Beck 4 Months & Postpartum Stuff…

Let’s get chatting about Beck and what is going on in his world currently!

*Beck can roll from his back to his tummy but he doesn’t do it often.

*I put a little gel in his hair yesterday and it really aged him.

IMG 9975

*Beck has stranger danger… or more he just wants to only be held by people in our family.   He has no interest in branching out from me, Andrew, Knox, Brooke and Skye.

*He loves bath time!

IMG 9915

*I am still breastfeeding full time with Beck.  He took a few bottles of breastmilk at about 8 weeks but I haven’t used any since then because it is just so convenient to just breastfeed him.  I seriously cannot believe how much different my experience with breastfeeding has been with Beck.  I really love it and it isn’t stressful in the slightest this time.   Just in case any of you reading have a hard/stressful time with it with one child, it can be a totally different experience with another.  I had no idea how women said they loved breastfeeding previously because it was so hard for me with the girls but now I understand, I love being able to breastfeed this time.  I really haven’t done anything different… Beck just latched on right away and wants to eat all of the time which has really helped my supply.  I’d love to continue for as long as possible.   I’m currently running about 55 miles a week and I really make sure that I am drinking and eating enough and the running hasn’t effected my supply.    Oh and I feed on demand for him, really the only schedule he has is when he goes to bed.

*I thought it would be hard to shop for baby boy clothing but it’s actually too easy for me according to Andrew ha.  I LOVE BABY BOY CLOTHING.  I can’t get enough.

*Beck goes to bed every night at around 8-8:30 and then most of the time he wakes up at 4-5 to eat and then he goes back to sleep until about 8.  There are definitely still nights though where he does wake up a few times in the night but overall he does really well with sleeping.  He eats a lot during the day and often so I think he is pretty full by nighttime and a pretty sleepy baby.   Oh and he still has to sleep swaddled.   If he isn’t swaddled, he will not sleep.

IMG 9959

*Napping is a completely different story but that is probably because our routine is so different each day with the older kids.  The max he will nap on his own is 30 minutes but if I am holding him or he is asleep in his carseat then he will nap for 90ish minutes but I have no idea what time he naps because it is different each day.

IMG 9684

*He has started to find a lot of interest in little toys.  I forget how early this happens and it makes me so happy to see how happy he is when his butterfly shows up.

*We all agree that Brooke is probably his favorite person.  If he just hears her voice his entire face brightens.  She wants to be involved in everything that is going on with him.

IMG 9986


IMG 9694

*Skye told us NO MORE BABIES ha.  She is happy with how things are right now and doesn’t want anymore additions.

*He is still very much into using a binky.

IMG 9335

Now let’s talk about some postpartum oversharing:)

IMG 9455

*The hair loss started about 3 months postpartum this time around.  I’m losing a lot on the sides this time and every time I wash my hair clumps come out.

*With both Brooke and Skye I started my period again one month after having them and then had a period every 28 days after… with Beck I haven’t had one yet so that is interesting to me.

*I’ve never been so confident in my postpartum body as I am this time.  I was in the best running shape/fitness of my life before having Beck and my body has changed everywhere since then and I’ve never been so okay with the changes.  I feel so much gratitude for the chance to be able to use my body to get these little ones here and trust that it is exactly where it needs to be throughout this whole process.  My biggest tip for postpartum body changes is to wear clothes that FIT.  Buy pieces that fit you and are comfortable rather than trying to squeeze into things you wore before you were pregnant.

*This is SO random but the location where I had my epidural placed is still a bit tender when I touch it (it doesn’t hurt when I run or anything)… I don’t remember that happening with the girls.  Anybody else have this?

*My anxiety postpartum is always more intense than normal but this time around it didn’t seem any worse until about two weeks ago.  I was getting up in the middle of the night like 4 times for a few nights to check that everyone was breathing and I couldn’t stop worrying (and a lot of crying) about all of the kids.  It started getting better again but I’m talking to Andrew a lot about it and keeping an eye on it.  Meditation, breathing and talking to somebody about it is keeping it manageable at this point but I’ve learned over the years how important it is to be open and honest about these things to get the help we need throughout all of these hormonal changes.

