Our Survey + PRESCHOOL?!

The other day JULIE did a fun survey that I loved reading HERE and then I saw that Anne did too HERE so I thought I would do the same survey over here!

So here goes.. Our first picture ever together:

IMG 6463

How did you meet?

-Andrew and I met through our mutual friend, Nolan.  I knew Nolan through somebody previously that I was hanging out with and Andrew worked with him so Nolan reached out and asked if I was open to going on a blind date.  Once I saw Andrew’s picture I said yes in about two seconds.  Andrew called me later that day and we set up our first date.

First date?

-Andrew picked me up and we went to Outback.  We both had steak, a cookie sundae for me, cheesecake for Andrew and we (well, Andrew says I did most of the talking… he thought I should audition for Gilmore Girls with how fast I was talking) talked non-stop for about two hours.  On the drive home Andrew mentioned we should go on a trail run together soon which made me happy because that meant he was interested in seeing me again.  We also texted again right after he dropped me off:). I talked about this a few years ago but I remember when I first opened the door when he came to pick me up that I felt at home and comfortable instantly with him.  The weekend before I went on a date with him I was with one of my really good friends (JESS) in California and I shared with her that I was going to go out on a blind date.  She asked to see a picture of who I was going out with and surprisingly she already knew him really well and told me I needed to marry him because she thought the world of him.  It was so nice going into the date with two people that I trusted telling me about how great of a person he was <— this was SO needed for me after going through a divorce and a bunch of crazy dating experiences, it really helped me to trust him.

How long have you been together?

-5 years this April!

Age difference?

-2 years… I’m older!

Who was interested first?


IMG 8826 1

Who is taller?

-Andrew is, he is 6’0” and I am 5’8″

Who said I love you first?

-Andrew did!  He said it to me at my townhouse the night before the below race.  I remember running that race the next morning and practically floating because I was so happy we said I love you to each other.

IMG 7005

Most impatient?

-Me for sure.  Especially if I am hungry.  It will always be this way no matter how hard I try ha because Andrew has more patience than anyone I know.

Most sensitive?

-We are both pretty sensitive.


-Me.  I’ve actually been told by a bunch of different people over the years that I am way too loud… BUT that is what happens when you grow up with a family member that is very hard of hearing.  It is just natural for me to talk really loud.

Most stubborn?

-Me.  It’s ridiculous and it is something I really need to work on (wow, this survey makes me sound so fun to be married to;)

Who falls asleep first?

-I’m not even sure Andrew ever actually falls asleep.  The second I am horizontal (and sometimes vertical) I fall asleep.

Who is the better cook?

-Andrew is the better cook and I am the better baker.  I LOVE that Andrew is not one to assume gender roles… he cooks more often than I do!

Better morning person?

-It just takes Andrew a few hours to feel alive again in the morning:). I wake up WAY too excited about the day and then as the day goes on I lose steam quickly haha.

Better driver?

-Andrew is by far more patient but neither of us ever get any tickets etc.

Most competitive?

-We are both pretty competitive… don’t put us in an air hockey tournament any time soon.

Who is the funniest?

-Andrew for sure.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

-180 Tacos.  The employees all know us now and they have our orders memorized (I always get their tacos and soup and Andrew loves their salad).  It’s kind of our place.

IMG 6324

Who is more social?

-We are pretty equal with this one.

Who is the neat freak?

-Me for sure but he has learned to love that about me (at least that is what I like to tell myself;)

How long did it take to get serious?

-I think it was after our second date… At that point if a different guy I was seeing texted me I let them know that I wasn’t interested in dating anyone else.  We both knew fast and we saw each other every single day after that.

IMG 8885

Who plans date night?

-We usually switch off.  Date nights aren’t happening that much these days but we do seem to get out for lunch dates together (with Beck and Skye;).

Who picks where you go to dinner?

-I do usually because I am more opinionated.

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?

-Trick question because I’m usually the one wrong so Andrew doesn’t have to admit that he is wrong often;)

Did you go to the same school?

-We went to the same elementary school in St. George and we also both went to BYU but didn’t know each other.

Where is the farthest you two have traveled?

