running my first trail half marathon tomorrow – fingers crossed it goes okay! All my other halfs have been on road.


HEY Charlotte! I am SO thrilled for you and cheering so loud. Have the best time and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us all know how it goes. You’ve got this!


the dove dark chocolate covered cranberries are absolutely delicious! I call them crackberries because it’s pretty impossible to stop eating them. I like to get them in the winter so i can keep them in my glove compartment so that i’m extremely limited in how many i can eat at a time. i haven’t had any in a while because they don’t sell them in the small town i live in. i planned on a target run this weekend and those are on the list.
i’m most looking forward to my long run tomorrow and planting on sunday. i don’t know what i’m planting yet but i need to landscape a hill in order to help with water run off. the hill is also just an ugly pile of dirt so i would like to make it pretty. i’m hoping to plant some ornamental grasses and hydrangea bushes.
i have an air fryer. i rarely use it but i need to. it will probably help me in eating healthier which i need to do.
have a great weekend with your brothers and sister! i have five sisters and a brother. it’s the best when we get together. those are my favorite times.


I must try the dove dark chocolate covered crackberries haha! Those sound amazing and I love the glove compartment idea too! If I see them, I’ll mail them to you:) Good luck with the long run and the planting, that is so exciting. Thank you so much and I hope you are able to get together soon with your siblings too. Thanks friend!


If I was stranded on a desert island an could only bring 3 items, they would be chapstick, air fryer. and a water bottle. I am always afraid I will be dehydrated or my lips will dry out lol

I use my air fryer almost everyday and sometimes multiple. Leftover pizza and cheese curds are our winners.

One of my students had those Brookside blueberry chocolates yesterday and gave me some, I totally forgot about them! I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.

I very spur of the moment signed up for a marathon yesterday, so now I am looking forward to training for that! In a very condensed version since my time management is the worst and it’s in 8 weeks….

Happy Friday!!


I’m pretty sure now my list would be the same as yours! And nothing is worse than dry lips. I cannot wait to try leftover pizza, such a good idea. Yep, a bag is one serving size for these chocolates! SO excited about your marathon ahhhhh! Whenever you get a chance let me know which one! Thanks friend, you too!


I live in Iowa, but I signed up for the Charlevoix Marathon in northern Michigan due to having to travel there for a friend’s wedding anyways. The race is at 6:30 am. The wedding is at 4:30 and 3 hours away. Hahah I love to push my limits. I just hope that gives me incentive to run all the faster to get done and actually shower, get ready, and sit down a little bit before the wedding. What have I done??!!


This is so exciting and I think it will make for the best weekend! You are going to have the best time! Thanks for letting me know and I better get to hear about how it goes!



You know, Tom and I have started roasting indivual pieces of bone-in/skin-on chicken in the air fryer–370-380 degrees, about 13 minutes skin side down then about 10-12 minutes skin side up, and it is amazing. We think it will be handy in the summer when we don’t want to turn our oven on (like, at all). ALSO, we make the Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi in the air fryer instead of following the package’s directions. Heat that bad boy up to 370-380 degrees (different brands have different temperature options…), put the gnocchi in for about 12 minutes, and when you take them out they won’t be greasy (like they might be if you just straight-up pan fried them in butter or olive oil…) and they won’t be slimey (like they could be if you microwaved them). Toss with pesto, some cut up roasted asparagus, some blistered cherry tomatoes, some chopped up baby spinach, a little extra parmesan, and some diced up chicken if you have some leftover and you can reheat and dice it.

INCREDIBLY wonderful.

I love that you had breakfast for dinner. I’ve been in a really weird mood this morning–now that I have read your post, I can’t help but wonder if it’s (at least partially) linked to not having had any food yet? That’s not a good thing.

My current favorite Trader Joe’s snacks:
almond butter-covered almonds
turmeric ginger granola (find it in the cereal section)

…and really those are my most favorite things at the moment aside from cutting off a piece of the Unexpected Cheddar from what you find in the amazing TJs cheese section. It really is unexpectedly AMAZING for the pricepoint!!!

That’s all I’ve got for you–I woke up in a really weird mood. Got up early to go to the gym, got there, left my car, went to use the restroom, and just walked right out of the gym. I don’t quite know what’s up–I guess we all have really blah days where we feel unmotivated and pretty ambivalent from time to time. But, I did take it as a sign that some part of me might just need a little bit of extra rest. So I went for a drive instead, and now I am trying to plug along with some work without getting TOO unfocused and unmotivated! Mid-afternoon, if it doesn’t rain today, I might just go outside for a walk around my apartment complex parking lot. Maybe that will lift me up a bit. :) And if not–it’s almost the weekend! YAY!


Hey Stephanie! I will absolutely have to try your chicken in the air fryer, YUM! Oh and the gnocchi, BRILLIANT! Thank you for the help, I can’t wait to try those. And that cheese… I must have that right now. I am so sorry about the weird mood today but you are so right… blah days are absolutely normal. I hope the walk and some really good food helps you to feel good again!! Thanks Stephanie, have a great one.