*The night sweats ended a few weeks ago.  I was waking up every night drenched in sweat but I’m grateful those days are over.

*I’m still so thankful to love food again.  I really missed that during pregnancy oh and I love loving water again.  Drinking water and eating food was such a chore last year!


Give me any updates on your little ones?!  

Any postpartum things you’ve dealt with?  Anybody struggle with postpartum anxiety or depression?

When did you start giving your babies food?  Our pediatrician said we can start right now if we want but Im just not sure!

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I never bought baby clothes. We had so many people give us baby clothes and baby stuff that we didn’t have to buy anything. I don’t remember ever even looking at baby clothes.


That is AWESOME!! My SIL gave us all we needed for the first 2ish months and it felt like I hit the lottery! What an awesome group you have:). Enjoy the rest of your day friend!


Yes to the epidural site tenderness! I had an epidural with both my babies but after the second one the area on my back was super tender for like 12 weeks! It didnt hurt to move, only to touch it or lay on a hard surface. It got better and I have no issues now!


Mine aren’t little – the younger one will be 12 on Wednesday. I can’t even! I was on modified bed rest from Thanksgiving to late February and FB memories gets to remind me every year of how hard and long that time was. Back when FB was so new. I wish we had iPhones with great cameras so I could have lots of pictures and videos.

I am sorry your anxiety is coming back, especially since you are able to chill more with the BFing going so well. It is always something, isn’t it? I hope you are feeling better soon, but it sounds like you have great support with Andrew and you aren’t afraid to seek help if you need it. I can’t imagine how it must be to have been pregnant and have a baby during a pandemic!

I was not warned about the hair loss thing – that freaked me out! My hair is so thin to begin with I was afraid I would have had patches.

Hugs to you and all the sweet kids


TWELVE ON WEDNESDAY! That is so exciting. Oh I cannot even imagine being on modified bed rest, that must have been hard! Yes for sure, I am definitely going to continue to pay close attention to it and I figure I need to share it so nobody feels alone in that! That first trimester during the pandemic was especially stressful! It really is crazy to see all of your hair falling out! Thanks friend, I hope you are having a beautiful day and have fun celebrating this week!


Your probs aren’t getting your period again before you’re breast feeding so regularly! It’s a perk lol. The anxiety man, goodness gracious. I feel you there


That is very true! Beck is HUNGRY ha so I am definitely enjoying that. Thank you, I’m not sure what it is about these hormones but at night they are the hardest, that’s for sure. Have a beautiful rest of your day!


I used to walk with my back to the stairs because I was so afraid I would drop my son down them. My husband works nights and the nights are the worst for sure. You’ve done this and you’ve got it, you’re amazing and you can do hard things.


Oh Jennie, I have had that same experience. And your husband works nights… that must be so incredibly hard. Thank you for the encouragement, it means a lot to me and I’m sending it right back to you too!


I had a tender epidural spot for months with one of my kids. I’m married to an anesthesiologist and he said that’s suuuuuuuuper common. Sometimes the needle (which is pretty thick) just scrapes or pierces the spine ligaments in just the right way to cause pain, and then since ligaments don’t have great blood supplies, they are very slow healing and that’s why it can linger for a long time. ?


You. Are. The. Best. This is sooooo good to know! Thank you to you and your husband, I was starting to get worried! Have a beautiful evening!


I feel like I could have written this, except I run half that much and baby is 16 lbs at 4 months. Hair loss, sleep, etc all the same.

One reason cycles might not have resumed this time is that it sounds like you are nursing more this go around. Mine never resumed until I finished nursing with prior kids. Led to some stress fractures.

