ALL Talk + Friday Favorites!

Brooke had PJ day yesterday and I remember that being the best day ever when I was her age. I think a lot of us as adults have experienced more pj days than ever over the last year.

I was able to meet up with two friends to run up the canyon.

IMG 9736

We were all planning on 8 miles but then realized it was time to turn around at 5 miles which gave us 10 miles for the day.  You know you are in a good conversation when you run further than you were planning.

IMG 9744

We realized yesterday that Skye is allllllll talk.  The kids had a small activity for church yesterday (the first in a year!).  I told you earlier this week that Skye told me I just needed to drop her off for the activity and that she didn’t want me to stay but as soon as we got there… she was not letting me leave.

IMG 9830

And that is all of the pictures I took yesterday… it sure feels weird to only take 5 pictures in a day when I am used to taking 50 a day.

IMG 9837


I have a few favorite things to share this week!

*Clementines.  They taste like candy right now.  Our family goes through the huge Costco bags of them really fast right now and Skye was pretty proud of herself when she peeled one all on her own.

IMG 9646

*My current favorite non-running and casual shoe… Andrew bought me these Nikes for my bday and they go with EVERYTHING.  They are super comfortable and just a big win in my book (Andrew gives the best gifts, his style > my style).

IMG 9834

*Ultrarunningmemes always makes me laugh so so hard.

IMG 9709

*The Oprah and Meghan Markle interview.  Did anybody else watch?  What did you think??

*Now that I’m outside a lot more I am much more diligent with sunscreen every day.  This sunscreen is my favorite because it is tinted and super lightweight.  It doesn’t feel greasy at all and I put it on before I put on makeup each day.  I also use their sport version for my runs.

IMG 9484

*Mancala!!  Have you ever played this game?  I just taught Brooke how to play it the other day and she is hooked.

IMG 9641

And my Friday Unfavorite thing:

*When a recipe has the word ‘Easy’ in the title and yet it is a very complicated recipe ha (I guess I should read through the recipe before I start making it so I don’t get frustrated that it isn’t easy).


Have any favorite or unfavorite things this week?

Did you watch the Oprah and Meghan Markle interview?

Do you have a favorite sunscreen?  

Tell me something you are excited for this weekend?

-Andrew’s BDAY!

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Happy birthday Andrew!!

I watched the interview, so sad. Some of the backlash is sad too. Mental health issues are real and we should all be empathetic if someone is vulnerable enough to share.

Favorite is this spring weather! It was 75 during my run yesterday, it felt hot haha.


Thank you Mariah!! I absolutely agree, I feel so bad for everyone involved.
Keep enjoying the spring weather, it is the best and I can’t wait for ours to come back. Thanks Mariah!


Omg I LOVED mancala when I was younger! I’d actually play by myself to see how long it would take me to clear the board haha.

So I didn’t watch the Oprah interview but I will say this: in every situation there are three sides to the story. Side A (in this case Harry & Meghan), side B (the rest of the Royal family) and in the middle is the truth. Especially with something like this I don’t know if I’d believe everything that one party says because they’ll say what they can to make themselves look best. Just my opinion though! People may disagree ha.

One favorite this week is Peaky Blinders! I’ve been watching one episode a night the past week or two and I’m a big fan of the show.

Have a great day and happy early birthday Andrew!


HEY MAUREEN! Hahah I’ll have to try Mancala on my own too. You are absolutely right… always so many sides to the story and I wish we could know the truth but we probably never will. I will have to check out Peaky Blinders, I LOVE it when you guys tell me about new shows. Thank you so much friend! Have the best day!


I did not watch the Oprah interview. I wish I did!! My husband and I are hoping we can find it to watch.
The weather is finally starting to get warmer here (11° – 51f) which is probably still cold to you guys but warmer to us haha. Excited for outdoor running again!
I noticed your NF jacket in the pic with Skye. Is it a recent purchase? Im looking for a lightweight spring coat and always enjoy your recommendations. It may be an older purchase but just seeing incase :)
That game looks fun..have never heard of it but think my daughter would enjoy it too!!!
Hope you have a relaxing, sunny weekend celebrating Andrew. Happy birthday Andrew ?


You can watch it on the CBS app with a million commercials but that is how I watched it. I am so glad that you guys are getting some warmer weather! The NF jacket is from 7 years ago (I only remember that because that is when I moved back to Utah and had to get some winter clothes ha). I’m going to search for it online though. Try out Mancala, it is a blast. Thank you Jenn and I hope your day is a wonderful one!


