Just the BEST Compliment and Please Do This Today.

I went for the ninja look along with a power bun (<—It’s been a while since I’ve worn one of those)!

The group moved things to Tuesday mornings for speed workouts (instead of our usual Wednesday) which was a fun wakeup call for my legs that felt like they were still recovering from Saturday’s long run/tempo.

PS if it seems like I’m jumping into things fast, it’s because I am ha.  I’m just having so much fun with it all, my body feels great and doing something hard in the mornings with my friends helps me to mom the rest of the day.

You know when you see these triangles around town (our coach put them there), you are about to feel some pain.

IMG 9587

We received a fabulous compliment when an older woman was walking by us!  She said, “You guys look like greyhounds.”  She then went on to say that she meant what she said in a nice way but we all took it in the nicest way possible in the first place because greyhounds are fast and we want to be fast.

During the warmup I had to remind myself 20 times that the warmup DOES NOT predict the workout.  So many times I have felt terrible during the warmup only to have an amazing workout that day.  I felt terrible during the warmup and extra terrible during the first set of interval but then for the second and third I felt amazing.

2 x 2 miles @ tempo pace (6:25ish average for me) + 1 mile FAST (downhill & a 5:49) with .5-1 mile recoveries in between each interval set.

IMG 9628

No time to stretch or shower because it was then time to get the girls to school.  Both girls love to match each other so I’m just going to keep taking advantage of that until one of them doesn’t love it ha.

IMG 9623

She may think that she is a teenager now but at least she told me she needed 3 hugs before school yesterday (and she still lets me drop her off at the door and not a block away because my socks and sandals combo is embarrassing to her;).

IMG 9626

After I picked up Skye from school we went to the library.  MD Runner, Carrie and Amy gave me the idea in the comments of yesterday’s post to get different books about insects for Skye to learn about what they do and how to stay safe with them etc:).  We will conquer this fear of hers together.

IMG 9635

I am out of my favorite freezer egg burritos… I didn’t have the ingredients (or the energy ha) to make a big batch of new ones so I just resorted to a boring but delicious egg burrito.

IMG 9638

If hair is within a foot of Beck’s hand, he WILL grab it and pull it fast.

IMG 9639

For dinner we made taquitos but the recipe wasn’t super delicious. The homemade salsa we made sure was… many chips were also consumed with the salsa.

IMG 9642

And so was dessert…

IMG 9652

PS I got this notification from the Headspace meditation app that we love and I thought I would share it with you too…

IMG 9629


What is something kind that you are going to do for yourself today?

-Get in the hot tub with a drink and snacks while I stare at the stars once all of the kids are in bed.

What are you eating for lunch today?

-I just might need to stray from my egg burritos for a few days:)

What’s a compliment you have received recently that made you happy?

Salsa—> mild, medium, hot or you don’t waste time with salsa because you are here for the guac?

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I’m totally in to premade breakfast burritos too! It’s work to prep but then having them ready every morning is the best!


Right?! And surprisingly they taste so so good even after being in the freezer for a while ha. Have a beautiful day Colleen!


Wow nice workout! You’re so amazing.

I love the Dryer’s (here in the east it’s Edy’s) slow churn. The taste/texture is so good.

A compliment I got recently was several athletes I used to coach thanked me for helping them love the sport again after being in abusive coaching situations. It’s so good to hear you positively impacted somebody’s life.


I totally agree… something about that slow churn. Victoria, that compliment from SEVERAL athletes gave me goosebumps. You are incredible and you absolutely impact so many lives by the things you do and the choices you make. You have mine too!


I’m about to go make some eggs in a few min, those burritos look amazing. We made homemade guac last night and there’s still a lot left of that too! Yumm. But also salsa. Lots of super hot salsa.
I’ve had a rough couple of last workouts–I got a sinus infection last week and it’s made it hard to breathe. I know that’s why and I’m not all of the sudden out of shape, but man, does that mess with your mind! I could barely keep my workout pace yesterday and it should have felt super easy. I know training comes and goes in waves but I was feeling so good before this week. Ugh. So today I have an easy run and that’s my self care–super slow, a good podcast, then lots of stretching!!
PS-I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the book “el Deafo,” but my daughter (kindergarten) is reading it with her whole school. It is such a good book–it’s a graphic novel so it’s fun for the kids to follow along. I know you’ve shared some of the books you’re reading with your kids to learn more about other people’s lives, and this one is a fantastic look at a girl with a disability who makes it her ‘superpower.’ It’s really touching and it’s very inspiring. I just thought I would recommend it for something to read with the whole family. :)


