Wear them if you want to wear them + the ONLY way.

Another Workout Wednesday accomplished and it felt sooo much better than it did the week before.

My group isn’t starting marathon training until March so they’ve stuck to 3 mile workouts for the last few months.  Yesterday we did a 2 mile w/u and then 3 miles of 1 minute fast and 1 minute float (slower than the fast but not a jog/recovery) and then a 4 mile c/d for 9 miles total @ 7:30 average pace.  I was able to keep up with a few of my friends for the workout which felt so good because I love the strength you get from working towards a goal together.

I was HOT running in shorts and a tank top (and it was dark for a lot of the run too) and it was 35 degrees… I’m guessing it’s my hormones being crazy.

Our c/d was around BYU which is where I went to college… so many good memories:)

IMG 7917

Senita Rio (I wear the 3.75” inseam) shorts for the win.  They have the best side pockets on them.  I wore them for my last two marathons and they don’t move at all during the run, they are great.  These amazon ones are very similar to them too.

IMG 7930

PS wear shorts if you want to wear shorts regardless of how you think your legs ‘should’ look.  Cottage cheese is normal.  Just go and have fun in what feels comfortable.

IMG 7938

And then it was off to the normal morning things…

IMG 7947

Sometimes the only way for me to eat an entire meal without interruptions is if I do it in the car with Skye and Beck in their carseats while we are parked and listening to the Lion King soundtrack.

IMG 7955

When Skye asks a questions she says, “Mom, can I have a jelly bean. YES!”   In her brain she thinks that she can trick me into saying what she wants me to say by answering the question for me quickly.

Also, she is on her way to a black eye, she slipped and hit her eye on the stair:(

IMG 7962

My sister invited us to go use the gymnastics gym with her family yesterday (we had the whole gym to ourselves)!

IMG 7975

IMG 7978

IMG 7983

I married a genius… when you need your Rhodes Rolls to rise quickly, just put them by the fire while you are gone.

IMG 7984

And of course to go along with above rolls, we had tacos ha.  Definitely not a normal combination but both tacos and rolls are amazing so why not eat both at the same meal?

IMG 7988


Do you like wearing running shorts or not so much?

Knox just told me that he really needs to know what your current favorite food is?

What is something new that you have learned recently about running or life?

What are you making for dinner tonight?

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Awesome work on the workout. And YES , wear whatever you want and makes you feel good ?

Skye makes me laugh all the time. My daughter apologizes by saying “I’m sorry mommy, I forgive you” I think we said I forgive you so much that she thinks it’s part of saying sorry now ?

I can relate about using the car to get things done with littles. When my kids were babies I remember putting them in the car then being able to relax for the first time all day. They were locked in their car seat so I could sit down for a little while.
Tell Knox my favorite food right now soup because it’s so cold (normally it would be tacos or pizza). ?


THANK YOU for your honesty and openness! “Wear them if you want to wear them” is such a great mantra and encourages me to feel confident in my decisions, regardless of whether I look like a Runners World photo or not!!!

Current favorite food: 2% greek yogurt with Purely Elizabeth granola on top
Making for dinner tonight: the viral baked feta/cherry tomato dish with spaghetti squash and broccoli (and maybe adding in ground turkey)


“PS wear shorts if you want to wear shorts regardless of how you think your legs ‘should’ look. Cottage cheese is normal. Just go and have fun in what feels comfortable.”

Thank you SO much for this reminder… I have a hormonal disorder so weight tends to concentrate around my midsection. Sometimes I feel so self-conscious about having a larger stomach than I think I should have, but why should I ever put myself through that torture when 1) it’s not my fault, 2) I’m taking care of my health as best as I can, and 3) who cares!

It reminds me of this quote from Anne Lamott:
“what if you wake up some day, and you’re 65, or 75, and you never got your memoir or novel written, or you didn’t go swimming in those warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy; or you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life, of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid? It’s going to break your heart. Don’t let this happen.”

Here’s to that big, juicy, creative life!


I live in Florida so I have no choice but to wear shorts for every run, year round! I’m interested in the shorts you have, but the description says they’re high rise and compression- are they tight on your stomach at all?
My current favorite food is gingerbread oatmeal! I can’t stop making it even though the holidays are long over. Soon I’ll have to switch to something more spring-like.
Have a great day Janae!


I recognized those shorts right away! The first time I wore them my teenage son said, “Well, those shorts certainly have personality.” I’m not sure if it was a compliment, but they don’t ride up or roll down, so I don’t care.


I like shorts but only if there’s enough coverage… I’ve worn more “skimpy” shorts in the past and always ended up feeling like I had wedgies going both in front and back haha. I LOVE your reminder that we should all wear shorts in we want to, too :)

Recently I’ve been trying to get into running after reading the book “Slow Jogging” by Professor H. Tanaka. I don’t remember if I heard about it here (if so,thank you!!) or elsewhere, but it was very encouraging for someone like me who struggles with running *relatively* fast AND staying injury free. He talks about the health and performance benefits of running at conversational pace and it feels great to have “permission” to not grind myself into the ground with every workout.


