Friday Favorites + Just Remember…

As soon as I got home from my run Skye ran to me with her swimsuit asking if we could get in the hot tub.  Beck was napping during my run and he was still asleep so we jumped into the hot tub fast!

This girl is all about self-care.  She just floats around on her back without a care in the world.  She is the hot tubs #1 fan and she would stay in there for hours if we let her.

IMG 9272

Before the hot tub—> 8 miles @ 7:58 average.   My legs started out feeling like they couldn’t move after the workout the day before but then with each mile they felt better and better.

IMG 9256

After leftovers for lunch Andrew went for a run.  Before he left he said that just putting on his running shoes was requiring too much energy and he had NO desire to start.  He told himself that he was just going to go for one mile and ended up coming home after four miles.

Just remember… WE ALL feel this way often.  Rarely am I just thrilled to start a run, I just know that if I do go then I will feel a lot better for the rest of the day.  You are normal if it is hard to start even if you’ve been doing this for a while.

IMG 9274

For dinner we made these copycat chow mien noodles from Panda Express and then had some Costco orange chicken along with it.

IMG 9286

And I realllllly needed some cookies last night so my favorite monster cookies happened again.  The pb and oatmeal in these just take them to the next level.  These cookies are definitely not my sister’s favorite… she wants just one or two chocolate chips per cookie and the more chocolate the better in my opinion.

IMG 9287


I have a few Friday Favorites to share today!

*We have been using these 50 Family Dinner Conversation Starters with our kids and it has been really fun to hear their answers to things.

*I LOVE sparkling water lately and this kind is absolutely my favorite.

IMG 9252

*I forgot who told me about this podcast but this story is NUTS and it keeps my brain very busy on solo runs!

IMG 9177

*I needed a few spring items (my old spring items don’t fit and I choose comfort > trying to fit into things that don’t fit or trying to fit into items that don’t fit:) and I ended up on Gap’s website.  I had forgotten how much I love Gap until the items arrived.  99% of the time they are having awesome sales, everything is so soft and comfortable and long enough (the short top trend isn’t for me and they offer the Tall option in almost everything).

I LOVE love these t-shirts ($11).

IMG 9107

This relaxed textured crewneck sweatshirt (SO SOFT) and these jean (my first non-skinny jeans in 22 years and now high rise jeans are my favorite;).

IMG 9139

This Vintage Soft Henley Sweatshirt is my other favorite item that I bought!

IMG 9108

*I saw this meal on triedandtruemoms and it is such an easy meal for those busy nights!  Cook the pasta (this is our FAVORITE pasta that is from Costco) and mix in the marinated fresh mozzarella cheese (TJ’s) and the chicken (TJ’s) once the pasta has been drained and boom… delicious.  Add some roasted Brussel Sprouts on the side and you are all set to go.

IMG 9285


What is your current favorite beverage besides water?  Also, what are your feelings about water?  Is it easy for you to drink enough water?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Last podcast that you listened to?  Do you like true crime podcasts?

FAVORITE veggie to roast?

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Been drinking a lot of hot tea lately! TJs turmeric ginger one is so good. I have an easier time drinking plain water in the summer, but in winter I want warm drinks more.

Armchair expert always keeps me entertained! Jane Goodall and Amy Poehler were on recently! Both great episodes.


I just listened to their episode with Amy Poehler too! So good! I am just like you… give me all of the warm drinks right now! Have a beautiful day Mariah!


I drink a ton of water, and I love the peach pear la croix, so I’ll have to try the peach bubly!

I love the gap shirts–I was just lamenting that I don’t have enough long shirts! I think when you spend a lot of time around little kids especially, you just want everything covered!

I really want those monster cookies. Yesterday I discovered I was OUT of peanut butter . . . the horror! I will have to get some and do some baking!


Hey Kristin! I agree, la croix is delicious (even if Andrew hates it ha:). I totally agree, bring me all of the long shirts! You better get to the store today for some PB and let me know what you think of the cookies:) Happy Friday Kristin!


Happy Friday, Janae!!! I printed out the recipe for those Monster Cookies! I love Two Peas and their Pod recipes!!! These cookies reminded me of these bars that I’ve been making every week for about two months now :)

I think you guys would like them!!!! Her buffalo chicken pasta is also really good! We just made that last week!

My fav beverage is the strawberry green tea iced tea (unsweetened) from my fav local cafe, Javateas. I am addicted and have one if not two daily. I don’t like to think about the $$$ effect on my wallet from that!!! lol I’m not a coffee or a soda drinker, and I drink COLD beverages all year round. I also like iced matcha lattes with lavender made with oat milk. I’m not picky or anything. ha ha ha

I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!!!!


BUFFALO CHICKEN PASTA?! Ummmmm yes, I need that and those monster granola bars right this second. Do not think about the money with those, they bring you joy each day so keep enjoying those strawberry green iced teas! Wish I could meet you there one day for a drink after a great run! Thanks friend, I hope you do too!


I’m listening to that podcast, too. I highly suggest the podcast Detective Trapp. It is outstanding.


Just subscribed, THANK YOU for the recommendation! Have the best weekend Kelly!


There are so many good true crime podcasts right now. Did you see that Cold has had some updates over the last year? I love True Crime BS (dumb name, not going to lie, it almost made me not listen to it) season one which is all about Israel Keyes. It’s very good. And he has a bunch of new updates this year, his research is incredible.
Bubbly is so good!!! I also like Waterloo Cherry sparkling water. It tastes like a treat. Delicious.
Brussel sprouts to roast, 100%!!! We had some this week!!!
Oh man I’m going to hit that Gap sale. I was just thinking how stale my clothes are from last year. And I also am not on board with the crop top trend. haha.
Have a great weekend!