MOLLIE. I can’t thank you enough for the book recommendation. I just put it in my amazon cart. It sounds amazing, I can’t wait to read it together. Thank you thank you. I hope your eggs were amazing and homemade guac is just pure heaven. I am so sorry about that sinus infection, that is not fun at all and it really does make us feel out of shape but as soon as you are 100% again you will be back to normal. Keep taking care of yourself and I’ll get some good stretching too. Thanks Mollie and I can’t wait for your first workout feeling back to yourself again!


They are so cute in their matching outfits!!

Something kind I did for myself today was a morning walk to Starbucks before work (the fresh air plus podcast listening time was a great start to the day!).

Medium salsa and guacamole, AND queso. Never too many dips haha!


Hey Mariah! I am SO glad you got out for that walk in the fresh air to go get something delicious before you started your work day. Those small things are so important and I hope the podcast episode was great. I hope that you have that salsa, guac and queso asap and Andrew 10000% agrees with you on never having too many dips.


I’m sorry to bother, but could you share the link for Brooke and skye’s cute pink check vans? My girls need them for spring!


You aren’t a bother at all! They really are the perfect spring shoe. I hope you all have a great day!



An older woman at my run club told me she wanted to run more so she could have legs like mine. hee. I never used to think my legs were my best feature but I felt more proud of them after.

Going to head out for an early morning run!

Homemade salsa is the best! Have a great day Janae! Enjoy the hot tub and stars:)


I agree with that woman in your run club—> your legs have taken you on so many incredible adventures and races! I hope your early morning run was amazing and that you get some homemade salsa asap. Thanks Kristine!


Having friends over today and making these for lunch: https://www.averiecooks.com/ham-cheese-sliders/
They are so good!


I will absolutely be making those for my family… THANKS for sharing the link and I want one now at 8:45 in the morning ha. Have a great day Janel!


Those rolls are SOOOOOOOO good!!!


Aaawwww… The girls are so cute in their matching outfits! I love that.
Awesome job on that workout! I think I need to start adding in some actual workouts in with my running. I don’t have a race on the calendar until September, but maybe adding in some speed or tempos or something would but a “spring” back in my running. I’ll have to look into that. Do you have any suggestions?
I keep meaning to make some of those freezer burritos. I think all the boys in my house would love them. Oh, and we all love salsa!! On the spicier side too, especially with eggs. I’ve been on a breakfast salad kick lately. My family thinks it’s weird, but honestly, they have been so good. I take some power greens sprinkle Everything Bagel seasoning on it, then top with a poched egg. I will also through in leftover sweet potatoes and an avocado. Maybe it is strange, but I like it.
I have heard so many good things about the mindfulness app. And I love that it gives you a daily reminder to do something for yourself. Sometimes a short afternoon walk is just what I need.
We’re getting some good rain out here, so I’m either getting wet for a run, or I’m doing something inside. Boy I miss my favorite treadmill at the gym on days like this… Ha ha
Have a good Wednesday!


Hey Wendy! YAY for wanting to add in some speed! I’m really excited for your race in September too. I always love to start with workouts like one minute on/fast and one minute off/easy for 2 miles. That one seems to get my legs moving again! BREAKFAST SALAD… ummm that sounds amazing. I want to come over for one! I hope your gym opens up again soon! Enjoy whatever movement you get today. Thanks Wendy, you too!


This is my week off after working 21 days with only 2 days off!! So every day feels like a self care day. Lots of walks with my mastiff happening. He is 9 months now and really starting to see the “lazy mastiff” come out… he gets 30-60 mins of exercise a day and then barely moves the rest of the day I think he slept from noon yesterday until this morning!!

Our chickens have some kind of feather losing disease :( we think it might be mites… trying a homemade spray to get rid of them.

Lunch will be leftover tortellini Alfredo!

I’m 17 weeks now and feeling great!! I’m very lucky. Bump is getting BIG!

Alright that’s it for my random updates! Have a wonderful day !!!


