Friday Favorites!

HAPPY FRIDAY!  I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend…

I want to go back to Arizona.  We are currently experiencing our 5th winter.   8 miles @ 8:27 average.

IMG 1863

When I got home I was absolutely frozen so Skye happily joined me in the hot tub.

IMG 1871

If she could, she would never get out of the hot tub.

IMG 1875

When Beck woke up Andrew took a break from school and wanted a lunch date which we all very happily agreed to.

Beck looks SO old here.

IMG 1883

Clearly we are missing Arizona because we went searching for a good burrito.

IMG 1884

Brooke had her first soccer game of the season!

IMG 1887

Love watching her play and it is something she and Andrew really bond over!

IMG 1889

We tried out making pizza out of the frozen bread dough from Rhodes Rolls and it was delicious.  We had a side salad with it and apples!

IMG 1898


Because it’s important that we share these life-changing products with each other;)

*I have a drawer in my kitchen with all of the kids hair items because I feel like we are in the kitchen area most of the day we are at home so I can just grab it and do their hair whenever I need.  If you need a good spray bottle, THIS is the one for you.  I use it on everyone’s hair.  It lets out a long, even and light mist that gets the hair perfectly wet before I style it.

*I’ve brought out my hydration pack for my summer trail plans!  I love this pack so much and have used it for MANY many runs over the years.  It stores 3L of water, it has so many pockets/storage spots for everything you need and it is very comfortable on.  The straps on the pack make it so that you can really adjust it to your own size and fit like a glove.  If you are planning to use it for 20+ mile runs I will recommend to wear a short sleeve shirt with it because I did have some chafing during my ultra with it while wearing a tank top but that was after running for hours with it.  I love this pack a lot.

IMG 3933

*This one is from my sis-in-law.  She is an expert on how to keep cool in the summer after living in Arizona for ten years now!  She loves this can insulator and says it does an amazing job keeping her drink cold when she is outside with her kids in the pool.  Also, this sparkling water is delicious… I’m on a big sparkling water kick these days.

FullSizeRender 2

*Beck’s first ever swimsuit (Kortni Jeane swimsuits are my favorite ever and where I bought all of our swimsuits from for this summer).

IMG 1797


Where do you like to get your swimsuits from?  

Favorite drink other than water right now?

Favorite pizza toppings or do you prefer to keep things simple? 

-Margherita pizza is my favorite, I like it simple!

Have a long run this weekend?  Give me the details!

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We love that brand of bubbly water too. I really like San pelligrino soda too.

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend…it has been all week so probably a nice long run around the seawall in Stanley Park.. haven’t decided on distance..usually 9 -14 miles.

I found some online from some cool Canadian boutiques.

I pretty much will eat pizza with any topping except anchovies.

Have a great weekend Janae! The hot tub looks amazing


Isn’t it delicious?! I need to try some San pelligrino again! Enjoy the gorgeous weather… it will be raining here! I still haven’t tried anchovies but it sounds like I’m not missing out on anything haha. I hope you have some good pizza soon! Thanks Kristine, you too!


My swimsuits are from Aerie and I love them! They have so many styles and usually have deals buy one get one free.

I like simple pizza too! Sometimes pepperoni, but that’s about it.

Run is up in the air tomorrow- getting my second vaccine today and not sure how I’ll feel. But one weekend off won’t hurt, if that’s what my body needs!


Okay I just looked up their swimsuits and I have to grab some from them too… thanks for sharing! I have one from them in the past and I love it but I forgot about it. I hope you feel fine after your second vaccine! Have a great weekend!


Beck does look like a little boy sitting with Andrew ?
I have discovered a great website for swimwear… Cupshe. Great prices, lots of different styles, and they fit good. I’m also a fan of Target swimwear, but haven’t seen anything I like there so far this year.
We also made pizzas last night. I like to use olive oil instead of sauce, and then keep it simple with the toppings. Last night was chicken, onions, peppers, and avocado.
I love sparkling water. I’m not a soda fan, so sparkling waters give me the bubbles that diet coke use to, ha. Perrier is my go to.
Nothing amazing planned for the weekend. I’m starting today with an easy 8 miles on my favorite trail. Not sure what my run will be tomorrow. I was thinking the other day, that I’m sort of craving an actual training plan. There’s something about knowing what your run is going to be each day, that I have missed.
Have a good Friday ?


CUPSHE is the best!!! I need to check out Target this year too. And now I must try your pizza combo, that sounds so good. YES for a training plan craving… you’ll have to let me know if you start one! Thanks Wendy, you too.


Happy Friday!! We are having another round of winter too (I’ve lost track of which round this is)! Getting 2-5″ today.
I love flavored seltzers, but drink it plain as well. My favorite is anything grapefruit flavored :o)
Margherita is a favorite pizza of mine too, but any veggies will do. Absolutely no pineapple under any circumstances though! We have Pizza Friday, so looking forward to dinner tonight :o)
We are having some painting done inside our house that will begin this weekend, so sticking close to home. Thinking a short run and some yoga will be it. Have a wonderful weekend!!


NOOOOOOO it needs to be spring! Hopefully your weather is better next week. I love grapefruit flavored drinks too. Hahaha I love how strong we all feel about whether pineapple belongs or does not belong on pizza! Good luck with the painting and enjoy your short run. Thanks Janine!


Hi Janae! I love margherita pizza too, it’s classic. I have the Nathan Vaporairess for a hydration vest and I love it! It’s like cargo pants but a vest. Gonna go run some wood chip trails this weekend! Happy Friday!


Cargo pants but a vest hahaha… I love that! Enjoy the wood chip trails. Thanks Amy, you too!


*We are SO ready for the weekend here – our 3rd quarantine is up today & we are FREE (little kids have been home from daycare for a week and a half – no covid; just exposure)!
*I am always on a sparkling water kick too – I mix it half & half with plain water and sometimes add a little lemon/lime juice – because otherwise it is just too sparkly for me to drink right away.
*Homemade or semi-homemade pizza needs to happen this weekend, I think – bread/rolls dough sounds like a fun way to try it! Simple pizza with veggies/fruit/salad on the side is what we do too.
*No long run this weekend – I got on a bit of a speed kick/shorter runs on the treadmill and bumped up my pace a bit, so hoping to take that outdoors. It will be fun even if I am only a little bit faster outdoors versus the treadmill.:) Happy Friday!


HEY KATIE! YOU ARE FREE… I am so glad that you guys are done with your quarantine! Sparkling water is just the best. I hope your homemade pizza is delicious and way to go on adding in your speed! Have a great outdoors run! Thanks Katie, you too.


I want to like sparkling water so bad, but every time I try it, it just tastes like a sneeze. Maybe I should try that brand, haha.


You are not alone in that opinion, Andrew fully agrees with you! Have a great weekend Tess!


Hapari swimwear is amazing! Canadian bacon and pineapple! Yum! Live half marathon on Sunday – supposed to be the only nice Colorado day in winter #5! Have an amazing weekend!


GOOD LUCK!!!! I am cheering so loud for you! So happy you guys will have some great weather too! After your PR halves in 2020 I have a feeling you are going to have another this weekend too! Let me know how it goes!


You are so sweet! I’m shooting for 2:00… 6 minutes off my last PR last year ?? Stay tuned!


SOOOOO exciting! You’ve got this! You can and you will!


I CAN do hard things! I have a list of mantras for tomorrow and this is on it for sure!

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