The 3.75 senita’s are seriously my favorite shorts ever. I have a permanent 3.75 inch tan line.
I’m bummed though because it seems like they don’t make that length as much as they used to.
Salmon and brussels sprout salad from Emma Coburn’s new cookbook tonight! Last night we had her teriyaki burgers and they were sooooooooooooo good.


Knox, my favorite food currently and always is chocolate ice cream.


Oh Skye! Active kids and their “injuries”…?
I love wearing running shorts. And yes, wear whatever you feel good and strong in! I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t have some cottage cheese on their thighs. No one, not even elites or models, have a “perfect” flawless body. Thank you for that reminder ❤️
My current favorite food is avocado toast with a poached egg… My go to breakfast lately. And of course sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning.
I have not done well with menu planning this week, so I’m not sure what I’m fixing for dinner… Hmmmm
Awesome job on your workout! You are getting so fast again. And I can’t believe you wore shorts! Ha ha
Ok, that picture of Beck on his tummy is too cute! I think he looks like Andrew in that one.
Off to meet my running friends for an early run. Have a great day!


Now that I’ve found senita shorts, I love wearing running shorts! Before I always had ones that wouldn’t stay put, but these ones are amazing!

Current favorite food is soup or ramen- perfect winter food! What is your favorite food right now Knox?


You got me hooked on the Senitas last year :) But I go with the 5” length.

How did Beretta not eat the rising rolls!?


I need to try out the 5″ length too! Hahaha luckily she didn’t get them because we closed the door:). When I first had her she grabbed an entire loaf of bread off of the counter when we were gone so I’ve learned the hard way on this topic;). Have a great day Andrea!


I want to love running in shorts but haven’t puns a pair that doesn’t ride up my legs and then cause chafing. I might just try these since several people said they stay put! And dinner is homemade chicken pot pie – warm comfort food for the win!


TRY THESE ONES… I think you are going to love them. Enjoy your chicken pot pie, I’m going to have to make that again soon too because it hit the spot!


Favourite food has been Greek salad and banana nut muffins! Not necessarily together lol.

I will admit I have always loved winter running due to the fact that I wear more layers out in public. I’ve always had body issues and have never been comfortable running in shorts.

Another snow day here (schools closed)!


This post totally resonated with me. As I started to age, I became so critical of how my body looks. At one point, I stopped and said this is me. I run, I bike and I do barre. If I have some jiggle, oh well. I am 42, I am proud of my body and I am wearing running shorts, because they feel awesome. Yes to shorts! Thank you so much for this post!


Sarah. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love that you feel the way you do now. I feel like I’ve really hit that place too and I’m LOVING it. Let’s keep wearing the shorts because they just feel so good and freeing:). Have a beautiful day friend and I want to come try barre with you someday:)


Sarah – Amen! I’m right there with you. I’ll be 41 this year and here lately it’s like I’ve found myself really coming into my own. Each year gets better and I feel more confident and at ease with myself. I’m definitely more forgiving of myself. I read a long time ago that you get more content as you age and that does seem to be true! We are still relatively young though – I guess check back with me when I’m 70 and see how I feel then lol ;) Janae, you’ll still be blogging in 30 years…right?


Those rolls look so good!!!
I’m a lot more comfortable in capris for running instead of shorts, though I did start wearing shorts for CrossFit workouts.
For Knox: my favorite dinner food right now is beef stew, since we’ve had cold weather. Also, my favorite snack these days is pistachios–they’re fun to crack open and tasty to eat :)
I’m not really sure about dinner yet, but maybe burgers? I need to grocery shop. I think I have a couple pounds of ground beef, though.
Your meal solution of eating in the car is pretty genius! Happy kids, content mama!


Keep wearing whatever feels most comfortable and I wish I could come do a CrossFit workout with you (I’m sure I would last about 2 minutes… those workouts are HARD)! I need to make that stew for Knox because he would love that. And those are Brooke’s current favorite snacks (but I got the bag where they are already cracked open ha). Enjoy the burgers and thanks so much Corey!


You’re awesome, thanks for the shorts reminder because I definitely struggled with confidence in them last summer!

I can’t believe Beretta didn’t get those rolls! We have another trick for bread rising if you want it…heat your oven up to 200 degrees, turn it off and then put the rolls in. The rolls will rise as the oven cools!


You are so welcome Lauren! I hope you wear them all summer long! Luckily, the door was closed so she didn’t get them but the smell probably drove her crazy ha. I am going to have to try your trick next time, thank you SO much and have a great day.


I wear shorts all the way down to about 40. We seem to skip from 40 to 0, so after that it’s tights. (I’m in middle South Dakota.) I nearly always end up hot because I can’t reconcile being outside without a couple layers in the teens. I think shorts and a tank with a jacket, or a longsleeve and vest is ideal, but I end up overdressed a lot. The most important thing is keeping ears and hands warm and the rest can be chilly.


