Silentish Saturday!

Early 7 miles @ 8:42 average with legs that felt like cement… Not sure why because I’ve only done easy miles this week.


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Her daily mirror affirmations—> “I CAN DO ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!”

IMG 8538

Emilee made these monster cookies for me a bit ago and I needed (need, not a want ha) to make them yesterday.   The PB and oatmeal just take them to the next level.

IMG 8543

Skye does what she can to help me clean up the utensils used for the peanut butter measuring very well.

IMG 8542

The wonderful thing about living next to a ski resort… you can go ski for 90 minutes so easily.

IMG 8548

IMG 8552

You’ll always see a turkey or two roaming around Sundance.

IMG 8553

For dinner we had one of our family favorites (this recipe even won a chili cook off that I went to) for dinner—> Chicken Cream Cheese Chili.

IMG 8565

If my legs are feeling more alive this morning I’m going to attempt some speed.

IMG 8563

Meditation (Headspace app) for the kids before bed and popcorn and a movie for Andrew and me.

IMG 8589


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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My legs were cement today! I had two workouts this week and a long run today. I had to slow it way down, they didn’t want to move. Luckily I had a friend join me for the first part. I really need to get back to rolling and stretching more, I can’t find time for it all haha.
I want those cookies right now!
Good luck in your speed workout if it happens!!


Looks like an amazing day!

I love the affirmations and meditation with the kiddos. Beack’s smile is the cutest!

I have totally had that before when my legs are dead for no good reason, hopefully they feel amazing today (I bet they will!)

I really want to get my kiddos into skiing, seems like a waste to live in Colorado and NOT ski but I didn’t grow up skiing so it’s a bit intimidating. We were going to look into starting them this year but with Covid we decided that maybe it wasn’t the year to take that on. Fingers crossed we can jump in next year!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Hey Beth! It really is so strange how our legs can be happy one day and dead the next for no reason ha. I hope you guys are able to do skiing with your kids next year. How close are you to the resorts? Thanks Beth… you too!


Oh my gosh… My legs have felt like cement all week! I’m wondering if it has something to do with hiking with lots of incline? Hopefully your run today will feel good and light.
How funny that there are turkeys up there in Sundance. I never knew that. And how fun that you get to take advantage of living so close to the slopes.
I did my long run yesterday, know we’re hiking on Sunday, so today will either be a short easy run, or just some pilates.
Have a wonderful weekend Janae ?


What is going on with the cement legs for everyone this week?! I am sure your hiking (your elevation gain was insane) play a role! Thank you so much and I hope that your hike with your husband tomorrow is a beautiful one. Someday come ski Sundance with us and see them:). Thanks Wendy, you too!


Oh, I forgot to tell you that Lindsey Hein’s latest episode with Steph Bruce, Alysia Montano, and Sara Vaughn was so so good! I immediately thought of you while listening, because it was all about motherhood and running and running fast to achieve big goals while being a mom. I took some great stuff away after listening, and my boys are older, and I’m older, so I really think you will click with this episode.
Happy weekend :)


Hi Janae! Good luck with the speed today! This weekend I want to go run some trails but I gotta check if they are thawed first. And then I got to catch up on this is us so I can watch with my friends on Tuesday! Happy weekend!!


Thanks so much Amy! It went pretty well! I really hope that the trails thaw out for you! I need to catch up on this is us too. Thanks Amy, you too!


I have a similar cookie recipe but it has more peanut butter in it, and I like to use Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips instead of the M&Ms. Yum!


I have a recipe for cookies that is similar to this one, however mine contains more peanut butter and Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips instead of M&Ms. Yum!


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It’s hilarious that there are turkeys up in Sundance. I was unaware of that. And how enjoyable that you get to benefit from having the slopes so near by.
Since we’re going on a walk on Sunday and I completed my long run yesterday, today will either involve a short, easy run or simply some pilates.


Such a cute recipe, it is important to take care of your children and to make them feel happy and healthy.

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