Arizona has my heart….

My attempt at a self-timer photo with a palm tree.

Lower elevation + flat roads + WARMTH = the perfect recipe for a good run.  I was planning on doing an easy run but I was feeling good so I decided to go a bit faster with each mile.

8:11, 8:09, 7:52, 7:30, 7:27, 7:20, 6:59 & 6:44!  I don’t remember the last time I did a progression run and yesterday reminded me of how much I love them… this type of run feels like a game.

IMG 1433

Super surprising that my kids that love to play dogs all day long only go through the doggy door at my sis-in-laws house;)

IMG 1442

Living the vacation life and these kids felt like they hit the jackpot with a root beer for the car ride.

IMG 1444

We packed up the car and hit the road for another 5 hours to get to my brother’s house.  We haven’t been to Arizona to visit my brother since Skye was Beck’s age.  When it was just Brooke and me we would come visit all of the time and I have the best memories running and spending time here.  The desert canal trails were very healing for me … so many things in my head were worked out on my runs here.  I do my best thinking when I run and I am giddy to wake up for my run today on them.  Okay, that was a long tangent.

There were definitely some stops along the way.

IMG 1460

And a Chipotle steak burrito just hit the spot!

IMG 1453

Then we made it to my brother’s house.  I was so excited to see the clubhouse that my brother built for his kids… SKILLS.

IMG 1466

It was 93 degrees so the pool hit the spot.

IMG 1480

Beck doesn’t have any cousins close to his age besides this one… I have a feeling they will be best buds in the future.

IMG 1469

Just going to spam you with all of the pictures today!

IMG 1470

It feels like we skipped ahead into summer.

IMG 1477

My sis-in-law (the one that I was best friends with and then set her up with my brother on a date because I wanted her to be part of my family) made this with grilled chicken and egg rolls in the air fryer and it was AMAZING.

IMG 1483

She also has a pebble ice machine so I’m going to be quite content for the next few days…

IMG 1474


Who has an air fryer… what brand?  What are your thoughts about it?  What do you use it for?

Favorite road trip snack?!

What type of trees/plants are common in your area?


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I have an air fryer that is also an instant pot! I like that it’s a dual use machine and helps me save room in my kitchen. French fries and sweet potato in the air fryer are so much better than what I made in the oven!

Yoga today, did a Yoga with Adrienne video this morning.


Oh I love progression runs! I used to do them a lot on the treadmill at my gym. I’m terrible at pacing myself, so the treadmill was perfect for me for progression runs. And you’re right, it’s like a game. Can’t wait for my gym to open again. We’re close.
Today is my easy early run with friends. So therapeutic to talk about everything while getting in some good miles!
Keep having a fun trip, and enjoy all that warm weather ?


Love, love, love my instant pot but hate the air fryer. I borrowed my friends air fryer for a few weeks and we found nothing that we like in it. The sweet potato fries were 100% better in the oven. So I just don’t get the air fryer love. But we aren’t a fried food family!


I had both an air fryer and instant pot and now I have the ninja foodi and LOVE it. You can cook anything in there and it cleans up really easily!


Wow, I would love to be in Arizona today! Summer is my favorite, so summer in April would be a real treat.
And now I’m craving fried rice and Chipotle :)
My husband bought an air fryer, and I’m underwhelmed. I feel like the toaster oven is good enough for most of the things, and I don’t like to sacrifice counter space plus another thing to clean. So I’m the wrong person to ask, I think ~haha~
Crunchy road trip snacks are my favorites, especially trail mix.
Along with oak and maple, we have a lot of flowering trees in Maryland–cherry blossoms are in bloom right now, along with redbud and pear blossom. It would be nice to have fruit-bearing trees, but we’re not quite warm enough for those to do well.
I’m going to have a hard time taking a rest day today with temps in the low 70s, but it would be smartest. Maybe a long dog walk instead :)
Enjoy the family visit, sunshine, pool, and happy kiddos!