-Grand Cayman.   The place we really want to go to together next would be Alaska.

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 4015

Who drives when you are together?

-Andrew does for sure… I respond to a lot of emails and comments when we are driving so it works out that he prefers driving.

And a little bit about our day yesterday because it was a very exciting one… SKYE WENT TO PRESCHOOL.

IMG 8753

I found a place where she can just go one time a week for two hours.  She has been asking to go to school with the big kids for over a year now so we decided it was finally time to let her go.

IMG 8759

She was as confident as can be as she walked in and gave me a kiss and then she was off to do her thing.  There were no tears (from Skye at least ha) and she had a blast.

IMG 8766

We picked up a donut afterwards and she told me all about those 120 minutes of pure happiness that she experienced.

IMG 8779

Oh and during those 120 minutes we drove home, I showered, fed Beck and then we were back in the car to pick her up.

IMG 8776


If you could jump on a plane and go anywhere in the world (assuming everything was safe again), where would you go?

I’d love to hear any answers to above questions if you want to or if you are in a relationship?

Any other questions that you want Andrew and me to answer about our relationship?

What was the last race that you ran?

-CIM 2019!

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Awww so happy for Skye going to school, she looks so excited!!

If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’d go to Spain or Australia.


I’ll join you with Australia, that sounds amazing to me right now. Thanks Mariah and I hope your day is off to a great start!


Hi Mariah, As a non-bias Aussie I would vote for Australia! You’ll love it!!


Yay for Skye!! I can’t wait until my 3 year old can go to preschool (Fall)! Where is her sweatshirt from? So cute!


Oh that is so exciting… I wish she and Skye could have a play date! Here is the link and they also have matching shorts that we got that are so cute for when it’s a bit warmer. Have the best day!



Hawaii! My husband and I got married on Kauai band our 10 year anniversary is this June we were hoping to go back to Hawaii with our kids. But this summer still is a concern to me to plan such a big trip. So maybe in another year!


So cute that Skye is going to school!

Where would I go?! What a loaded question. New York City, Disney World, Hawaii, Paris, Italy. I’ve been to them all except Italy. Paris would probably be my first choice – we were supposed to go to Quebec City, just the 2 of us, so I’ve been relearning French using Duolingo for the last year. But we also have a ton if snow right now so somewhere warm sounds wonderful.

I can’t believe it been 5 years – but then again you have a 3 year old, so I guess so! I am 2 years older than my husband and now that my 14 year old has a boyfriend (not something I’d normal agree to but with quarantine after 7 months of being just quarantine buddies he became a boyfriend), I am being reminded of what a big deal age was back then. In high school and college i never dated anyone not in my grade. But then in my late 20s I dated someone 8 and 9 years older.


HEY JESSEY! Okay, all of those places would be amazing! Relearning French, good for you and I hope you get to take that trip soon.
I beet having a 14 year old in quarantine has been really interesting! It really is crazy how the age difference is huge when you are young but not so much as you get older. Have the best day and keep me updated on everything!


Loved the survey!
Skye is a doll and a spitfire, for sure!! :)
I need to get back to Hawaii!!


Thank you so much Jennifer. She is sure keeping us laughing and smiling. I REALLLLLLY hope that you get that trip to Hawaii asap. That sounds like a dream! Happy Wednesday friend.


Let’s see… we’ve been together a couple of months and we both got serious fast. I’d say I knew about 15 minutes into our 1st date that I was done dating other guys. It took him maybe another half an hour. ?
First date was a long walk on the riverwalk with a stop for lunch.

My question to add: what’s one thing you wish you had done or talked about before you got married?


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I just am thrilled for the two of you!
That is a great question and I can’t think of anything right off of the top of my head yet besides wishing we talked/planned/worked on understanding how to blend a family better and understand all of the dynamics of ex’s etc. BUT we did figure it out… just took a few years.
We do wish that we took more opportunities to travel when we were first married on the weekends where both Brooke and Knox were away.