This weekend I also have family in town. I have a long run of 16 miles……..have you ever done a late night long run? Like after your kids go to bed?


I haven’t done a long run at night ever (as far as I can remember)! Are you doing yours at night??? Have a great time with your family!


How cute are those two sitting at the counter together!?! Brooke is growing up so fast, can we ask them all to slow down please?

I think we need that swing for our yard too, thanks for the share =)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Thank you so much and I agree… it really just needs to slow down. Let me know if you guys get the swing and like it. Thanks Beth, you too!


Hi Janae! I did 200m repeats yesterday and so today is a rest day. Why is the cool down always so much harder than the warm up?
Happy Friday!! Enjoy your time with your siblings!


200m repeats are SO so hard! Way to go on those. I feel like the opposite ha, the warmup always kills me off! Thanks friend, have a great weekend!


Happy Friday, Janae!! No place else to start except Skye’s facial expressions – that girl is too much!!
We are big fans of Brinner too – it’s usually pancakes for us. I have been making whole wheat ones from scratch and they are delish!
Funny you should ask about chocolate today. I had Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares (a mint and a raspberry) after my hie this week and they were amazing. Thanks for reminding me how good Brookside chocolates are too! Another fave is dark chocolate covered espresso beans – Yum!
We have two air fryers (one larger than the other). If I don’t start using them more often, I am going to offer them to someone. However, I have to try Stephanie’s recommendation for TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi first!!
I switch up moisturizers depending on the season using Burt’s Bees in the summer and Curel in the winter. Lip balm is a requirement 356 days a year though!!
This weekend should be the end of the house painting we have had going on for a full week and I can’t wait to see it all finished with our things back in place.
Have an amazing time with all of your siblings together!!


Janine! Hahah her expressions… all day long. Now I need some of your whole wheat homemade pancakes. I think I need some of those Ghiradelli squares now… especially the mint ones! Seriously, nothing is worse than dry lips so lip balm all year round is needed. I am so happy that you guys are almost done with the house painting, hallelujah! Thanks friend!


I love the air fryer. All the vegetables I’ve made in it are great (sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, green beans, parsnips, etc…) salmon is perfect in 10 minutes, bacon, chicken fingers and the Trader Joe’s cauliflower or sweet potato gnocchi.
It’s used almost daily in our house.


Well, you just opened my eyes to way more possibilities in the air fryer! I am SO excited. Thanks for sharing and I think we will be using ours daily now too. Have a beautiful day friend!


We have an air fryer too, and I feel like we primarily just use it for sweet potato fries as well! Haha. Also, is it just me or does Beck look exactly like Brooke??! I’ve been doing Heather Robertson’s 12-week program and I just finished week 6 this morning with a short run afterwards! Her workouts are SO HARD so I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing. :)


Sweet potato fries in the air fryer are just heavenly. I completely agree with you and I think Brooke and Beck look the most alike. Congrats on finishing week 6 and staying so consistent. I’ll have to look up her program, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the weekend of nothing… those are the best! Happy Friday Tess.


Friday favorite: this almond butter! If you haven’t tried it you need to! All the flavors I’ve tried are delicious but the Sugar Pie Honey Chunk is my favorite!

Enjoy the weekend with your family!


Okay, I’ve never heard of that almond butter before and it looks like it is 100% worth the $15… I must try. Thank you so much Kara, you are the best. I hope you have a great weekend too.


Let me know what you think! It is worth every penny (and I’m a bargain shopper Lol)


Favorite thing from this week = SoCal weather! We’re having cool/overcast mornings. Not cold enough to bundle up, but not hot either.

I love my air fryer! French fries/sweet potato fries are definitely better, anything that is in the freezer (taquitos, egg rolls, etc.) I’ve also made avocado fries and hamburgers – put the cheese on AFTER the air fryer turns off, then shut the burgers in for another minute, otherwise the cheese is going to blow right off.

I’ve been waiting for this weekend forever! We are flying to Charleston, SC on Sunday. We’re spending one night at an inn that was built in 1778. On Monday we’re driving to Hilton Head Island and we’re spending all week there (celebrating my birthday on Tuesday!) So happy to be able to travel again. We’ve received our vaccine and feel like this will be the most normal time in over a year. Of course I’m taking my running shoes and we’ve already rented bikes for the week. Our idea of vacation = R&R&R – rest, relaxation and recreation!


Hey Kathy! I am so glad you guys are having such great weather! I will have to try the hamburgers, taquitos and avocado fries asap… how have I lived this long without the air fryer. I hope you guys enjoy every second in Charleston! Your trip sounds like it is going to be amazing and happy early birthday. I’m thrilled for you two… time to get back to your love of traveling. Let me know how it goes afterwards! Thanks Kathy!

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