Hey Andrea! HOLY COW… you have been working like crazy! Hahah your mastiff is living the dream! What a bummer about your chickens… how many eggs are you getting a day now? Your lunch sounds delicious and I am so happy to hear about your bump growing. So happy for your family. Get plenty of rest today!


Having kids match is the best! I match my son and daughter whenever I can get away with it.

It’s a cute idea to get books to help Skye with her fear, and I love that socks and sandals are making a come-back.

It’s amazing that you are training so hard but it’s even better that you are loving it =)

The best compliment that I have gotten lately is that I look like my daughter because he is gorgeous (not bias at all ;)

I am really craving a salad so I might have to find one for lunch today, we really need to make a Costco run because we have 3-5 feet of snow coming in this weekend!

Enjoy your day!!!


I love that compliment… I love it when people say I look like my kids too! I hope you have the best salad today and so so so much snow coming your way. Maybe you can get in some good sledding this weekend (with a lot of hot chocolate too). Thanks friend, you too!


Lunch: Leftover grill out from last night. Already dreaming of it.
Biggest compliment I have received recently is two people I respect greatly both sought me out for advice this week.


Is there anything better than leftovers? And especially if they are from a grill out! That is a wonderful compliment and I want to go for you for advice for everything too. What are your summer plans this year? I’ll text you!


Something kind for myself today? Maybe help my husband build the “workout shed” he bought for me to stow my gear on the carport–mixed blessing ;) Definitely work out while the sun is still out.
Lunch part A will be happening in a few seconds, and it’s my usual turkey on pumpernickel/rye bread.
I’ll definitely take the guac over salsa every time. Fun fact: I just found out that Chipotle has a clothing line, and some of the items include their tagline “It’s OK to be a little extra.” My daughter loves the shirt I recently bought for her birthday :)


You are going to have to send me pics of the workout shed when it is all done! Your first part of lunch sounds soooo good to me right now (for breakfast). And I had no idea about that clothing line, I will have to check it out and get some things. Thanks Corey, have the best day!


I’m taking an unplanned rest day today. It was raining when I got up and my legs are thanking me.

We were working in our yard last week and a neighbor told me, “I’ve seen you running in our neighborhood for years – you’re always an inspiration.” Totally made my day! I definitely thought the greyhound comment was a compliment!

I’m more about the consistency of my salsa – I typically buy “restaurant style” which means no large chunks. I’ve even run it through the blender to get it the way I like it.


Good call on the rest day… rainy days are the best days to take rest days. That is a wonderful compliment, you inspire me too! That is how my family all loves their salsa too but I’m all about the chunks ha. Have a beautiful day friend!


Some random thoughts :
**I feel like I have been commenting so much lately – sorry for that!
**I love to GIVE random compliments to strangers – I love when their faces light up and hope it helps their day.
**I love this quote from your post: “the warmup DOES NOT predict the workout.” SOOO true. I mostly do CrossFit (not so much running) these days and MOST days the warmup feels ridiculously hard and I wonder how I am ever going to work out now – especially at my age (52)….but it gets so much better.
**socks with sandals….YESSSSSS! I embarrass my 14 year old when I do it – she just says “mom, really?” hahahhahahahaha
**I have been reading your blog since waaaaaayyyyy back (you and Peanut Butter Fingers) and I just love it – y’all feel like friends.


Seeing your daily posts makes my mornings :) How early do you wake up for these AM workouts? How do you have time to eat a snack before pushing your body so hard?

I’m all about the homemade salsa, and I love mild. Something about loading it up with cilantro and a squeeze of lime tastes fresh and hits the spot.


I have a massage booked for tonight after work for some much needed self care time.


I love headspace & actually just started using it again today!! Always a good reminder – that one reminds me of the little sayings on the Dove chocolate wrappers too. :) I am taking a 1/2 day from work to do nothing in particular which is hard but SO needed.

Lunch today is couscous (the kind that comes pre-seasoned in a box) topped with some mini red bell peppers. And red grapes on the side.

Always exciting to see the speedwork plans! Running with a group is just the BEST.


i’m so behind on reading posts… life! i know its a long shot but where is that headband in your first photo from? i LOVE it! also, you are crushing it with the running girl. and mom-ing :)

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