Surveys like that are so fun! My husband and I have been together for 30 years (March 1)!! We met in college, I was just 18 and a freshman, he was 20 and a junior. We have so many stories and memories ?
Oh man, if I could get on a plane… Hawaii because it’s been so long, or Colorado to see my mom, or Chicago to see our son… It would be so fun. It’s funny you asked that question, because it came up yesterday during the wrap up for the conference I was “attending.”. Last year I was at the same conference in Sacramento, and that was the last time I was on a plane, stayed in a hotel, hung out in large groups…. Wow!
And the last race I did was the Surf City half marathon, Super Bowl Sunday 2020. What a year!
How fun for Skye to go to preschool ?. And like I commented on IG yesterday, she suddenly looks as old as Brooke and Knox!!
I haven’t run since Sunday, so I’m heading out for a quick run this morning. It’s funny how I’ve taken a lot more time off from running before, but I’m feeling a little nervous… Ha ha
Have a great day.


THIRTY YEARS… that makes me so happy! Congrats to you too and I hope you can do something fun together on March 1st. I really really hope that one of those Hawaii or Colorado or Chicago trips happens soon.
I wonder what the conference will look like next year.
I’ve always wanted to do Surf City half marathon!
You are so right, Skye is just one of the 8 year olds now. I hope that your run this morning felt amazing! I totally understand those nerves though. Thanks Wendy, you too!


Yay Skye!! She looks so happy and excited about school!

The trip I am craving right now is a beautiful beach vacation. After the crazy weather last week in Texas, I’m looking forward to summer!

My last race was a local 10k last October. So weird that I ran 3 races in 2020. I sure miss the social part of racing :)


A beach sounds SO SO good right now and I hope you get to go soon. You all doing okay? Last week was nuts! I’m with you, the social part of racing is just the best. I hope your day is off to a great start!


Ah surveys are so fun! My partner and I met online dating. Our first date was slack lining at the beach. I showed up in a dress and boots lol. Our second was indoor climbing. It will have been six years this coming March. By far he is more patient and the better driver. I said I love you first…we were driving somewhere and I made a comment that ended with the words because U love you. I don’t think I realized what I said until the words were out of my mouth.

Would love to go South Africa but really at this point somewhere sunny and tropical will do.

I love that Skye has tarted pre school. Have a great day Janae!


I didn’t know that you two met online, I love learning these things about you guys. I love that the adventures together started right at the beginning and happy almost six years. Hahaha I love that those words just slipped out:). Hopefully you are able to go somewhere sunny soon… that sounds heavenly right now. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Omg. It’s hard to even dream about travel right now… The next trip we have planned is to Berlin in September for the marathon. Me and my boys (17 and 15 now! How did that happen?) were supposed to go in 2020. Not sure if it will happen in September, but we will be so happy if it does! Other than that would love to back to Paris with them before they get too independent to travel with me. ;)

My last in person race was NYC 2019. I LOVED that race! It was a good one to go out on. I was days from boarding a plane for the Tokyo marathon when it was canceled last February. So there is exciting travel in the future!

Congrats to Skye! That’s a big milestone and she should be so proud. Have a great day!


Colleen, I hope so so bad that you are able to go to Berlin with your boys this year. That would be a dream and the Paris trip would be amazing too. NYC marathon is the BEST I am so glad you were able to do that. I bet your heart was broken over Tokyo. I bet it feels like your boys have just grown up way too fast.

Thanks Colleen, you too!


This is so sweet, Janae! My husband and I also went to college together but didn’t really know each other, and didn’t start dating until our paths crossed about 8 years later.

Also, I love Skye’s picture walking into pre-k — she has so much attitude :)


HEY BETSY! Thanks for sharing, so glad your paths crossed! How are the twins? HAHA seriously she walked in like she owned the place. Enjoy your day!


Hi Janae! The last race I did was in Utah at the end of February 2020 in Zion! That was sure pretty. The last race I ran seriously though would be December 2019 though. It was the same day you ran CIM and reading about you preparing for your race definitely helped me prepare for mine. Man that was so long ago. I wish we can do more races soon. I’ve just been building a base and I recovered from an injury so I am ready to go when I find a race and it’s safe. Happy Wednesday! Halfway to weekend!


I so wish we could have met up when you were here! That is awesome we both raced the same day in 2019:). You are rocking that base building and I can’t wait to hear about you racing again. Thanks friend, you too!