Oh no trouble about the jacket, just thought if it was a recent purchase :) thanks for letting me know about the CBS app. I’ll watch it this weekend!


I totally agree with the earlier comment about there being 3 sides to every story. That’s how I felt after watching the Harry/Meghan interview. I am a follower of the royal family, so I find the whole thing very interesting, but at the end of the day, we don’t know these people so I try not to judge because I am not in any of their shoes – thank goodness!!

My 10 year old is obsessed with fidget toys right now, and she has been begging me to take her to a store that has a big selection. So this weekend we are going and I swear you’d think we were going to Disney or something lol.


Yep, absolutely three sides! I just wish we could all know the truthhhhhhhhh. I’m too invested and you are so right, I could never imagine living the way they all do! I need to take my kids to this store you guys are going to… hahah I love it when little things are the biggest things ever to kids. PS I miss Disney. Have the best day Amanda.


Happy Birthday to Andrew!!
I didn’t watch the interview either, but I definitely agree with the couple of earlier comments. No one outside of the family actually knows what happened, what was said, etc. There definitely are 3 sides to every story. I think it must be so hard to try and live a normal life when you’re constantly under a microscope. I’m glad I don’t have to.
Oh Skye… Big talker, ha ha. She really does crack me up. But so fun that the kids are back to doing more normal fun activities.
That canyon is so pretty. What a great way to start the day ?
Have a wonderful Friday!


WENDY! Right… I think they are all in such a hard situation! I can’t even begin to imagine! It really was so nice yesterday, the cases are extremely low here now and so it really feels great to be getting back to normal. Thanks Wendy, I hope your weekend is a great one too!


Your Friday unfavorite was my husband last week. He found a recipe that sounded good but was more work than he bargained for. It took him a few days to make it………..I think he was waiting for me to do it but I’m working 60 hours right now and don’t have the time. Besides, there was garlic in it which makes me violently ill. I don’t make anything with garlic. I just sit back and enjoy the smell. It was crock pot BBQ pulled chicken. He and the kids said it was good. He said it was only a little garlic. I was still too scared to try it.

Happy Birthday to Andrew! I hope you all get to do something fun.

Thank you for the recommendation on the sunscreen. I can’t seem to find one I like. I haven’t tried Elta yet. Maybe this will be the winner.


SIXTY HOUR WEEKS… you are amazing and I bet you are so looking forward to tax season being over. That makes me so sad that garlic does that to you because I LOVE garlic. And a few days for a recipe… no thank you, that is so much work! I’m glad they liked it:). Let me know what you think of the sunscreen and have a beautiful day, Lee! Thanks!


Happy birthday Andrew! Hope you get in some mountain biking and baseball! I’ll be watching a lot of college basketball in the next few weeks.


THANK YOU JOHN from Andrew and both of those things will be happening. Enjoy the college basketball… I’m so glad it is happening this year!


Hi Janae! I caught a few minutes of the Oprah interview and I thought being a royal is harder than I imagined! But it’s hard to know how to feel when only one party is getting interviewed. Double digits and trails, that is amazing! My favorite sunscreen is Biore uv aqua rich watery essence.. the name doesn’t make sense to me but it’s so lightweight and doesn’t make my eyes sting.
Happy Friday!!


Amy! Right?! I cannot even imagine living the way they do… sounds so hard! You just brought back so many memories of my eyes stinking from sunscreen ha… sounds like yours is an awesome one, I’ll have to check it out! Thanks Amy, I hope your day is a great one!


I second this sunscreen recommendation!! I use a tinted sunscreen a lot of the time, but if I’m wearing white or don’t want any color/coverage I will use my Korean or Japanese sunscreens. Biore Watery UV is one of the best, and I like Etude House Airy Surprise too.


Happy birthday to Andrew, I hope he has an amazing day!

We love clementines here too, we go through so much fruit in a week here. We joke that our son is a fruit bat.

The mountains look so beautiful there, it’s nice that you are getting out on the trails so much! We are expecting 2-5 ft of snow this weekend so we are going to be hanging at home and making snow forts. My runs will for sure be on the treadmill. I have never been more thankful for our basement gym as this past year!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


HEY BETH! Thanks from Andrew:). Seriously… how are clementines so so good right now?! I can’t believe how much snow you guys are going to get this weekend… I hope your treadmill runs go fabulous this weekend and thank goodness for that basement gym of yours. Thanks friend, you too!