I have same epidural area tenderness too. I wasn’t sure if it was normal because I didn’t have epidural last time


Love these baby updates! My little one is 9m but 4m feels like just yesterday! (You know the drill!) As an experienced mama of multiples, how did you learn to go with the flow for naps so well? Nap time makes me so nervous for multiples! My baby was really high maintenance for naps for the first 5m or so and I spent a lot of time rocking her in the dark – something I couldn’t do if we had another one! Always curious how mamas manage multiple kiddos’ schedules. Thanks!


My LO turns 3 months on Wednesday!!! He sleeps really well too! He goes to sleep between 7:30-8:30 depending on the day and his naps, we wake him back up between 10-11 to feed him then he sleeps through till 7-7:30! This mama gets 7+ hours of sleep almost every night which is AMAZING! I had really bad PPD and PPA after he was born and went on medication. It is so much better now and I am really happy.


He is a cutie!! Not trying to critique parenting AT ALL but just a tip once they can roll from back to tummy I think you’re supposed to phase out the swaddle for safe sleep purposes. Just wanted to make sure you’re aware!


Beck is adorable! I think he looks a lot like Brooke! All of your kids are so cute!

I have a 3 1/2 yo and an 18 month and with both I didn’t get my period until they started eating more solid food and taking less breastmilk. So nice to go almost 2 years without a period between time pregnant and breastfeeding!

I did find my appetite was insane between breastfeeding full time and running, and I was running 20ish miles a week. You must have to eat a ton! I loved it, but eating so much took a lot of time! ?

Thanks for sharing! I love reading your blog everyday!


My baby girl, McKenna, will be 1 month on Thursday. This is my first and I cannot believe she has already been in our lives for a month!!! She is such a great baby and lets us sleep 5 hour stretches at night already. She finally hit her birth weight at 2.5 weeks, so we can let her sleep a little longer at night, so we will see if she sleeps for longer now!!:) Definitely underestimated breastfeeding, but now almost a month in, it is soooo much better and I actually enjoy it now. The first couple of weeks was rough! Love following your journey!! I have my follow up this week, so hopefully I get the clear to start running soon!


He is So dang cute!!! And I love hearing all your updates!!


I love hearing how great your breastfeeding experience is going. I had a horrible experience with my first, it really messed with me mentally and I ended up exclusively pumping at 6 weeks. Which was also horrible and only made it to 6 months. I am pregnant now and one of my biggest fears is breastfeeding. I have a lot of anxiety about it. I’d rather this baby get breast milk but I hated it so much with my first and so I’m terrified. Seeing that your experience gives me hope that maybe this time will be better. It is possible to have a good experience after not good ones. And if it doesn’t work out I know that that my daughter is healthy even though she had formula a lot of the first year and same will be with this child.


You are not alone in this! I even told Andrew the day before I had Beck that there was no way I was even going to try. But then he was born and I decided I would just try it and if it was bad I would stop and then it has turned out to be the absolute best! I had SO much anxiety with it with the girls… I just want to give you a big hug because I know how it feels. I hope you are feeling well and that things go well with breastfeeding this time but yes, you are so right… formula is AMAZING and my girls had a lot of it and they are doing amazing! Please keep me updated! Your little ones are so lucky to have you!


Since beck goes down at 8 and up again at 4-5 are you waking up to pump throughout the night or sleeping all the way through? I’m currently 6 mos PP. My son sleeps through as well, Iv struggled so much to allow myself to sleep through. Iv been waking up to pump because I’m so scared my supply will just randomly dry up.


Hey Faith! I WAS so stressed out about this but my body actually naturally adjusted so I don’t have to get up and pump in the middle of the night. I noticed that when he first started sleeping through the night that my milk was dropping a little bit so I pumped after each feeding during the day for about 5 minutes and that helped pick it up again but now my body has adapted to sleeping through the night and feeding all day. I really hope this helps, you are doing amazing and let me know if you have any questions at all!