HEY MOLLIE! I didn’t know Cold had new updates… I’ll check them out today and I will absolutely be subscribing to the True Crime BS, thank you… you always have the best recommendations. Yep, going to have to try the Waterloo Cherry sparkling water! Time to go get some none crop tops haha… enjoy your shopping. Thanks friend, you too!


I feel like Andrew in that photo everytime I go for a run…haha, but once I get out the door I instantly feel better about it. I love all the Gap basics you shared, and I agree – I cannot do the crop tops. What joggers are you wearing with the tops?
Those chow mein noodles look so good. I’m always looking for new recipes
I love the bubbly water lately too, not sure if we have the peach flavor here in Canada yet but I will be looking for it next time im getting groceries :)


Hahaha don’t we all! Seriously the second the fresh air hits our face helps us so much, I agree! The ones I am wearing in those photos are from Lululemon a few years ago but they are very similar to these:
Let me know if you try the chow mein recipe and if you can find the peach! Have the best weekend Ashlea, hope you are doing well!


Are those the Nike legacy sneakers I spy? I have been eyeing those…now I really want to order them :) hah. Are they true to size, or did you size up? I usually go up half a size in Nike running shoes but wasnt sure if these fit the same
Thanks Janae


HEY JILL! They sure are… Andrew gave them to me for my bday! They are true to size for me… ie normal shoes I wear a 9 and have these in a 9 (running shoes I wear a 10). Let me know if you get them! Thanks Jill, have a great weekend!


We have a soda stream that we love! So we have fizzy water with fruit! So good! Have a great weekend!


I got this cucumber mint seltzer at Target recently and it really tasted like you put cucumbers and mint in your seltzer- not funky and fake. I need more of it ASAP!

I listen to a lot of podcasts but don’t do much true crime. I’ve been loving The Best Life and You’re Wrong About lately.


Gotta try that!


I will have to check out The Best Life… thanks Kristen and PS I love You’re Wrong About too! Have a great weekend with your boyfriend!


I NEED TO GET ONE OF THOSE. I want it so so bad. Thanks Aimee, you too!


Thanks for the gap suggestions. I will now be adding to cart.
Oh, and my teenage students say skinny jeans are Out.Of.Style………and now it will take me 2 years to phase them out of my wardrobe. ;).
Have a great Friday!


YAY, I hope you love them all too. Why are they saying they are out of style, it makes me so sad… I just love them too much. You’ll have to send me links to whatever you get instead to phase them out over the next few years ha. Have the best day Erica!


Hi Janae! I’m loving all the food photos. My favorite veggie to roast is cauliflower! I also just finished a Costco bag of sweet potatoes and they were all roasted too.
Last night I was trying to sleep and I was sleeping on my belly and dangled my feet off the bed as usual, and then the front of my hip started hurting on one side! Not a lot of pain but definitely enough to keep me from sleeping. So I pulled my feet back up and then slept on my side and then the pain just slowly faded away. I have to investigate this. My thought is maybe I dangled too much of my feet off the bed? Not sure if you have ever felt this.
Anyways sorry for the tangent. I hope you have a great Friday and yay it’s end of the week!


HEY AMY! I love roasted cauliflower and it’s always the best to make it through a Costco bag of sweet potatoes! THat is so weird about your hip… I haven’t had that happen to me before! Let me know what you figure out and I LOVE tangents, never stop sharing any that you have. Have the best weekend with your fiance!


Thanks for that rec for Mommy Doomsday, I’ve heard a bit about that story (crazy) and now am excited to have a podcast for my long(ish) run today! I’m very squeamish with violent or scary movies/shows, but somehow I LOVE a good true crime podcast.

Favorite veggie to roast is chopped new potatoes (or any kind of potatoes really). They make a great base for adding veggies and cheese or a sauce on top, or with eggs, even in tacos! Your chow mein looks sooooo good, I will add that to my menu for this week!

This winter I’ve been drinking a hot chocolate/mushroom/collagen powdered drink (Further Foods). I make it like a latte with oat or cashew milk in the morning, and then add hot water to it throughout the day. It helps get in a bit of water, but I’m definitely not as good at getting in water in the winter months.


I had to tell you what I am looking forward to this weekend- we are traveling to St. George!! We’re heading out there to rock climb, but I’m hoping to sneak in a couple of trail runs as well :)


I HOPE YOU LOVE IT SO SO MUCH!! Tell me all of your thoughts about St. George afterwards!


TGIF!!!! I am a serious coffee hound, but I do actually enjoy water – especially if it’s carbonated and in grapefruit flavor (can be hard to find sometimes).
I am looking forward to having time at home this weekend to get some house projects done and do some cooking – minestrone soup, Everything Bagel green bean “fries” (they’re baked), and baked oatmeal cups. Speaking of cooking, my two favorite vegetables to roast are brussel sprouts and asparagus :o)
I like true crime everything: books, movies & television shows. I a inspired now to check out some podcasts – I tend to forget about those. The last one I listened to was The Exam Room – from Physician’s Committee on Responsible Medicine. They are focused on whole food, plant based nutrition.
Have a fantastic weekend!!


My favorite is sparkling water , Lacroix coconut, waterloo dark cherry or Italian pomegranate and black current, yum! Our go to for a quick meal is TJ sweet potato gnocchi with some shredded rotisserie chicken and Cesar salad on the side. I am a vegetarian so I dont add chicken to mine. This meal looks very kid friendly so I plan on trying it out soon!

Ahh running, I cannot wait to get back to it soon. I’ve been debating a bike but wonder if I would use it as much since I prefer to run over anything else.


Ha! Thank you HRG readers for stocking me up on the next few months of true crime podcasts. Such a guilty pleasure for me rn and I’m drawing to the end of my current (Bear Brook). Blog community coming through just in time!

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