I love pajama days – especially for super little kids (ours go to daycare) because it eliminated the morning clothing struggle! Both of my kids love pj days! And Mancala is a favorite game over here too – kids are just getting to the age where we can play more games now. Too funny about Skye being all talk!
Thanks for the sunscreen tip! My kiddos use Coppertone Pure & Simple. So far I am still just using some random tinted one I found last year (Neutrogena maybe?) that I like, but it’s not high enough SPF for longer times spent outside.
Happy early bday to Andrew – my husband’s bday is NEXT weekend so I guess this weekend will involve some planning for that. Because I definitely have no bday plans yet! I am also excited to have the kids around an extra day: 3-day weekend fun.


PJ days are just the absolute best… I hope your kids get one soon:). I am excited your kids are starting to get more into games now, I love playing games with my kids (and I’m not great at playing pretend etc so I’ll always choose games ha). Happy bday to your husband next weekend… I hope you guys have the best 3 day weekend! Thanks Katie!


I did watch the interview-I actually cut my thumb pretty deep while making a salad for dinner. I ended up going to the ER and just as I got settled into a room-the interview started. I wouldn’t have planned it that way but with 6 kids I was able to watch it in relative peace ? The interview was pretty interesting, as others said before I’m not sure who to believe. I just felt really sad for everyone involved at the end of it-at the end of the day this is a family. And both sides will be dealing with a lot of backlash. It’s inspired me and my husband to watch The Crown though-I’m loving it so far! Favorite sunscreen is by Skinceuticals-physical fusion UV defense SPF 50. It’s slightly tinted and not greasy at all.


RENEE!! I am so sorry about your cut and having to go to the ER! I feel the same way, I am sure everyone has their version… I can’t imagine how stressful it is for everyone. Oh The Crown is incredible… I’m going to watch it this weekend. And 6 kids… you must be busy! I hope your thumb is healing up and I’ll have to check out that sunscreen. Have a beautiful weekend Renee!


Oh wow I used to LOVE mancala! My mom is from Guam so I grew up playing “chancla,” which is the Chamorro (native Guamanian) version of the game. It’s such a fun game and when I was little it helped me with counting and fine motor skills, so that was a fun bonus!

My favorite sunscreen is Australian Gold Mineral Tinted sunscreen with SPF 50. It’s about $10 for a 3oz bottle and the tint is really nice because it gives juuuust enough coverage to make me feel fresher and look more awake without makeup haha.


I would love to try chancla with my kids. It really is so good for their brains, I’m loving watching them love it. I’ll have to try out your sunscreen too, that sounds amazing! Have a great day Dominique!


This is off topic for today, but I wanted to tell you thanks! I have been using a technique you mentioned a few weeks ago about focusing on lifting your feet up as soon as they touch the ground as a way to learn to run faster. I started working on that by just adding in some pickups on my regular runs. I repeat the mantra “lift lift lift lift” over and over outloud (but quietly) during these picksups. I run with my dog and now everytime she hears the first “lift” she just takes off! It makes for some fun speed play for both of us! My dog is a 7 year old rescue but she was breed for sled racing and is still so fast.


Unfavorite things – I love it and you should totally do a whole post on unfavorites. Mine for the week would be the haircut I got – gonna have to go back and have them try again.

Favorite for the week is actually having real plans for a date night this weekend! It’s been way too long.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen for kids?

I did not watch the interview but I feel like I’ve read everything about it in the aftermath. It’s hard to know what/who to believe and I can understand points on all sides. I just hope they can all live their own lives as they wish and find happiness in their family.


Happy birthday to Andrew! I love the smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, and I have their sport 50spf………’s tank top weather here this week, and it made me so happy to slather it all over my shoulders because I smelled like coconut! I love warm weather! It is currently 76 degrees! Rain moves in and then we will be back in the 60’s, but we are enjoying this weather for sure!


Happy Birthday to Andrew! It’s been fun “meeting” you over the years and seeing how an amazing Dad and husband you are to our online friend! …even though you are an Angels fan ? I’m a big Dodger fan and think your wife should run the LA Marathon that starts there! ?


Oh, you put the recent Oprah interview on the blog! Absolutely three sides to every story. In this case we have a couple of COMPOUNDING FACTORS: a professional/ trained ACTRESS + indicates she had severe EMOTIONAL ISSUES (are they resolved as of the interview date?). I didn’t watch it, saw “highlights.” I wish them all well and hope we see some maturity across the board when they get to their 40s or 50s.


Ha, there’s an IG post with a pic of Meghan. The post says she thought being a Princess was too hard and now she wants to be President. Hehehe.

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