When I make brioche dough I stick a heating pad under the bowl to speed up the rising process.
Meanwhile for my sourdough I spread it out to a 3 day process since our house is so cold.


That is SUCH a good idea! I hope you are having a great day Molly!


I love the heat but I live in Florida so if I didn’t wear shorts I think I might die in the summer. So I just do.

My current favorite food… I discovered a hack for making knockoff chick fil a sandwiches using these Aldi frozen chicken breasts and I’ve been having them almost every day for lunch. So good!


Skye is so funny with her jedi mind tricks, you hit the jackpot with personality in this little one. And I hadn’t run in shorts in years before you suggested those Senita shorts a while back. I bought the 7 inch length and now have multiple pair. They are SO comfortable, no chafing and don’t budge, even with loaded pockets.
Knox – favorite food is always always pizza, what’s your favorite? And dinner tonight is creamy tomato soup from Costco and salad.


Good morning!!
I love running shorts as long as they’re comfortable! If people have a problem with how I look in them, it’s THEIR problem, not mine :o) Once it drops into the 40s, I usually switch to capris and then it’s onto full tights, pants, multiple layers for winter runs in the northeast.
Current favorite food is a tie between comforting homemade soup and pizza…subject to change without notice.
This pandemic has brought many lessons. Probably the biggest one for me is patience – works for running and life!
Dinner will remain a mystery until later today when I am forced to figure it out. What I want for dinner? Someone else to make it! LOL! Have an awesome day!


Tell Knox I’m currently craving waffles – chocolate chip in particular! Tonight I’m going to be making stir fry and I’m pretty excited. We have a day off of school for ice today so I’m excited about a warm meal :)
By the way, I ordered a pair of leggings you recommend off of Amazon and you were right – they don’t move AT ALL on the run and they kept me plenty warm! I’m sure I’ll end up ordering more before it’s all said and done :)


Thank you X’s 1000000 for the shorts comment and picture.
Dinner tonight is undecided, but after reading this tacos and rolls sound pretty good.


My current favorite meal is chicken pot pie! I have discovered that I often enjoy having my daughter rollerblade next to me while I run. She’s one of my favorite people and it’s extra time we get to hang out together.


Current favorite food would be cheesy potato soup. Might have something to do with our high for the day being -6!!

When my 4-year daughter wants something she’ll say “Can I have some candy? Yes or no? Say the first one.” – As in she wants me to say yes :)

I’m making chicken tonight. I’m going to coat it with olive oil and then use Dots Pretzel Rub on it – so good and salty!

I started a new job last April and this week I’ve noticed myself using my notes less and less and sometimes not even at all. It’s a little thing but made me feel pretty good that I’m learning it and having the confidence to do it.


Another quick dough rising trick is to run the dryer empty for 5 minutes, then turn it off and place your bowl of dough in there! Perfect dark and warm place :)


I prefer running shorts. I do have some leggings, but I really like shorts, usually super short high rise split shorts, like Boa or chicknlegs. In the winter I wear my knee high procompression socks and it’s the perfect combo. (*I know I just brand name dropped all over that sentence, ha!*) I overheat quickly on runs, so as long as my hands and ears and toes stay warm, I can pretty much run in tanks and shorts all year.

I made the enchiladas you posted about the other day and they were great! I tweaked it a bit (greek yogurt instead of heavy cream to make it a little healthier) and I will do it without the honey in the marinade next time, but other than that, so good!

Current favorite food is tacos. Always tacos. With ground turkey, avocado, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and onion. YUM.

have a great day!


I love running shorts when it’s 50+ degrees :)

Current fav food is roasted sweet potatoes!

Dinner tonight is barbacoa quesadillas.


Please tell Knox that my current favorite food is tzatziki! I put it on everything! And my kids (I have 4 all about the same age as your family) help me make it too. 1 cup yogurt (whole fat of course), diced and peeled cucumber, 2 T olive oil, 1 clove minced garlic. Its super good with grilled chicken and veggies! Have a great day!


Current favourite is home made chilli with Sourdough bread. For dinner we are digging into left overs., maybe chilli maybe spinach dip and a cheese and prosciutto plate..

For me running has been a bit of a constant during this pandemic and even during non pandemic times. It is a great stress reliever. I think when life feels like it is spinning…as it has this past year with so many changes and challenges running helps put life into perspective. A run helps quiet all the noise in my head lol. I got out early this morning even though we are having cold for us on weather at a balmy minus 6 degrees Celsius lol.

Have a great day Janae!


Hi Janae, I love wearing capris or longer shorts. My current favorite thing to eat is King Cake (it’s Mardi Gras season here in Louisiana until Wed!) For dinner we are having beef/cauliflower rice stir fry. We’re expecting snow this weekend (!) so getting my run in at the gym today. ?


Favorite food is sweet potatoes. I baked them for a long time, and recently learned about steaming them. Apparently, they may also retain more nutritional quality when steamed vs. baking! Always learning….

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