Where would I go?: My son, daughter and I are all obsessed with going to Iceland – so definitely there (if $$ was not an object..)!


Valid point… $$ definitely needs to not be a part of the equation. Iceland would be INCREDIBLE. I hope that you all get to go there together some day. Have a beautiful day, Melissa!


We didn’t have pre-school when I was little, so I could not wait to start Kindergarten! As the youngest of four, it felt like forever until it was my turn. Skye was definitely ready.

I really want to go to Africa. We’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary in May and had hoped to go then, but we’re going to have to wait. For now, we’re trying to plan a trip to Hilton Head, SC.

That survey was fun! We met almost 32 years ago and it didn’t take long to figure out Les was the one. Fun fact: he said I love you first, while on a hike in Yosemite. About a year later, we went back to the same spot and he proposed! I should have known then that life was going to be an adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Hi Kathy,
I was reading your comment and saw Africa. I originally had hoped for an Africa trip in 2021 to celebrate finishing my MBA, but that will be waiting for a bit. Happy 30th anniversary coming up. I hope you have a little getaway to celebrate.


You are getting a double reply from me today ha… but FINISHING YOUR MBA this year. You. Are. Amazing.


Oh Kathy, I bet that felt like the longest wait ever to get to Kindergarten. 30 years, that is incredible. Your Hilton Head trip will be a blast. Reading those things about you and Les gave me goosebumps, thanks for sharing.


I would love to go to the Bahamas and my boyfriend would love to go New Zealand. Hopefully one day when we are married :) we can check both things off of our bucket list!


AHHHHH do you guys have any idea when you think you will get married? I think both of those places definitely need to happen. Have the best day Sloan!


I could really go for a beach vacation. I usually love an active vacation and sight seeing, but after this pandemic, I really want a somewhat do nothing vacation. I’d love to go to the US Virgin Islands.


Alicia, that type of vacation sounds dreamy to me right now too. I really hope you get that as soon as everything is cleared up. I hope your day is going well so far!


5 years already?! That went by fast!! But you two have done GOBS in that time frame.

How cute is Skye going to preschool. My goodness.

First place I’d fly to is the states to see my family. We are crossing finger and toes for this summer since it wasn’t allowed for us last summer. But for frivolous travel, I’d like to go back to New Zealand. Honestly, I just want to run and MTB the trails there. Speaking of running and mtb trails, my youngest and I are hoping to hit up Utah some time when we visit the states.

Last race was NYC marathon 2019. Weird to think we had no idea what was about to unfold 2 months later…..

Have super rest of your week!!!


How fun for Skye to go to preschool! Emerald is supposed to start 4 day a week (just 3 hours a day) preschool next fall and she can’t wait but I am not ready!

That survey with Andrew was interesting, my husband and I went to the same high school and graduated the same year but didn’t know each other LOL.

FRANCE! I already planned our entire trip and hope we can go soon (probably summer 2022) planning a trip is half the fun for me so I already mapped most of it out: http://chasingmyjoy.com/snowy-day-plan-a-vacation/

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!


I remember being so happy for you when you introduced us to Andrew. He seems like such a great guy for you! My husband and I met in nursing school. He is no longer a nurse, but jokes that he spent mucho $$$ on tuition fees just to meet a wife :) We did a one-year accelerated program and vowed to take that year off from dating because I was so burnt out. Turns out, I met my future husband instead. We are quite different, but became best friends.
Yay, Skye!! I LOVE her little shoes.


Hi Janae!

Long time reader over here :). Your blog just makes me so happy on a daily basis. I am 26 and got married in September and I am currently 5 months pregnant with my first and it makes me so happy so excited to have this baby reading your posts :)

I found the questions really funny because I agree my husband is way more chill and easy going than I am in a lot of ways and it makes me realise I must be so fun to be married to ;)

Have a lovely day!


omg janae! i loved reading this about you and andrew! hahahah and i feel like i would answer like the same as you on a million of these which is also why were were probably instant friends. hahahahha love you!


I live in Alaska and would be more than happy to give you recommendations for hikes, places to stay etc.

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