Arizona vacation looks like so so much fun!!
I had a great CF zoom workout: 5 rounds: 10 standing rows per arm (with a 25 pound kettlebell)/15 kB presses on a mat)/250 meter run/24 sit ups…It took me 13 min and 26 seconds! But it was a burn.

Car snacks: we love hummus packs , pirates booty, and my extra special car treat: a Dr. Pepper!!!


Hi Janae! I did a progression run yesterday too! By accident. It was supposed to be an easy run so I purposely don’t look at my watch but I just felt so good and it was one of those days where my legs and upper body just feel disconnected almost like I’m on a bike. So my legs just kept going and going it was great.
Lots of palm trees where I grew up and whenever I see one I think of home.
Happy Thursday and happy running!


Ooohh! I have a 10 mile progression run on my training plan for this weekend and you just got me really excited for it! We were just in Arizona for spring break and it was so much fun-have a great time! Loved your post on summer favorites yesterday-I think I’m going to try the koala clip. Question for you-do you keep your fuel in there too? I currently use a waist pack and keep everything in there, but it’s starting to annoy me. Also, do you have a favorite hydration pack?


I have an Instant Pot brand air fryer. Not the 2 in 1, the actual air fryer. We use ours a ton. The easy stuff life frozen chicken nuggets (Trader Joe’s has the best), to fries, etc. We (and by we I mean me) do pork chops, fish for fish tacos, have tried chicken in there, salmon, and veggies. Cauliflower and Brussels work great in there. We’ve done green bean fries in there, zucchini fries. I think there’s two camps. Those that love it and use it a ton, and those that don’t care for it. As you can see we love ours.


Ohhhh, Arizona looks amazing! I don’t know if I am ready for 93 degrees but if there is a pool then I can get on board with it =)

How fun to have such a fun place to visit, I have always wanted to explore AZ so we are planning a trip in December, I can’t wait.

Enjoy your time in the heat with your family!!!


Wow all of this looks amazing! Your brother has the best home for kids and family. Is there any way you can share some more pictures of the kids clubhouse? I am sensing a project for my husband! :)

And we don’t have an air fryer but we do have a countertop deep fryer lol!


We’re on our 2nd air fryer! We bought the Corsori Air Fryer off of Amazon based on the number of good reviews. It has a deep basket and is super easy to clean which is my favorite feature! Ha! We’ve air fried all sorts of things – every kind of meat (even from frozen!!), veggies, sweet potato fries, meatballs, you name it! It cuts cook time down tremendously whish is great when hanger sets in!
Fav road trip (and daily) snacks are Trader Joe’s sesame honey almonds, figs and dates for me and trail mix, fruit leather, Trader Joe’s cinnamon alphabet cookies for the kids.
I did a strength workout today that focused on plyometrics and posterior chain power. So a lot of lunges, step ups, squats, planks, rows, nordic curls, push ups …
I’m so envious of your AZ weather! It’s sunny and 40’s here! Brrrrr!! Ha ha ha!


The sunshine looks so nice. We still have 3 feet of snow and it’s hard to get motivated to run on the icy streets.
Hope you have a great time in Arizona :)


I have an Instant Pot air fryer and we love it. My favorite is heating up leftovers in it, brussel sprouts, and chicken nuggets!

My fav road trip snack is probably popcorn.

I love running while traveling, it’s the best way to see a city! Today was a rest day because my hip is acting up a bit.

Have so much fun in AZ!


Looking sooo fab! I want a vacation, too!!

Hey what breed of dog do I spy? Does it have a major haircut? I think it might be necessary in AZ! Oh, do your neighbors check on the chicks while you’re gone? This truly is a partly animal-intensive vacation for me, too, apparently.


Arizona is really beautiful. I’ve been there a few times, and the last time I traveled across the state by car. It’s an indescribable feeling when you’re driving and the views are just breathtaking. By the way, for my trip I rented a van here

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