Sounds like everything is going great! Except for the anxiety- that’s probably hormonal, but knowing that doesn’t make it go away. For the food, they can go for an entire year on just breastmilk. So there’s no reason to give him anything else right now unless you want to. I think with mine we followed the rule that if they start showing an interest in food on their own, they can try it. With my son we ended up going with only breastmilk for almost a year- with my daughter she started eating some food a little earlier than that. But they’re 18 and 12 now so it’s all a little murky. I miss those days!


I’m one month behind you postpartum and I have a lot of the same things going on. Medication has definitely helped with anxiety this time around. I have let go of any time of schedule for naps this time around (3rd baby) and we nurse on demand A LOT. I also had an epidural and the spot is still tender. I had an epidural with my first it still felt “off” even a year after she was born!


Hey Megan, thank you so much for sharing this with me. We are going through this together it feels like:). It really is so crazy how you do just have to let go of nap schedules this time around with older ones! Good to know I’m not alone with the epidural spot and I might be reaching out to you again if that is okay if I notice my anxiety increasing a lot again. Thanks friend and have a beautiful day with your little one!


I know it’s different for everyone but I never had my period while breastfeeding. Both times it came back about 2-3 months after I was done breastfeeding (I nursed the first one for 12 months and the second one for 14 months).

Ugh – night sweats. I had them horrible after pregnancy and now I still get them in stages. I’ll be good for a long while and then for 2 weeks I’ll have them every night (and my youngest is 4).

So glad you are able to talk about you anxiety. It’s easy to keep those thoughts and feelings to ourselves but it really does to be open about them and have support while you process.

Again, everyone is different but I waited until our babies were about 6 months old. I believe they are getting all their nutrition from you so feeding them ‘real’ food is more just for fun/play but it also isn’t bad to start now – just know that if they don’t eat it’s okay because he’s getting what he needs from you.


We tried solids at 4 months with both kids. My daughter took off! However, my son wanted nothing to do with it until about 9 months. He had reflux and we wanted him to like solids so much. I guess, not matter how much we want, the kids decide when they are ready :)


Oh, and I don’t know what is worse, the hair loss or the baby bangs that stick straight up (rockin’ those right now at 10 months postpartum)!


I’m happy for you that you’re in a good place right now! The juggling of everything has to be tricky. I can only speak to my experience, but since I was able to EBF for over a year, I didn’t get a period until 16 months. I know it changes for everyone, and I was pumping and nursing. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of just letting your body, and Beck’s, do what they need, which is great! You are wonderful–keep up mom’n!


He is soooo stinking cute. I just wanted to share with you that it is recommended you stop swaddling the baby once he is able to roll from back to belly for safe sleep! My son still needed to be swaddled to sleep so I tried a few transitional swaddles. The merlin sleep suit and the Love to dream swaddle worked really well for us!


HEY Jessica! Yesssss… that is what we were thinking too and talked to our pediatrician and he said that it was fine to continue to swaddling him but maybe I need to check out the transitional swaddles now! THANK YOU!


Interesting about not getting your period and breastfeeding going better. My milk supply dropped when I got my period back after each of my kids.


Thank you so much for sharing. First time mom here. My daughter will be 8 weeks on Friday, and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Exclusively breastfeeding here, but we have had some challenges recently and doing our best to figure it all out. She is a pretty good sleeper, but waking up a a couple of times a night right now to feed.

I have a history of anxiety and really have been dealing with a fair amount PP. Its so important to get the support you need! I have been meeting with my therapist and considering restarting meds. We’ll see. NO period for me yet. And my hair loss seemed to start pretty quickly after giving birth and has since slowed.
Thank you again for sharing and for being so candid :)


HEY NINA! Congrats on your first little one! The time really goes by so fast once they are here (and so slow when we are pregnant haha). I am really sorry that you are going through so much right now and I am ALWAYS here if you need to talk. So glad you are seeing your therapist. Your little girl is the luckiest to have you.

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